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  1. I have been wondering this lately myself. The last 3 times out, my driver distance has been absolutely horrid and contact feels decent. I hit one on the screws yesterday and got it out to all of 215. I was able to hit 3W way past it and even 4 iron at least to that distance.
  2. I'm not going to answer your very pointed question, but thanks for trying. Right but facts are facts. Do those facts change because competition closed? You can't have it both ways. If a rule is broken why does it matter when it's pointed out? Because the rule says so? That seems like a cop out. saying that you calling in and having a penalty inflicted on someone isn't you having an effect on the tournament is probably the funniest thing I've read today, so thanks. I don't care if you're a rules official watching from home, you aren't there and have 0 business impacting the event. You called someone else close minded because they wouldn't change their opinion ever, yet you seem to share that. Enjoy your evening.
  3. But if "facts are facts" why should it matter because competition closed? Also who emailed in irrelevant to me. There are competitors and rules officials on site to observe and enforce rules. USGA already showed themselves to be incompetent last year with the DJ ruling, after he had already gotten a ruling. Congrats for calling in, I still don't care. I think you are wrong for doing so. If ALLLLLLLL of the rules officials on site can't make that call then it is what it is, such is life. You have no place having an impact on a major sporting event. And you want to talk about rules, yet there's Phil Mickelson, arguably one of the more popular figures in the game, talking about how guys are cavalier with some of the rules, in particular ball marking. Do we hold that against him because he clearly knows about it, but doesn't hold his playing partners accountable? If you are talking about being a stickler for the rules why isn't there more uproar about that? Then how can we hold everyone to the same standards? You can't. Enforce the rules for everyone equally or don't allow people to call/email. That's part of what I'm arguing. The other part is that there is not an equal distribution of coverage to be able to enforce all violations for all players regardless of stature or standing in an event. Because you don't need more people getting interested and playing the game right? This is the problem with people who keep that mindset. It's what contributes to the notion of the eliteist perception that surrounds the sport. I'd bet there are a bunch of actual golfers who are uneducated about the rules as well.
  4. This isn't limited to women's golf as it has happened on the men's side previously as you posted earlier in the thread. Also, it doesn't matter if they give a shit, this story was everywhere so they heard about it. When are we going to hold the entire field to the same standard? Leader on Saturday gets a lot more time than someone who made the cut and is rounding out their weekend. What if there are other violations not being caught. Do you also care about those? That is nitpicking. They think they know the rules and since they have no actual ability to have the impact they call/email it in. I know those people at home are not actual rules officials, they just think they are. To add, what is the time limit? What if something surfaces after an event has been completed? Do we go back in time and adjust the finish and the scoring? That is a can of worms that no one wants to pry open, but "facts are facts".
  5. Embarrassing to whom? To the player, who breached the rules and didn't honor their obligation to know and follow them? To the entirety of the sport. Obviously you don't see it that way, which is fine, but casual fans and the general public at large see it as such. It is the only sport where armchair rules officials have an impact on an outcome. Want to be a rules official? Show up and be one, otherwise just watch and stop being a troll. And the majority of golfers have trouble understanding them. The rules are overdone and convoluted. That is one of the problems golf has in it's attempt to grow is that you need a phd to understand all the rules.
  6. If playing partners, caddies, rules officials, or even the spectators in attendance can't point out an infraction then to me, it's not so naked eye. Stop with the call ins, it's embarrassing every time it happens. Maybe not to those of you who agree with it, but just about everyone else thinks it's absolutely absurd.
  7. I just pulled it up on my phone and it's fine, no cartoons.
  8. Jordan Spieth's last 3 finishes at Augusta: 2 1 2 how is he not the favorite?
  9. There are a lot of "what ifs" here. Who bears the burden of proof? Acushnet? Hardly seems worth litigating over the market share amount (reference before by Snell, if that's accurate in the least bit). I don't know IP law but I do know there is a reason why patent trolls are getting paid all the time: Its really expensive to litigate patent cases. Didn't this ball originate out of a factory that makes balls for Taylormade? Why is the supplier of this ball not named as well? Both the supplier and Costco are making money off of it. But again, it's all what ifs. I even heard someone else saying that Titleist is mad over a breech of contract by Costco. Super hearsay so I don't believe a word until I see a filing but these are the directions this is going in.
  10. If this did violate Titleist patents, why not file directly in court? Why send a letter to Costco if you know that they have infringed on the patents? Shouldn't the Acushnet suit be directed at Nassau if that is in fact where these balls came from?
  11. I've been getting it for over a year now. I've added some nice pieces in that time as well. Pullovers, base layers pants. Some of the stuff does get branded as SP4 or made for SP4, but it's obviously not their own as they aren't in the business of making clothes, rather they are overruns that get a SP4 logo slapped on them by the maker. Puma shoes would be my guess this month.
  12. If they didn't then you got one over on them, not sure how though. If you don't have a member # in it automatically pops up. Was like $1.50 lol
  13. They even took them off the site for a short while. You could search for them and they would show up, but when you went to click on them, it would say that product isn't there. They probably had to do that because of the backdoor way to order them.
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