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  1. Is it just me... Or do the greens look like they are in poor shape? By that I mean discolored ... Maybe that's normal for this course ?
  2. Kloeshuman

    Jason Day's Putter

    I think the Odyssey was out before, but yes, the move to red is funny. Red must be the hot color this year for sales
  3. Kloeshuman

    Jason Day's Putter

    Stopped by the shop today and yes it's out, Ardmore 2
  4. Kloeshuman

    Jason Day's Putter

    I thought it was shaped like this, at least the head
  5. Kloeshuman

    Jason Day's Putter

    I do believe it is out now, I will double check tomorrow at the shop. I could be wrong, what I seen was a Ardmore but not sure if it was a Ardmore 2
  6. Kloeshuman

    Jason Day's Putter

    Day's putter is a new Taylormade, I can't remember the model but they are starting to show up in the pro shops. Just had my hands on one yesterday. I agree though, looks like a odyssey #7 mid mallet
  7. Kloeshuman

    Fisher Talon TS-1 Putter

    Sent you a pm
  8. Kloeshuman

    Ditching 3w for 5w

    It's a higher loft so it may be easier to get in the air, I love my 5
  9. Kloeshuman

    Fisher Talon TS-1 Putter

    Thanks! My buddy thought it was too busy but I like the site lines on it. Seems really easy to aim. It also looks to be well made, after changing the insert im happy with the feel . Looks like I may be keeping this one
  10. So this last Wednesday we were on a 1 hr rain delay at our coarse, so we decided to kill some time and ended up at a little golf shop in this small town. The owner was showing us around the shop and we ended up in his catch all room. That's when I came across this putter, it is a Fisher Talon TS-1 . So he then says that there was kit that came with it and he could let it go for $30. I walked out with the putter and weight kit. What's different about this putter is that it has changeable inserts, well it's a block that is 4 sided and color coded for different speeds and feel. It was set to the black which is one of the firmest ones, after getting ahold of the company yesterday they informed me on how to change the insert. I now have it set to burgundy which is softer. Anyway, this putter is discontinued and from what I have seen in a demand. They seem to sell for around the $200 mark when you do find them for sale. I put the Super Stroke grip on it today
  11. Kloeshuman

    I made the switch to all hybrids!

    I got the Cleveland hibore XLi set, thought I had made that clear, guess not. But it's all good, I love them
  12. Kloeshuman

    Replace mid irons with Hybrids

    All I can say...,,bring on the puppet show! I just switched to ALL hybrids and I don't care what others think
  13. So I had tried these Cleveland hibore XLi irons a week or so ago and today I was back in the shop and had a chance to hit them again. To make a long story short I walked out with a full set of hybrids. I did a trade for another set of irons I had so they didn't cost me any out of pocket cash. The way my game has been these clubs seem to hit the spot, I got some distance back they are launching the ball a lot straighter. So now in the bag is 4-pw hybrids
  14. Kloeshuman

    Second guessing yourself

    Yes! Same deal, why do we do this?
  15. Kloeshuman

    Second guessing yourself

    I kinda get what you're saying, at the first moment it didn't feel right I should have backed off. But something told me to swing anyway, I think it may have been a bad shot before that had me doubting. I need to use my head more while playing

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