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  1. It may permanently change which courses survive, but it won't "permanently" change riding or walking. Fast forward a few years with a vaccine in place and it will go back to normal. 100 degree weather will eliminate any thought of walking. If people won't ride a few feet from each other, how will they ever go to a sporting event at a stadium or arena; or be part of a gallery? John
  2. While I think Chamblee could have used different language, there is one positive aspect to his comments. In a world where professional and recreational (for the most part) golf has shut down, it does give all of the commentators, and even the PGA, something to talk about. Being reduced to watching past golf tournaments, (and for me previous Stanley Cup runs), and movies, there is really nothing much to talk about. John
  3. I don't know your buddy so I can't tell you if you should talk to him. I took excerpts out of your post that might give you an idea what to do. I guess if you don't mind the constant whining throughout the round, and you think it might upset him too much, then you can always pass and accept that will be your day at the course. I like the use of the word "relents", it does show a degree of perseverance on your part. If you decide to pursue talking to him, you have all sorts of ammo. I mean, you were there, you saw the immediate results and were impressed. I probably wouldn't say anything until you guys play again. When he starts up again during the round, I'd tell him how great he hit the ball at his lesson. You were there and saw it. Depending how much you want to push it, you can make it a game of attrition. If I had a buddy that constantly complained and then I actually saw that he could improve fairly easily, it would be tough to listen to it. You feel bad when someone is off, but when that person refuses to take advice that works from an instructor, I don't know. John
  4. This also reminds me of mountain biking... I don't want to hit the tree, but if I look at the tree, I'll hit it. Lol! As far as the topic. I've done both, but in recent times it is distance. Picking a spot, trying to remember that exact spot (tuft or blade of grass), or believing it, from a setup perspective sometimes got me second guessing the line. Once I start to second guess anything it's over. But this thread has gotten me thinking about coming up with a way to accept (convince me) that is the correct line. John
  5. Nothing is worse than just staring at the ball and your mind is so cluttered that you can't even get started. Sooner or later, you make a forced takeaway and then nothing but bad things happen. Ironically I decided to break the cardinal rule, I started my takeaway with my right hand. It was almost like my brain was at a loss of words. I thought it would really cause problems, but the club found it way where it needed to go and it didn't change the downswing. I don't know if it will stick, but for now it seems to have removed a lot of tension. John
  6. 70sSanO

    Love and Hate

    I love playing golf in Arizona in 105 degree weather with our sons. An 11:00am tee time almost guarantees we will have the place to ourselves; and it is dirt cheap to boot. John
  7. I know pat 3 courses have been mentioned. That is where a lot of people can learn, especially kids. Unfortunately, so many par 3 courses have been bulldozed over. When one of our sons and his wife come out we go to this little par 3 that is about a half hour away. His wife never played golf, except when they come out. It has been completely remodeled and it is dirt cheap. Mid-week is $6.75 (juniors are $1.75). The longest hole is maybe 100 yards. The 4 of us go and have a great time. Someone will invariably sink a long putt or roll one from tee to the green. But it reminds me of a time gone by when I would play as a kid. The same city has a mini golf park. It costs $11.50 per person to play... lol. John
  8. I haven't voted yet. I'm still kicking it around. If I look at a few other sports, some are spectator, some participatory, and a few are both. I would think American football is primarily a spectator sport in that few people go out on the weekends and play in leagues. There is also a noticeable absence of equipment commercials during broadcasts... lol. Cycling is on the other spectrum. While a major event like the Tour de France will attract many local spectators, it not a good spectator sport from a broadcast perspective. But that probably has little impact on how many go out an buy a bike and hit their local MUP. Soccer is one of those unique sports that fits both a spectator and participatory sport. Golf is real tricky. Golf really isn't a great spectator sport for most people, especially those who don't play golf, and they won't sit and watch; dare I say boring. At the same time golf, and tennis for that matter, are not easy sports to play. Golf is hard. Most anyone can ride a bike, or kick a soccer ball around. No one has to take lessons. And as a kid, I could always go out and shoot hoops, or get a bat and ball and some friends and play. I'm pondering the original question in the context of the word "good". To me a lot comes down to what will improve, grow, the sport of golf over the next 25-50 years and attract future generations to experience the frustration of hitting that white ball all over creation for half a day. Sometimes I think that the sport is primarily passed down from generation to generation and it spread to friends from there. With the exception of Tiger, I'm not sure TV has a lot to do with it. Since most people know the PGA Tour from TV, is it really growing anything just maintaining the interest of those who are already hooked on golf? John
  9. Actually I'd be very surprised if self belief or self confidence is not an issue with many players in most every professional sport. Granted flaws do work their way into even the most elite player. But there is no denying that elite players in every sport at times just feel it. They just know they are going to make it. It's those times when everything slows down and you just see it happening. John
  10. When I look at Spieth I can't help but think of David Duval. For that reason, who knows if Jordan comes back. I did find this article from a couple of years ago... https://nypost.com/2018/08/10/jordan-spieth-admits-he-spent-months-wrecking-his-swing/ John
  11. Nothing compares with the magnitude of cheating over an entire season, including the playoffs, resulting in winning the World Series. I could envision someone incorporating electronics that go undetected. Not exactly the Rodney Dangerfield putter, but some unfair advantage. However, if someone was able to cheat throughout the season, end up number one and win the Tour Championship/Fedex Cup there would be more than a slap on the wrist. John
  12. Not to take this in a different direction, but this is something I had read about with the new handicap system. Shorter hitters that play forward tees are penalized. Not that you are hitting from forward tees, however if you are playing no better but your handicap dropped based on how it is now calculated, you got sc#%$ed. John
  13. Since you have a Sky Trak simulator, I would hit shots and get an idea what is going on. I’m not sure of the features, but if you can get club head path and orientation at impact, it might give you the reason why you are going left and right. Club head speed, launch angle, etc. might help to determine if your distances are where they should be or there is something else that is impacting getting the most from each shot. This isn’t a fix for being inconsistent, but it is something you might want to discuss with a pro going into lessons. John
  14. I’m not a club designer, but it would seem that the wider the sole that contacts the ground the more adverse a significant increase in bounce would be. For a wide sole sure-out wedge shape, that trailing edge of the sole has got to impact the height of the leading edge a whole bunch. Apart from playing it off my back foot, I can’t imagine a shot off a tighter lie. John
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