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  1. Last 2 rounds have been (-1) 71 6,900 yards from tips rated at 74.0 38 33 36 35
  2. Made a few minor changes to the swing since spring break and im ball striking like never before. Just can't putt hahaaa. My index since spring break is 0.2
  3. Yeah a head on view would be extremely helpful. But the club head being in front of the hands doesn't always mean a high ball flight. He definitely should try to incorporate shaft lean, this will help compression and the ball will come off the face harder. Investing in a tour striker http://www.tourstriker.com/shop/tourstriker_7new.aspx would be a great training aid, it changed my game a few years back. Also, I am no swing instructor so I may be completely wrong
  4. Played the Texas A&M campus course Saturday, sweet course. Rated at 74 and 7,000 yards. Shot 73, putted good had some of the worst breaks of my life that round, but hey its golf. Iron play was an A, wedge play was a B+ and the driver started out at a C and was an A- by the end of the round.
  5. If my shot is greater than 88 yards I use a glove, anything inside that nope
  6. I putt like crap, and never realized it until my ball striking improved. Granted, I don't practice like I used to but over spring break I was ball striking like never before, I was hitting 15-17 greens a round over the course of the week (played everyday), and never shot under par, shot between 72 and 75 each round. Each round I had at least 3 three putts. Not to make excuses but these south Texas greens can get pretty slick in the heat of the day.
  7. Another good example is Charlie Hoffman, he isnt as long as them but he isn't a short knocker by any means. My buddy who started the game about a year ago has had a swing that would make Daly's look compact. Recently I talked him into shortening it and it helped him in transition, improving his rotation through the ball and timing with his leg drive, increasing his distance and helping his azimuth.
  8. Hey man, I'm 20 now and started the game when I was 15. I buried myself into this game, heart and soul, I had an obsession over the game and still do. Ive spent thousands of hours and the range played so many rounds and analyzed so many swings and have become so studious of the game through personal research and through my old swing coach Joe Caruso (highly recommend if you're in the San Antonio TX area). Last summer I had to quit trying to play at big D1 and even quit tournament play in general. I became so frustrated with the game for the same reason, hours at the range and practice facilite
  9. Yes i've played around with ball position. I found that my spin loft wasn't great with my longer irons i.e. compression. I worked on shallowing out with a delofted face by doing drills and a lot of half swings, ball started to jump and rise later in flight.
  10. definitely willing to listen and I did apply what has been told and the results were great.
  11. I used to mix up the tees I played in a round, some holes I'd hit one up some I'd hit from the tips until I was ready to start playing all the way back.
  12. I agree the players should know the rules. The only problem I have with people calling in is that the leaders get waaaay more time on the air than lets say someone 10 shots back. This makes the leaders more susceptible to getting caught infringing on the rules.
  13. I hit a guys M2 8 iron on the range a few weeks ago, they were graphite. I thought the club felt great but I didn't notice any odd noise, granted I hit it like 4 times
  14. Well I did make a mistake with the dickweed comment and I apologize, but the afterward comments is me being 20 and not accepting defeat. Roll the advice comments. And at this point I know nobody wants to help a dickweed like me, sooo ill just post and be happy.
  15. I'm in love with the Mizuno wedges. They even come in blue if you're into that sorta thing
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