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  1. BINGO! Yes Lochte and his buds did some stupid stuff. They got drunk, they peed in the bushes (or on the wall), and Lochte ripped an advertising sign off the wall! And this makes them ripe for an armed robbery? Good God almighty! The PC gift for rationalization on this forum astounds me! Weapons were brandished and money was demanded. That sure sounds like armed robbery to me! Yeah, the money went to the store owner! Please! The "security guards" were off duty Brazilian prison guards moonlighting for some extra money. Well, they sure made some extra money that night! BTW, what kind of gas station needs security guards? None where I live. Plus, the Brazilian authorities extorted nearly another 11 grand out of the last guy to return his passport to him and allow him to leave the country. This money is supposed to go to a Brazilian "charity". How much you wanna bet that this "charity" includes the judge's wallet and a couple of his buddies. Jesus, people! Wake up already!
  2. I just had to revisit this thread after today's round, which was kind of schizophrenic. This morning my buddy calls me, says his kid is getting off work early, so let's go play! I tied one on pretty good last night and was feeling a little rough, but had 3 hours to get it together so, OK! Anything for golf, right? Played the front in 44, one stroke less than bogey ball. But it was weird, par, birdie, triple bogey! My short game was nonexistent. But by the end of the front nine I was starting to feel more like myself. I played the back nine in 37, one over. Suddenly, everything was working, especially my full shots. I striped every single drive on the back, and my tee shots on the par 3's were some of the purest shots I've hit in years! What's the reason for this? I think it's because I'm now actually trying to make a backswing! Iacas' video from the outing at Eagle Creek, imagery I've seen from my own Bresser camera (similar to a GoPro), and tips from my main golf buddy showed me that I was making a punky, sawed off, wimpy little backswing. Some might think that introducing more length into the backswing introduces more margin for error. That might be for some, but I have another idea. I think that making a short backswing amplifies the "hit impulse". Your body, which is quite smart, knows you've made a dinky little backswing, so it "thinks" you have to make a real go at it to get the ball to the target. This leads to jumping from the top. In contrast, a longer backswing allows you to make a more leisurely transition to build clubhead speed through impact. You're not out there slugging away! Even in that back nine I didn't notice a lot of yardage gain other than in the Driver, 3 wood, and my 1 and 2 hybrids. I'd just relax, swing the club, and the ball would go whistling down the line. What I noticed was how purely I struck the ball with all the clubs. On one 200 yard par 3 I hit the I hybrid nearly 25-30 yards over the green! It wound up in the middle of the tee for the next hole! I don't mean to carry on like some evangelist here, but I feel like today was something of an epiphany! Just relax! Make a full swing. The ball will go!
  3. Making the transition from "Ricky Ranger" to "Course Conqueror" is always tough. But, if you can hit it on the range, you at least know that you possess the capability. The transition comes from a difference in thinking. When you're on the course, you're playing golf, not "golf swing"! The object is to score. I believe it was none other than Nicklaus who said, "If you have just one 'swing thought' on the course, that's one too many!" When he was on the course, his only thoughts were about scoring, and the shots he needed to do that. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. When you are on the course in a match you don't need "swing" thoughts, you need "shot" thoughts. You are trying to play a particular shot that will enable you to score. This requires a shift in attitude. You are no longer practicing, you are now playing! If it takes more time to trust the range swing and bring it to the course, so be it. Take the time! That doesn't mean you need to become a hermit until your swing is perfected. That's because no one's swing is "perfected". There are some really good ones out there, but they're not perfect all the time. The pros miss shots all the time, but that doesn't stop them from trying to score. Just keep working at it. Don't know how long you've been practicing, but it will happen eventually, when all the work becomes organic and IS your swing!
  4. Yes. I'm still quite intensely asleep at 6AM!
  5. Well, that's kind of a thing, ain't it! Since I've gotten "into" performance fabrics, I've noticed the following. If your shorts don't feature the "sticky, grabby" strip inside the waistband to keep hold of your shirt, bending, stooping, and swinging a golf club tend to make keeping your shirt tucked in a full time job! To keep from disrobing on the course, I decided to just pull the shirt tail out and go with that. But then, I don't play at Bellerive!
  6. That's kind of my point! I would hate like hell to have to shoot another human being. Even if they were threatening my life or the life of a loved one! Where do you think PTSD comes from? You have people trying to kill you, and you try to kill them. What I'm aghast at are those so willing to look lightly upon thievery and other criminal activity. Just let them run away, don't do anything about it. And, my God! The victim actually kicked the perp! Back in the day, the perp would have gotten his brains beat out! Beside, he'll face much worse once he's behind bars.
  7. My attitude is filtered through what I hear people say! True, the left doesn't hate money for themselves! But, if regular people started to get some they'd be in trouble! Your third paragraph is just so much leftist propaganda. The left "cares"! The right is "cruel"! Don't you realize that it's all just sucking for votes? I wish I could remember who said it, but a Republican said that, "The left defines success by how many people are on food stamps. We define success by how many people no longer NEED food stamps!"
  8. Well said! I can't tell you how many courses I've seen that start you out with a relatively easy par 5, but not so short that you can't get 3 groups on it at once, only to follow it with a hellacious par 3 where the traffic jams up! Sometimes it's design related. Again, well said! Sometimes courses are the cause of their own slow play problem! Who are they keeping the green for? PGA Tour pros, or the people who come to play their course week after week? And if you're going to have rough that deep, employ forecaddies!
  9. I would like to know what your ball flight is like with the ball played farther forward. For man years I heard Johnny Miller talk about playing the driver a little back in the stance and hitting a "trap draw". Of course, you have to release your hands a little early for this one.
  10. That's a hoot! Kind of like the "batter's eye" at MLB ball parks.
  11. Exactly! If I was similarly equipped (I do not CC), and I have a guy 30 years my junior on the ground, I'm going to threaten him with all kinds of mayhem to keep him there! The last thing I want is this guy getting up! If he gets up and runs away, game over! I can't catch him and I'm not going to back shoot him. If he gets up and comes at me looking for a fight, that's when my world turns to crap! I have to shoot the guy, or run away myself, taking the chance that he will catch me, beat the crap out of me, and maybe take my gun and shoot me with it! Not a positive outcome. What I want is that guy on the ground until the cops show up to collect him, and then I will do everything they tell me to do. As far as the offended party "going too far", he didn't shoot or kill anyone. He simply held the offending party for the police. What went too far? Mere words?
  12. Who, in a scramble, has impartial witnesses? It's not like they have a marshall with you.
  13. Well, you can find lessons to follow here, so I guess it's a good thing you found this place. I understand that you're still 13, so an "official" job may still be a ways away. But there are ways for a youngster to make money. Anybody in your area need their lawn mowed, leaves raked, snow shoveled? For someone willing to hustle, there are always avenues to money.
  14. Sheesh! This almost makes me weep for the future of society! Once again the "PC Police" turn the bad guy into the victim and the victim into the bad guy!
  15. I can remember the first pro tourney I went to like it was yesterday! It was the 1973 US Open at Oakmont. On Saturday morning I watched Sam Snead tee off with Chi Chi Rodriguez! This was the Open that Johnny Miller won with a final 63! Doesn't matter if it's a practice round or an early round, get him out there to see those pros hit the ball! Both you and he will be astounded, and inspired!