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  1. hi guys i started posting yesterday and had a great response thanks I have some exciting I came back from a charity auction and I won round of golf with Ian poulter for me and a mate, it cost quite a bit but it for charity I would like to know if any of you have played with a pro and what was it like.
  2. Hi I'm new to this site I'm looking for some advise I have always played with steel shaft irons and wedges but at my local course I'm seeing more people with graphite shafts on there iron. Does anyone have any experience with playing with graphite shafted iron and could tell me the pros and cons. I play with a graphite shaft on my driver and woods Thanks
  3. Hi there I think it might be a bit of a outsider I like the way Danny willet has been playing the last few season playing more consistent and won afew events, I can't see him never winning a major, plus I don't think you can discount Lee Westwood never won a major it's about time he did.
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