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  1. BEEF

    Figired you guys might enjoy this one too: http://golfweek.com/2017/05/08/british-open-tickets-giveaway-beef-johnston/
  2. BEEF

    Just going to leave this here.. http://ftw.usatoday.com/2016/09/andrew-johnston-beef-stars-in-three-new-arbys-commercials
  3. Golfing With Strangers-The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

    I usually play as a single. One day came up on this guy on about the 7th hole. We started playing together and he seemed like a nice guy. Few holes later he asked "have you accepted Jesus Christ into your life." I spent the next four holes answering questions and defending my lack of religious beliefs. It was so uncomfortable. I just wanted to play golf, not get preached to.
  4. Chambers Bay Question

    Yeah, I've checked the website. The only times I can reserve are when a threesome has already made a reservation. Of all the tee times available on the day I want to play, there's only two open that needs a single. Unfortunately, those open times are in the morning and I don't get int town until the early afternoon. I'm sure something will come available when I want to play.
  5. Chambers Bay Question

    Thanks, guys. I'll keep an eye on the tee time availability and will hopefully find an opening that works.
  6. I'll be traveling to Seattle for Memorial Day weekend and figured while I was in the area, I would try and play Chambers Bay. I called to make a tee time, but since I'll be playing as a single, I was told I couldn't reserve a tee time. I was obviously a bit confused and asked why. Was told that their system only allows for foursomes to reserve a tee time. Still confused, I asked "well, if I just show up, can I just walk on?" The lady on the phone said "of course, but we usually get pretty booked up in advance." Net/net, the solution is to wait until a threesome reserves a tee time (so that there's an opening for one), then I can reserve my tee time. I have never heard of such a weird thing. I kind of understand, but not really. Is anyone familiar with this practice at CB and do you know if what I was told was accurate? I have a specific time I was hoping to play, which I why I called 90 days in advance (that's the soonest they allow). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks