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  1. Sorry, I am a righty.
  2. I broke my 4th and 5th metacarple in my hand about a month ago. I've never played with this type of injury. I am only a few weeks out from playing in a golf outing in SC but my hand may still be sore, even with my brace. Any tips for different grips that may help ? Thanks in advance
  3. best of luck !!! i couldn't imagine getting paid to play, what a dream
  4. 1.CA 2.SC 3.AZ 4.OR 5.NJ I say NJ because this is what I am most familiar with and NJ has loads of beautiful public and private courses. This is my home course http://www.crystalgolfresort.com/Con...ID=183&AID;=441
  5. try putting with your eyes closed in practice. once your confident you won't peek anymore open your eyes.