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  1. I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver! Jordan Spieth -5 Martin Kaymer -5 Justin Rose -5
  2. This is the 09 Wood's family X-mas card...
  3. +1 a more expensive ball, last years Nike One Black I could always hit a ton...
  4. I did a search and couldn't find what I was looking for. How do you establish an official USGA Handicap? I know you have to join a golf club, but are there any other ways of doing it?
  5. Did anyone catch the name of the Senior Canadian member? That’s obliviously the "biggest tool" in the Canadian shed. just thought it was funny.. They should do olympic trials just like all the other sports. It should be set up like the Ryder cup, or presidents cup where the nations are teams, not individuals.
  6. I get the AA (lowest grade) quality golf balls from lostgolfballs.com. Really only one or two out of the doz. are scuffed, but they aren't bad. I still loose too many to pay full price for new premium golf balls. $4-$6 a doz isn't bad.
  7. You can controll slices by aiming left. Duck hooks go nowhere and can't be controlled. Through out the year (now it's more like the round) I go from one extreme to the other. The whole mind F*** thing about moving the ball up in the stance seems to work for me.
  8. When I play with lower handicapps they take longer than I do. They have to deside on what shot to use, and how to get it closest to the pin, I'm just trying to hit the middle of the green with the only shot I have.. They are reading the breaks and putting to make it, I'm just trying to get it to that 2 foot circle. I guess that is also why I won't be a low handicap.
  9. I'm definitely subscribing to this thread. I'm in the exact same boat. I have confidence in the 4 footers. Everything outside of that, I just plan on the 2 putt and just try to avoid the three. I know you are not supposed to think that way, but it's hard when you are throwing down 38+ putts a round. I don't want to thread jack, but I'll be listening.
  10. I switched from the PROV1x to the Callaway ix and it might be permanent. Since you use the more spinning prov1 you can try the Callaway i. They are durable, but they seem to get really dirty. With the hex dimples it just seems to pick up more grass stains, and I'm constantly washing them. I suck, but just wanted to throw in a suggestion. I have also had luck with the Bridgestone B330, but didn't like the distance.
  11. Has anyone played/own the cleveland CG14 with the gel back. They look like cavity backs. I have the CG12 and like it, but was thinking about getting a 50 degree, and it looks like the 14 would be really forgiving for a wedge.
  12. I always have fun when I go out, so that isn't a problem. I'm going to have to go with scoring. I played a round and hit every ball thin, but they were going straight and I ended up with a good score. Another round I was shooting "lights out," but completely blew up on a couple holes and ended up with a bad score. I used a whole lot more swear words, and felt more stressed on the round I didn't score well.
  13. brotekind269


    You have to give it up to Michigan vs. Ohio State. That rivalry has been going on for ever. There was a show on HBO about it that was pretty good. One of the team's bus (I forget which one) ran out of gas because the coach refused to buy gas in the rivals state..... Redskins vs. Cowboys, Back in the 80's 90's it was pretty big. and I'm a redskins fan, but when the NFC East dominated football these teams went back and forth.
  14. I know everyone has to use a PROV1 golf ball, and a Scotty Cameron putter.
  15. buy a new hat. I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. the first video I thought you were bald, the tan kinda blends in with the sky.
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