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  1. Ah ok, I didn't think it was too bad plus over a holiday weekend, I was quite impressed. Especially since they are coming from Germany. On a side note I also ordered a glove from them and have only tried it on, but holy hell does it feel amazing. Taking it out for a spin tonight. Hopefully it's more durable than the Titleist ones.
  2. How long is forever? I ordered 5 dozen custom balls with an image and text and had them in a week. Ordered June 28 had them July 6.
  3. The issue I see with the Loud and Wild is that not all of the stuff seems to be too much of either. This month seemed to be a little louder with Red,Green, Blue/Teal shorts, but overall it's not deafening with it's loudness.
  4. They are a smaller brand but do make some solid clothing. Currently they dress Jerry Kelly and Will Wilcox out on the pro tour. I don't think it's the beginning of an exclusive brand, perhaps just some cross branding to help both out. In the coming months there should be a similar setup happening with Puma. My guess is 2 months at worst, possibly even next month for the Puma stuff. I do agree with the color selection. I've actually changed my style from Athletic to Loud and Wild for next month, so we will see how that goes.
  5. I'll be honest, I saw you avatar pic and thought you might have a tougher time finding some haha. I think we are a group of bigger fellas but i know there are some more reasonably sized folks in there. Stuff pops up all the time, even if you're looking to buy and not sell it's still a decent option.
  6. Gotcha. There is tons of stuff on there. If you make an ISO post that you're looking for pants with shorts to trade, i'm sure you could have something taken care of in a a few hours tops. I've sold a few things on there and the last one I sold (white and camo adidas shirt) went in about 15 minutes.
  7. I know it's not the same as the customer service making it right, but this is a pretty solid alternative to either sell or trade for what you are looking for.
  8. We have a facebook group if you're interested in trading/selling them.
  9. And yet if I did it in front of cameras during the Republican primary, I'd be the presumptive nominee.
  10. Please elaborate on my ignorance.
  11. It speaks to the stereotype of Trump supporters. It's what I think of when I hear people blaring the Trump horn. If you support a racist/bigot and you believe in his policies and views, does that also make you a racist/bigot for supporting him?
  12. It looks like it is clearly meant to favor the better player over time. If i stay at a 23 and play pretty accurately to it, long run I will lose to a low handicapper based on the system. And I think it's fair. This game is tough, I see no fault with rewarding better players who have put in the time and effort to hone their skills, just makes me want it more.
  13. I'm a higher handicap and on certain holes I know I play well, I know I have the advantage. I'm also aware that long run I expect the better player to beat me. Most of the lower guys we (league partner and I) wind up playing, we wind up usually only separated by 1, 2 strokes max at the end of 9.
  14. Handicaps are what they are for a reason. A guy who's a 24 isn't scoring as well as a 6, barring a career day. Even in this group example 1 pop a hole isn't that bad. I'm a 23 and there's a damn good reason for it. Sure I may be able to strike on a hole here and there, but overall I'm not good/consistent enough. In my Wednesday night league that has a skins game it's pretty evenly distributed when someone does win.
  15. His bigotry isn't going anywhere, nor is his ability to spew nonsense that people just eat up regardless of how untrue it is.