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  1. I have a putter like this, was made in Scotland about 1905 by Roycraft....this is well before the Nazi's. The swastika symbol is known by many different names throughout the world and is very old. Is thought to be a variation of the christian cross in ancient Europe. However at this time in Europe it was considered a good luck charm (early aviators in the 1900's would wear a medallion with the symbol...they needed good luck) Thus the golf club was engraved with this for the golfers good luck. It is also and old symbol for some American Indian tribes, especially in the southwest. Weird fact...the 45th American infantry division used this symbol on their patches and flag until the 1930's...when they removed if due to what the Nazi's were using it for.Unfortunately the Nazi's used the symbol and the meaning is now forever changed for most people..(FYI...Adolf Hitler attended a church in his youth that had this symbol used extensively throughout its cathedral...which is common in old churches in Europe).
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