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  1. Excellent post! There are additional factors, which I noticed today while driving. The Sun is getting lower in the sky and causing more glare. As far as the "automatically reaching for the seatbelt" posts, I learned to drive 50 years ago when there were no seatbelts in cars! And I don't like them! They constrict me and are uncomfortable. And I survived a double rollover on the Ohio Turnpike due to being taken off the road by a college girl who was texting while driving! Which brings up another point. The auto industry's response to all this is to introduce more things that take your attention away from the road in front of you! Add cell phones into the mix. To hear people today, I'm amazed that I, and my siblings, made it to adulthood! But then, our parents were taught to pay attention to the road in front of them. This seems like the best advice!
  2. The Architecture Thread

    Yes, maybe they should hire website designers to build the building! I've seen poor architecture in grocery stores! The top shelf was far too high for little old ladies to pick anything off of! It was hard for me to pick anything off of them, but I didn't have to stock them very often since they were basically unshoppable! Tons of wasted space. That's what I mean by efficiency.
  3. Natural Born Putter?

    Oh, I worked like the Devil at my putting back in the day! When your tee to green game is lights out and you only score 1or 2 strokes under par consistently, it becomes obvious that you can't putt! So I resolved to work at it. I developed the uncanny knack of rolling the ball on the perfect line to within 4 to 6 inches short of the cup! But, I didn't make any more birdies! So much for working at it. I like the idea of realism, and realistic expectations. I golf with some guys who expect to make every 10 footer they see! I'm not sure, but I think the Tour average is somewhere between 30 and 40% on those! Why should we amateurs expect better? And as far as the 3 foot circle goes, I once read an article that strongly contradicted this. It said to try to make every putt you look at. It corresponded to archery training. "Aim small, miss small!" Better to leave it a foot away rather than 3-4 feet! I'm just as liable to miss those as a 10 footer!
  4. Courses without "real" senior tees.

    I have never understood what "slope rating" means. Even after it was explained to me! Physicists must play this game.
  5. I like this comment! Actually, yes it could!
  6. Ping G400 irons - "strong" ?

    What is wrong with hitting your irons high? Especially your long irons! With the right amount of backspin, it helps hold slick greens. Check your yardages. Do you really need more? Or is this just dialing in to the never ending quest to hit it farther? Analyze this and determine what works best for your game!
  7. Michael Jordan on GOAT in golf

    Good comments. And Michael can smoke as many stogies as he wants. He's earned it!
  8. Challenge - Test Your Core and Balance

    To me, it looked like Tai-Chi for golf. That being said, for a 65 year old (me) some of this stuff looked like it could be a challenge! It also looked like it might do some good. So, I'm going to give it a try. Besides, with my joints, especially knees, I don't jog anymore. No sense pounding what little cartilage I have left into dust!
  9. Interesting format to say the least! We scramble two against two quite often. I've tried suggesting foursomes (alternate shot), but every else seems scared of it. Have a good time! Looking forward to future posts. Also noticed that Pitchfix is a sponsor. In reference to the ball mark repair thread, I bought one of these two years ago, and it's the best repair tool I have ever owned! I still have a nice Callaway tool, but it doesn't close like the Pitchfix, and I got tired of holes being punched in my pocket as well as my thigh! OK, wandering OT so I'll say goodbye now. Good luck!
  10. Vintage Equipment Event for the PGA Tour?

    That's a point! I'd enjoy watching today's players trying to hand hickory shafted clubs and featheries, or even Gutta Perchas! That would be all kinds of fun! But I don't think you'd get too many at the top of the money list to sign up.
  11. Heavier club head = ball goes farther?

    Very true! There is such a thing as "too light" of a swingweight! What is right for you can take some experimentation. Swing a shaft with no clubhead on it. It feels "empty". There's no "heft" to the club! You have to feel that to swing the club properly.
  12. OK, So I will ask a question here. If the vid had nothing to do with your swing, why did you post it? The "still" has nothing to do with the issue, but you posted it! Why? Are you trying to confuse people? Why post extraneous nonsense! And thank you @Hacker James ! You crystallized my thoughts exactly. What the Hell is the OP talking about!
  13. The (No) Sixes Challenge

    The challenge was "in your head"! I know it was in mine, but after a six on the very first hole the challenge went away, I was able to relax and play my game, and shot fairly well the rest of the round.
  14. Saving Belmont GC

    Weird, but when I first saw this thread, and that it referred to Tillinghast, I would have bet money that it would refer to bunkers! Tillinghast is known for a lot of things, but chief among them would be bunker design! Bunker maintenance and reconstruction being as expensive as they are, bunkers are usually the first things to suffer when a course encounters money problems! Heck, our local Donald Ross design, Mill Creek, is dumping a quarter Million dollars into bunker work on the South 18 alone! And just for the greenside bunkers! Since there are over 100 bunkers on the course as a whole, it's a big job! Hope your folks find a better way around this.
  15. Courses without "real" senior tees.

    Some thoughtful suggestions above, and thank for all the responses. Heck, it took me and my buddy a while to bite the bullet and move up to the senior tees. Again, an ego thing. But, once we did it a few times, we realized that golf was a lot more fun! It's nice to putt for the occasional birdie or even eagle rather than slug your brains out all day trying to scrape out bogies! Our situation can become complicated, however. Once in a while we'll compete against my buddy's Sister and her girlfriend in a scramble. It's all for fun, and a post round drink, and we give them lots of strokes, but the ladies are very competitive! At one particular course the senior and ladies, umm,errrr, uhhh, the gold and red tees are usually separated by a fair margin. But, on a few holes, they are crammed together in the same tee box. On the first of these the ladies started chirping pretty good when they saw us pulling up. "Hey, where's our advantage here!" They had a point. We beat them fairly handily on the front, so we had to give them more strokes on the back and play the white tees. The back nine is the harder of the two, and it ate our lunch that day! Guess who wound up buying drinks?