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  1. If they didn't then you got one over on them, not sure how though. If you don't have a member # in it automatically pops up. Was like $1.50 lol
  2. Costco charges a 5% surcharge for non members.
  3. They even took them off the site for a short while. You could search for them and they would show up, but when you went to click on them, it would say that product isn't there. They probably had to do that because of the backdoor way to order them.
  4. It was an utter disaster. Even other areas of the site slowed down immensely. I know a few people that encountered your particular situation. It seemed the best way was to circumvent and go through the wishlist. They have now removed them from the site.
  5. It feels like there might be some cancelled orders the way this went down. They seem unprepared for it and I'm not really sure how.
  6. Ah ok, I didn't think it was too bad plus over a holiday weekend, I was quite impressed. Especially since they are coming from Germany. On a side note I also ordered a glove from them and have only tried it on, but holy hell does it feel amazing. Taking it out for a spin tonight. Hopefully it's more durable than the Titleist ones.
  7. How long is forever? I ordered 5 dozen custom balls with an image and text and had them in a week. Ordered June 28 had them July 6.
  8. They are a smaller brand but do make some solid clothing. Currently they dress Jerry Kelly and Will Wilcox out on the pro tour. I don't think it's the beginning of an exclusive brand, perhaps just some cross branding to help both out. In the coming months there should be a similar setup happening with Puma. My guess is 2 months at worst, possibly even next month for the Puma stuff. I do agree with the color selection. I've actually changed my style from Athletic to Loud and Wild for next month, so we will see how that goes.
  9. I'll be honest, I saw you avatar pic and thought you might have a tougher time finding some haha. I think we are a group of bigger fellas but i know there are some more reasonably sized folks in there. Stuff pops up all the time, even if you're looking to buy and not sell it's still a decent option.
  10. Gotcha. There is tons of stuff on there. If you make an ISO post that you're looking for pants with shorts to trade, i'm sure you could have something taken care of in a a few hours tops. I've sold a few things on there and the last one I sold (white and camo adidas shirt) went in about 15 minutes.