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  1. Not sure if you have gone or not, but Quivera is LEGIT. It was super windy when we went, but it is spectacular. One of those courses with multiple holes that you will never forget. I hated having to deal w all the issues of staying at that resort etc, but am very happy our group played that course. I’d love to hear what you decided and what you thought.
  2. I’ve always wanted to play any of the Desert Mountain courses, so you should definitely play that if you can. Drop talking stick for sure if you can play either DM or 7C. I’d not hesitate to drop Boulders for those courses too. TS is a big drop from those courses. I just played there and they cut down a lot of vegetation and I don’t care for the current look.
  3. The thing that I've noticed when I'm playing my best is my ability to select specific target from behind the ball. Once I set up over the ball I take a deep breath and take one more look at my target and only think about that when I swing. Don't knock it till you try it.
  4. I play all these courses regularly. It all depends on what you're looking for and price points. Don't do TPC. Waste of money and course way overrated. Both Troons are excellent as are both Boulders (South is the better of the two). Both WeKoPa courses are excellent and the Cholla is a more desert-target style course than Saguaro. I think the Cholla is a more beautiful, but more difficult course. I personally find Greyhawk overrated, but they are always in nice shape and have great practice/clubhouse facilities. Quintero is generally excellent as well, and is a lot of locals favorite course in the Valley. Quintero is a tough course as well. Sun Ridge Canyon is a personal favorite despite it being somewhat challenging, and Eagle Mountain is close by there and it is very scenic and less difficult. I've taken lots of out of town guests there and they have enjoyed it. I don't know what your budget is, but if you're coming from Australia I really think you should look into working in a round at Seven Canyons in Sedona. It is truly a special place, and absolutely unforgettable. If I could only play one more round of golf in AZ it would be there. I have played Pebble, Spyglass, Spanish Bay, all the Bandon Courses, Torrey Pines, Kapalua Plantation, The Prince course on Kauai, and Seven Canyons is on equal footing with them as far as a phenomenal experience just due to setting alone. Talking Stick is ok, Greyhawk is better. Ak Chin southern dunes is always in great shape and more of a links style course, but it's a drive. If you're driving that far then Quintero, Wickenburg, Seven Canyons are better IMO. Hope that helps, and let us know what you end up doing!
  5. Well guys I finally got to play the course. I decided to walk and glad I did. The biggest downside was that it started raining on hole 9 and continued the entire rest of the round. I was prepared for rain and the guys in proshop were nice enough to loan me an umbrella prior to the round. Overall, I had a difficult round due to 2 factors- my shot shape changing from a fade to a pull-pull draw so I had no way to predict it, and it was my first round with my new Edel putter. All in all, I hit a few really great shots intermixed w some bad ones. I think this course had the absolute best bunkers I've ever seen or hit from, and they were still powdery soft despite the rain. I'm not too sure how to post pics yet, but if I can easily figure it out I will. An added bonus for me was buying a dry joy jacket w removable sleeves w the Pasatiempo logo on it for 40% off! I'd relish the chance to play this course again.
  6. I obviously still have a ways to go, but I feel like when I decided to start playing 4.5 years ago I had a lot of muscle memory from tennis that I still have trouble dealing with. Add to that the fact I've likely received less than ideal instruction despite changing teachers (although I admit at this point I am the constant in this equation) and I feel that I may be constantly submarining myself. After reading a few threads on here and realizing that I am probably doing a move or two that a good instructor should be able to pinpoint and explain I think I can get to high singles if I can find the right instructor. I feel like the people on this site have a more systematic way to hone a consistent swing and I need to bite the bullet and figure out how to get proper instruction. My best round is a 78, so I know I can do it. I think I wasted a good 2 years overestimating my hand eye coordination and ability to improve by using a players iron and not succeeding. One question I do have for those who've done it is this: Did you play a majority of rounds at the same course or two? I very rarely play the same course within a week, and often I go months between playing a course a second time. It seems like I could improve some scores by playing a course I'd know inside and out (particularly knowing greens and subtle breaks and speeds).
  7. If you're a bogey golfer most parts of your game are terrible. My major flaw is inability to overcome my OTT muscle memory. Too many years of competitive tennis has likely made it nearly impossible to ever learn and feel natural coming from the inside. I just don't have enough time to practice and am getting too old. Everytime I have to take a break from playing/hitting my old muscle memory is back to remind me.
  8. I think you are missing the aspect that you probably have a strong mental game. Although you shouldn't try to fix your swing on the course, you seem to focus on the swing so much you block out negative thoughts. Dont fool yourself into thinking that if you were betting against someone for enough $ per hole that you would " motor through the course". Having a strong mental game entails focusing on the present, trusting/being confident and decisive in your shot choices, forgetting the bad/mistakes and remaining loose on the course. For the recreational player who has "patient" playing partners perhaps a strong mental game is not as obvious as it is to those in a more intense competitive round. As for myself, specifically, changing my mental outlook to only thinking of the target right before I make my swing has shaved 3-6 strokes off my rounds this year. Whatever you "think" is your mental game. Do an experiment for yourself- next time you go play change your preshot routine and don't consider your mechanics. Instead look at the areas you want to avoid. Once over your ball tell yourself "anywhere but the water/bunker/short/long/left/right etc". Let me know if thinking those thoughts changes how you play.
  9. Hello all, I'm going to play Pasatiempo in early May around 945am. What tips or info can you impart for getting the most out of the round? Is the weather breezy or cool? Fast greens? Many elevation changes? I know nothing about it other than it's highly rated and Mackenzie designed it and lived on it. Is it a walkable course, or is cart better? Decent practice facilities if I arrive early? Thanks in advance for replies!
  10. There's one of these close by the TPC Scottsdale. My buddy went for a free 30 min demo and was wanting to sign up for 3 lessons. He's like an 11 hcp. It's always booked and hard to work around my schedule to get in. If I get in, I'll report back.
  11. I am waiting on mine to show up soon. The weighting of the putter made such a difference for my distance control. It was crazy how close my putts clustered even if I felt I didn't hit it quite as well as a previous ball. I honestly think the edel will be worth 1-3 strokes a round. And I'm a consistent sub 35 putts/rd putter. I ordered wedges as well. I'm not quite as confident they will help my scores, but we will see.
  12. If you are going to make the trip there and you are determined to play golf then you must do what you can to play Seven Canyons. Unfortunately, I believe they have moved back into a semi-private club. As far as I know you can still play it if you stay at the Enchantment Resort right down the road. Enchantment is is expensive, but I think 5 star quality. Plus, it's location and amenities are fantastic. Even if you can only stay there one night, both the resort and the golf is worth it. The course was not the most pristine when I played it a few years ago, but it likely had minimal private funding. That being said, it's the most memorable course I've played other than Pacific Dunes. It is located in a more beautiful setting than the Sedona golf club. I can tell you that you will never forget playing a course surrounded by those red rocks. Usually, you can reserve a golf package at Enchantment that includes a round there. You can always stay at cheaper options the rest of the trip, but the other courses pale to Seven Canyons. Bonus tip: Whatever you do while there you MUST eat at Elote. No reservations allowed, but waiting w a margarita is no big deal. One of the best restaurants in all of AZ and it's reasonably priced! It's true southwest cuisine that you will enjoy. I guarantee it.
  13. I've played quite a few of the courses in a few states. I'm fortunate enough that I will be able to play Pebble, Poppy, Spanish Bay, and Spyglass on our men's trip this summer. I'm also going out to Carmel in a month or so and am making the effort to get on Pasatiempo. Since I live in the Scottsdale area I must disagree with this list as it pertains to AZ. I actually played WeKoPa Saguaro yesterday, and although it is in great shape and a really nice track it's not No.1. I actually prefer the Cholla course over Saguaro. Quintero has to be No 1. Both of the Troon North courses are excellent, as is Southern Dunes. The absolute most overrated and overpriced course in the state has got to be the TPC Stadium course. Quite frankly, I think the course is garbage. There is nothing memorable about it, and the sister Champions course is a better layout and more fun. I'd actually rate every single course on that list higher than the Stadium course. The only things it has going for it is that the tour has an event on it and they have the TPC budget money so the course is always in shape. I only put this on this forum to warn golfers who may travel here to play good courses. You'll get much better value for your money playing many of the other courses on the list AZ has to offer.
  14. Since I was fortunate enough to have all the advice given in this thread I figure I should give back to the thread w my experience. I found out out that PGATSS did fittings and the fitter used to be a builder for Bocceri golf. They only offered the torque line, BUT the fitting was free so I got one. He was knowledgeable and I learned a few things. He gave me a sheet w the specs. To be honest though, I didn't like the look of the torque putters and I wasn't fully convinced it was noticeably better than my Scotty golo. Since he had nothing to gain from any purchase I talked through some options w him. Based on that I removed the 15g toe weight, shortened the shaft an inch, and added a 50g handle counterweight. He said that it wouldn't be as good as edel, but it would help me. I also wanted to get fit for wedges (will put in appropriate thread), so I worked out a deal w a fitter 45min away that isukgolf used to do both putter and wedges. I did that fitting last night. I really wanted to see how my modified Scotty stacked up to what the fitter was gonna fit me into. I also followed the advice in the OP. Although it was not as thorough as the OP fitting I trusted him to tell me at the end how my aim was without ever peeking. I was about 5-6 feet away, but I fit all. 4 within the middle of cup w the head he gave me. Once the weights got worked out I had about 6 straight distance putts clustered really well. I was shocked. The distance portion was much better fit last night than at PGATSS. I must mention that this fitter only used the older style fitting kit w no torque options. Bottom line for me was that the putter almost seemed to do the work for me and even on a couple of mis-hits I was hardly penalized. The balance and feel was absolutely the best I've ever felt from a putter. Rolling my Scotty afterward from the same distance made me feel like the Scotty was a piece of junk! Needless to say I had to order the putter. The wedges I ended up ordering as well bc I think they will help me in the long run, but I was much more impressed w the putter fitting and feel. I honestly think that if there is any one club you should get fit for it should be the putter. My mind is still a little bit blown away.
  15. Thanks for responses! while I was waiting for replies I actually got on the phone w Michael at talking stick and he said he doesn't use a laser bc everything is outdoors and not perfectly flat etc. He also said he only has the torque putters and that the old fitting system isn't really used bc the torque putters are better. He said that the fitting was an hr and he goes over aim point, green reading etc. He did seem very knowledgable, but it seems like he left out perhaps some key components outlined in the OP. He did say he fits edel wedges and I probably will look into that in the future as I'd like to have some custom wedges. The downside to Mark appears to be no torque putter option (although I much prefer the look of the older style) and the issue his fitting cost doesn't go towards the putter purchase. I may may go to the pga store and feel them out now and see what's up. Is is there any opinion that the torque putters are superior? thanks again guys!
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