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  1. I like this! How hard is it to look for a number?! Jesus! How spoiled have we become?
  2. I don't know if "loss aversion" would explain a lot of my early golf once I could play pretty well. I'd be on the green with a legit birdie putt, and developed the irritating habit of reading the line beautifully and putting the ball 6" to 12" short of the hole! Tap in pars hole after hole! I think what I had was "success aversion"!
  3. I'm thinking that so much time on the range has led to a consistency of strike for you that is translating into extra distance. Plus, most range balls are crap, unless they are new! Many years ago we had a buddy who got serious about golf. He lived in an old house that had enough ceiling room in the basement that he could swing clubs. He put down a mat and hung a war surplus parachute to catch the balls. When he played the following season, he was a force to be reckoned with! He simply didn't mishit any shots! Every club he swung was hit dead in the center! That's why I miss our golf dome so much. It's like I'm trying to relearn the game!
  4. You read my mind! i'm not good enough to get bored on a golf course! That's a good point. I remember reading an article about how Arnie would stay at the green after holing out, or mark his tap in and let everyone else finish before holing out, in order to keep the "thundering herd" at bay. And considering that Bethpage is in metro NYC, the fans are of another dimensions altogether! I've never heard so many people so in love with the sound of their own voice!
  5. Got out again on Thursday and Saturday. I love the course we played on Thursday, but oh the mess! Big mud holes and ruts from the mowers marking up the course! Balls plugging everywhere! Saturday the front 9 was 90 degree rule, the back 9 was cart path only. The starter told us they had finally been able to cut the entire course just 2 days earlier. Even on the front there were weird spots. I and a friend were scrambling against 2 other friends. On one hole I skulled a wedge out of the soggy rough over the green. I walked back there to get my ball and saw it lying in the rough. The turf looked fine, all grass and no mud, but when I got near the ball the whole deal started wobbling like I was walking on a water bed! I almost went on my face!
  6. Nah! We'd usually just blade one really bad on the course and then subject it to torture! Jeez, those things would get so out of round it was ridiculous. We were of limited resources, so occasionally we were forced to play chopped up balls. I hit some off the tee that looked "oblong" as they whirred out there!
  7. Wow! You are close to your Golden Anniversary! About to get your pics in the paper!
  8. I think that may be the case. I remember from my childhood that when you smiled one you could see the windings! And Piz, way back in the day, covers were so soft that if you had a strong set of choppers you could peel the cover off a golf ball with your teeth! My Uncle did that for us several times. Then, take one little cut on the windings and just watch that ball jump and dance as the winding unwound! We'd get down to the core and cut it in half. Sometimes we'd find liquid in there, other times a small, metal sphere.
  9. Oh! All the "Sturm und Drang"! You guys act like you're playing for millions on Tour! What are you trying to win? A quarter skin? Your club flight? I grew up getting my yardages the old fashioned way, but I have nothing against new technology. I'm on a computer and on this forum after all! As long as this technology works to do what I want it to, I'm fine with that. I don't need to be an IT pro to appreciate it. As far as golf goes, I'd pace off my yardage and if it was uphill, I'd consider taking more club. If it was downhill, I'd consider taking less. Same with the wind. More important was how the shot "looked" to my eyes! It was kind of a subliminal process, but it worked remarkably well.
  10. And the worst thing is that you're out there slogging away in the rain! Can't those go in or on your golf bag? And yeah, I'm not a big fan of playing in the slop! I think we might need to rename this thread the "Spring Depression Thread"! I mean that January and February around here are pretty much no go's all the way around! I'm fine with that, but dammit it's supposed to be Spring! It's mid May and it will be around 40 tonight with more rain. We won't see 60 for 2 more days, and then not much above that! And this weather is starting to screw with the local courses. They are losing play! We actually got out to play last Thursday. They had only opened the back 9 two days before, and had a handout at the register telling you where NOT to go on the back! Rain was in the forecast, but held off most of the day until we got caught in a squall on 15. We got soaked! When my buddy and I decided to bag it, the rain quit about halfway back to the clubhouse! So, we dried off as best we could and went back out and finished. The rain came in that night, but Friday dawned clear and sunny. I waited until late in the day to let the grass dry out, and mowed. Worked my ass off since the yard was beginning to resemble a hayfield! My buddy told me when we were playing, that he is cutting his grass every other day! This is nuts! There's nothing grass likes more than lots of water and cool temps! More rain Friday night and cloudy and cool Saturday. Then more rain Saturday night and cloudy and cool Sunday! This is unrelenting, and I'm damn tired of it!
  11. The OP said the course was in fine shape, so it wasn't a cow patch! As with everything else, it's whatever the market will bear. The OP said they could have played a truly championship layout for the money they paid for this place. So, why didn't they? There's probably a good market for that course, because there are a whole lot of guys who don't play to a 2.6 HI and don't feel like getting their brains beaten out on a "championship" layout!
  12. Neat products. I usually use the Heatmax or Mycoal Grabbers! Way back in the day I bought one, forget the brand, that you'd load up with Zippo lighter fluid for late Winter deer hunting. The thing stunk to high Heaven! I threw it away.
  13. The single driving range that's open around here hasn't bought any new practice balls since they opened 6 years ago! Went out there last week and had balls in my bucket that were damn near smooth, and felt like they were made of solid wood! It's attached to a golf course, So I went to the desk and complained. I told the guy that I wouldn't ask for my money back, but I would not return until I saw new balls coming out of that machine!
  14. I do! Parking too large a percentage of drives in the woods to the right will do that! Let's face it, we all knew where Spieth would lose his tee shot! Remember the Open Championship with Kooch?! He put that ball so far right, he actually had a chance to recover from it. Kind of like Tiger at 11 at the Masters this year! Spieth's recovery, and charge to win were incredible! I hope he gets his game back, because as goofy as it is, it made tournaments interesting! You never knew what the dude might do!
  15. Seriously? Of everything I said in that post, that's what you got hung up on?! And iacas didn't say that! He only said that jack had "down" years too! Jesus! If that's how nit-picky this thread has become f*** everybody! I'm out!
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