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  1. I hear you on the bag tags. I have a few from the "famous" courses I have played. They "clacked" around on the bag so much that I couldn't stand it! So, I took them off and have them stashed in the house, God knows where! Please tell us what Pine Valley and Royal County Down were like!
  2. You wouldn't know it. #9 at Flying B GC near Salem, OH. Yes, and we only see Pebble being played by pros! Which we are far from being! If you read my OP, you will see that it's about 15 yards on one side of the tree, and about 10 yards on the other! Are you really that accurate?! Hell, the pros might have trouble with those dimensions! But the distance says they would just blow their drives right over the top of the tree! We mortals don't have that option!
  3. Hmmmm! Playing a boring, low interest course near Detroit! Could you possible be thinking of Oakland Hills? The course where Hogan won the US Open and said he "slayed the beast?!"! I certainly hope not! If so, that player was extremely ignorant, and should be beaten within an inch of his life!
  4. Yeah, More COVID fear porn! Please! Post all the stats you want, I thought Spieth faded over the weekend. I took a statistics class in college. The main thing it showed me was that you can get stats to say anything you want. If you're not getting the numbers you like, turn it upside down and look at it. Or backward, or inside out! This puts me solidly in Benjamin Disraeli's camp! You want an example of playing on the weekend? Local boy Jason Kokrak shot 65 on Saturday and 64 on Sunday to finish second. That's 11 under just on the weekend! And he had a birdie putt on 18 graze the edge that would have put him into the playoff.
  5. B.A.D. has come to resemble David Duval back in the day. Remember how Duval lost all that weight and lost his game at the same time?
  6. Buckeyebowman


    Hell, I'm still confused by the new rules! And just because you're posting for handicap, doesn't mean you are in a competition. And even if I'm playing for just a dollar, can't I concede a hole to keep things moving? I know, I know, only in match play! But what about unsanctioned play?
  7. Buckeyebowman


    I think, as far as handicap index is concerned, nothing above a double bogey is considered? If I'm wrong please correct me. As I understood it, once you were 2 over you should just pick up your ball and mark down a double bogey! Who knows with the new, revised rules? And the "world" HI!
  8. In our area, the local paper would run a "Hardest Holes in the Valley" poll! Number 13 at Mill Creek North would win the hardest 13th every year! It was a dogleg left, uphill, 445 yard par 4 (from the tips), that was squeezed on the left by huge oak trees, and on the right by two enormous fairway bunkers!
  9. In NE Ohio it seems to be all over the map.Some place are singles in carts only, some places are doubles with a divider, and some other places are doubles with NO divider! Played at Firestone Farms a little while ago. This is a course near here that @iacas and some other members of TST played recently. They have installed plexiglas dividers on their carts. Didn't really matter since I was a member of a threesome and got the lone cart. Still, that divider, flapping around in the breeze, just tattooed the hell out of my right elbow!
  10. I know that I do. I can't stand slow play. Whether from the group in front of me or from members of my own group! I have a buddy who is on the slow side, and it gets worse if he is not playing well. One time, he was fussing around, taking forever, when I stepped up and hit my shot even though I was not away. He yells, "Hey! What the hell are you doing?" I yelled back, "Playing ready golf. What the hell are you doing besides taking forever?!" To tell you the truth, I sometimes think he does this on purpose because he knows I hate slow play!
  11. Probably a Canadian. They're all ice heads up there! And they like hockey.
  12. I think there needs to be an age component attached to this question. When I was young and strong, the temp and humidity didn't matter a bit! I could power through. The only thought I had about the heat was that it made the ball fly real good!
  13. This also reminds me of the guys who drop another ball after a missed shot. What's the point? You need to do it the first time! Yep! Sounds like you might freeze up over the ball. I learned a long time ago to trust my instincts as to read, and go with my first impression. That works better for me. Find your line, make two practice strokes, then step up and make the putt!
  14. If that was the case, I'd congratulate him! One's actions have consequences! Player's kids need to learn that, along with everyone else's!
  15. I was going to guess that the yacht was 120 feet. Turns out it's 155 feet! It's a ship, not a boat!
  16. This is one of the most stupid things I've ever read! It USED to work fine. Cops in England were unarmed for a long time. Guess what? They're armed now! Why? Because the criminals are! Especially the terrorists. I refuse to engage in "white guilt". I've never owned slaves, nor have any of my ancestors. They all arrived here in not the best financial circumstances and worked their way up. They had ambition. and you know what? So did many black folk. They wanted to build a better future for their children until the government crushed it with the "War on Poverty"!
  17. I don't care. I just set up and putt, or chip, my two balls toward whatever hole I want. If that disturbs the clods, so be it! I figure that maybe that would clue them in to the objectional aspect of their behavior. But, clods are clods, and don't recognize much.
  18. Same here. Played Firestone Farms 2 weeks ago as a member of a threesome, and I got the cart by myself. I still felt crowded due to the plexiglass divider flapping around in the breeze and tattooing the hell out of my right elbow!
  19. Yeah, I didn't understand the supposed confusion either. Your original post seemed clear to me.
  20. All ball players do is NOT mention the fact that the pitcher has a no hitter going, as it is considered bad luck. Baseball players are the most superstitious folks on the planet! We played Windmill Lakes last week and my buddy had made about a half mile of putts, which is saying something on those greens! He slid another long one right on the edge of hole and yelled, "Jesus God! I can't make a putt today!" I laughed and said, "Who hell do you think you're kidding?!" Golfers may be superstitious, but they are also habitual needlers.
  21. Happy for you that you have that kind of control! I'm thinking of a particular course, with a tree in the fairway, that gives you maybe 15-20 yards on the right of the tree, and 10 yards on the left to fit a drive into! I don't recall Tour tolerances as that tight! It's just ridiculous!
  22. We have quite a few Ross courses in my area, two in my hometown, Mill Creek North Course and South Course. Back in the day, for whatever reason, they decided to get rid of the big mounds behind the 5th green on the South course. They replaced them with a bunch of little humps that I called pimples! It looked nothing like a Ross course should look, and I screamed blue bloody murder! Nothing happened for a while, and I kept screaming. I told them that they should promote the fact that Ross designed these courses! That they didn't understand what a treasure they possessed! Guess what? Nowadays that's all they do! "Mill Creek Golf Course, a Donald Ross design!" That appears on nearly everything they sell! I should have gone into marketing! Well, the "pimples" disappeared but the mounds never returned. It's just flat behind that green now. There hasn't really been any redesign here either. This course was designed for play by the public. it was not designed like Pinehurst #2 or Seminole that could challenge the game's best from the tips. The Tour pros would rip this place to pieces, but it's good enough for who it's for!
  23. Sounds like those folks have some common sense. I find bunkers in the middle of greens gimmicky, as I do trees in the middle of a fairway! Stripe a drive right down the middle and you have tree trouble? What the heck?..
  24. I'm with you cp! Give me well designed and maintained courses that are affordable to play. Today we played Windmill Lakes, an upscale daily fee course here in NE Ohio. As a senior I paid 30 bucks! Going rate for everyone else was $42! Nice discount! And it's one helluva course!
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