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  1. Wow! Went to that movie yesterday! We played a very popular local goat ranch with questionable routing simply because it was on our Loop Discount Cards, so we thought we'd just burn it up! At one point in the round we were on a tee that was quite close to another tee. These two doofuses drove up with some whacko music blasting, stepped up on the tee and proceeded to dance! Thank God I wasn't armed!
  2. Didn't mean to quote this post, but krupa's right before it. Yes, water management is a problem out there. My buddy worked in the landscaping business in Colorado and told me they don't call it the "semi-arid West" for nothing! My back yard is going on 6 weeks! I keep after the front yards, I cut both mine and my neighbor's, but the back yards, meh! I do the fronts just to keep things "evened out" and looking nice. My grass hasn't frown in forever out back, but the Queen Anne's Lace is doing quite nicely! And, yeah, once in a while you just get fed up! Best to just set the clubs aside, take a break, and come back with a fresh attitude.
  3. Have recently seen a TV ad for an outfit that the graphics announce as "Brake Point"! One might think they're an auto repair service. Nope! They're a drug counseling service!
  4. Wow! If you can get to a 3.4 in 3 years, you must have mad skills! Finding that out leads me to believe that you also have an instructor. If so, I would stick to that guy like glue! He obviously knows what he's doing. Look forward to seeing your seeing your swing on the My Swing page.
  5. Exactly! Kind of like do you inhale or exhale on your backswing? To the OP. Why aren't you looking somewhere near the ball? You know. That little thing you're trying to hit!
  6. If that was directed at me, I wasn't making fun in the least little bit! I would have been delighted to be 3.4 at 15 years old! I also would have wanted to be scratch! As I said before, it's a function of youth to be impatient. Age throws a little different perspective on you. I figure that if he just keeps working at his game steadily, improvement will come over time. He's nowhere near as strong and physically skilled as he will be in a just a few years. Besides, when you're shooting in the mid-70's, this is where improvement doesn't happen in jumps. Not like jumping from mid 90's to mid to high 80's from a short series of lessons. This is where improvement comes one hard earned stroke after another. I wish the young man much luck. Maybe we'll be watching him on TV in 10 years. Hell, I hope I'm still alive in 10 years! See what I mean about perspective?
  7. @iacas Both @Jeremie Boop Both @mcanadiens Both @saevel25 Both @vasaribm Both @Slice of Life Both @GolfLug Both @georgep Both @Hardspoon Both @macdaddy18 Both @Buckeyebowman Sunday open open open open open Hope this works, because everything else I tried didn't! Holy crap! It worked! I didn't copy or paste a thing. I simply quoted iacas' last post with the list, added my name, and submitted it. Every time I tried to "copy" the list, I wound up copying someone's profile, or the post that the list was on. Well, it's done!
  8. OK, I'll do that. Sounds like a cool outing. I'm just not sure how to get to the @Buckeyebowman thingie. Wait a minute. While I typed that out I got an auto complete that included my avatar. Let's try that again. @Buckeyebowman. There it is! I figured it out! I am just soooo tech savvy! Also, played today with the guy I was thinking of inviting along. He has something going with his wife and in-laws that day. Besides, his game is pretty much in the crapper right now, which may be the real reason. My game is kind of crappy now as well, but if I waited until my game was perfect, I'd never play. BTW, you mentioned him having a handicap, How about me? Do I need a certificate from my league secretary? My league works on 80% as well.
  9. I can make this short. NOT OFTEN ENOUGH!
  10. What? I thought sea levels were rising? Unless its the Salton Sea you're overlooking.
  11. Like iacas said, any thing that is already lying there, that you did NOT place there, is fair game to be used as an aim point. I've done it many times. You are not interpreting the "spirit" of the rule correctly, rehmwa. It's about "natural" help versus "artificial" or "constructed" help.
  12. DNC

    Yeah, the people with the "Dump Trump" signs amused me. Like there was any chance of them voting Republican at all! What was their motivation? Other than being provided free transportation, maybe a lunch, and 15 bucks an hour to walk around and hold up a sign!
  13. Wow! Over 50%?! I got news. Try dealing with 80 to 90%! That's what we get for sitting North of the Gulf of Mexico!
  14. Oh! Didn't know guests were entertained. I have a possible guest, but will have to set it up. He's pretty decent when he's on his game. I saw an even number of signees, and wondered how an odd number of contestants would be handled. Let me check, and I'll see what happens. Would be nice to fill 16 places.