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  1. I've had lessons by touring professionals and some information has to be tailored to your swing as it's not the same for everyone. You can only play better when you have perfect practice, so take lessons and practice on the driving range what you learned. It takes hard work to get better as I once spent four hours in a bunker. If your not willing to work then just have fun with the game. One of the best things I did to lower my club handicap is to chart the greens. I did this by going out to each green in the late afternoons when traffic was down and putted a few balls from different locations to learn the slopes of the greens (front to back and side to side). Learning the greens speed on a long downhill or uphill putt gives your greater confidence. As they move the pins I just look at my little flip book to see the slope toward the holes in the different locations. You have a better chance of making a putt if you know how the green breaks and sometimes you just can't remember (I'm 70 and it happens a lot, ha!). It helped me win a club championship and two seniors as I felt the extra strokes that won it for me was due to my detail knowledge of the greens giving me an edge.