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  1. I'm 33. I had a microdisceptomy in 2003. First off, if you had that surgery, you really do you not need to worry about anything. That is a very simple minor surgery. It really shouldn't even be classified with "back surgery". When someone says they have one of those, the doctor literally went in there and just cut the jelly that came out of the donut. Next week I am going in for a double laminectomy. I actually went in here hoping to God that somebody else has had the same surgery and they were able to play golf and enjoy life still. Like I said, I am only 33 years old. So that person that asked how old everyone is, you do not need to be old to have back issues. I would love to hear a success story from someone that has had at least a laminectomy on their lower back and able to get their life back. As for the rest of you, if you have a back problem and have not had surgery yet. Please do yourself a huge favor and Google "Dr. Sarno 20/20 special" and buy the book "healing back pain". Five years ago I was supposed to have surgery again and I canceled my surgery the day before because I read this book and I ran a marathon three months later. It will save your life, it will save your money, it will save your back. Unfortunately for me, I had an actual injury happen this time which is why I need the double laminectomy. Good luck everyone and I would love to hear a success story!
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