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  1. I don't know about that. It seems to me that a properly educated player should recognize the situation that they are in, and play accordingly. I've done so. I walked into a bunker that was rock hard from recent rain. I walked right back out and swapped my SW for a PW. Once I felt the texture of the sand with my feet, I no longer wanted to play an "explosion" shot out of there, I wanted to "clip" it nice and tight! That's exactly what I did. Many years ago I tried to play an explosion shot out of a deep, rain soaked, bunker and darnn near broke my wrist!
  2. Let's face it! If you don't want to pay the fee, there are plenty who will! When I was working in sales, I was promised a round at Pebble if I hit a sales target in January, When my boss called to get tee times, the clerk informed him that he would have to call at least a year in advance! We "managed" to get off on Spyglass Hill!
  3. @iacas kind of addressed it, but I would call it more overall injuries suffered when young. I was a really good athlete back in the day, but, after caving in my right knee for the third time, I needed surgery. The ACL reconstruction surgical technique had just been developed. So, I went in for that. I have a suture scar close to a foot and a half long on the inside of my right leg! But, after rehab, I went right back to walking and carrying. When you're young, you can do anything. But, after some years, my knee started to let me know that it did not like that anymore! So, I bought a pull cart and used it. Problem solved! At least for a while. Eventually, walking 18 holes with a pull cart came to be a burden. This is the progression of injury. Things don't get better, they only get worse!
  4. True. But how many times have we beaten ourselves up over "screwing up a good Drive?" I hate doing that! Making a long putt means we have saved ourselves at least one stroke. Didn't Tiger say that one of the most satisfying things to him was grinding over, and making, a long putt for par? Even if in trouble off the tee, you play the hole in par and don't give away a stroke.
  5. Well, I don't know about that, but I don't have to worry about beaches! I've played in a couple of tournaments at some local country clubs in the past few years. You know, the kinds of courses where they take care of the members with boxes at the first and tenth tees full of tees and ball markers. Let's just say that I took advantage! I really liked those tees, and they really last! Well, who knows? Maybe that says more about my swing speed than the sturdiness of the tees, but I break very few of them. Besides, where do wooden tees come from?
  6. I've seen Bubba hit a drive like that in person. It was at the WGC Bridgestone when it was still at Firestone CC in Akron. He teed of on a dogleg right 470 yard par 4, the first couple hundred yards were just slightly uphill, and then turned right and downhill, across a pond to the green. At the inside corner of the dogleg is a grove of huge oaks that are 80 feet tall, at least! Bubba blasted his Driver at least 50 feet over the tops of them with his patented fade/slice. He seemed unhappy with the shot, so I hustled down there with the rest of the gallery, and saw that his ball was on the left side of the fairway, with about a 100 yard flip wedge to the green. I can only surmise that he hope the shot wouldn't fade that much, since if it faded further it might have wound up in the rough. And you do not want to be in the rough at Firestone!
  7. I have no idea where your head is at! We're just through November which concluded the NFL's "Salute to Service" program. You do realize that the Defense Department PAYS for that, don't you? The NFL is all about making money, not donating it. Not that that's entirely a bad thing. You have to make it before you can donate it. But you know what money the NFL donates to charities? The money they fine players and teams for infractions! And as far as golf being a rich man's game. I, nor any of my relatives or friends are anywhere near rich, yet we play golf! It seems to me that you are suffering from a severe case of class envy! And if golf is a rich man's game, how did you get into it? Exactly! And let's not forget that charity was written into the PGA Tour's charter in 1938 just 9 years after its founding. What other business does this? The "net proceeds", meaning the "profit", from anything we do we give away! I know there are others that do this. But I'm not aware of any that organize sporting events! Especially on the scale of the PGA Tour. I've been to a few events from the 1973 US Open to recent events. The difference is dramatic! Tour events put up a city out there now! The cost of hosting an event is enormous! That's why sponsors are so precious and are celebrated when they re-up!
  8. I didn't think Kenny G fan, I thought Kenny G! Interesting story about his conversion to golf. For those who don't know, he checked himself into an alcohol rehab clinic because he realized that he was an alcoholic. But he was having a hard time with it because, as he told it, all there was to do there was stare at the wall and think about NOT DRINKING! The clinic was next to a golf course, so he'd sit on the patio and watch people play. He got interested and asked his counselor if he could go to the course and see what was what. The counselor was reluctant, since the course sold alcohol, but Cooper said they could test him every time he came back. So he went to the pro shop and explained his situation. The pro set him up with a putter and a sleeve of balls, and took him to the practice green. He got intrigued by the game right off the rip, and bought a set of clubs and signed up for lessons. Some might say he simply discovered a new addiction, but some addictions are healthier than others.
  9. And so many people think sports commentary is easy!
  10. Maybe back in the day when players wore tweed for crying out loud! The new fabric technology is incredible. Look at some of the golf pants by Adidas or UA, they're like wearing air! The golfer might as well walk around naked! My buddy has had skin cancer, so no longer wears shorts and has to slather on some scrip sunscreen on his arms, face, and neck. When it's hot and humid, he is really uncomfortable. I suggested that some of the new slacks, like I mentioned above, might help him be more comfortable. One time, I notice that he's wearing pants that I've never seen before. I reach down and feel the cuff, and asked if he'd gotten some new slacks. He yes, and thanked me for the suggest because he loved them! FWIW, I no longer have any cotton golf clothing except for what I might use during cooler weather. Everything for warm weather play is moisture wicking. Another benefit is that if you're caught out in a shower, it dries incredibly quickly.
  11. @iacas has a good point on it's own merit. And if the word must is in the rule, what room is there to carve out a "reasonableness" standard? I remember reading an essay by Feherty where he cited someone asking him if there should be two sets of rules, one for pros and one for amateurs. He said there already are. In fact, more than two! They're called "Local Rules". Just look at the back of the scorecard of any course you play. It will say, something like, The Rules of Golf apply except...and then will follow the Local Rules.
  12. In a word, NO! My thoughts exactly! As I said in another thread, golf is a game that gives you 18 chances to do better!
  13. Congrats! I was interested in your post about Hays, Kansas. Many years ago my buddy moved from NE Ohio to the Denver area. He came home for the holidays to visit, buy a car his Mom had for sale, and haul more of his stuff out there. He asked if I wanted to accompany him to spell him at the wheel now and then. The week would be on him, and all I would have to buy is one way airfare home. I asked at work and got permission, so let's go! We spent the first night at his friend's place in St. Louis while a blizzard was rolling through the Great Plains. We continued our travels the next morning listening to the CB he had installed, tuned to the trucker's channel to monitor road conditions. We kept lucking out as they would open sections of the Interstate just in front of us. Then we hear a trucker say, "I don't know boys. We not get past Hays." My buddy just went off! NO! NO! NO! NOT STUCK IN HAYS, KANSAS AGAIN!!! Apparently that had happened to him before, and was not a pleasant experience. Probably had to spend the night in a truck stop! But I figure that if Hays has golf, how bad could it be? I'll say this. I never saw such vast expanses of absolutely nothing as in that drive across Kansas! You could drive for a half hour and not see a single building or tree!
  14. Exactly what I was thinking! Shades of Jim Marshall!
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