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  1. Well now... great finish. Still not happy with Woodland out there. John
  2. Between the Ryder Cup and this, we really need to evaluate who can compete the foreign courses the best. Just because a player is top 8, doesn’t mean that player should automatically be selected. John
  3. This is so hard to watch. Looks like a bunch of locals taking all the money from visiting tourists. is it possible we don’t even make it to Sunday. John
  4. Americans can’t play these courses. Obviously the exception is Tiger who won his match (Thomas should have just caddied). I don’t think these Cup tournaments mean that much to the US or it’s fans. The selection process is not really made on who fits the links courses best. You don’t need the length when you need to hit short and bounce it onto the green. And we have no clue how to read and putt these greens. John
  5. While I think Phil should not be playing because of all the reasons stated. He is endorsing by his mere presence a government that has numerous instances of human rights violations. As an elder statesman, so to speak, and future a HOF member of the PGA his presence does provide validation to the tournament. But he could have handled it so much better to avoid some of the flack he is getting. He could have used the same turning 50 logic and that he doesn't expect to have an opportunity to play the tournament again, (whether a true statement of not). But the real response to put things into perspective would be to say... "Unlike the military weapons that have been sold to Saudi Arabia for decades, the products I use can't be used to kill Americans." I spent 30 years in the defense industry and it is pretty amazing what products are sold to foreign countries. The products are not the latest products, or upgraded version, and lack sensitive USG capability, but they none-the-less they represent some of the best that America has made. Unfortunately, allies can become enemies is short order. None of this is directed to a specific administration, party, or to be interpreted as political in nature. It has been done for years. What is the most amazing part of a Foreign Military Sale is that a branch of the service, say the Air Force, will negotiate a contract with a defense contractor using DOD acquisition regulations to the benefit of the foreign entity. I was never able to get my head around hearing an Air Force officer tell Americans working for an American company that his job was looking out for the interests of the country of (insert name of country). It was utterly mind boggling. So, while I agree Phil should not play, hitting a golf ball seems to pale in comparison. John
  6. I didn’t read all the posts, but here is an interesting quote from Phil... “Given that I turn 50 this year, there’s a good chance I’ve played my last Phoenix Open. We’ll see.” or in reading between the lines... I probably won’t have to hear the boos at 16 after I turned my back on the stupid fans who supported me for decades. John
  7. 70sSanO

    Best Shot in Golf

    I bet you’re a real joy around holidays. John
  8. 70sSanO

    Best Shot in Golf

    No offense, but if you’re laying 5 or 6, then none of the shots, (except the drive since hopefully it is your first stroke on the hole), will be the happiest for any reason. Maybe relieved, but not one you’re bragging about. The only real joy comes from scoring. Maybe I incorrectly assumed that the shots to and around the green would lead to an eagle, birdie or par. If it doesn’t, might as well be on the range. I remember chip-ins, and long putts for birdies. Can’t recall any for a triple. John
  9. 70sSanO

    Best Shot in Golf

    I’d rather take the long/mid iron. Even with a great drive, you can still miss the green and waste it, which feels worse. Years ago I hit my longest drive ever. I was in the middle of the fairway less than a hundred yards from the pin. I was so stoked. I ended with a double bogey. Decades later I still can’t believe it happened. The iron shot gives you a chance at a birdie. John
  10. Maybe Marketing,,, "Our longest......" John
  11. Knock yourself out... https://golf-info-guide.com/golf-ball-tests-and-reviews/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIt5GIjNCQ5gIVjtdkCh3IpgBNEAMYASAAEgIDvvD_BwE http://www.golfballtest.org/ Search for chart on the Golf Ball Test website. I won't pretend to be able to explain all the voodoo behind golf ball compression, cover, and 2, 3, 4, etc.piece balls. Maybe you can glean something from the above sites that will give you an idea what you want to try. But, get the cheapest one that you like the best. Losing 2-3 balls a round is not conducive to expensive golf balls. No one here can tell you what to use because at your level it is all personal preference. I used to use Top Flite D2+ Feel, but I tried Srixon Soft Feel and liked them better. I gave our sons my extra boxes Top Flites. At my level, I could hit 1,000,000 shots and there would be no difference between the two. The real difference is located between the ears. John
  12. I have a G10 I’m not using in case you want to work your way up... lol! John
  13. I had a Wilson C200 wedge bent from 55* to 53*. The Wilson is a cast club and 2* Is probably the max. I think your Cleveland wedge is forged so It should be no problem to go from 56* to 54*. Now for the other news. It is my understanding you will lose 2* of bounce off the wedge. I imagine you can open it up to get loft and bounce back to original. My wedge was cheap and it was worth the $5 to get more loft. John
  14. Well, Arizona is an acquired taste. Sand is sand. After a while all the granules start to look the same. Kind of like that old soap opera intro. Both our boys ended up there. I actually love playing golf mid-week in the Summer. Get a late morning tee time and you’ve got the place to yourself. Winter brings all the snowbirds. We talked about moving there, or maybe splitting some time during the year, but in all honesty I don’t think we could adjust to the desert life. It has to be a tough transition for you, especially from a place with all the trees and water. I don’t have a solution, but I wouldn’t think your other lifestyle changes are a good thing. If you can’t find other interests, maybe find a part time job. John
  15. So I haven't been pleased with my putting lately. It just seems like I have been fighting it on the backswing, and that is throwing me off. So I thought I would pull out a bunch of putters. like many people have and weigh them and see what the balance turned out to be. This is not scientific since I am using a Taylormade Monza IB Spider as the baseline weight and using a digital scale. I realize this only gives me overall static weight of the putter and not the head weight. I'm just guessing at that since they all have small pistol grips. The IB weighed 537gr and has a spec of 350gr headweight. It has a slight toe balance. 1930's Burke 15oz, 90* toe balance (Found in my parent's garage as a kid and actually used it a long time ago because I thought it was cool). 1985 Taylormade TPA V 488gr 17-1/4oz, guess 300gr HW slight toe (First real putter that I used for a long time... Nevada Bob's). 1990's Teradrops TD-xx 504/508 17-3/4oz, guess 315/320gr HW slight toe (Drank the roll face kool-aid a few years ago, they do roll nice). 2008 Adams Mallet 523gr 18-1/2oz, guess 335gr HW face balance (Got this after wife took my IB, I loved this putter before Jim Jones got a hold of me... back in the bag). I have others, the 80's are around the same weight (slight toe, except one that is about 80*) and I have a Teardrop RFD that is "toe up" by 30* and is almost 19-1/2oz-360gr HW. It is super stable... but boy I hate that one. I realize that my list is really low budget and most people wouldn't be caught dead with any of them. But this was kind of an exercise in looking back at the years and also have some baseline for me. I don't buy a lot, but I realize that I've picked up too much of the same that isn't working, at least for my current setup. John
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