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  1. That's the thing! The guy's second choice, behind lobster with drawn butter is a burger?! What kind of a troglodyte is he?! Oh gee, caddies ONLY make $3500 to $5000 a tourney for salary? Hell! I'd be a sack dragger for that! That's why I said it was a bonehead play! I have no idea what Rahm was thinking. I also love video clips where the "background" music drowns out the commentary! Couldn't hear anything the guy said. I don't blame you DeadMan. it's whoever produced the video. I was watching the telecast, and witnessed the entire conversation. Rahm said he didn't feel comfortable hitting to a layup area that was right there! Yet, he seemed to be comfortable trying an impossible shot! This led to THE MOST COLOSSAL, GIGANTIC, UNSCIENTIFIC, INORGANIC, LESS THAN ADEQUATE, ILLOGICAL, CONTRARY TO EVIDENCE, TOTALLY HOSED UP THINKING IN THE HISTORY OF PROFESSIONAL GOLF!!!!
  2. That's real nice, but I'm a long way from Tiger Woods! I'm just trying to get the ball somewhere on the damned green! if i'm putting, it's a big success.
  3. I would say that yes, this is very common in students. You have a swing fault, which is corrected through lessons and drills, and the student begins to overdo the correction. This is just another aspect of the "if a little medicine is good, then more must be better" kind of thinking. Take the proper amount of medicine. It's like Harvey Penick said. "When I ask you to take an aspirin, don't take the whole bottle!"
  4. I'm 66 years old, and back when I was in my late teens, I learned the game by reading instructional articles in Golf Digest, with some occasional instruction from an Uncle who was a country club pro and played the occasional Tour event before WWII. I had the advantages of living at home, having a good job that paid me decent money, easy access to a practice range which I frequented 5-6 days a week, sometimes twice a day, and inexpensive public golf courses to play! You have greater challenges than I did, but I have no doubt that if you really want this you'll find a way to get it done! I wish you good luck.
  5. As soon as I heard that I thought, "There's your jinx!" Fleetwood just hit a bad shot there, Rahm's was a bonehead play! And let's not forget some of the breaks Rahm got like when he drilled that guy in the chest! Kind of a tough day for the gallery. I was kinda, sorta pulling for Furyk, he put together one heck of a round of golf. I like Feherty's description of his golf swing. Kind of OT, but it was on the telecast. Did anyone besides me think the "How fresh is your lobster?" one of the dumbest commercials ever? The damned things alive! How much fresher could it be?!
  6. I think a lot of guys, if they park it in the water on a par 3, just automatically head for the drop zone!
  7. Bingo! It did not interfere with his stance or his swing, Thus, no relief. I've played plenty of shots like that.
  8. I'm sorry, but anyone going by the handle Woken Peta, absolutely CANNOT be taken seriously!
  9. Oosty was your favorite?! You are indeed a strange, strange man!
  10. Wouldn't be the first time I've shies away from a place due to a change in ownership! Sometimes you just need to tell some people to go to Hell!
  11. I don't know what time zone you live in, but for me it was on from 2 to 7PM which is 5 hours. This was the NBC broadcast network. They are scheduled to be on from 1 to 6PM Sunday. At least the leaders were finished in the allotted time with the post cut field! And yes, I don't understand the pairings any more than anyone else! Come to think of it, not being in the last pairing might do Rory some good!
  12. I sincerely hope the OP didn't attain a career in the criminal justice system. He sounds like the kind of guy who would sentence you to life in front of a firing squad for jaywalking! Jesus dude! You miss the cut, you get zero points! And that's not good enough for you?! You want to kick guys in the balls even more? If I ever met you, I don't think I'd like you!
  13. Yep. Way back in the day my Brother and I were playing when he hit a solid core ball (they were just coming out) that had Lee Trevino's name on it. I forget the manufacturer. The damned thing split in half! Lots of quality control problems back then. Even further back I took a golf ball apart. It was wound ball. I cut the cover off of it, and unwound it. It will do that by itself if if you just enable it. Amazing how "energetic" those windings were. That ball would just dance! In the center I found what appeared to be a solid rubber core, but it had some give to it. So, I cut it in half. There were outer and inner chambers, both filled with some thick, viscous liquid! Don't know what it was, but it felt like mineral oil. Meh, not so much. Besides Dustin Johnson hit Nicklaus' old driver a long way using newer balls. The new club designs seem more to help amateurs hit the ball better. Guys like Palmer, Nicklaus, and other old pros have bitched about the ball!
  14. Another buddy bought one of those "miracle" lob and sand wedges. He couldn't hit it further than about 15-20 yards if he jumped out of his shoes! As it turns out he played in a golf outing that Summer that featured a skills challenge. One of the challenges was pitching out of deep depression to an elevated green, with the pin about 15 yards away. So, he jumped out of his shoes, won the challenge, and a flat screen TV! One of the first available! So there are times when they may be worth something.
  15. I bought a "Crane" moisture wicking T-shirt at the local Aldi's last year for about 7 bucks, and I love it! They don't have golf stuff here, yet! Same here, but I've noticed that people who take some care to dress well usually act the same way.
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