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  1. There was a previous poster who said that your height has very little to do with the length of clubs you need to use. This is basically correct! What matters is your wrist to ground measurement. I read a book by Tom Wishon where he wrote about fitting an NBA player for clubs. The guys was about 6'10", so most would automatically assume he would need longer than standard clubs. He did not! His arms were so long that his hands were down around his knees, and Wishon had to actually make a set of clubs that were shorter than standard for this guy! The same poster said that a fitting while swinging the clubs, or a "dynamic" fitting, was the only way to determine proper length. I have to disagree. A static fitting is fine to determine club length. What a dynamic fitting will help determine is proper lie angle and shaft flex. Also, maybe grip size if the fittee has overly large or small hands, and how they are used in the swing.
  2. Oh, yes! We have 36 holes of Donald Ross designed course nearby, and it's amazing to see all the guys coaching their girlfriends out there, trying to get them through a single round of golf. These people need to be on the range taking lessons, or at the par 3, but no! They're at the big course where they have no business being! Reminds me of the effort Sweden made that produced Annika Sorenstam. The government starts a "junior golf" program, or whatever they choose to call it. It's free, at least at first, and they attract some participants. They find those with some aptitude and coach them up! Doesn't mean you'll always produce the #1 player in the world, but it's definitely a way to make a mark on world golf. And with the willing participation of the US and Great Britain, how far wrong could you go? And let's not forget, this is partly about ensuring the future of golf! If you don't have the youth, you have nothing!
  3. Oh, you don't have to tell me, Fourputt! Around here there are guys who put together their teams in the Spring, and enter every scramble tourney in the area! The top team in the area last year had two members who were bound for Q School! What chance does the average group of guys have? And I'm not saying they cheated. They probably didn't have to! But it does go on. To be fair, in most of the scrambles I've played in that offered a major prize on a par 3, there was a spotter at the green, though in some cases they were asleep in their lawn chair when we played through! I've never seen "spotters" on the long drive holes, however. I, and my buddy, played in a "shamble" last year that points out just how ridiculous some of these things can get. It was at a local country club that I had never played, and was known to be a really tough course! I was about a 14 at the time, but figured I should adjust for the slope and course rating, so I claimed a 20. Nobody checked anything, it was a very casual affair. At the dinner, when the winning score was announced, I nearly crapped my pants! We posted an honest score of 63, 9 under par. The winning team seemed to be populated by nothing but 36 handicappers, and posted a net of 48! HUH???!!! It was only then that I found out that the "winning" team didn't win all that much since the organizing body expected cheating! The big money was won in the product raffle and the 50/50, which my buddy won and walked away with $850! As we were walking out, he gave me my entry fee back and said, "Free golf today!"
  4. I don't lose all that many balls, but it's definitely more in the scramble format than when I play my own ball. I don't really care for scrambles since they invariably turn into a slugfest followed by a putting contest. Of course, if I could slug and putt better, I might feel differently!
  5. This depends upon a couple of things. For one, how often are new holes cut where you play? I've played several local courses where the cups could stay in place for 2-3 days straight. Then, you get the guys who can't bend over any more raking the ball out of the cup with their putterhead, and breaking down the rim of the cup! By the end of the 3rd day, the edges of those holes are looking pretty ragged. And I've recently seen courses that have "low rise" cup liners install "collars" that sit on top of the liners, apparently to protect the rim of the cup. We've found these askew, tilted half out of the hole on one side, and completely out of the hole and lying on the green! Make or no make regardless, you have to wonder about the kind of golfer that would do that and just let it go.
  6. This thread is an excellent example of why probably 99% of amateur golfers don't give a single crap about the rules of golf! Well, unless it's costing them money!
  7. Well said, sir! The outright paranoia and hysteria over nuke power drives me right up the wall! They used to give tours of nuke plants in France. You could even go look at the core! They used to give those tours until they were invaded by Islamofascists who turned entire Arrondissements around Paris into kill zones where even the army is afraid to set foot! The real topper was Hillaryous's recent TV ad about clean energy in which she says the world leaders will be the US, Germany or China! CHINA??!!! China is the world leader in dirty energy. It wasn't that long ago when China was opening a new coal fired generating plant every week or two! Wind and solar energy are coming along, but are far less efficient than any other source of power that we currently have. "Hey, all we have to do is carpet an entire township in solar panels or wind turbines, and we can power a couple of decent sized neighborhoods!"
  8. Hell, that's no good! You're forgetting about the horse and cow farts!
  9. It may not have been the topic, but it sure was interesting! I read the first page, skipped 2 & 3, then came here, so I don't know where the discussion veered off course into talent vs drive. However, to the OP's point, the usual route to any tour, let alone the European tour, is starting young and coming to love the game. Competing in junior tournaments, high school and college golf, then competing on any one of the many mini tours, and maybe, just maybe you might get a shot at one of the major tours. It is a constant, relentless grind! And let's say you get there. There is no guarantee that you will stay there! Never mind the water walkers in the top ten, or even twenty. The remainder of tour card holders shift around and drop out at an astounding rate! There was a Buy.com tour event near Cleveland last week. A quick peek at the field revealed any number of golfers who seemed to be fixtures on the PGA tour just last season! And here they are again, trying to get back to the bigs. I've been to a few Buy.com events, and I would kill to have the game any of those guys do. But in the larger scheme of things they're just not good enough to make it on the big tours, PGA or Euro. On the first page of this thread valleygolfer said, something like, "Never say never, but the odds are stacked against the OP". When you stop and think about making it on the tour, the odds are stacked against EVERYBODY!
  10. I've never had an issue with GolfNow's service either. They've been very helpful and responsive any time I've had a problem. I'm a happy customer. Your point about negotiating directly with the course is well taken. The whole point of the course signing on with GolfNow, or Golf 18 Network, Tee Off.com, or any other online service is to fill empty tee times! The course would rather have a little money coming into the till rather than none at all! They have certain fixed costs that they can't get away from. We've booked round at courses for a song! But after the round, we've gone to the restaurant and ordered full dinners with a couple rounds of drinks. It all works out. You just want people shopping in your store!
  11. Indeed they can. It might have been a joke line on Big Bang Theory, but it cut very close to the truth when a researcher there said he applied for a government grant to study a laser based anti-ballistic missile defense system. Someone asked him if that could work. He said, "Hell, no! But I get the grants and spend the money on booze and broads!" Scientists are people too! And if you need any convincing about how invasive sugar has become in our food supply, just try reading a few ingredient labels. HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) is in damn near everything you buy!
  12. If I don't miss my guess, wasn't Cobra originally made by Titleist? Is it still the same today? If not I'm guessing that Cobra might not have a huge endorsement budget. But the pros, whose livelihood depends upon how their clubs perform, will use them if they work for them!
  13. I have to agree. I've seen guys out there with iron covers, and they all look like friggiin' dweebs! Ain't no way I'm putting iron covers on my clubs!
  14. Uh, that's not exactly right. I got an e-mail vid from him of a full half hour lesson he had with some guy. He was an older fellow who was suffering from directional issues as well as distance loss. Once Haney got the guy's "pop-up fade" issue taken care of, he went to work on the distance. He kept telling the guy to swing "faster". "Hit it like you mean it", and so forth. After one lecture the student says, "OK, I'll try to swing harder." Haney immediately corrected him!. He didn't want him to swing harder, since harder implies tensing of the musculature. Nothing will slow your swing down more than tense muscles. He wanted him to loosen up so that he could swing faster!
  15. This is a point! In fact, your post reminded me of something I read in David Feherty's collection of essays titled An Idiot for All Seasons. This referred to Tiger's win at the Open Championship in 2000. Since I can't possibly improve upon Feherty's prose, I will simply quote. "What a rare treat it was to see the Old Course play as it did. Bump and run, dunch and trundle, hop, skip, and jump. Players reading the fairways 50 yards short of the greens. Bunkers with gravitational pull, and the extraordinary beauty of the links at dusk, when the swales and hollows are cloaked in shadow, and mineshaft darkness fills the sandy craters. I adore St. Andrews. There are more spectacular courses in golf, but none has the enigmatic mystery, the sensual lure, or the hallowed graveyard aura of the first, and the greatest of them all. I remember every shot I ever hit there, and I hit quite a few. Some will say that the scoring was too low, the course too easy for the modern game. But the truth is, Tiger didn't win by playing the modern game; he played the ancient game, along the ground, magically transforming himself into half man, half sheep, all brilliance. A great golf course is a canvas upon which the great player can display his artistry, and we are lucky enough to be witnessing a renaissance in our sport. If the golfing gods exist, surely the golf equivalent of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel will never be altered. Fortunately, the R&A seems to be of the same opinion." David Feherty We're Not Worthy Golfonline.com July 26, 2000