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  1. April fools owns u.... Google nose is an April's fool joke. YouTube deleting all their videos is a April's fools joke. GC losing holly sonders is just cruel...
  2. "Taxes and Online Fees". It's over $10 more than just 6% sales tax.
  3. I use them all the time. However, although they waive the online "fees", you still pay 'taxes and fees' ??
  4. I signed up for as a member over a year ago and have yet to ever use it. I live in the Atlanta area and we are a pretty golf course rich metropolitan area. Unfortunately, there are never any quality private courses available through boxgroove here. Sorry.... But it's pretty darn useless....
  5. Just rent at the course. Most area courses near atlanta have nice rentals. Can't imagine someone lending you clubs for less than $50 anyway.
  6. something all golfers want, but dont necessarily want to buy for themselves... Hydro Flask ftw!!!
  7. any show that has Holly Sonders in it is ok in my book...
  8. At the Barclays... Rory and Zach are firing at pins...Tiger's going to the middle safe location. He's just playing too conservative all the time. Go get em!
  9. What do you see when you plumb bob? I never got it. I dont know what I'm looking for...
  10. thank you all for all the great advice. I'm going to be looking to get my shaft cut down this week. One last question: How much should I expect to pay for something like this? Do I need to buy a new grip?
  11. I tried hitting a friend's driver the other day that was cut down to 43" and I LOVED it. Upon further research, I read that cutting a driver shaft will also stiffen the shaft. I have about a 97 mph driver swing speed leaving me at the border of a stiff shaft. My question: If I decide to cut down a driver shaft by a couple inches, should I be looking at a regular flex shaft to accommodate the stiffening of the shaft, or will a stiff flex be sufficient. Thanks in advance!!!!
  12. that's awesome! sounds like a lot of fun... let us know how it goes...
  13. It's pretty bad. I was down there in ATL for a year, and found a difficult time finding an affordable green fee (>$50) for a quality, well kept course. All the well kept courses within 40 min of the perimeter are well over $50. There are only a small handful of courses that are in decent shape that can be played for $50ish.
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