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  1. After re-viewing the vid again I do see some slight movement at the very beginning. But it's amazing how still that camera is held even when the ball is rocketing toward it! Where did this come from? Twitter posts? I'm not on Twitter, but I can view the vids. What are the chances? When you can "bend it like Beckham", pretty good I guess!
  2. Hmmmm, interesting! Your comment about fat shots caused me to go back and look at the original pic you posted. In addition to flipping, look at your body position. You're not turning your body through the swing. Your body is very static. That can lead to fat shots. Forget the shrink and find a workout facility that concentrates on flexibility. We all lose that as we age, and need all the help we can get with it!
  3. Sounds like my buddy before I convinced him otherwise. I had come to the realization that I should finally move up to the gold tees. My buddy refused to believe it, insisting he was still pumping drives out there 260-270. So, I'd let him tee off from the whites, I'd tee of from the golds and outdrive him! I should have just got even with him. The moment of truth finally came on a, for him, 400 yard par 4. He hit his usual drive, and I asked him how for he thought he hit it. He said he caught it decent, so about 260. When we got to his ball he checked his Garmin watch and had 180 in! I asked him if he hit that drive 260 why did he have 180 in and not 140? Did the course make a 40 yard mistake in measuring the hole, or is the GPS off. Being a hardhead he actually insisted that his GPS must be off, so he hit his 140 club, nailed it and, of course, wound of 40 yards short! I think that's when the realization finally set in!
  4. Hell, you don't really need that to not go shopping on Black Friday, but I do appreciate the excuse! I and my buddies have played the day after Thanksgiving, the day after Christmas, the day after New Years Day, and any other day it got warm enough to play.I remember one Winter where it was quite cold, but didn't really snow very much. During the "January Thaw", as we call it, we had a day get up in the upper 50's. We hit an area course that was open that has a lot of lakes on it. They were all frozen over, so we could pretty much disregard them.
  5. I've noticed that when a course gets into financial difficulty, the first thing to go are the bunkers! Bunkers are expensive to build, maintain, and repair. Mill Creek Golf Course near me, 36 holes, spent about a half million dollars over the last two years re-doing the bunkers. Some were just sharpen up the edges and put new sand in, others were total rebuilds. Then, this Spring, twenty inches of rain in a week flooded the course and did a real number on them! They did yeoman work once it dried out to get the greenside bunkers back in shape. But even by Labor Day for the YSU Lady's Invitational, many fairway bunkers still had white paint around them, and GUR painted on what little sand was left in them! This is an old Donald Ross course and is quite well bunkered. However, I can't really think of a forced carry over a bunker to a green. There is one that looks that way, but it isn't. The bunker is a good 20-25 yards in front of the green. Ross used the lay of the land to trick your eye! And yes, I hate playing out of poorly maintained bunkers, but you just need to learn to hit some different shots to get out them. But I am reminded of Harvey Penick's advice to a student who asked him to explain how to get out of a bunker. Penick said he could show him that, but would rather show him how to stay out of them in the first place.
  6. I traded an A wedge for an Odyssey putter equipped with the largest Super Stroker grip, which was old and slick. I went to the local shop and checked every putter grip in the store. I came upon a Lamkin paddle that fit my hands perfectly! I've been putting lights out ever since!
  7. Oh, so you have a "Chili Open" too! We usually have ours in January or February, just to make sure it's especially bitter! I remember a promo vid from some years ago where the wind was howling, peeled up the artificial turf green, and blew it away! The golfers just laughed, and then adjourned for beers and chili!
  8. Makes a lot of sense to me as well. I remember distinctly a round where I parked a drive in the right rough on a par 5, and needed to hit a low punch under an overhanging limb, to get it back out into the fairway. I took a low iron, back when I still hit low irons, played it back in my stance, and hit it with a lot of forward shaft lean. The results were incredible! The ball took off like it had been nuked! And you know what? I didn't really swing all that hard!
  9. Yep! Not blue herons! We have tons around here, including several big rookeries where they nest! They really don't make much noise except when they squawk. A very guttural, raspy sound!
  10. Ooh! I had a Saddam during a local tournament. Then thinking about it, maybe not. I simply hit from one "lobe" of a massive bunker into another lobe! So, I was in the same bunker. I don't know what that's called. Since it was lobe to lobe, maybe we could call it getting "earholed"! Ask your caddie!
  11. Well, unless it was at the old Bob Hope Desert Classic! Here's something to consider. I've played a ton of golf at Mill Creek Park GC, which is an old Donald Ross design dating back to the late 1920's. It's not that easy. But, I go out and watch the Youngstown State U women's golf team's invitational every September since I ran into it by accident 3 years ago. Some of these ladies can really golf their ball! 2 years ago, one of the YSU golfers, shot a 68 the first day, and a 64 the next, against a par of 72! This was a 20 year old woman! Imagine what a Tour pro could do!
  12. I'm not up on all the new stuff, but don't you have to PAY for Netflix?!
  13. I almost called off work. I went out late and basically did nothing but hug people all day! I was in sales, and nobody was in a mood to buy!
  14. Yes, Father Time can suck it, and also be undefeated!
  15. I was pretty good as "guesstimating" my handicap, but it was in no way official! When I became a member here I guessed my handicap at 13 as you will see in my avatar. Then, I wanted to enter a local tournament sponsored by the local newspaper, and needed an official HI, so I signed up for GHIN and started posting scores. I wound up at a 13.4, so pretty close. Unfortunately, the local paper went out of business, so I have no idea if there will be a tournament next year. If there isn't, I'll drop the GHIN subscription.
  16. Buckeyebowman

    GHIN ?

    I used NOGA, the Northern Ohio Golf Association, to get my GHIN number and HI. This was suggested to me by a member here. Don't look at the GHIN website, it looked like no course around here offered the service. Looked at the NOGA site, and there were courses galore! I simply went to the one closest to me, asked about it, and they signed me up. I was ready to start posting scores. Easy peasy! It does have a cost associated with it.
  17. Yeah, we're looking at about 3" of snow overnight. We do have some courses that remain open year round, weather permitting. Sometimes the weather permits, usually it does not. And it's not looking like an "El Nino" Winter!
  18. I also don't like being a "dewsweeper", but late in the season I may not have a choice. I dislike the soft, muddy conditions early in the season. I hit the ball short enough these days, even when getting some decent roll out. Wind doesn't really bother me that much unless it's just howling! As the Scots say, "Nae wind, nae golf!" Elevation changes do make estimating yardage a challenge, but I really don't mind it. There's a formerly private club outside of Cleveland that we play several times a year that has that feature in spades! We love the place! Also, large greens with lots of contour! Love that too. I guess I find more to like about golf than dislike. That may be why I've played this game for over 50 years! Holy crap, did that make me feel old!
  19. I think it was mounted on a tripod. I also think it was much the worse for wear after the shot it took!
  20. Sometimes it's good to take a little break from golf. Look at the pros. They all have a game that we envy, yet they take a break now and then to decompress. Where I live the break is kind of imposed on us! Yet, I believe that I have played golf in every month of the year, just not every year. I'm also retired and do a lot more than golf. I fish, hunt wild game and edible wild mushrooms. Plus, I have yard and veggie garden work that keeps me busy during the warmer months. Always something to do. And iacas is right. Your release looks pretty "flippy".
  21. Many, many years ago, I bought a dozen of Wilson Staff "Smart Core" balls, I don't know how smart the cores were, but the covers were pretty bright! They were incredibly soft and "spinny". I could play some pretty good golf back them, and was raising "pigtails" off the cover on every iron shot! I played one ball through the entirety of the round, and at the end the surface of the ball felt like sandpaper!
  22. Think about it. The northern, cooler climes are better for the bent grasses, which are the best grasses for golf! Southern climes are more conducive to Bermuda grasses, which can be some nasty, snarly stuff to hit a ball from. A couple of my buddies went down to Florida over the Winter to unwind, and play some golf. At the first course they played, they ran into a starter from their hometown! When the starter found out that they were from his old stomping grounds, he asked if they had ever played on Bermuda grass before. When they said no, he told them they might try putting the ball a little further back in their stance. When they described their rounds to me, they said, "back in the stance, Hell!"! "How about BEHIND the stance!" I agree! Winter seemed to come in with a vengeance! We've already had freeways closed because of snow and ice, but that may have more to do with the local road department than the weather itself! Seems they were asleep at the wheel! Still, the weather is here, and I do wish you were beautiful!
  23. I said this to my playing partners years ago! This was back when you were supposed to vacate the green on a par 3 to let the following group hit up and begin walking up to the green. Carts have made this obsolete! We had reached the green on a long, uphill, par 3, that played into the wind, and usually called for at least 2 clubs more for the yardage! We marked our balls and stood aside for the approach shots. When the guys behind us were firing away, I mentioned that we might be safer if we were all clustered around the flagstick!
  24. I completely understand. Back in the day, there were no obstacles that I could not overcome! At the height of my powers I felt like I could push over a brick wall just by pressing on it! Not so today. My buddy and I have gone out to play courses that we used to in the past. Some of them are quite hilly! I am astounded that I used to be able to walk these courses! I must have been part mountain goat!
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