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  1. My device just crapped out on me. Stopped tagging midway through my round Monday. When I got home a cycled it on and off it started beeping at me. Wouldn't stop until I plugged it in, hit the reset button, and power all at the same time. Finally got it powered down and now it won't power back up. Or even charge. Any suggestions for a different device? Might be time to move on.
  2. After a lousy round a couple weeks ago I decided to do a little digging into my Game Golf stats to see if I couldn't improve my score. I went from a 52 on a nice day to a 47 on a windy day at one of the tougher courses in Michigan. I've compiled my notes for my next round on the same 9 I scored a 52 on to see if I can't improve my round. Below are my notes. Let me know what other techniques you are using to analyze a course. Thanks in advance. May you enjoy your next round more than your last. Course notes Hawk Hollow 1-9 1. 365yds - The ideal tee shot is to the left-cente
  3. Thanks everyone for sharing these links and jokes. What a great community.
  4. I'm sort of a buy and hold guy that looks for the max function so resale isn't really a big deal fo me. I don't plan on selling and buying the next greatest club next year, or anytime soon. But I hear you about re-selling. I actually looked at Wishon on Ebay and you can find them pretty cheap. I thought about getting it there, but want it fitted to me.
  5. Update: I went back to the Wishon fitter and decided to try to have 775 3 hybrid made because he gave me the fitting fee towards a club. Boy am I glad I did. It hits beautifully. I'm guessing the one he loaned me to try was just a little too long, hence the missed shots. Either way I'm happy with the hybrid. On average, I'm hitting it about 15 yards further than my old hybrid. I'm thinking about having the Wishon 2 wood made now, particularly because I don't have that club that'll get me on par 5's in 2 strokes. When I did hit the borrowed 929HS Wishon 3 wood, I was hitting it 220, about 20 y
  6. I thought I might revive an old thread. As it's getting colder here in Michigan and my bow is out, I am wondering if anyone here that uses the Optishot has a routine for improvement over the winter. I used it to fairly good results tuning in my irons. My hybrids and woods aren't too accurate, but it's a wonderful way to practice all winter. Does anyone have any routines they suggest or use? I'll post a pic of my mancave/optishot in a future post.
  7. Reporting back after my first league experience. WOW! What a blast. First off, I didn't realize how casual playing with family and friends can be. Our league was golf rules with the exception of the winter rule of rolling the ball. Everyone did it. The other big one was no mulligans. When I play with family, it's almost all mulligans for some. I was okay with no mulligans. I missed a couple weeks for work and it sucked. It took some time to get back in the groove and I didn't get to play as much. The guys are the best part. Seniors, even though I'm only 42, we had a great tim
  8. 52 wedge and swing verticle to verticle with the only thought being turn my belly button toward the hole. Maybe it's a buddha shot?
  9. UPDATE: Before league play I was able to go to the range and hit a 100 balls. They were flying pretty true, but I am one of those range guys. I can hit fades, draws, etc. at the range. I get on the course and find it more difficult. So I'm hitting them pretty good at the range. Even the 5 iron. the 4 not so much. I look down and see one ball left and forgot I have a new gap wedge. It's 50 degrees. Most of the clubs I noticed played about 5 yards further than my current clubs. But the grouping was MUCH tighter. I didn't try any fades or draws because I was short on time. fThe gap was a good hit
  10. When he rang them up they were $100 less than they showed online and on the rack. I'm guessing they are getting rid of stock in preparation for the 900s. They'll probably drop them 1st thing September to what he gave them to me for. I'm a relatively high handicapper too. I just check my Game Golf and saw that I've had a few rounds this year in 90s. Friday was one, but I was playing with a client (add a stroke or two for nerves) and testing those other clubs so add a few strokes just for that. But the 850 Forged felt great.
  11. Went today to Golfsmith and was fitted for the JPX 850 Forged. Just as I suspected I was a regular flex 115 tru-temper. No lie adjustment either. The tape was clean. I figured it would be because I usually set up around the club. The main difference was that the club length was 1/2 inch longer than my current clubs, so I had about a half inch to an inch showing when I gripped. The feel was awesome. I was getting slight more distance with a much closer shot dispersion than my current irons. Miss hits gave good feedback and pure stokes were apparent by that buttery feel everyone talks about
  12. Thanks everyone. I'm leaning towards the JPX 850s. As a frugal guy I also was thinking 850 because the 900 were coming out and I thought I might save with people trying to get rid of their stock of 850s. As for getting fitted. I went to this fitter that sells mostly Wishon. He can sell the others, but sort of leads everyone towards Wishon. His conclusion with the irons was that I was pretty much standard length and loft. He recommended 95 grams if I was replacing the shaft on my old clubs to take the weight down. They're really a heavy clubhead. So 115 might work with the 850s.
  13. Excellent review Scott. Thanks for sharing. I think I need to find a set somewhere locally that I can demo. I'm also finding them a little less expensive on Ebay than originally. I think it's cause the 900 come out next month. The local guy recommended 95 weight shafts. Any thoughts? Does Mizuno offer something less than 115?
  14. A local fitter sells Wishon and suggested these max forgiving cavity back irons. I've heard great things about Wishon here. I also like Mizuno JPX 850 forged. Any thoughts on the two?
  15. PeteK, After a year playing with them, are you still happy with your purchase? I'm actually at the same cross roads. A local fitter sells Wishon and let me borrow a deep cavity back forgiveness 7 iron. It hits beautifully. But it's $100/iron. I hit the Mizuno jpx in spring and loved it too. I can get the jpx 850 forged on eBay with the same weight club shaft for roughly $50 a club. There was no suggested club alterations. Thoughts?
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