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  1. And how long was the transition time between these events? I'd remind you that Tiger Woods took two years to make a major swing change. Don't get in a hurry! If you have faith in your instructor then just keep working at it. If it really bothers you, tell him about it! If he's really good, he will understand and set you right!
  2. How many hobbies do I have? Too damn many! And golf takes up more than it's fair share of the time! Heck, once I get my bow, shotgun, and rifle sighted in, I'm good to go. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to work for golf!
  3. Well, I forget the exact number since it was a long time ago that I read the article. But I do remember the jist of it! EDIT: And now that I think about it more, I believe it a was a fraction of a stroke difference!
  4. Here's an idea. Why not go out to some golf courses, make an appointment with the owner, and ask them? What's their fuel cost per year? Fertilizer? Maintenance on equipment and buildings. Salaries. Utilities. Insurances. Improvements. These folks basically grow grass and mow it, but there's a whole lot more that goes on beneath the surface! Get out there and start digging! Talk to people!
  5. To the OP's point, I would not play a Trump course simply because of the cost. He caters to a certain market to which I do not belong. Guess what? So does Cadillac, Lexus, Audi, Porsche, and others! That doesn't mean I hate those automobiles, or their makers. I also won't be playing Pebble Beach, even though it is, or once was, owned by a consortium populated by Clint Eastwood and Peter Ueberroth, probably both Republicans and thus, awful, horrible, nasty people! I also won't be playing Royal County Down in Ireland. I Googled it up out of curiosity since David Feherty mentions it so often in his essays. It's spectacular, and owned only by the society dedicated to its preservation. Then I looked at the rates and, HOLY COW! I don't care who owns it, I can't afford it!
  6. I read an article many, many, many years ago where a course was cut with, I believe, 6 inch cups. This was a public course populated by your average assortment of public course hackers. Stats showed that there was no appreciable improvement in scoring due to the oversized cups. One thing I have noticed is on older courses which were built when mower technology and agronomy might produce a putting surface that would stimp at 7 or 8 at best. These greens have a lot of slope to them.With modern mowers and rollers they can now get these greens to 10 or 11, and suddenly you're putting in the bizarro world! You might have to play 8 to 10 feet of break on a 20 foot putt across the slope. And you'd better have angels sitting on your shoulders if you hope to stop the ball anywhere near the hole on a downhill putt.
  7. Sometimes, when I'm restless after hitting the sack, I will try to turn my mind to playing a round of golf. The course I always seem to drift to is the one I guess I've played the most. Mill Creek Park, 36 holes of Donald Ross designed golf course! Played some of the best golf of my life there, so it's an easy place to return.
  8. You just turned 30 and are wondering how time flies? I turned 64 on September 13! Time is just jetting by!
  9. Not to hijack, but I'd like to up the ante. My username won't be in the running since it's one I used on an archery forum and it's easy for me to remember. Maybe someday I'll get specific and switch to something catchier. My idea is the best username/avatar combo! In that case paininthenuts might be a runaway winner! I'd also cast a vote for natureboy since I am seriously in love with his avatar! That's the woman of my dreams, right there!
  10. Good point. Anybody remember the leaked voice mail where Tiger needed a "big favor" since his wife had gotten into his phone? Sounds like she got suspicious and checked his stuff out. Then he crashed the Escalade into a hydrant after wifey supposedly lumped him up with a sand wedge or something! Look, it seems like everything is turning out all right, and that's good for all involved, especially the kids. Of course, hundreds of millions of dollars and never having to worry about money for the rest of your life is a significant balm. And FWIW, I hope Tiger comes back to the Tour, well, I was going to say as strong as ever, but will amend that to say as strong as he can be. Pro golf was pretty exciting with him around. That being said, there was nothing wrong with this past season. I saw some otherworldly golf being played which, I believe, is one of the reasons Tiger decided to postpone his comeback. He saw it too, and knows he has his work cut out for him!
  11. Well said, sir! Tiger's "only" regret isn't running around on his wife and family? What a creep! A talented golfer for sure, but a complete creep as a human being!
  12. Oh, I don't remember the exact scores, but I've had rounds like that. Lack of consistency is always my number 1 gripe about my game!
  13. I once got a free Wilson Staff golf shirt and golf hat for buying a dozen Wilson Staff "Smart Core" golf balls! And, at a discount price! I can't imagine what that promo cost them. I long ago lost all the balls, but I still have the shirt and hat!
  14. One time I went to a local public course (Donald Ross design, no goat track), during the middle of the week. The pins were cut in some pretty bizarre places. I knew the greenkeeper and ran into him after my round. I asked him about the pin placements, and he told me they do that during the week to save the middle of the greens for weekend play, which is always heavy! And lately, after nearly every course around here has aerated their greens, we've seen pin positions that we considered very marginal! These things were set on top of little knobs and humps which would defy pros to putt them! Plus, the greens were lightning fast, so we were facing "shepherd's crook" putts the whole round. Still, we were playing golf in nice weather in mid to late October in NE Ohio, so how much could we complain?!
  15. Yep! the title of the thread says it all. If you're hitting the ball "fat", then your technique is NOT correct! And yep again! One of the main ways I can screw myself up is by trying to hold onto the lag longer so I can hit the ball farther. All sorts of weird nonsense then ensues, with balls flying everywhere but where I want them to! Everybody's swing is different, and everybody has different points where they "release the clubhead". I can't do what Dustin Johnson does, so I'll never bomb bit out there 330+. But if I swing my "good" swing, at least as it exists now, I can get it out there about 260-270. For a 64 year old amateur I don't think that's all that bad. My problem is, that doesn't happen quite often enough. Thus, it becomes something to be worked on. Consistency, consistency, consistency!