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  1. why would you not take advantage of any help you can get in this difficult game? Especially if you are playing for fun...make the experience of playing as fun as you can and unless you are an above average ballstriker, why would you not give GI/SGI Irons a look? I am a single digit and I would never play blades...I play Taylormade M2's and love the game immensely....more so since I've upgraded to these irons because I am carding lower scores more consistently this year than I have in years.
  2. Are you sure you're hitting the ball solid on approach shots? How are you not holding greens even with an SGI club? I get back spin on my GI short irons from solid strikes. Never had issues with that. Sure sounds like you could use an updated club/shaft fitting.
  3. I play a GI iron and I'm around 7-8 hcp (mainly because of putting). You don't "need" a players iron but if you did not get fitted for your current set or you haven't for awhile, I would do that way before settling on a specific iron. Make sure the indian is right before blaming the arrow.
  4. Hard to determine with the lack of information given...but if you are a high cap, you likely don't have great ball striking skills, right? You may want to go with GI irons....He11, I'm an 8 and play GI irons. i wouldn't dare hit blades, life is too short. LOL.
  5. This. It has to be your swing...at least that is what I would try to fix first. It would be cheaper than switching irons. If you're a high capper it is likely an inconsistent swing that is creating the problem.
  6. I have a Mack Daddy 2 tour grind 58*. Just got it a few weeks ago. Its the only Callaway in the bag but I really like this club. Very versatile.
  7. I have a set of M2 Irons 4-sw and can confirm, the 4i is long and easy to hit.
  8. Stay with steel. Unless you're a senior player with low swing speed, stay away from graphite in Irons.
  9. I'm the exact opposite. When I find equipment I like I tend to hang onto it. I am a creature of habit and don't like a lot of change. I do know a few guys that also "club-ho". Some are hackers, some are good. I can't justify the constant change and trying to get used to knew clubs all the time.
  10. Agree with this. Forget trying to work the ball until you're single digit...get some forgiving Irons if you want new sticks. I'm an 8 and just bought TM M2's and they are a GI iron. Love em.
  11. This. Put in on the tee or on the green however. Makes no difference.
  12. I could never hit a 3-4 iron off the deck for chit until I bought m2's. Now I have a 4 iron I can hit with confidence and took my 3 hybrid out of the bag because I can hit the 4 iron better and just as far.
  13. Well, I am more of a sweeper (take minimal divot with an iron) and my sticks are offset and I love them. Since I have my new offset clubs I am a MUCH better ball striker. Not sure if that helps or not but going to more offset has helped me a good bit.
  14. You are most certainly in the minority. I know many who have less coverage, pay more and have a higher deductible... And it's only gonna get worse if not repealed.
  15. You're right....except the health care part. ACA is a disaster quit letting the liberal media tell you differently.
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