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  1. I'm going out again on Thursday and plan on playing gold again.
  2. It's nice to see so many others doing this too.
  3. So aren't the hazards there when you play the tips? I guess I would change my club to take the danger out of play
  4. That's not a bad idea
  5. That's great! I think they should all do that
  6. The coarse closest to me only has 3 tees , blue, white for men and red for women. They have now changed hands and I'm hoping they change that. I have only been on one coarse that encourages this type of play, I think it's great
  7. I'm sure we were the talk of the club house but I don't really care. My score improved but at least 10 strokes for nine holes, I will take that any day.
  8. So I have been reading about this play it forward thing for awhile on this site. The idea makes all the sense in the world to me, play the tees that fit your game. I had been dropping hints all summer to my playing partner about wanting to try this. So after all this time, today he says....sure, let's try it! I have to say, it was the most enjoyable round I have played all year! He felt the same way and is all for it now. I had my best 9 hole score now and so did he. I would rather play like we did today and enjoy it then play the normal and go home mad. Golf should be fun....right???
  9. I will do that, thanks
  10. All in all, I thought this Ryder Cup was pretty cool. A lot of amazing shots were made by both teams. I was happy to see the U.S. Finally win it back, but I won't say that the Europe didn't play well either
  11. I'm looking for any info or input on the Hogan Apex BH Grind irons. If I'm not mistaken, these are forged irons correct? Found a deal on them and thinking of jumping on it just to have them and play around with them. Thanks
  12. I didn't notice any shaft flex on this one, I believe the hosel was round on this one also. I think it was the 18 HBW maybe? Now I have just tried it a few times indoors so I'm sure like you say, it would take some getting used to
  13. So I was in town today looking around at my local play it again store, and I have been noticing a a hickory shaft Otey Crismen? Putter that has been in there now for a little while. Each time it catches my eye . Been thinking of picking this up to use, just wondering if anyone has used one or still does uses one? Thanks
  14. That what I seen too, not 23 like I had posted
  15. I just looked at these the other day, on the box it said 23 compression on the duo's. That just seems way too soft