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  1. Jerry Matthews Designs

    +WUTiger+ That's some really great information. Thank you. I played a Matthews' course today and was very happy with the play (the course was in phenomenal shape and the price was excellent). Perhaps I haven't played any courses like the one's you're describing. Almost all of the natural design courses I've played have been very playable.
  2. Hi from Metro Detroit

    Hi folks, It's been a longtime since I was active with TST (probably 2+ seasons ago). Can't even remember my old account info! Anyway, I'm glad to be back and glad to start the 2017 season. Cheers to all, Joe
  3. What are your 2017 Golf Goals?

    My goals in 2017: To simply enjoy playing golf. Towards the end of last season, I got really caught up in statistics and trying to establish a decent handicap. My final round last year was miserable thru the front nine. Then i decided to get rid of the score card and I just played. I don't think I've ever played better golf: 4 birdies, 3 pars, 2 bogies. I found that experience to be exactly what I needed. When I birdied the 18th it was pure joy. I had played the course at least 10 times that season, and it was the first time I ever birdied it (and I had to do it with my first ever sand recovery). Not so bad for a guy with a 24 handicap! If there's really one element of the game I want to really improve on this season, it'd be building consistency with my wedges. There were times last season when I couldn't hit anything and get it very close to the hole. And then there were blow ups where I could get a wedge to work to save my life. That's something that really needs to change for me, and it'll result in lower scores.
  4. Jerry Matthews Designs

    Hi Folks, Been a long while since I've posted. I'm just starting my 2017 season (the weather here in Michigan has been hit or miss. Every day I've had the chance to play, we've had thunderstorms. Until today...). I've been thinking about golf course design and last season I really found myself playing a ton of Jerry Matthews courses. Donald Ross has always been my favorite designer, but the more and more I play Matthews courses, the more I feel impressed. So I'm wondering: What's everyone's take on the natural design philosophy? Have people here played Matthews courses? Any advice on other designers with a similar philosophy I might like?