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  1. So I have been struggling with my driver a lot this year, was at my local pro shop and found a Callaway Bertha mini 1.5 that I put one of my shafts on( elements Crome + cut to 44.5" regular flex) I was hitting almost the same as my driver for distance but I was able to keep it in a tighter group. Felt like I had more control over it, so this Sunday the driver stays home and I give the mini a go. I'm thinking more Fairway and a little less distance is better then missed Fairway and rough
  2. Here's a thought, if you are so worried about the loft in today's clubs why not just play with your old set? Or buy a set off eBay if you no longer have them. Plenty of older clubs still around and much cheaper then today's clubs. All this time spent worrying and complaining could be time on the coarse ! Times have changed , just my opinion
  3. I just went with the UST Elements Chrome + it's on a XR16 9 degree head. They list for $289 I got mine for $150, had store credit so it only cost me $40 plus tax. Big difference over the stock stiff shaft I had, I gained 30+ yards!
  4. Price?
  5. Thanks! I think this one is a keeper, I feel like I can just look at the cup and it's going to drop! Now if that really happens then that's just more icing on the cake
  6. Thanks! It took me a few minutes (ok, a few putts) to get use to the look. But now, like you said, it's just simple and I think elegant. No distraction and I like that
  7. So about two weeks ago I picked up a new Camron & Crown Newport 2 , I've always loved a blade putter and had been looking at this for awhile. Although I had kinda always struggled with a blade I thought this might be the answer, well same result. I went back to the shop where I made my purchase and started trying some other Scotty's , what I ended up with was the Futura 5MB at 34". I never would have thought this style of putter would work for me, and I have to say at first glance it looks a little odd, but then it seemed like the putter just melted into the ground and all I see is the sight line and my ball. I dropped the first four shots I took with this thing, then went outside and rolled a few more and same results. Judging speed seems natural and it holds a line like nothing I have ever tried. I have never been happier
  8. That may have been the case on the first course for sure. Thanks everyone for your help
  9. I was able to recover the rounds , after re linking the unit I was then able to go in and edit . I will have to check my options next time I go out and make sure I have selected 18, that would make sense why it did it both times at number 10
  10. This was my second time ever trying this, I leave the phone in my pocket during the round and view distance and shot number on my watch. My rounds show up on the phone as in progress but won't let me in to do anything. Both times at around hole 10 I look at my watch for distance and it tells me to start a round on the phone, look at the phone and the app is closed .
  11. It's like the app froze, I looked at my watch(apple) and it said to start a round on my phone, looked at my phone and it was not on the app anymore and would not let me resume the round.
  12. No, it's happened on two different courses, I haven't contacted them yet, but I may tomorrow
  13. I'm using a iPhone, I wondered about that, wasn't it really designed for android? Yep, seems to happen around hole 10 both times
  14. So again today in the middle of a round my game golf live crashed, lost all my info. This happened a week ago also, anyone else have this happen? Sucks because I really like the system but now I have doubts
  15. I bet he does too