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  1. Buckeyebowman

    When/What Do You Eat for an 8:00 AM Tournament Tee Time?

    Heck, I just hit a local Dunkin' Donuts and get a sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich ( I already have a travel mug of coffee), and hash browns, and drive to the course. Saves time, and I can eat while driving. Going out to do anything physical (golf, hunting, fishing) I need something in my belly! Plus, I'll bring a banana, apple and fruit and nut bars to the course to tide me over if I need them. Just plan it out in advance.
  2. Buckeyebowman

    Downswing Rule #1 - Don't Hit Your Instructor

    Well, we all know what is said about Asian drivers! When I was in high school, the golf coach had a practice area set up in the "upper level" of the gym, with mats and war surplus parachutes as nets. There was another kid trying out who was built like Craig Stadler, only "thicker", if you can imagine that. I saw him cast a long iron so badly that he hit the hardwood floor behind the mat, and sent a big chunk of wood, the mat, and everything else into the netting! This dude was built like the Hulk, and was incredibly strong. Unfortunately, golf was not his game!
  3. Buckeyebowman

    TV Shows

    It's basically a culture clash. Think about it. The Brits don't like the Scots or the Irish, and vice versa. The Poles don't like the Germans or the Russians. The French don't like anybody! And so on and so on. And if we're going to face facts, racism, and playing the race card, will never disappear because there's too much money to be made! Growing up in Niles, OH, I didn't have a lot of contact with black people. I discovered later that way back in the day, Niles was a hotbed of the KKK. Even when I was growing up, there were only 3 black families in a city of 25,000! When i got old enough I went to work in a steel mill, and learned a Hell of a lot! Like, black guys were a whole lot like me!
  4. He did say the shaft hit his back shoulder. I had a shaft snap inside the grip of a 7 iron in a used set I bought. I stripped the grip and the shaft was dented at the break point. I know I didn't do that, so the previous owner must have.
  5. Buckeyebowman

    Which 2019 Driver Are You Most Excited About?

    Yeah, that's what I was waiting for when Callaway introduced the Epic. Except there weren't any year old drivers to be discounted! Every golf shop in the area sold out of them. That left the "used" market, and there weren't a whole lot of them there either!
  6. Buckeyebowman

    Are you a mudder?

    When I read the post I thought he might be referring to par. I know I murder it every time out, but in the wrong way. These days, my game is a crime of violence!
  7. Buckeyebowman

    Playing Golf Without a Thought

    I have! Unfortunately I have to say that that person was my Sister. She loved the piano and learned to play. She could read music and hit all the right notes, but she could not "make music"! This is a difficult concept to convey. She could not make the instrument "speak"! Now that I think about it, this may be a closer analogy than I originally thought. The musician takes their instrument in hand and makes it speak through music. The golfer takes their instrument in hand (the golf club) and makes it speak through golf's music. The flight of the ball! I admit it's kind of a stretch, but I kind of like it!
  8. This is great! Describes our gummint to a T!
  9. Buckeyebowman

    Are you a mudder?

    Early in the season around here, we will play in the mud. I can't tell you how much I detest hunting for plugged balls, squishing around in sopping wet, boggy fairways, and coming home filthy and mud spattered! Last year I told my buddies not to call me to play golf until the temps were warm, and the courses were dry and firm! Only problem is, if I'd had that rule in effect last year, I might have never got out! 2nd wettest year on record! It was kind of "loose" out there all year. Any time you hit a low spot, you had to trust to luck!
  10. Buckeyebowman

    Playing Golf Without a Thought

    Um, not exactly. I studied piano for many years. I was good. In a recital I could "see" the sheet music in my mind's eye. I had it memorized. 40 years ago, when I could actually play this silly game, I had my swing memorized. Actually, my grip, stance, alignment and swing.
  11. Buckeyebowman

    Why Aren't There More Heated Ranges? (Minnesota)

    I wondered if that was the dome in Chagrin Falls. We used to have one in the Youngstown area, but it collapsed last Winter and was never rebuilt. My buddy's Sister found out about the Chagrin Falls dome, so now he wants to go up there! It's probably a 45-50 minute drive. His Sister mentioned that she and her husband had to fight the urge to just smack balls as fast as they could since they were being charged by time rather than buying a bucket and taking as long as they wished to hit them. I can't see it becoming a regular thing, since it's a smidge of a hike for us to get there. But, for keeping your hand in in the dead of Winter with no alternative, it will serve fine.
  12. Buckeyebowman

    A Decently Humorous Story

    That is hilarious, and I can relate! I love seeing the first snowfall of Winter. But, a few years ago, we had one of "those" Winters! It seemed like I had to wake up early, dress heavy, and go sweep, shovel, and scrape, every Gaw Dam morning! That got old in a big hurry!
  13. Buckeyebowman

    Your First Car

    My first car was a late '60's Plymouth VIP, which was just a Plymouth Fury with cloth seats and A/C! My Mom wanted to buy a new car and sold it to me for a Thou! Not cheap, but still a bargain. And I remember the shriek that came out of her when she walked outside to discover that I had most of the interior ripped out of the thing in order to install a kick ass stereo! My first new car is an interesting story. We went to the local Chrysler/Plymouth dealer to have a look. My Step Dad kept pushing the Duster! Remember the Plymouth Duster? There were some "hotter" models of that car, but the one we were looking at was not one of those! Six cylinders, bench seats, baby crap brown. It was a "grannymobile"! I kept looking and spotted the Barracuda! And it was my Mom who told me that if that was the car I really wanted, then that's what I should buy! God bless my Mom! To give you some idea of the time period involved, there was only about $600 difference between the price of the Duster and the Cuda. The Duster was priced at, as I recall, about $2600! The Cuda ran me about $3200! Admittedly the Cuda wasn't the most "practical" choice. Not with the white vinyl top and white interior! I had to work my butt off to keep the thing clean! But it was a hell of a nice car!
  14. Buckeyebowman

    The Best (worst) Spelling and Grammar Errors Thread

    Last week in the local paper, "The Burger Guyz" had an article rating another upscale burger joint that are now all over the area. The description of one burger included the type of cheese that was on it, "Monetary Jack"! Hmmmm, sounds expensive! No wonder the plate was priced at $12!
  15. Buckeyebowman

    Srixon Golf Balls

    Maybe the SeRM are intended for women only? Seriously though, every Srixon ball that I've found has felt great when I've hit it, and seemed to carry a good distance. I honestly don't know why I've never bought any! Maybe I'm stuck in a rut.

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