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  1. I picked up the $109 game golf live, that model will show you live on your smart phone your stats as you play. I believe the red and black is the older version and you need to download to a computer to see your round. (Correct me if I'm wrong) the unit charges by a USB cable that's included, now I'm not sure on number of rounds per charge because I just got mine and we have snow on the ground.
  2. It says it's sold and shipped by amazon, so no third party involved. My first thought was it was used, I guess I'll find out
  3. I just ordered mine from amazon, only paid $116 with tax and free shipping. I won't get to use it until next season but that's ok
  4. Well all in all, it seems as though you had fun? I love it because I leave with a smile on my face. I may not do it every time, but I will do it much more this coming season
  5. Thanks everyone, I see what you're saying now and that makes more sense now.
  6. So after coming back to golf this year after 20 years of not playing, I noticed a lack of distance. Being much older now, I accepted the loss in muscle and began trying different flex shafts. I figured senior flex was the was to go. So now my irons have improved with the light flex but I was still struggling with my driver. Now I never did a fitting but tried out clubs and ended up with a XR16 driver with senior flex. Now I just made the purchase two weeks ago, today after my round I stopped back in the shop and decided to try a stiff flex . That made a big difference on my distance and more consistent. They swapped out the shaft for me(free) and I left happy. This just seems odd to me that a stiff shaft works for my driver but not in irons. I tried a few other stiff shaft irons and just couldn't hit them at all. Any thoughts on why my driver would be so different then my irons?
  7. I'm going out again on Thursday and plan on playing gold again.
  8. It's nice to see so many others doing this too.
  9. So aren't the hazards there when you play the tips? I guess I would change my club to take the danger out of play
  10. That's not a bad idea
  11. That's great! I think they should all do that
  12. The coarse closest to me only has 3 tees , blue, white for men and red for women. They have now changed hands and I'm hoping they change that. I have only been on one coarse that encourages this type of play, I think it's great
  13. I'm sure we were the talk of the club house but I don't really care. My score improved but at least 10 strokes for nine holes, I will take that any day.
  14. So I have been reading about this play it forward thing for awhile on this site. The idea makes all the sense in the world to me, play the tees that fit your game. I had been dropping hints all summer to my playing partner about wanting to try this. So after all this time, today he says....sure, let's try it! I have to say, it was the most enjoyable round I have played all year! He felt the same way and is all for it now. I had my best 9 hole score now and so did he. I would rather play like we did today and enjoy it then play the normal and go home mad. Golf should be fun....right???