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  1. Update on my new CB Pro h 4 iron. I love it. It's great off the tee and the fairway. I've played 4 rounds with it so far, and confidence is high. Nice ball flight and I can work it a little both ways. I should have bought on of these years ago.
  2. It has a fujikura fuel 70s shaft in it. If it's too hot, I might switch out the shaft with a steel shaft. I have KBS shafts in all my other irons. I hope it works out for me.
  3. I just bought a CB Pro h 4 iron off the the bay today. I'll have to report back after it arrives. I just hope it isn't too hot. My 5 iron ( ping i25 ) goes about 190. I'm hoping this 4 iron goes 205-215. That way I can swap it with my 5 hybrid in different situations. I've heard they are easy to hit and pretty forgiving. I tried the ping crossover today at the golf store, but it was rediculous ! The 4 iron was going in the 230's with one in the 240 yard range on the monitor. Not what I was looking for.
  4. It would just be nice to see one roll out a little as opposed to finding your ball right where it landed and caked with mud. Plus, then I could tell all my friends that I always drive the ball 300 yards. I actually hit the ball farther than 90% of the people I play with. I play twice a week at least, and I get paired with strangers all the time. I also play about 10 tournaments a year. With that said, I believe my average drive would be between 265 and 280. With all the people on these forums and everywhere else who always seem to hit 300 plus all the time, I would have to imagine that a lot o
  5. That must be fun trying to stop the ball on the green. That the good part of rainy Seattle. My 5 iron does the one hop and stop on our greens. And bump and runs are worthless.
  6. Where are you guys playing that you get roll out on your shots?? I have to get out of Seattle!! I crushed a drive today on a par 5 and was curious about distance. So I marked the tee box on my watch and walked up to my ball. It was laying in the fairway, 3 ft from its pitch mark. I guess I should be happy that it wasn't plugged. My watch said it was 271 yards. I'd like to go play in Denver one of these days. I hear the thin air makes for some long drives.
  7. Nobody drinks the "birdie juice"? Where I golf, it's pretty customary to take a little tug off of someone's homebrew after anyone makes a birdie. I was in a tournament this weekend and Saturday, a guy in our 4some had his version of fireball that was whiskey that he filled with "red hots" candy that tasted like fireball. And today, a guy in our 4some had some homemade rootbeer schnapps. I made 3 birdies today. It was delicious! I make wine and usually bring a bottle just in case there happens to be a successful birdie attempt. I don't see a problem with it. We don't make enough birdies to get
  8. What do you guys think of the new rule that we can't post solo rounds for handicap? In Washington, we can't post between November thru March. So starting March 1st this rule is in effect. I've been playing all winter and my game is improving. I'm a 9.2, but as of March 1st, I've played 4 rounds under 80, but could only post one score. I guess this rule is supposed to detour sandbaggers, but there is no way to police this, and cheaters will cheat. By not posting my scores, I feel like a sandbagger because my handicap doesn't reflect how I'm playing right now. http://golfweek.com/news/2015
  9. PING is going to help me be fast and forgiving with the new G Driver and Crossover! 1: Patrick Reed-14 2:JB Holmes-13 3:Justin Rose-12
  10. Hi everyone, I've been to this site a bunch in the last few years and thought it was time to pull the trigger. I've been golfing since I was a kid, but kind of put my game on the sidelines for most of my 30's averaging maybe 5 rounds a year during that time. But with the kids getting a little older and a slight change in occupation, I've been averaging about 2 rounds a week these last couple of years. I got the bug! And it's pretty bad! I recently pulled the I-25's out of the bag and have been using my old titleist tour model blades and I'm having a blast. Now if I can just lose the rain gear.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm new to the site and I was wondering if anyone had info on these irons. There is a set for sale in what looks like great shape, but there is no info what so ever. Even the seller doesn't know much about them. I was looking at a set of mp32's when I saw these.
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