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  1. I believe there's a lot of over thinking that goes into this process. The basic idea is, when playing a shot off the turf, that you want to hit the ball before you hit the turf! I used to accomplish this by playing the ball fairly far back in my stance, and with a fairly open stance. It was unorthodox, but I could hit the ball dead on the button! Maybe I should try that again.
  2. As someone said, the golfers who can hit it longer than everybody else will always have an advantage. Just like tall guys in basketball and fast guys in the 100 meter dash! Let's face it, pros and better amateurs have always been longer than the herd. And the public will always love the big bombers. Why do you think John Daly got so popular? And, If you want to hit a PW 150 yards, just get your clubhead speed to about 110 MPH and you can do that. If you can't, well I guess that just sucks for you! But Blackjack Don's and Natureboy's last comment are still valid. We now routinely see courses on Tour that are 7,400, 7,500 yards long. And isn't there that otherwordly looking course in French Lick, Indiana that is 8,000 yards from the tips? Heck, I have a 7,500+ yard course right here in my back yard not a 15 minute drive away. And just last Spring I read a "Letter to the Editor" in the local paper where some environmentalist nutlog referred to the local Metroparks course (36 holes of Donald Ross design) as a toxic waste dump, and a waste of water!
  3. I have it figured this way. There are majors, near majors, and the herd with tournaments like the John Deere Classic and the Greater Greensboro Open. Let me also say that NONE of these tournaments are easy to win! You'd better be able to golf your ass off! The Majors didn't get to be called that because they said so. The appreciation came from the golfers who played in them. Back when Bobby Jones was playing the Majors were The Open Championship, The U.S. Open, The British Amateur, and The U.S. Amateur. I once read a quote where Nicklaus said he's won 20 Majors since he won 2 U.S. Amateurs.
  4. Sounds like you found an instructor with a "my way or the highway" method of teaching. There are lots of guys like this. They only know how to teach one swing. They can't look at you, nor anyone else, assess their limitations and capabilities, and design an instruction program that will maximize their abilities. It seems they want to turn us all into pros, and we all don't have that ability!
  5. I have to tell you that I honestly have no idea! I was just smacking the ball around trying to get it in this tiny little hole!
  6. I would have to say yes. My first two rounds this year, put me right where I wound up last year after a full season of play and practice. And this with no roll and sketchy greens!
  7. I have to admit, tamping will jack you up! There's something about slamming that weight into the ground that gets you. You know what does it for me? Weed whacking! There's something about that "buzz" of the vibration that just locks my hands and arms up!
  8. Or there was a big soccer match on the telly that day! There are only a few private clubs around here that still offer caddies, and they are all "golf only" outfits, not "Country Clubs". No tennis courts, no swimming pools, no debutante balls, etc.! They are golf clubs!
  9. Neat post, JonMA1! Interesting to see the difference in clubheads from various eras. I started playing about 50 years ago with Persimmon woods and forged irons, and they were all tiny compared to the "game improvement" clubs we have today. But then a thought occurred to me. Are they really game improvement clubs, or "swing unimprovement" clubs! I started smacking balls around at 12 or 13 years old. My eyesight went South in the second grade, but I was still young and strong with better than average reflexes and hand/eye coordination. I was also pretty much self taught. And I learned to hit those little things! One thing I found was having all that mass concentrated behind the ball at impact would really make it fly! But if you mishit it, even a little, the feedback was immediate and pretty severe. Are these modern clubs just teaching us to swing them any old way?
  10. OK, this seems like a set up, but I'll bite anyway. You jacked up your hands and forearms filling in "A" pothole? How big was this thing? Better be at least the size of a bathtub! I'll probably get flamed for this because you have some physical condition I am unaware of. Otherwise I'd just say, "Sheesh! I thought I was in bad shape!" Well, Summer goes away and Winter returns tonight. Still, I'll take the teasers any time! It's not like I really expect Spring in late February where I live!
  11. Got out again today, which was kind of a surprise! My phone rang while I was still in bed, all knotted up from yesterday's golf! It was my buddy's Son who works for FedEx. He had worked about an hour and a half when his Super told him to go home because there was no more work. Well, what did he care, he got paid for 8 hours! So, I booked a time through Golfnow for a local course. This is a course that we would usually consider "second tier" compared to the course we played on Monday. However, the turf was a bit firmer, although you still didn't get any run, but the big difference was the greens! Their greens were completely healed from the prior Fall's aeration, were firm, and putted fairly fast! I shot an 84, again right in my wheelhouse. The big thing was that I was stiff as a board for most of the front side going out in 45. But I felt I was loosening up in the last few holes. I brought it in with a 39 on the back side to keep it sub 90! And the back 9 is harder than the front. All in all, I'm glad my buddies called me today. There's nothing better to get over a case of stiffness than to get out there and be moving around. And some Ibuprofen doesn't hurt!
  12. I love fishing, though I've done most of mine in fresh water. When I'm after food, I'll target bluegill, crappie, and walleye. When I just want to have to some fun catching fish, it will be bass, pike, or muskie. For instance my BIL and I will fish a local lake and fill a 5 gallon bucket with crappie and walleye. Then, when the water temps get to about the mid 50's in Lake Erie, we'll head up to a local harbor and fish around the break walls for smallmouth bass. We'll fish like maniacs from dawn till about noon, catch a ton of fish, and bring nothing home! Those big Erie smallies are just too cool to kill. Plus, it's against the regs!
  13. Yes. This carries with it shades of "Minority Report"!
  14. The Greek Freak! 7 feet tall and can play point guard! The only problem is the Bucks don't get on national TV much, so not very many people get to see him.
  15. It's either a combo of spell checker and an editor not doing their job, or, the state of journalism today. I don't use spell checker, despite some of the squiggly red underlining I get on some words. Sometimes I think spell checker thinks you want a different word than you do. I see this kind of stuff all over the place, especially in local media.