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  1. So, a year has passed. Have forgotten to post here about the course. Final layout is like this: The rectangular bunker is actually a beach volleyball court and these 2 sand traps are being constructed at the moment. As my home is a holiday center/ guest house, we have to keep the lawn as small as possible so it would be nice. That height is ok for fairways(could be better, but whatever). At the moment all the area is mown with the same height, but i will try to have 2 different lenghts: the usual height that we have been using and then 1-2cm higher rough. All the lawn around the
  2. Zxc

    My Swing (Zxc)

    So, my current handicap is 25.8 and this is my swing now. Quickly recorded them at home. Any tips?
  3. @ZappyAd Yes, I have thought about that version also. It seemed to be a good option, but the prices are pretty high. What is more, our entire plot has to be mowed no matter what, so taking care of golf greens adds a little bit variety to the work:). (To mow all the area, you have to sit on the tractor for approx. 8 hours). Winter temperatures vary a lot, this winter the coldest temperature was -26C(lasted only a day or to, and then average -15C). However, last winter the average temperature was between -5C and -10C. I'd like to use the course to train all elements of the game, so p
  4. @Dan42nepa That sounds like a great idea. Will take that into consideration:)
  5. @ZappyAd During spring and autumn on weekends and in summer all the time. That is an oppurtinity, but while i'm away, other people can do it. @pganapathy As i mentioned before, all my family lives there + there are 3 workers, who help with different types of work. In summer, which is the main period, I am always there. So there won't be a problem with that.
  6. @pganapathy Yup, that was my plan. Didn't consider doing anything with the fairways. We mow the lawn every week and sometimes twice a week and in my opinion that is okey. Height of the lawn is approx. 3cm. It is higher than the usual fairway's lawn, but it is playable, but you can't put on the green, where the lawn's height is 15mm. That was the reason, why I decided to focus on the greens.
  7. Zxc

    My Swing (Zxc)

    @Ernest Jones @Mike Boatright Thank you for your feedback! Will post new videos next week when i will be training in sunny Marbella and will try to eliminate the flaws with the PRO.
  8. I have tried to set the mower to lowest height, but that is not a good solution. It is almost impossible to put on lawn like that. I already have the cups and hole cutter - i installed them last year in the same spots, where the greens will be built. My expenses at the moment: sand with transportation - 300€; peat - 70€(will use my own transport); 30kg of golf seed(different fescue types mixed) - free; starting fertilizer from the greenkeeper - free. We have many springs on our territory + former soviet union fish farming ponds - so the water is free :) To add, I hope that we can mak
  9. Greetings! I'm planning to build a "backyard" golf course. My family has a holiday centre in southern Estonia, which has a plot of 50 000m2. As I'm an active golf player, I thought it would be a great practicing area for me. I have already bought 30kg seed from my acquintance, who is a greenkeeper. Next step is designing 4 greens(each 200m2) + green on the island(50m2) and removing the sod(15cm). New soil will consist of 80% of sand and 20% of peat, I have already ordered 50 tons of sand. All this digging and soil replacement will be done by the hands of me and my 6 friends. A
  10. Zxc

    My Swing (Zxc)

    All thoughts and comments are welcome, Waiting for feedback!
  11. Zxc

    My Swing (Zxc)

    Since i can't edit my first post, i will add the videos here.
  12. I've been Playing Golf for: 9 months My current handicap index or average score is: 35.9 My typical ball flight is: straight/slice with woods The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Slice Videos: http://www.hudl.com/technique/video/view/A8WNr3H2 http://www.hudl.com/technique/video/view/pSTqNz6h
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