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  1. Very true! All you need to do is narrow the fairways, grow the rough, make the greens as slick as ice, make the course unplayable for a mid HI golfer, and there you have it!
  2. Those people are seriously crazy! Thank God they didn't go for hole #2! Hope they win the Guinness!
  3. Well, that's one thing that bugged me about today's telecast of the Genesis today. They've got poor old dry as dust DL3 following Tiger and Spieth and whoever else around, who are so far out of it they have no chance! Why?! Is it because Tiger is the "host"? Is this contractual? Is CBS forced to show this even though Tiger is hacking it up, and so is Spieth? And whoever else was playing with them? Ridiculous! Show me the leaders, and those charging up the leader board! Saturday is moving day, and the only move Tiger made was down! As long as the competition is good, I'll watch the LPGA Tour, and yes, I will root for American golfers. Just because one of ours isn't in the lead doesn't mean I won't tune in!
  4. Exactly! Take your 5 best and your 5 worst, and do the math from there. There's your average!
  5. I thought Tiger might do something here the way he started out, but he's sitting at even par after two rounds. For whatever reason he's never done well at Riviera.
  6. Neat idea! I'm going to be in a league this year that my buddy signed me up for without my knowledge, so I'll get plenty of play on that course. I guess that will be my new "home course". I live in NE Ohio, and it's in the single digits as I type this, so there's plenty of time to sign up.
  7. It wasn't a book. It was an article in Golf Digest.
  8. I'm not up on all the numbers, the analysis having gotten so deep these days. Let's just say that I was never one who benefited from the old advice, "low and slow on the backswing". What am I doing here? Hitting a golf ball or making BBQ?! Then I really started watching the Tour pros closely. They didn't seem to waste a lot of time getting the club back to the top, but they didn't get out of rhythm either. Very smooth all the way around. I contrasted that with a lot of guys I'd see on the course who took the club back at a snail's pace, and would then jump out of their shoes on the downswing! I figured I could benefit by picking up the pace a bit on my backswing.
  9. You make it sound like you've played at one of Trump's golf resorts! Otherwise what example would you have to compare it to, to pronounce it as "artificial". Seems like a jaundiced view. This is much what I said in an earlier post. Unless you're willing to quiz every golf course owner on their political opinions, don't play there! From what I've read and heard the Trump organization did great jobs on both Doral and Turnberry!
  10. It wouldn't surprise me to find that the owners had grown old and wished to retire. Or, were younger, and wished to move on to new things. It doesn't really matter. Land is valuable. I've experienced this with any number of businesses that I was fond of. There was a former outdoor store, that I bought from all the time in that same boat, and couldn't find anyone to keep it going. They sold out to folks who turned it into a carpet store! The carpet store is still there to this day, at least 30 years later. Eventually, they will go the way of the outdoor store!
  11. So sorry! The only other response I could think of was, "Who the hell is Tommy Gainey?!" I love golf, but I'm not that golf addicted that I'll watch The Big Break. Don't even get The Golf Channel!
  12. I found an old Callaway ERC Driver at the local Goodwill store for 2 bucks! I bought it for a friend who claimed to not like the look of the "canteloupe on a broomstick" Driver, and wanted something with a smaller head. He subsequently liberated one of his Dad's old Drivers from the refugee camp of the closet, and loves it! 450-460cc clubhead, long graphite shaft! And he hits the dog snot out of it! So much for thinking that you know what you need!
  13. Oh crap! I know that has to be heading my way! We're under a Winter Storm Warning until 10AM tomorrow. It's snowing to beat Hell right now, and is supposed to change to "wintry mix" during the night! I ran all my errands today so I don't have to set foot out of the house tomorrow if I don't want to!
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