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  1. I spent some time today hitting balls. I only hit 40, but I took nearly an hour and a half, doing as you and Iacas say. It surprising how difficult it is to not just mash every ball, But as you guys say, I'm not going to get any better unless I actually take the time to practice correctly. I've been reading threads where it suggested doing the '9-3' drill, to engrain good technique(assuming you can find said technique). What I quickly realised is that I don't 😂. I will insert the video in below. What I realised when looking at the video is that I'm really turning my shoulders into impact.... Annoyingly I only noticed this when home. I'm now very intrigued to try holding the shoulders back a little when next visiting the range. Could this be potentially encouraging a hook, and early extension maybe?
  2. Good evening Grizvok, Yes, maybe I hoped that a quick grip change would be the key to my game 😂. Once again I think you maybe right! I tried at the range this evening to shorten my swing; wowsers is that hard!! Felt like I had absolutely no control or backswing. I appreciate that it will always feel different at first! And it definitely is the right thing to do. I could still feel my chicken wing through impact though, but maybe these are not related. When I watch my swing, it always looks like my hands are already starting to rotate coming into impact. Especially on the last third of my swing. And then I almost start to drag everything through at once! Not sure what that means just another observation. As usual, thank you for taking the time to help!
  3. Good evening Grizvok, Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I had planned to come back and delete the thread this evening. Had not realised you’d taken the time to respond. So Thank you! You are right, I should keep it up, even if it’s just to keep a visual record of my progress. I think your completely right! I’ve always suspected that my cast is the cause of the chicken wing/hunching at impact. My body’s way of avoiding the ground! I have been trying for a while now with not to much success to remove the cast, but it seems very odd to not try and hit the ball (as I always have) I will as you say, look into further drills to help remedy this. One thing someone mentioned to me this morning(not on the range at the time unfortunately), is that maybe my chicken wing is a way of keeping the face from closing further through impact!? And that weakening my grip could help... I love the idea of this, but I have always been encouraged the have a strong grip. Interesting, not something I’ve ever picked up on. I’ve been really laid off in the past. Once again I feel you may be right, as that loose feel could almost be a catalyst to a sling shot effect, and due to the over swing it would potentially cause a cast... hhmmm food for thought there! I’ll have a tinker about, and upload some of the attempts ASAP. I always feel I’ve had an odd swing, as it’s almost steep, but under plane too. 🧐 Once again, thank you for taking the time to help!
  4. Thank you for the heads up billchao! Hadn’t realised this was the case. I’ll delete the thread, and try and get more involved elsewhere.
  5. @iacas Sorry if this is cheeky. Ignore me if so.... anything you can see? I do plan to update with better videos ASAP.
  6. A couple other videos I already have. The first one I’d started to really try and let my core control the whole swing. Hence why it is so flat. It did produce much greater distances. As generally I am a short hitter. this might be a little better on an angle
  7. You are right billchao, and I will endeavour to update with better videos ASAP!
  8. Hey all, I found a face on video from a while ago... I appreciate it isn't the best! Hopefully its helps a little. Will add more in due course 🙂 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. I've been Playing Golf for: 3.5 years My current handicap index or average score is: 105 My typical ball flight is: Draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Hook, hitting behind the ball Hey, As per above, I’ve been playing a little over three and a half years now. I play at least 4 rounds a month, and go to the range twice a week. As you can see I have not get very far at all! Such a difficult game, but love it too much to quit! I have over the last 3.5 years, maybe had 40/50 lessons (30mins generally), with three different instructors. Mainly changed due to moving Club. Equal amount with each I’d say. Although I thought of them all highly, and I dedicated a lot of my time to their instruction, I always failed to get much further. The first and last coach both even gave me free lessons at points because we couldn’t find a way to make it work for me. Interestingly the middle coach just encouraged me to play with what I have and enjoy the game. Although I liked this mantra for a while, I never progressed. Especially for someone playing as frequent as I do. I know I could drop shots by practicing my putting/chipping more, and appreciate this is where the scoring is made. But it is never satisfying duffing shots all the way into a position, where my short game can commence. I being one of those (annoying) individuals who over analyses my swing can see lots of faults. My main gripe has always been my chicken wing. Which I have never been able to remove. I also stand up at impact, lift the handle up at impact, and flip (EVERYTHING hah!). Because my swing is based so much on timing etc, it is extremely unpredictable shot to shot. I can hit massive hooks, then the ground. I could discuss my swing for ages but that would become very boring! I have attached a video, but I appreciate the angle and lighting isn’t great. I will try and get a front on video, and better DTL video in the next couple days. Thank you to anyone who has time to comment! Videos:
  10. Hello, UK here.... First post! hello all... A little background, been playing a year or so... Really got the bug!! At the driving range pretty much every single lunchtime at work. Currently playing a burrowed set of Titleist 704 CB, Love them! BUT... they are not mine, and as much as i like them, they are not very forgiving for myself at this time. Now, i am looking at purchasing some second hand Titleist AP1 710, as im hoping they will have a similar feel(loosely speaking) with a little more forgiveness. Essentially i want the feedback, but a little less harsh on the wrists ahah. The clubs i have found look good, and visually i cannot see any problem with them. But i am no titleist pro.. The seller has been brilliant with providing all information he can and sending me any photos i want, but still i am not sure. Reasons being 1, he cannot find any serial numbers? 2, (this could be normal) The sticker says assembled in china, head china, shaft japan? If you have some knowledge or insight or just thoughts on these please let me know. Thanks!! p.s. £120 http://imgur.com/a/YM0GF
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