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  1. I understand it is a UK/Europe thing. From what I gather, on some courses a push cart will be banned if it does not have studded tires. I have no info on arriving at this decision, but those are the rules. If you are in the US and disagree, travel over there and plead your case... lol. I'm in SoCal, so what do I know about winter conditions. As for the wheels, I'd have a separate winter set and make sure the sleeves won't come loose. Having wheel issues in the middle of a round just isn't worth saving a few bucks. John
  2. While strike doesn't rule all, I'm old enough to remember playing with old guys tearing up courses back in the 70's with well used equipment that no one here would want to play with. Before all the data there were a lot of golfers who could just play... like a stupid monkey, and not try to analyze everything little bit of data (there wasn't any to mess up their mind). Geez, just hit the thing. They did possessed 2 qualities that made them score so well... ball strike and course management. The latter was just as important if not more. What I take away from this is there are those who are obsessed with buying the latest or constantly upgrading their equipment to improve their game. But... if everyone had really good ball striking skills, there would never be another Teeless Driver or GX-7 commercial. That in itself is a plus. John
  3. When I get new clubs, I typically go to the range first to get a feel for them. That said, in 1985 I bought a set of Powerbilt metal woods and went straight from the store to the course; I didn't try them before I bought them. I still remember the drive on that first hole. I could not have hit it better. I don't remember any other first drive and I held onto those clubs long after they left my bag... always brought a smile to my face. John
  4. While not the same weight as a true golf ball, a lighter limited flight ball, such as the Brush-t (discontinued) or Almost Golf is easy on the wrists. There is very little feel from impact. I've never hit the Almost Golf balls, but I hit the Brush-t ones. They go 30%-40% in distance of a real golf ball. But you can hook, slice, chunk them just like the real thing. Since I'm more of a sweeper, (and I hit in different areas in the back of the school yard), I'll go down the the school behind us as hit a tube of them a number of times. It is really good for working on timing or just trying to smooth things out because if you rip it you may only get 5 more yards than a nice smooth swing. Hard to stroke the ego ripping that 3W 80 yards... lol. John
  5. I love Jack. At 66 he is someone I really looked up to and admired. Tiger is a better golfer. DJ is a better athlete than Jack due to the need to be physically athletic in today's game. He can out drive Jack in Jack's prime everyday of the week. That said, DJ with the 60's lifestyle may not have even won one major. With all of DJ's skills he really is a disappointment and just folds under pressure too often, or just doesn't show up. People forget that no one from the 60's can compete with today's athletes in any sport. I'd be surprised if there aren't a dozen or more of today's pros that could outdrive Jack with old equipment. John
  6. If your driver is a 12*/13* and your 6 iron is 27*, you have to figure out what gaps need to be filled. An 18*/19* FW will let you go with a 23* hybrid. You will lose some fairway distance over a 16*, but it might provide more utility. You will probably need a 4/5 hybrid regardless because your 6 iron may be lacking distance in more situations. I've dropped using a 3/4 wood and gone with a 19* fairway and it has worked for me. But I'm older and not long so a few yards don't matter. John
  7. A lot of years ago I tried the AP1's and really liked them. I know, a totally different iron. But I ended up with Wilson Ci irons and they felt very similar. Just for the sake of it, I looked up the Wilson forged iron, FG Tour V6 and there are reviews and a comparison to the 718 AP2. The FG 7 iron is 35* compared to 34* AP2. If you want weaker lofts, it might be worth looking into them. John
  8. It is impossible to do a true head to head, but there is no doubt Tiger is the GOAT. Will he be the GOAT 25/50 years from now? Impossible to say. It will be a future generation that will get to make that call. Just as the current generation gets to make this call. There will be a Tiger vs ??? discussion some day. One thing for sure is that in nearly every sport the athletes are getting bigger, stronger, faster and just plain better. Most of the greatest from days gone by concede that they would not be as dominant as when they competed. And it was interesting to hear Tiger describe how Koepka plays in yesterday's press conference. John
  9. A few years I happened to pick up a used Teardrop putter at a Play It Again Sports. Since then I've picked up a few more. I find them to be so smooth. Just wondering, is anyone else gaming one of these? John
  10. No disrespect, but Tiger shot his lowest final round in a major and lowest score over 54 holes. To get to -20 I guess he would have had to post a 64 on day 1 or maybe throw in a couple of 63's. Anyone in the field would have won posting a -20. John
  11. Don't get me wrong, for someone who had a tough time walking not to long ago it borders the miraculous what Tiger has done this past year. But he is 42 and there is no telling how long he will hold up. My observation has to do with not only the length but the overall fitness level of the top young players today. Tiger ushered in that fitness and a lot of his younger competition has been hitting the gym for years, unlike his older competition when he broke into the game. The John Daly era is gone. There are also fewer holes in the younger players' games. I'm hoping Tiger tears it up next year and wins a major and a few tournaments, but he is pretty much an old man at this stage of his career. It is great watching him back out there. John
  12. I did see he was ranked 47 for the Fedex Cup and now he is at 20. Pretty amazing based on where he was at the beginning of the year and the number of tournaments he has played. It is good to see him playing so well. At 42, and so many surgeries, he will have a tough time against the younger players who molded their power games after Tiger. He has kept not only his die hard fans, but I think he has converted a number of non-Tiger fans who are rooting for this version of Tiger against the world. John
  13. I went to the Callaway Center at their corporate headquarters in Carlsbad, CA. Had a very nice young lady named Amy do my fitting. Ordered the clubs through her. Went to Phil's BBQ (not Mickelson) for lunch afterward. John
  14. I got fitted for my last set of irons. Normally I wouldn't have but I had a unique situation. I worked for Boeing for 30 years. Back in 2016 when Boeing was involved with the XR driver, the company offered Callaway gift cards to redeem points from awards that I had received over the years. I had accumulated 700 points I never redeemed so that meant $700 in Callaway gift cards. I originally planned to buy a set of Ping irons, but this changed my direction. I went to one of Callaway's performance centers and got fit, but I also opted for the Project X shaft in my XR OS irons. It was a great experience, especially walking out having spent $250 on a new set of irons. John
  15. I have not tried the Birdie Balls, but I've used the Brush-t limited flight Qolf balls. Unfortunately they are no longer available, but I did stock up on a box of 60 a few years ago. I think the Almost Golf practice balls are similar. I will scramble down the slope behind our house to the back of a school and hit 15 or so and then walk out, pick them up with a tube and hit them again. I think they go a little father than 1/3 depending on the club. Decent feedback but a lighter ball so not quite. But you can move them which is nice, except when you weren't attempting to do so... lol. John
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