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  1. Yes, better than anything at this year’s TC. Augusta was magical. John
  2. That walk up 18 was better than anything we’ll see this year. I loved re-watching Rory’s reaction to the enormous crowd following Tiger. That whole sequence was so surreal. John
  3. In retrospect, if they do get 30 holes in tomorrow, it may be a blessing that Tiger missed going to East Lake. He would have started a lot of strokes out of the lead, and playing 25+ holes on Sunday would be brutal on his body. John
  4. I’m pretty sure we’ll see a Wolff vs. Hovland in a Ryder Cup match somewhere down the road. John
  5. Today seemed like a Saturday. I think the pairings based on score helps with the intensity. I like the competition between the top players with the new format. But it does eliminate half the field from any contention. Except for the highlights, such as Reavie’s hole In one, it is as if no one else is playing. Then again they just have to show up to get $500k. John
  6. Schauffele pulled a rabbit out of his hat on 17 and 18 to get to -11. I saw him on Feherty the other day. Nice kid. John
  7. Some people here seem to personally know Brooks perspective, But I can’t recall him ever saying he laid an egg for not winning the Masters. I think he said Tiger played good. I would guess he was pretty ticked (you can use any other appropriate word) and used maybe more than a few expletives with his water shot and missed putts, but laying an egg? John
  8. No disrespect, but you are calling out Brooks Koepka for laying an egg by finishing second at the Masters from behind a keyboard. Brooks is a stud so I really doubt you would say that directly to his face. Not even DeChambeau is that stupid. John
  9. That’s right. Rose needed a birdie on 18 and he barely missed the bunker/rough on his second shot. I’m not sure where I got 2nd... maybe going into East Lake. John
  10. This is so true. It was the same format as 4x points used at the NT and BMW. Had Rose not finished with a solo second at East Lake, Tiger would have won the FedEx Cup also. Or if DeChambeau had finished 2nd and Rose 3rd. Of course, it is “obvious” that if Finau had won at East Lake and Rose faltered, Tiger could have finished outside the Top 5, or 10 in FedEx points. Only thing missing is Vanna White. John Edit Added: Actually I think DeChambeau may have won the FedEx Cup if he finished 2nd; not sure about a tie for second. Rose wouldn’t have won anything.
  11. What is quite humorous is that there are sports that are trying to find ways to be more offensive so it will be more exciting for the fans. Who cares if course records are broken or it looks too easy. It makes it more interesting if players have potential birdie (eagle) opportunities on the last few holes and are pushing the leader. While there are some, most of the historical highlights of the game are not making par. John
  12. I like Cantlay to win this. He’s come through a lot of adversity and has had a great year; and been pretty consistent. Five of his last 10 starts are in the top 10. I think he has the tools, both physically and now mentally, to really compete at East Lake. John
  13. Doesn’t have to be traditional match play, although it would be a series of matches with individual pairs involved. Scoring over 36 holes could be any format. While I sure suggesting a modified stableford for 36 hole playoffs would be ridiculed, it would give big time risk-reward possibilities. It really is not that important to me. I’ll probably watch some of the FedEx Cup final, mostly to see if Koepka can flip the switch when it counts. To be honest, I watched more last year than the previous 5 or so. Then again, therein lies the problem with any playoff format that needs a golfer named Woods to generate interest. John
  14. That’s why a series of 72 hole tournaments for playoffs will never generate the level of interest unless Tiger is playing. It is no different than any other weekend. Brooks does have a point in being bored and losing interest throughout a round. I realize a 1 vs 64. 2 vs 63, etc over 36 holes, and then 32, 16... will probably never fly, but at least there would be more excitement than which of the top 5 guys will win... at least for me. John
  15. Personally, if the PGA/FedEx really wants to get more buzz about golf playoffs, they should follow what the NCAA does with their basketball tournament. 48 players are seeded 1-12 in 4 brackets based on season points. Players 49-80 play on Monday and the winners are seeded 13-16 on points. The tournament starts on Thursday in whatever format... stroke, match, stableford, mod-stableford. Maybe give top 4 seeds in each bracket, stokes, points, holes, or ??? on the first weekend so the highest seeds have a better chance to move on. Sweet 16 plays the following weekend, maybe start on Wednesday. No added points... mano a mano. Final played on Sunday. Hopefully, at some point, you get office pools/bracketology. Golf Channel could sponsor an online bracket like the NCAA. TST could set one up. Either way, once you get people betting on it, you’ve got them. John
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