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  1. To really put this in perspective... Jordan Spieth made $30m last year.  That’s a ton of money to play on Thursday and Friday... lol.

    I’ve seen his robotic Club Champion commercial and that has to be one of the worst ever.  At least Rickie is entertaining:


  2. Maybe so.  Rory complains about not getting paid his due.  He doesn’t seem to have an issue with only getting $300m from Nike and Taylormade.  I kinda think the 100th ranked player doesn’t quite have the same endorsements.

    That’s where the real money is made.  Tiger Woods has earned $120m playing golf.  His total earnings are a billion dollars.


  3. 2 hours ago, skydog said:

    The top players on tour- the ones who actually put butts in the seats- are subsidizing the salaries of the ‘average’ tour pro. The 100th player on the money list is not contributing the $1 mill+ in value that he is pocketing. Meanwhile, Rory and Tiger are contributing infinitely more in value than whatever they are making on the course in any given year. 

    This was already brought up.

    But, as a point of reference, there isn’t much difference between the top golfers subsidizing the tour and the big market major sports franchises subsidizing the small market/low revenue teams.

    When the Canadiens are making $100m and the Coyotes are losing $15m, who do you suppose helps the league the most in terms of a getting a better broadcasting contract?

    And to add insult to injury, how many snowbirds are helping low revenue sun belt teams?


  4. I’ll also add that Rory has lost the entire concept of all spots today when he talks about a transition from a competitive tour to entertainment with TV and people coming to watch, to getting back to where it was.

    A lot of work was spent decades ago to bring golf to TV.  You can’t separate the TV aspect from the reward.  Without TV presenting golf as entertainment, Tiger is just on page 7 of the sports section with some still photos.  And the words better than most, better than most, better than most, seem to lose a bit in print.


  5. 59 minutes ago, iacas said:

    You didn't read what I wrote.

    It's not about how much the top guys are paid. It's about how much the top guys are paid relative to the bottom guys. The top guys on the PGA Tour are subsidizing the bottom guys. That the bottom guys make 25% as much as the top guys isn't seen in any other major sport. The top guys in those sports earn 20x what some of the bottom guys make.

    Fair enough.  I’m don’t have a solution.  I.don’t have the stats, but the top players do not seem to be in the top 25 each week.  There is a lot of parity out there these days.  And some of the excitement are watching the young players.

    Some of it sounds like professional tennis.  The men’s side is so boring, especially the majors.  The same top 3 have won 90% of the grand slam tournaments for more than a decade. They may be great but I’m tired of watching, now, mid to late 30 somethings.  The women’s side is so wide open that the majors are really interesting.

    i think it really comes down to growing interest in the sport.  Obviously Tiger drives the bus, but I’m not sure watching the same top players is going to help; especially when their game is off.  The young guns need to take over and develop a following.  And I don’t know if a golf version of World Team Tennis will be any more successful and draw viewers.

    In the end it is all about how many are willing to give up their weekend to watch.  That has always been a stumbling block for the sport.  If you work you play on the weekends and people who don’t play golf rarely watch, outside of Tiger.


  6. 55 minutes ago, iacas said:

    I see his point.

    Compare what the top 5 earn in a year playing golf compared to what the bottom 5 earn (even if you keep it to numbers 121-125).

    Then compare that ratio to the ratio of MLB, NBA, and NFL players.

    The ratio is incredibly small. The top players subsidize the bottom players.

    I understand the comparison, but it really comes down to viewers and TV money.  MLB, NBA and NFL are each getting billions per year to broadcast their games

    You also have team owners that typically are not dependent on a team’s success for their livelihood.

    A case can be made for NHL contracts especially in the 40 point players.  If a player has a breakout year there is no $20m-$30m/year contract waiting.

    It is unfortunate, but while we watch $5m 30 second Super Bowl commercials tomorrow, the winner of the Waste Mgmt will only get about 8 seconds worth.


  7. At the risk of prolonging this, but I can’t resist, a few years from now I can almost hear the commercial.

    ...with all I have achieved in the game, I would be missing something if I wasn’t able to call myself a Premier League champion.


  8. Here is my understanding, hopefully correct and maybe simpler.

    In reality an adjustable hosel doesn’t change the loft of a driver.

    What it really does is open or close the face.  It is still the same loft.  As Adam C noted above, when you turn the driver to face the target, you will with increase the face angle, or loft, (clockwise), or decrease the face angle, or loft, (counter-clockwise).

    Because of how the shaft comes out of the head, this allows you to square the head to change the face angle.


  9. If I can recall correctly, that Deep Red 2 driver is a high launching forgiving driver that is probably aimed at a higher handicap.

    Have you hit the Nike Vapor Fly Pro?

    It launches lower with lower spin.  Probably superior in every way to your  Wilson if you have the swing and speed to take advantage of it.  So if it performs well for you it’s a small investment for a good driver.



  10. If the G2 works, then I’d use it.  I was surprised to see that the G2 head weighs only 193 grams.  Typically around 200 grams is kinda a run of the mill weight.  Of course the older shaft is probably heavier, but it seems to suit your swing.  Straight and long is a desirable result.

    Probably the biggest advancement over the past 10 years or so is the adjustable hosel.  Unfortunately, the marketing would lead you to believe there are enough adjustments to offset a bad swing, which isn’t reality.  The best thing about an adjustable hosel is being able to set the driver up for different playing conditions.

    The other stuff has been thinning out the face and using more carbon fiber on the head to lighten the driver head weight back to your fixed hosel G2... lol.


  11. Unless your Titleist clubs have ladies shafts, I wouldn’t recommend them.  You can probably find the same era in irons pretty cheap in a regular flex graphite.

    Something like a Taylormade R7 or Ping G10.  Heck, you could probably get some Taylormade Rac OS or Callaway X-14’s and be fine.

    You can search Google for Golf Digest hotlist by year that will give you an idea on game improvement irons that you might want to look at.


  12. It could be a lot of things, but as a beginner, I’m thinking you are moving your weight too much to your right side causing your body to sway.  If you are getting your hips outside of your right foot you’ll never make it back to the ball.

    A full length mirror is great to see what is going on.  Note where your head is at address and then where it is at the top of your backswing.  If it has moved back a few inches you’re toast.

    You need to steady your body and just rotate your arms around it.  A half swing, or slightly more, is a good place to start.  Swinging back and forth with a shorter swing may help to get the feel of transitioning the weight from the right to the left to the right, etc. without swaying your body.


  13. These are really basic golf drill/explanation videos.  They are simple to understand.  I know there are those who can dissect the different swing positions, unfortunately I end up like Bob Hope in The Paleface (Draws from the left so lean to the right...).

    When I partially tore a couple of rotator cuff tendons crashing on my bike, I had a limited backsewing so I started turning more to compensate which threw a lot of things off.  I found the Faldo (Leadbetter) drill to get my club set at least close to the right place.  I actually played a round or two pre-setting my wrists a few years ago.  Now I only do this drill to check if I am still setting up okay.

    This video gave me a great explanation of what can cause coming over the top and a couple of drills to eliminate it.  Like everyone else I understood I was coming outside in, but the mechanics of what was causing it seem to elude me.  This one was a real eye opener.

    For the last 6 months I have been struggling with the sequence in my downswing.  Bringing the club inside was great but, it seemed like I could only do it consistently if I really lagged behind my turn.  I was hitting the ball better, but it was also a timing and weight shifting nightmare.  I went back to iacas' Slide Don't Turn thread and started to try to incorporate a hip slide into my swing.  This video struck me as a really simple demonstration.

    With my swing I'm not good with a bunch of words trying to explain this or that, or a complex video with a half a dozen twists and turns.  I need it simple to get that aha moment.


  14. My four would be:

    Bobby Jones:  As arguably the founding father of modern golf in America, he deserves a spot.

    Arnold Palmer:  Beyond being the quintessential ambassador of golf, he was the original "brand" in the sport.  He turned that umbrella in to hundred of millions of dollars.

    Jack Nicklaus:  In his era, no one had the influence that Jack had on the game.  It is hard to say if Jack or Arnie had more influence on the explosion of golf courses built in the 60's and 70's, but I know of a dozen 9 hole munis close to where I grew up that are all gone.

    Tiger Woods:  He is simply the greatest to play the game.  He changed the way it was played and brought millions to the sport.  Today he is "the" brand worldwide.  I would not be surprised if one day he becomes the logo.


  15. 2 hours ago, Vinsk said:

    I fully admit i’m not well versed in biomechanics but I cannot see how a tennis serve is even remotely comparable to a golf swing. The ball is at the complete opposite position of a golf ball. The goal in golf is to get the ball airborne, tennis serve is airborne to ground and nobody serves a tennis ball with two hands. Am I right or is my utter lack of proprioception talking here?

    My only swing thought is to Try and incorporate the slide into my golf swing as it is something I’ve done for decades serving.

    As for similarities it’s academic if I’m swinging up at a tennis ball or down at a golf ball... weight shift, head and shoulder back, going straight up for the ball instead of turning my shoulders.  But I’m not suggesting someone take a tennis serve and just swing down.  That would be stupid.


  16. Tennis serve slide.

    I have really been struggling with the proper downswing sequence and couldn't quite get it put together.  Every now and then I would try to incorporate a slide, but initiating it with the left heel, left knee, right knee, or inside of the right foot, lifting the right heel, or pushing off the right foot just didn't work.

    It then occurred to me that I have been bumping/sliding my hips forward on every tennis serve without giving it a thought.  It also occurred to me that a number of "principles" were "similar" in both, though the movements are obviously not identical.  The weight shifts and not rotating the shoulders come to mind; at least in my mind.

    So far it is a work in progress, and it doesn't feel right at times, but overall my shots are so much cleaner; and with less effort.  Timing is so important and elusive.  I'm not sure if I'll need to change it up a bit as time goes on, but I don't even think of the sequence or turning in the downswing anymore as it just happens.

    Just thought I'd share.


  17. 10 minutes ago, Groucho Valentine said:

    I didn't watch any of it and will just assume that the USA rolled hard and left the internationals as sloppy piles of defeat and shame.  

    Nope.  We squeaked in for the win.  In some ways DJ was the hero the last 2 days considering he is coming off knee surgery.  That said, no Tiger... no Cup.


  18. I fail to understand this earning onto a cup team.  Players earn prize money, wins that allow them to continue to play, rankings get them into the FedEx Cup playoffs.  That is what they "earn".  In some ways this is no different than other team sports.  We have all seen players that rack up points during the season and then just disappear in the playoffs; while others just seem to excel in those pressure situations.  For cup teams there should be no entitlement.  It is all about putting together the best mix of players for the course.

    Royal Melbourne was the perfect course for Tiger.  My goodness did he literally tear that place apart.  While it is impossible, if you could put together a team with Tiger's course management, ball striking, putting, and clutch play, you would jump on it.  If that left off some higher ranked multi-millionaires, so what.


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