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  1. If you hit fades as your normal shot with a draw biased driver, I'm not sure what shaping you are looking for that may not accentuate going further right at times. That said, most adjustable loft drivers are only adjusting the face angle and not really the lost. At 10.5* in neutral, it will merely close the face at an 11.5* setting with no loft added what-so-ever. Now if you turn the club to square it back to neutral, you will get more loft. So in theory you can get an adjustable driver and change the face angle from neutral to closed to open. That might help you so you can adjust it to neutral as your swing improves. Here is a good source that explains this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aj5KOk2oXU0 John
  2. There is a local course I will play that is a Par 60 and it is a tight little up and down course with not a lot of margin for error. It has no Par 5's. It is a lot of fun. I think these courses are looked down on because for some people the bragging rights are how far they can drive the ball. They may look down on the course as not a real golf course, but then again they may only be able to play courses with 60-75 yard wide fairways so they can slice their 300 yard drives from one side to the other without fear. John
  3. For decades it was called the British Open on this side of the pond. I don't have a problem calling it the Open Championship, but not for the sake of those that want to stick their noses up at the use of the word British. Be thankful that it is still either the British Open or Open Championship... who knows, in 10 or 20 years it could be a sponsors name tournament like some of the LPGA Majors. Maybe the BAE Championship. Then people will be longing for even the use of the word British. John
  4. The most I have spend on an individual club was $150 on a demo G30 driver in great shape last January at Golfsmith. The least has been $1.00... Snake eyes wedge, a Highpoint putter, etc. I just picked up a CG14 60* wedge in mint condition at Roger Dunn for $20. I did spend over $900 on my Callaway XR OS irons, but I was able to cash out a bunch of company award points for Callaway gift cards, so it was less than $250 fitted out the door. I have always been a budget minded golfer, and with the exception of my Callaways, will buy used or a previous year's offering at a discount. I've been doing this since the 70's. John
  5. I'm no instructor, and not an especially good player so you can ignore my advice if you want, but I suspect that you have a more horizontal/flatter swing because you are trying to get more distance with your driver. You've got that Louisville Slugger out and are swinging from the heels like home run derby. I have to be careful not to do the same thing. Monte Scheinblum has a good video on a no turn cast swing, (I haven't drunk the kool-aide with the cast section), but it puts a good perspective on the back swing. Nick Faldo also has a pre set drill. I won't tell you to follow the advice on these, but both help to keep the back swing from going too flat. The next thing I would do is to put your driver and woods away and go play par 3 pitch and putt courses. Back off a little bit and start hitting your irons on 100yd holes where it is not all about how fast you can swing a club. Over 30 years ago, Jack Nicklaus professed to use only one swing for all clubs, (not sure how much that was done in practice), but it is not a bad approach to the game. Would never sell today. But develop a solid swing first. Unfortunately in golf, probably more than any other time, there is an attitude that swing speed and distance equals manhood and it is easy to get sucked into that... especially at the range where you'll go through a bucket and have accomplished nothing. Good luck with your game. John
  6. I haven't played Titleist, but I hit the first generation AP1's and thought they were pretty sweet. I ended up with a poor man's version in the Wilson Ci7's. That said the cavity on the 716 AP1's may look a little closer to you DCI's. John
  7. You are 72 and they are out hitting you by 60 to 100 yards and whining if you want to move up. Really??? That is a pathetic group of individuals you are playing with. I'd be embarrassed if I were one of them. And you can't possibly move up far enough to ever overcome that difference because you don't get any relief on second shots. John
  8. You forgot SHAFTS... Probably the greatest paradigm shift are graphite shafts and they were not available in 1980's. Modern day graphite shafts may have done more to perpetuate the game, especially to aging baby boomers, than any other advancement. John
  9. I wonder how many people are going to go to work today and tell their boss that my reason for being here is to grow the industry. Not to win contracts and make money for the company, or myself, but to make the industry more accessible to everyone else so more people will be out there competing with us. I don't want any sales awards or performance bonuses, I want my legacy to be that I opened up the industry to everyone. Now after a person is past his/her prime and retired, I completely understand growing the industry, being a mentor, etc. That is the time to grow the game with altruistic endeavors. After listening to Brandel Chamblee I wonder if he was one of the individuals who worked tirelessly to get golf into the Olympics. He took it a little too personal. Also his thoughts that putting golf into the Olympics would somehow make is less expensive, less exclusionary, less slow, less difficult to understand the rules are pretty much out of touch with reality. There will be nothing that is broadcast of Olympic golf that will change any of that. The Olympics have had equestrian events for years, but I don't see how that has made the sport any more inclusive. Not too much growing going on when you have to drop $100K on a horse to compete at that level. John
  10. Is the shaft one that should fit your swing? If the driver is close to a like new condition and a replacement shaft would cost you a lot less than $200, I don't think there is a problem. But if you end up spending more than $200 to get it right then it is not a good gamble. John
  11. Congrats on the new driver. I always love stories where someone just picks up a club and it works instead of the endless analysis that usually happens prior to getting what someone thinks is the right stick. There could be a honeymoon period, but you are able to hit it well, so that should be your focus going forward. From what I have read an R2 is not a Senior or Lite flex. Also shaft specs vary so much from one mfg to another it may just be moot. John
  12. I always thought there was a mental side of her game that needed to be addressed, regardless of the injuries. Once a solid swing is developed, a swing coach can't help you if you can't execute under pressure. The coach can even be counter-productive if what is broken is the mental approach to the game. Somehow she needs to get past the golfing world's expectations that have been placed on her a decade ago. John
  13. Because it was a playoff, 9 minutes does seem a bit long since all eyes were on just those 2 competitors. When compared to nearly 6 hours of play for 75/80 actual strokes, maybe not. If the playoff had been stopped for review, which may not have been a bad idea, I'm not sure if there would be any change in the outcome. As far as momentum, in every sport, video reviews always has a winner and loser in terms of momentum regardless of the actual ruling. In many sports, savvy coaches/players will challenge a call of request a review, just to stop the momentum of the other team/player. Prior to video review John McEnroe would essentially disrupt the flow of the game with his verbal outbursts. There will never be a perfect scenario in these instances. John
  14. I remember the eastern bloc countries and their amateur professionals, but the USA still competed regardless. And the wins were even more sweet. There is a reason why "Miracle" will always be remembered in such a high regard and the Dream Team has all but been forgotten. The Olympics need to stick with sports where the gold is truly considered a major championship and not water it down with professional sports/atheletes. John
  15. They need to do it like tennis. Big screen with fans clapping in unison in anticipation of the result. Participants watching for the outcome. John
  16. I actually agree that the influx of professional athletes competing in the Olympics has already tainted the event. Why would I even care who wins Olympic gold in tennis or golf after all the emphasis the sports place on the majors. Throw basketball in there as well. It is a joke. The IOC needs the pros because the Olympics is a losing proposition. No one really believes golf, or even tennis, are Olympic sports. The IOC sees how the majors draw fans and want a piece of that. It'll never happen. John
  17. I admit that I did come up with these myself, but I thought it would be fun approach as the 13 worst fears for a golfer... Pebble Beach - 8th, par 4, 428 yards TPC Sawgrass - 17th, par 3 137 yards Royal Portrush - 14th, par 3, 210 yards Canoustie - 18th, par 4, 444 yards PGA National - 15th, par 3 179 yards Cypress Point - 16th, par 3 219 yards Kiawah Island - 17th, par 3, 221 yards Bethpage Black- 15th, par 4, 458 yards Royal Troon - 8th, par 3, 123 yards Whistling Straits - 18th, par 4 500 yards Royal Melbourne - 6th, par 4, 428 yards Augusta National - 12th, Par 3, 155 yards St. Andrews Old Course - 17th, par 4, 495 yards John
  18. I understand moving the right foot back as you are widening your stance and effectively playing the ball further up in your stance. My recent learning experience had to do with an early (Faldo type) wrist hinge to keep the club from coming inside too much. Once that happens there is no recovery because there is no inside path for the downswing. For me it was either too flat a swing or coming over the top. I am setting up with the ball closer to the toe as I have a tendency to downswing on a little wider path. This helps from hitting off the heel. I am also more aware of shaft lean in my setup, especially with the driver. If an effort to keep from de-lofting the driver I did not have enough shaft lean and that was causing a bad right of left result. Things are working much better for me when I put all of this together. John
  19. I believe the media is just following the approach of the Big 10. There are 14 schools, not all of which are big at the same time. Likewise, the PGA can have 7 players in the Big 3... not all of which may be big at any given time. John
  20. Here ya go... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Nike-SQ-MachSpeed-Black-Square-Driver-Golf-Club-10-5-Graphite-R-Flex-STR8-FIT-/222174721331?hash=item33baa53533:g:jzwAAOSwuzRXeDHW John
  21. If you miss to the right, you might want to look at one of Cobra's offset drivers. If you pull it will probably be bad news. John
  22. Hmmm... That is usually not a HC that garners a lot of bragging rights on the finer points of golf instruction. Sounds like he just threw out a number. John
  23. I have been doing all sorts of sports my whole life and I never acquired a taste for alcohol. I also never developed the patience for sitting around in a bar talking for hours when I could be playing tennis or basketball. Right or wrong my attitude was always... go have a few drinks and then let me run you around the court for a few hours, can't think of anything more enjoyable. So alcohol and any sports just doesn't mix with me. This doesn't mean I never drink. I will occasionally have wine and I can certainly polish off a six-pack in a year or two. John
  24. I think most golfers fit somewhere in a range between the 2 columns. Except for pure raw beginners who are not going to take up the game, I don't see too many in column A that were not once in column B or close to it. Unlike other sports, golf doesn't lend itself too much to just smacking the ball around for fun. There are just so many times one can shank, top, slice a ball to where it is no longer fun. Obviously enough alcohol can enhance the enjoyment of any activity. I'm probably in the middle but definitely working myself more toward column A when I play, and more toward column B when I practice. When I was young I was very competitive at everything, but at 64, I have come to the realization that life can be more enjoyable in column A. John
  25. I agree with trying out older clubs at a Golfsmith or Roger Dunn if one is close by. You can find some good deals in used clubs. I would think that you would find good value and quality with Adams since they are no longer in business but they produced some very good GI/SGI irons. Non-Walmart Wilson Ci/Di or Cobra irons are also good budget choices and still good equipment. Older Ping drivers and fairways are solid offerings. My only reference for Titleist was when I bought my Wilson Ci7 irons. For me the Wilson's were a poor man's first generation AP1 with maybe a bit more distance. You will need to do your homework and buy used if you want to build an entire bag from scratch for $500, but it can be done. Not to over-generalize, but from my experience, the bigger the swing the better the fit needs to be, especially the shaft. But if you were fit for your AP1's you should at least have a starting point. John
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