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  1. Buckeyebowman

    Discover Your "Natural" Golf Swing

    I see all kinds of guys swinging their natural swing on courses around here, and they usually suck! Occasionally you'll find the guy with the goofy grip and the weird swing who can still hit the ball where he wants. This is a guy you don't want to bet with! He's figured out how to make his swing work despite his faults. I think the idea of a "natural" golf swing comes down to every person having some physical gifts, and building on what they have. Look at the pros, every one of them swings the club differently. You can go from Keegan Bradley, who is so bent over I can't imagine how he can hit the ball, to Bryson DeChambeau! Yet, they've all figured out how to make it work for them.
  2. Buckeyebowman

    Learning through feel, or mechanics?

    I think that ball flight is a key ingredient. And you can't get good ball flight without solid contact, I've never had a formal lesson in my life, and other than tips from a golfing Uncle (who was damn good), or from golf buddies, my lessons came from Golf Digest way back in the day when it was actually worth reading! But anyone who picked up golf in the haphazard way that I did, chipping balls around the back yard with a hickory shafted niblick, it's all about ball flight and feel. You start hacking balls around at the local park, and suddenly you hit one pure and it flies far and straight! Wow! You want to do that again, so you try to remember what the swing felt like that produced the result. For me it was all trial and error. A lot of error. But eventually, I got pretty good. For those who are lucky enough to benefit from formal instruction when learning the game, they are lucky if they have a teacher who can get them to understand how good mechanics "feel". Of course, a lot of that is also up to the student. I've seen guys resist their teacher even after hitting a good shot because it didn't "feel" right to them. I wonder why they're taking lessons! Keep that kind of stuff up, and you're right back where you started!
  3. Buckeyebowman

    Is there anyway to get ball out of hole without bending over?

    I was going to say the same thing about the suction cup thingee. But, it depends on if the OP has one of those "giganto" grips on his putter! It might not fit.
  4. Buckeyebowman

    The $5 Bucket

    I see you're from New York where everything is more expensive. You're stuck between a rock and a hard place. Either you spend the gas money to get to the $5 bucket, or you go to the close place and pay $10. I think the close range knows they have the local market by the short hairs, so there's no reason to offer anything cheaper. I'm lucky. There's a self-serve range nearby. You put your bucket under the spout, select your size, and swipe your debit or credit card. A small bucket, 50-55 balls, is $5! And I've left balls behind as well.
  5. Buckeyebowman

    Right fore arm sore

    I'll say this. The last time I shot hoops w/my buddy, after not doing so for years, my right forearm got very sore! The upper part of the forearm just below the elbow. I figured it was from the wrist flex done while letting the shot go, It went away after a while. If this keeps up, see a doctor. If it persists after that, see a golf instructor.
  6. I think you have a point. If you look at the pics in the OP, in none of them does the golfer's left hip get outside of the left foot! Then go look at a bunch of amateurs. You'll see reverse pivots, or guys swaying all over the place who have never heard of "turn in a barrel". I think this is just a method of speaking about certain things, and trying to convey information in a concise manner.
  7. Buckeyebowman

    Range Time, Practice or Wait?

    No problem! You nailed "varietals". Lest I be damned for going too far OT, what are your favorites? And I wish you luck with your swing.
  8. Moose, I can understand why you feel you might be wandering in the wilderness about now! But think about this. Why did it take Tiger Woods nearly two years to "internalize" everything every time he made a swing change? True, he's a pro, and you and I, are not, so his expectations are way past ours! Still, making a swing change is no small thing! And your mindset on the practice tee is entirely different than on the course. At practice you're trying to learn. On the course you're trying to score! Two entirely different objectives. Ever hear golf commentators remark about a player in the doldrums, "He looks like he's playing 'golf swing' instead of golf "? So, as I started reading your OP I wasn't surprised at the outcome. I'll say this. If you liked what your last instructor did for you, keep going. He kind of sounds like a Haney acolyte with the "knuckles down" thing, but if you were flipping it may help. Or you may have been "hanging on" to the club. Either way gives weak shots to the right. Hang in there!
  9. Buckeyebowman

    Range Time, Practice or Wait?

    Not to pick a nit, errrrr, what the hell, I'll do it. The word is "palate" not "pallet". I sold fine wine for 30 years and a pallet is something that cases of wine sit on while being shipped. OK, back on track. I'm not a big fan of the range either, which is kind of weird since I was bona fide range rat back in the day when I was really learning how to play. I guess I had more patience back then. These days I'd rather just go play, although I'll hit the range when a specific problem pops up that I need to work on. However, I've noticed that I've needed to "learn" how to hit every Driver I've ever bought. No substitute for range time there. That being said, I've never been fit for a club.
  10. Buckeyebowman

    2018 BMW Championship - FedExCup Playoffs

    Kind of nice to know that even the pros shank it once in a while. I found today's telecast kind of boring. The course is soaked and toothless! Plus, add in lift, clean, and place or, as Gary McCord calls it, "lift, clean, and cheat", and greens like dart boards it was kind of a big yawn. Still, expected Tiger to do better given the conditions. And hey, the putter worked great of Thursday. What's been wrong the last two days?
  11. Buckeyebowman

    Can't Seem To Get Better...

    My buddy and I both moved up to the gold tees last Summer. 5600-5800 is where we live now. Anything 6000 or over becomes a slugfest. I had a heck of a time convincing my buddy to make the move. He thought he was still hitting his Driver 260-270 when he was NOT! You know what kind of drama can ensue when you try breaking that kind of news. We were playing a round at a course that has the really sophisticated on-cart GPS. Still playing the whites, he hit his usual drive right down the middle. I asked him how far he thought that drive went, and said about 260-270! I told him to look at the little white box at the bottom of the screen when we reached his ball. There's a box for each tee on the hole. They tell you how far from the tee you hit your drive. When we reached his ball the white box read 232! Next hole 229. A really good drive went 241! I think that's what finally convinced him.
  12. Buckeyebowman

    Fix a slice with stronger grip?

    These two posts remind me of the first couple of essays in Harvey Penick's Little Red Book. They are entitled Golf Medicine and What's the Problem? They are both short, so I will quote them here. GOLF MEDICINE: When I ask you to take an aspirin, please don't take the whole bottle. In the golf swing a tiny change can make a huge difference. The natural inclination is to overdo the tiny change that has brought success. So you exaggerate in an effort to improve even more, and soon you are lost and confused again. Lessons are not to take the place of practice, but to make practice worthwhile. WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?: When teaching or learning what is wrong with a swing, first decide if the thing to work on is the swing itself or the angle of the clubface at impact. Yes, strengthening the grip a bit can help cure a fade, but a full tilt slice? I wonder. Let's face it, a lot of amateurs have no idea how to put their hands on a club! I've seen the right hand under the club grip many times! The most impactful was at a golf shop with a hitting bay, where a bunch of guys were trying to straighten out their friend for the NEXT DAY'S league championship! These guys knew what was wrong with their friend's grip, but had no idea how long it would take to make the change. They'd set the guy up with a teed up ball and a Driver, and tell him to hit it. On a couple of swings he froze until he started to quiver! Then, his right hand would jump under the club, he'd snatch the it back, and try to hit the ball. An exercise in futility. But here's one that worked. At least for a while. Years ago, during Tiger's ascendancy, I was paired with a couple of black guys at a local course. One guy had a "meh" swing, but the other guy had a really nice swing and could hit the ball a long way. I suspect that he had some lessons. The only thing was, he didn't really "slice" anything, but it would just sort of "bleed" out to the right. I couldn't see anything wrong with his stance or alignment. We were on the 10th tee with his buddy still in the clubhouse, so we decided to hit. He hit another bleeder, and really started complaining about it. I asked him to tee up another ball and set up. Then I asked him to take his right hand off the grip. His left thumb was right on top of the shaft, so I told him to turn his left hand just a smidge clockwise. No more than an eighth of an inch. He re-hit that drive right down the middle, as he did every drive on the back nine. He never missed a fairway! All I'm saying is have someone who knows more than you look at your grip, and swing, and do not make radical changes unless absolutely necessary.
  13. Buckeyebowman

    2018 BMW Championship - FedExCup Playoffs

    One of the hardest things in golf is to follow up a great round with even a really good one! I think it's not just because everything is different every day, but that an incredible round raises expectations in your own mind, and you can begin to press.
  14. Buckeyebowman

    Your Golf Game - The Uplifting Topic

    Had a few uplifting moments yesterday, the most basic being that we were able to get a round in at all! A cold front and nasty thunderstorms rolled through in the morning, and I got a text saying golf was canceled. The rain moved through rather quickly and I had just got in the car to run some errands, noticing large patches of blue sky heading our way. Before I got out of the driveway my cell rang. When I saw my buddy's name I started to laugh, knowing what was coming! I answered and he said, "Ready to golf?!" On the 9th hole, a dogleg left par 4 with a tee shot over a large pond. I striped a drive about 240 (that's striping a drive for me these days), with a baby hook to about 85 yards from the green. I then hit a wedge to about 10 feet. I missed the putt, but my buddy made it. We were playing a 2 man scramble. Then, on the 10th, a straightaway par 5, I hit another drive dead down the center line of the fairway, a 3 wood that cleared the creek, leaving us a short, uphill pitch to the hole no more than 30-40 feet away. I hit a pitch to about 8 feet and my buddy sunk his pitch shot for eagle! It went that way quite a few times. I'd set it up and he'd take the punch line. The season is getting short here, and we have a tee time booked for next Thursday, but with the weather heading our way, I don't know if it's in the cards.
  15. Buckeyebowman

    2018 Dell Technologies - FedExCup Playoffs

    Oh, I forgot to mention, I'm really anxious to get a look at Aroniminck! I've been aware of it since I really started learning about golf, but only as one of those legendary, old, eastern country clubs. As far as I know, I never seen so much as a pic of it!

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