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  1. So I tried to post to my op but it wouldnt let me. Anyway,I took out the 8802 a few weeks ago.....and I love IT! Only 2 maybe 3 times did I 3 putt. The rest were 1 or 2 putts....semed to aim so easy. Love this putter!
  2. I do really find it easy to aim....not sure how much better I really am with it...but just love the look and feel...classic
  3. I dont know....nothing I can remember....maybe my first putter? Im in my 50's......so maybe
  4. Its funny...the looks I get when using it But its just so simple and sexy
  5. I still keep wanting to go back to my Wilson 8802 milled putter...is that crazy? I just love the look and feel of it
  6. The Crown is in Traverse City, Pinecroft and Champion Hills are both in Beulah/ Honer Michigan...both owned by the same people. I played pinecroft a few weeks ago...it is a tuff coarse...the greens were fast and hilly...tuff pin locations.. But loved it! Crystal lake golf is another coarse close to Pinecroft...with in a few miles...and plays similar to Pinecroft but a little slower greens....hilly greens
  7. What about arcaida bluffs? The Crown? Champion Hill? Pinecroft? I just seen Arcaida bluffs on the list.....sorry
  8. I live in Traverse City....and have played the Crown offten...i dont find the greens to terribly hard...if you are talking about the crown in T.C.? Sometimes they are a little tricky...but it may be that sense i play it offten im used to it?
  9. I agree, but if he passes Jack for major wins.....that would end this debate. He has already proven himself I will always love Jack and Arnold , its a different time and a different type of player these days
  10. Jack has always been my guy, but what Tiger did today should put him with the best of all time. No one ever expected for him to win another major. Im happy he did! He has talent and what he did today should put a little scare in those young guys on tour...they all heard of what he can do but most have never faced him on sunday for a win...
  11. So i have been in search of a 8802 style putter for a little while now, i found one on ebay and took a chance on it, mainly because no photos of it. It arrived today and i have to say i am happy with my purchase. It has some bag chatter but the face is clean. It did come with a new Winn grip and the head cover that wasn't listed in the description. I took a few strokes in the house with it and i think i have found my putter.I love the look at address and the feel of it, i think i will be looking into more of this style .
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