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  1. I really don't care when fees go up in Washington state! I'm not IN Washington state. I'm in NE Ohio. I only care about when they go up here, and this is way early! March, generally most of April, and the first half of May can be considered "mud ball" time! And the extra charge for a solo cart? Sorry! This strikes me as profiteering!
  2. OK I see another of my posts was removed by the "PC Police". I'm thinking I may have to go whole hog, just to keep them busy and on their toes.
  3. All that means is that you are like most people! Even golf pros. Rarely does anyone have it all going at any one time!
  4. I don't! You can lose a ball in the middle of a fairway at this time of year. Heck, it was March when they sent this e-mail! Most courses don't charge regular season rates until Memorial Day! I can't stand profiteers. Well, there you have some stupid politicians who have probably never run a business in their lives. Golf course employees are pretty "essential" to the golf course now aren't they? What are they supposed to do? Grow a hay field out there? Yeah, we've had that for 2 weeks. We can still go out for groceries or carry out food, etc. Also, some golf courses are open, with precautions.
  5. We still have some golf, including at the course where I'm supposed to play in league this year. I have no idea if that's going to happen. I'll tell you one course where it WON'T happen! Well, I honestly don't know if I should display their name. It's a local course that we really like, a Brian Huntley design. He's out of Canton, OH and has done a few courses in this area. The front nine is mostly like playing through a housing development, but there are a few holes where you can get away from that. The back nine is like playing through a nature preserve! It's gorgeous! And tough! They sent an e-mail saying they were open and outlining their COVID-19 precautions. First of all, they were charging "in season" rates in March, in NE Ohio, where it's mudball, plugball! Then to have a cart by yourself would only cost you 10 bucks more! Per nine! Are you serious?! We scratched that one off our list. We wont' go back until they come to their senses, which they may never do. The course is extremely popular, and put a locally owned course that was quite nice, out of business shortly after it opened. So, I figure that they rule the roost down there.
  6. We have some golf around here. Received a couple of confusing e-mails from a local course recently. They had announced opening, then a few days ago announced that they had been close by the country board of health. They said all 113 county board had voted to do this. Ohio has 88 counties. So I really don't know what they were referring to. Then today, I get another e-mail saying they are re-opening. They pled their case, outlining the steps they were taking to engage in contact free business, and the board said OK. Online booking and pay. Just show up, take the first cart in line and go. Go play, and when done unload your clubs and leave the cart at the wash station and walk away.
  7. Wow! Just realized how long it's been since I've visited. I completely disagree. Atheism is a belief, thus, it is a religion. While others believe in a "God, Creator, Prime Mover, Universal Intelligence, Great Spirit, or whatever, they have their belief. Atheists "believe" otherwise.
  8. bk, I like your ideas a whole lot more than snapfade's!
  9. Wish you could have posted a link so I could have heard his comments. As far as criticizing instructors goes, just check out the "Playing from a position", a la Jim Venetos thread on this very page! The guy is full of crap, and should be called out!
  10. Anyway, I want to agree with David in FL. Quite a few years ago I won a contest at work to play a round of golf on the Monterey Peninsula during our annual trip to California for the Monterey Wine Festival. My boss thought he could call Pebble a month in advance and get a tee time! Once he was disabused of that notion, we wound up playing Spyglass Hill. The Monterey Wine Festival was held in February, so it had been a while since I'd swung a club. I shot a 92 and was overjoyed!
  11. I've accepted the discipline. A buddy called me the other day whose wife is a nurse at a local hospital. She said this stuff is freaky. Saw the chest x-rays of a patient who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, and been stricken with pneumonia. She said his lungs looked like they were filled with shards of broken glass! The only place I've been in the last 3 days is to the corner gas station to buy a paper. I wash my hands before I go, and use hand sanitizer as soon as I get home. And since I like to sip a little bourbon of an evening, and alcohol kills viruses, I'm looking on it as a prophylactic measure.
  12. I have to agree. I couldn't play there. I'm 67 with two bad knees. You can avoid getting out of shape, you can't avoid getting old!
  13. A dozen balls and a visor. For some reason visors seem to have become hard to find, so when I saw one I grabbed it.
  14. How DARE you post such a misleading picture?! Well, it does seem like the eagle on the left is beginning to show some white in its tail feathers. We have bald eagles coming back like crazy around here as well. I had no idea that the white feathers on the head filled in before those on the tail. And, as someone else mentioned, they are incredibly huge birds.Years ago, there was a road killed deer carcass laying in a cut over corn field across the road from my buddy's house. I was there while he was gone to do something, and stepped out on the front porch to pee. We enjoy peeing outside. While out there, I noticed a lot of crows carrying on across the road near a big oak tree near the corn field. I eased out there, and noticed this big, dark mass up in that oak. My buddy had told me about the eagle coming around, and to be careful. Because, if it saw you out moving around, even if you were 500 yards away, it was gone! So, I snuck back inside to grab his binoculars, and crept back outside to hide behind my vehicle to get a look at this bird in the tree, Turned out to be a fully mature bald eagle! It just sat there, stoic, while the crows carried on, just waiting for them to go away. Once they did, it soared on down to the deer carcass. I couldn't see the actual carcass, but I could see most of the eagle. It worked hard! Just hammering away at that deer.
  15. Yes, but for what reason? Because of failure! Because he came off looking like an idiot! I thought about Norman at the '96 Masters, but I read several articles afterward that had interviewed Norman. He said he felt his timing go on Saturday. He was able to keep it together enough to scrape it around in even par, but Faldo was coming on. Norman said that when he warmed up on Sunday, his timing was completely gone, and he had no idea where the ball was going! Really? Seriously? Was he trying to hit shots into the stands or into the burn? I watched the telecast and saw Van de Velde and his caddie arguing on the tee about pulling the Driver. His caddie should have punched him a couple of times in the head to bring him to his senses. Bad luck is one thing, but it's usually brought about by bad decision making!
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