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  1. Buckeyebowman

    GHIN - Should it be called PITA?!

    OK, here's the deal. As I mentioned, a lot of the problem was caused by Firefox, who seemed to be suddenly over concerned with the "strength" of my password! Sometimes I think that Firefox is getting too big for it's britches! They would put in a little "mini pop up" that would cover the "verify password field"! I looked and discovered that all I had to do was hit "enter" and this would be rectified. So, I did that and the entire screen would disappear, only to reappear with the password field not looking right! My GHIN password has 8 characters. When the screen reappeared, the password field was filled with dots! Many more than 8 characters! I cancelled and restarted the process several times, and the same thing kept happening. Finally, in a leap of faith, where the whole field of dots appeared in both the password and verify password fields, I hit the button to complete the profile. But I wasn't done yet! Somehow my Zip code had disappeared, which I distinctly remember entering the first time around. I entered the Zip code and tried to complete again! I get a bounce back telling me that the Zip code doesn't correspond to any state! Why? Because the state field is now empty! Jesus H.Christ! WTF is going on around here?! And Bill Chao. I have no problems with computers provided that they are set up logically. I've figured a whole lot out on my own! My only problems lie when programmers assume that everyone is as computer literate as they are! I'm 65, soon to be 66, and my time to study computers was many years ago. This was when computers were large machines featuring reel to reel magnetic tape drives, enclosed in large, glass walled, air conditioned rooms, and tended to by people in white lab coats! Programming was done on punch cards. You know, the old "do not fold, bend, spindle or mutilate" cards! That didn't interest me at all. I was more into astrophysics. Anyway, I got it done. My handicap index is established, But I still have some ideas. Why not establish a default "home state" setting for posting scores considering where the user lives? I got a little tired of starting out at Arkansas! Yes, I know people do cross state lines to play golf, but how many times does that really happen?
  2. Buckeyebowman

    GHIN - Should it be called PITA?!

    Well, finally got my GHIN # from my "home" course, and set up my profile this evening. I did this because I am going to enter the GGOV (Greatest Golfer Of the Valley) tournament sponsored by the local newspaper, the Youngstown Vindicator. They want GHIN #'s and specific HI's, though not for scoring! It's a scratch scoring tourney. It's only for pairings! Which I understand. And some of the problem had to do with the browser, Firefox, and their fetish about password security! Anyway, I eventually waded through the morass, answering a number of hanging questions on intuition alone, and got it done. So now I have my official GHIN handicap index! Here's where it kind of grabs my ass! If you will look at any of my prior posts, you will see that my profile features a handicap of 13.5. After all the "sturm und drang" of this evening, the almighty USGA calculates my Handicap Index to be 13.4! I missed the "Holy of Holys" by one tenth of percentage point by dead reckoning?! What can this mean? Maybe it means that I'm honest! EDIT: Excuse me, but I put my profile index at 13, not 13.5 as I stated previously. So, I missed it a bit more than what I thought, but not all that much. I missed it by 4/10ths and not 1/10th!
  3. Buckeyebowman

    Has this ever happened to you? What should I do?

    @Darth_Fader , you are speaking my language! Golf is different! As iacas says, "Golf is hard!" I used to walk and carry, do 36 a day, all that stuff. A couple of years ago a friend and I went to a course that I hadn't played in a coon's age. Which is American for a really long time! It's in SE Ohio, which basically means West Virginia, and it's like playing golf in the Himalayas! As we went around the course, in carts, I kept saying to myself, "I used to walk this place?!" I must have been part mountain goat back then. Sometimes I think we lose perspective on just how strong we were back in the day. A long stressful day of travel and other annoyances can mimic that, and cause you to perform like someone 20 years your senior. When your energy is gone, it's gone!
  4. Buckeyebowman

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    This will sound like a really stupid question, but I've never been there, so I don't know. Does Carnoustie have fairway watering? The reason I ask is the contrast between the baked, brown fairways and the lush, "slow" greens! I would find it hard to believe that they don't, being that they are in the Open Championship rota. It just reminds me of a course where I used to play in a league that had water for tees and greens only. The first year we joined, a fellow member told us, in May, "Enjoy it now, guys! It'll never look this green again!" By this time of year and through August, it looked a lot like Carnoustie does now!
  5. Buckeyebowman

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    Many years ago my buddy and I went to play a course we were not that familiar with in the middle of one of the worse droughts we've ever seen. On a 360 yard par 4 he ran a ball right through the foursome in front of us who were putting! When you are driving on blacktop, it's not that hard to do! And let the greens dry out as well! Give them just enough water to keep them alive! This could really be fun!
  6. Buckeyebowman

    Heavy Air?

    I think it's more the golfer and not the temp or humidity, up to a point. Here in the midwest we can get the gift of both high temps and humidity! People make jokes about the folks in Arizona saying "it's a dry heat", but there is something to it. I've been in the Napa Valley of California in August when the temps were an honest to God 110F! Yet, it was livable. At 25% humidity our skin stayed dry and our clothing was not pasted to us! Yes, it was hot, but not as oppressive as similar conditions in the midwest.
  7. My buddy "tin cups" it all the time. I ask him what good it does, since the object of the game is to do it right the first time! I'm with you, Patch. The only time I have "swing thoughts" is when I'm working on something at the range. When I'm playing and trying to make a score, I switch to what I call "shot thoughts". In my mind I see the shot I want to hit, and then try to hit it. Sometimes it happens, other times it doesn't. If it doesn't, all I have is my next chance to hit a decent shot. It makes no sense to dwell on the past. It also seems to help me if I pick a "hard target" for every shot. Harvey Penick called it "taking dead aim". I suppose golfers today would call it "committing to the shot".
  8. Buckeyebowman

    Hit my hybrid way better than my irons

    What he said!^^^^ I had been playing golf for close to 30 years, and suddenly found I couldn't get my 2 iron in the air anymore! I could hit it about as high as the gutters on a ranch style house. This was also just after the advent of hybrids. I tried a Cleveland 2 hybrid and fell in love with it immediately! It would have been nice to see a club to club comparison. I don't understand a 190 yard 3 hybrid and an 80 yard PW. Something seems "off" to me in that scenario. So, yes, a member swing thread might be in order.
  9. Buckeyebowman

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    Good grief! That looks like Chinese checkers! I think that being so burned out could actually add to the problems, with the ball running forever and into trouble. It will be an interesting watch.
  10. Buckeyebowman

    Has this ever happened to you? What should I do?

    This is a point. When you reach a certain age, too much can be too much! A couple of years ago my buddy's Son had a week off, I had some gift certs to some local courses, so we golfed it up! We played 5+ rounds that week as we went for 27 some days. At the end of that week I was wiped out! I'm in my 60's, so I'm sure you can understand. The course, the game, your self, changes day by day. You can't expect to have the same game every day. It's like Plato said. "It's impossible to step into the same stream twice!"
  11. Buckeyebowman

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    Does it really matter what Air France gives a shit about, or what Graeme McDowell gives a shit about! These are not Air France's clubs, they are McDowell's clubs! Therefore, he should give more of a shit about them than Air France! Look, I'm more conservative than many on this forum, but that does not mean that I feel that businesses can do no wrong! We've all been treated badly by big business a time or two, so why can't you find this apropos! If I'm going to play in a Major Championship, I want to play my clubs!
  12. Buckeyebowman

    Announcers Not Knowing the Rules of Golf

    Damn! If mountains in Utah are affecting my putts, I have no idea where to hit them! I live in NE Ohio! Believe me, I have enough trouble as it is!
  13. Buckeyebowman

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $10M

    I wouldn't. But then, I don't watch anything that's PPV! Oh! Sort of like "Battle at Bighorn, Inc."! Heard some speculation on the radio the other day that if this is successful, what future matches might follow? Maybe somebody had some inside dope? I also heard that Phil and Tiger might have some of their own skin in the game. Just enough to make it hurt a little if they lost it. Considering what you've reported, I guess that means a heavier investment in the business by the losing party.
  14. OK, you think Bob Toski is a shlub! Well, when your accolades exceed his, I will listen!
  15. Buckeyebowman

    The Yips

    I like iacas' suggestions. Focus on what you WANT to do, not on what you DON'T want to do. I have a buddy who does this constantly! Don't hit it there, don't do this, don't do that! I told him that instead of filling his mind w/negative thoughts, he should think about what he DOES want to do! Pick a target and hit it there. I know I tend to play much better when I can get myself to do that. I believe it's called "committing to the shot".

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