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  1. I've used the Faldo (Leadbetter) Pre-Set drill in the past. For me it seems to help to get everything where it should be at the top of the swing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKHCGNT-hPw John
  2. He’s got a year to get the other 3 majors. ...and 10 before age 30. Then we’ll talk. John
  3. Great win for Morikawa. He won Workday and should have won the Charles Schwab but missed a 4 foot birdie putt on the 18th in regulation. John
  4. What seems to help me is having a definite trigger and sequence. It is still a work in progress, but for those times when I’m setting up and my mind is too cluttered, I need to think when all else fails just do this and that and swing. You need to figure out what one or two things you need to do to get the downswing started and the sequence. The result may not always be great, but as long as it is not bad, I consider it a success. John
  5. I agree. Once Rahm was up all he needed to do was play close to par. No one was able to really challenge him. Finish to Workday was so much more fun to watch. Except Bryson’s Kevin Costner impersonation. It was fun to watch him stick to his guns to point of missing the cut. John
  6. While this is totally tongue-in-cheek. Jordan hanging out with Brooks reminiscing. Jordan: Brooks what’s it like to win 4 majors. Brooks: It’s nice, and easy. Brooks: Jordan what’s it like to have double digit wins. Jordan: It’s great. Aah, the good old days. John
  7. I’ve thought that Jordan should develop more of a Kuchar mindset when he starts to fade. Every player goes in wanting to win, but there comes a point in a tournament where you want to get into the top 10. I always felt Kuchar was one of those hang around guys who may not win a lot but doesn’t blow up a lot. He always seems to finish pretty good. I was surprised to see Kuchar has more top 10’s than Dustin Johnson. Jordan is so far out right now, that he needs to set a number he can get to that will get into the top 20 and not worry about the leaders. He needs to develo
  8. I am really too old to have an a-ha moment, but I did. I have struggled my whole life trying to keep my downswing from going outside. A few months ago I began in earnest on getting to my left side. That helped putting me in a better position, but my real a-ha moment was when I started to slow down my upper body and let my hips clear. At first it felt like I was waiting an eternity to initiate my downswing, even though in reality it was probably just a split second. But all of a sudden I thought, where did all that space for my downswing come from. And why am I able to have a balanced
  9. I understand these drills after the ball has left are supposed to help with what happens prior, but for me it never clicked. I’ve never done any sport where a follow through wasn’t just a natural extension of the strike, hit, pitch, etc. John
  10. I’m not an expert here. I have really been working on moving to the left and the right sequence and tempo. What I discovered, at least for me, that the difference between a sold hit with a good follow through and much less was lag. If I can hold my downswing until I’ve completely moved to the left and not rush it, it pretty much just happens. The tough part is getting the timing just right. I don’t know if this will help. John
  11. Almost Golf is out of business. You can still stumble upon them every now and then. They used to go for around $1 a ball but I've seen them for as much as $3+ each. If anyone really is looking for them and is willing to pay a bit more, I found this (but they are white not yellow)... https://www.ebay.com/itm/AlmostGOLF-Ball-50-Pack/254582800749?hash=item3b4651416d:m:mf2CyZcIh16NBk8yxWTLOeQ The best limited flight plastic golf balls were made by Brush-T and called Qolf Balls. They were hard plastic and heavier than Almost Golf, had a nicer feel and would go a little bit farther. I
  12. You might want to check out Prescott, Az. John
  13. It may permanently change which courses survive, but it won't "permanently" change riding or walking. Fast forward a few years with a vaccine in place and it will go back to normal. 100 degree weather will eliminate any thought of walking. If people won't ride a few feet from each other, how will they ever go to a sporting event at a stadium or arena; or be part of a gallery? John
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