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  1. Buckeyebowman

    USGA Seeking Feedback on Distance "Issue"

    Hell. More like 6,000 for me! 6,500 would be a slugfest! If the equipment companies could design clubs and a ball that would allow me to hit 300 yard drives consistently, I'd be at the front of the line! I also like how Chamblee put "our equipment" in quotes! That's like saying the Toyota Celica in your driveway is the same as the one NASCAR drivers are tooling around Talladega! Golf fans have always loved the long hitters!
  2. Buckeyebowman

    Hole in 1 on a par 3 course

    I agree! You don't see a whole lot of holes in one done on par 4's, they are done on par 3's! I don't care if the course is filled with them. You make a swing from the tee and it goes in the hole! Hole in one! Congratulations!
  3. Buckeyebowman

    Bunker Rakes: In or Out of the Bunker?

    Same here. I've played courses where the place to leave the bunker rakes are described in the local rules, or there are little signs near the bunker telling you thus. As for the pro tours, most of the golf I watch on TV has the rakes outside the bunkers.
  4. Buckeyebowman

    GPS Watches… Any Recommendations?

    Both my buddy and his Son have identical Garmin watches. I don't know which model, but they both work very well. Someone remarked that they discovered how much their yardage estimates were off after getting a watch. What we've discovered is how much some on course yardage markers are off! We've found some that were off by as much as 10-12 yards! And Hacker James, it sounds like you have a bad battery that won't hold a charge. It happens. I'd get in touch w/the manufacturer and see if there's anything they can do for you.
  5. Buckeyebowman

    Looking for a New Golf Ball

    I think you will find your assessment of the Pro-V1x to be correct. I've played quite a bit of golf with my buddy's Son. He's in his 40's, I'm in my 60's, and he generates a lot more clubhead speed, and thus spin, than I do. He found a brand new V1x and decided to play it. He hits a high ball anyway, but with the V1x his shots started looking like the first big hill on a roller coaster! A mile in the sky with approaches coming up short. It would just balloon up in the air. That's their "higher" flight ball anyway. I'm also amazed at how many ProV1's I find lost on the course. Suggests to me that there are a lot of golfers with more money than sense.
  6. Buckeyebowman

    Found My Go-To Golf Balls

    Same here. I'm now 66 and have lost some swing speed, so I thought a softer ball would help. I tried the Wilson Duo, and while it had really soft feel it also didn't go anywhere! For now my go to balls are Precept Laddie Extremes and the Pinnacle Soft. Like klineka mentioned above, I found a TP5 on the course that looked brand new so I tried it. Wow, I loved the feel of that ball but they're as expensive as Pro V1's! I don't own a 50 buck a dozen game anymore. It also just occurred to me that I've liked the feel of every Srixon ball I've ever found, so I'm left to wonder why I've never bought any?
  7. Yeah, gotta be a manufacturing glitch. I remember when the first 2 piece balls were coming out. My Brother teed up a "Lee Trevino" by whatever company made them, and the damn thing split in half when he hit it, each half whirring off into the trees on either side of the tee box! I notice the package says "Conforms with USGA Rules". Didn't know the USGA allowed disintegrating golf balls!
  8. Buckeyebowman

    The Best (worst) Spelling and Grammar Errors Thread

    I guess that's like having a shouldemer separation! And before I get flamed for going OT, this is still a media mistake! Recently, there has aired in our local market a television ad for a local restaurant. The camera shot shows their "Surf 'n Turf", in which a large fly is seen crawling around on the lobster tail! YAAAAGGGHHHHHH! Doesn't anybody look at these things before airing them?! BTW, that ad has been pulled!
  9. Buckeyebowman

    Lightning at 1000 FPS

    Had to chime back in. Reminds me of something one of the astronauts in One Strange Rock said about observing the Earth from the International Space Station. They remarked that they were impressed with how violent this planet is! They could see lines of thunderstorms marching across the planet, and witness the lightning.
  10. Buckeyebowman

    Anyone use a gps watch for golf?

    My buddy has a Garmin GPS watch that he loaned me for a tournament on a course I had never played before. I wore it on my wrist, and thought it might be a bother since I never wear anything on my hands while playing. I never noticed it at all! However, I will say that we have noticed discrepancies as large as 6 or 7 yards between the readings of the exact same model Garmin watch when taken from the exact same spot at the same time! My game is not so precise that this will make much of a difference for me, but for a better player it might.
  11. Buckeyebowman

    Why don't pros play SGI irons?

    I heard long ago that better players hit their long irons high, and their short irons low. For pro grade players this can be accomplished with club head speed. The greater the ball speed off the club face, the higher it will fly. So, the pros manipulate their swings in a way that will bring approach shots in lower. We've all seen them hit those low shots into the green that hop, skip, jump, and then slam on the brakes within one putt distance of the hole! Back when I could actually play this game a little bit, I played a set of muscleback irons. I still have them and the club heads are so ridiculously small it's laughable! But, if you have the skill to strike the ball near the sweet spot, bringing all that mass directly behind the ball, it will go like crazy! That's where the pros live.
  12. Buckeyebowman

    Welding class putter project

    Thanks for the additional info. I found myself wondering why you would make left handed putters!
  13. Buckeyebowman

    Champions Tour - Scott Parel (WHO??)

    Because the guys who played the PGA Tour don't want some interloper winning any of "their" money!
  14. Buckeyebowman

    Camera Captures Caddie Pleading To Player To Take a Bogey

    Ah yes, the ever popular "hero shot"! Admittedly, anyone on a "Tour" anywhere in the world probably has a better chance of pulling one off than most of us. My buddy has a bad case of hero-itis. He can be stuck dead 50 yards behind an 80 foot tall Oak and try to hit it over! Almost invariably it rattles around in the branches and ends up still in trouble. Of course, miracles do happen. The seeing eye ball that somehow negotiates that network of wood and leaves and comes out OK. This, then, becomes justification for the next attempt.
  15. Buckeyebowman

    What Has Happened to Golf?

    Even when I was working in the steel mill and making fairly decent money i still had to lay away my first "good" set of clubs, Haig Ultradyne II's. They replaced my old Sam Snead Blue Ridge. I will agree that there's nothing quite like the sound of a well struck persimmon Driver. Those things would "crack" like rifle shots!

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