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  1. It would be nice if the mods didn't delete new post's to this thread. I see it more and more everyday, what else do they hide? I'm sure I will be band or this will be removed too, no skin off my back
  2. I'm thinking I will give tour edge a closer look when I'm ready for a new set, the exotics look pretty nice
  3. I know that these are not top of the line clubs, but I just picked up a set, 4h, 5-pw for $20! And I have to say.....best $20 I have ever spent. I would put them in the sgi category but they still performed beyond what I expected. The guy didn't have the 3h but that's ok with me.
  4. Lol, what I meant by please remove was the whole thread, not just that post
  5. Just wanted to hear some thoughts on these irons, I'm looking at a set at my local play it again store, only because my irons now all need to be re gripped and for the cost of that I can almost buy these mizuno's. Anyone play them now?( I know they are much older) or played them in the past? Any info would be appreciated thanks
  6. I have been using a odyssey works two ball fang putter, and that was working pretty good but I felt like I was missing something in the feel of it. So I decided to give this ping g2i c67 a try, and I have to say I'm really happy with it. I was dropping 15-20' putts right from the start and the few that didn't drop were all within inches. Not sure if it's the shorter shaft(1.5") then my two ball, the center shaft on the ping or the weight and feel? Regardless it seems to work for me
  7. I would love a all par 5 , if you do mess up you can still save par. And as others have said, I make up the most strokes on a par 5
  8. I'm sure I will have my struggles too, but I think I see these staying in my bag for awhile
  9. I wanted to try the PM grind, I like how the grooves cover pretty much the whole face. Maybe I should look for a 54 or 58 PM
  10. So in my switch back to LH golf I picked up a set of callaway irons, now I'm the type that sticks with one brand while building a set. I already had a pw and a sw in my set but was missing a lob wedge. So I picked up a 60 Mac daddy 2 tour grind, I was really loving that one, then I seen a 64 Mac daddy 2 with the H head(heavy) . I just love the feel with the extra weight. Picked both of them up from callaway preowned, and they were in much better shape then rated. The 64 looks like it's never been hit. Anyone else play these ?
  11. I know I can't write RH, I can but you would have a hard time reading it....lol when I was young LH golf equipment was hard to find, or maybe my parents didn't want to find it because RH was everywhere? Either way, I feel that LH is the right choice
  12. Now I also play guitar RH, so maybe you could call me ambidextrous?
  13. Let me start with this, I am left handed, I do most things LH other then golf. I was taught RH and that's what felt right to me(no pun intended) I have always had a bad slice as a RH golfer. I had tried LH at one point in the past, I could hit the ball straight but didn't have much distance. So I went back to RH, now as I am getting older and have lost a lot of distance anyway.....why not hit them straight and enjoy the game? So I am back to LH and I'm just sticking with it. The more I pick up the lefty clubs the more natural it feels. Just wondering if others have done the same also?
  14. I have pga tour live on my Apple TV, so it is free on my phone also, but like you I doubt I will watch anything on my phone. I still enjoy the app mainly for the all day coverage you get
  15. Just wondering everyone's thoughts on PGA Tour app? I have it on Apple TV and love it. It's a paid app($7.00 a month subscription I think) but you get live coverage of all events and many exclusive things too. My only real complaint is I can't seem to get it to link my iTunes account so I can have it on other devices, but not a big deal I guess. Anyway, it's worth checking out if you haven't yet