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  1. I'm sorry. As you can see from the time stamp it was getting close to my bedtime, and I was probably well under the influence by then! I know it's Nantz. But then, spell check gives you the crooked red line under it when you type it that way! And I have NEVER spelled it Nicholas! I see plenty of spelling errors on this site, but looked for sources farther afield. A real gold mine is the graphics on local news broadcasts. Also home made signs. Or should I say "Ho Made signs!" That's one I saw on the side of the road advertising "Ho Made Fudge". It didn't take a lot of thought to decide that I would NOT be stopping!
  2. My buddy was in the wholesale meat business. The ribeye is his all time favorite cut of beef! Oh man! When he worked there we could get USDA Choice for spit compared to what you pay retail!
  3. Come on! Some of us need those! LOL! My buddy has had one in his bag for years! One day we were chipping and putting before a round, and I pulled it out of his bag to try it. OMG! It felt like I was hitting the ball with a hunk of tin! It's one of those double sided ones so you can hit it righty or lefty. I don't know why he keeps it in the bag...along with his ball retriever!
  4. Which is why I included the second sentence in that paragraph which you conveniently left out! And yes, they are educated and trained, but there are still plenty of whack jobs in that crew as well!
  5. Never heard of him!
  6. Are you talking about making a bit of a "casting" move? If so, I have seen video and heard commentary that claimed this is quite common for youngsters and should not be a source of concern.
  7. This reminds me of iacas' thread where he wanted guys to use Sharpies to put dots on the backs of 5 balls, and hit them with a 6 iron to see where on the clubface they were hitting it. When I did it my first swing was toward the hosel. It was a weakish shot that drifted to the right of my target line. Looking at the impact point reminded me that I do have the tendency to get close to the hosel. So, I adjusted my address to get the ball a little closer to the toe. I hit the final 4 shots dead in the middle of the face and they took off like rockets! And what a sweet feeling was transmitted to my hands. I could tell every shot was dead nutted! And I wasn't trying to hit the ball hard. I just made a normal swing with nice tempo, which probably contributed greatly to my centered contact.
  8. That's a good point 70sSanO. I see too many guys look like they are doing a squat when they set up to the ball. Look at the pros. They set up with their knees just slightly flexed. In a down the line pic, a vertical line drawn downward from their armpits will hit the balls of their feet.
  9. Heck, pros routinely hit Driver 100 feet in the air. Of course, they could be using their lob Driver!
  10. Also course design and where the par 3's are placed factors into it as well. There was a local course where both nines started out goofy. #1 was a par 5 about 530-540, and #2 was a par 3 of about 190. #10 was a brutal par 4, 440, and #11 was a long par 3 of 210! Groups would stack up on both 2 and 11 tees.
  11. I can appreciate the fundamentals, but let's start with first one. Was the kid swinging a "kid size" club, or just one of Dad's old clubs which is too long, too heavy, and with a grip too big. As for allowing a stranger to teach your kid, it happens all the time. In school! However, unsolicited advice at the range is usually a touchy subject.
  12. I would say not off topic! My point was is that if you keep all of your old putters, no matter their cost, that when the one that you are now using doesn't work any more, you will have something in hand that will work! You don't have to go shopping, looking for the latest, hottest putter.
  13. No problem. They don't care about you! They only want to kill each other so they can breed all the females in that particular vicinity! Go to a bar on Friday night, you'll see the same behavior from humans!
  14. Indeed! And I gave my comments on that. And then someone brought up wine, and I gave my comments on that!
  15. I think it's a FEEL thing. You either like the way the ball feels when you strike it, or you don't! It kind of gets like Goldilocks and the 3 bears. Some balls are too hard, some are too soft, and some are just right! I think a ball that feels just right frees you to just let go and swing your best.