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  1. Yeah. I have to figure that they wouldn't encounter very much "dew' in the desert southwest!
  2. Yep! Don't get all bent out of shape about it. Why do they need your permission? It's not your website. I've had it happen to me when I put up a title that I thought would be mysterious and attract attention. I was wrong. As far as the original point of the thread goes... Haters gonna hate, cheaters gonna cheat! They're not only fooling others, they are fooling themselves!
  3. You're like me. I look for tees left over and haven't bought tees in well over 10 years. My buddy calls them "Gary's gold"!
  4. It wouldn't be a set of Sam Snead "Blue Ridge" clubs would it? That would be my first set of "real" golf clubs, given to me by my parents over 50 years ago! They bought them from some department store that was back then, maybe Kresge's or Woolworth's. I think the clubs were swingweighted about a D8!
  5. True that! Something has to pay for the telecast. Oh Lord! I wanted to shoot myself when the "Gruppo Salinas" ad would come on for the thousandth time! And the pace of play was abysmal!
  6. The comments above make me happy that I have no idea who the guy is!
  7. In one of David Feherty's books he responds to a question by a reader, who asked why when one pro golfer started putting their shades on their hats with the lenses in the back, everybody else followed. He replied, something like, "Because they all got calls from their agents telling the players not to cover up the logo on the hat! Those people are paying you money and Oakley, or whoever's re-entry shields you are wearing, are not! And if they are, where's my percentage?!" Exactly! Boogie mentioned Euro soccer teams. The money some of those players get make some American sports look like absolute pikers!
  8. I had the occasion to attend a few practice rounds for the WGC Bridgestone when it was at Firestone CC in Akron. The 4 tourney pin positions are marked on the greens with dots of paint. While the golfers are putting out their approach shots, the caddies move around the greens looking for those paint dots. They carry cup sized discs that they place over the paint dots, and the golfers then putt to them from various places on the green. I don't know if it's the same at the majors, but at the Masters everybody knows where the pins will be anyway! I found one of those at a Goodwill store for $2.99! How could I not buy it? I never played it, but took it to the range and compared it to my current gamer. My experience was the same as yours. Then I gave to a friend who I actually bought it for. He maintained that he couldn't stand the "canteloupe on a broomstick" look of modern Drivers.
  9. Why not just take the club to your local golf store and spend nothing other than time and gas? I'm sure they have a swingweight scale and will allow you to use it. Some years ago, I wanted to shorten a Driver. I needed to know the swingweight before I did that, and took it to a local golf shop. I asked if they had a scale, and could I use it I was never turned down. I just realized that I don't know how far away your nearest golf shop is. I see you are in the Rocky Mountain west.
  10. OK, you read a different article than I did. That's why I included in my reply "And I don't know if this qualifies as cheating"! Reading comprehension is a wonderful thing. But, don't feel too bad about it. I've made mistakes myself. The point being that both players could have a stress free round of golf knowing they were both going home with a predetermined amount of money!
  11. The last few times I've seen Spieth on a golf telecast it hardly seemed like he was self satisfied, or "coasting"! His lack of performance seems to be eating him alive! And instead of looking at Spieth, let's look at Tiger. What did he go through to get back out there and compete? And his net worth throws Spieth into deep shade! Sorry, but I have to disagree, and I honestly don't know where to start! Let me go sentence by sentence. As far as spoiled brats go, if you are one of the best in the world at what you do, and you're NOT making money, you are doing something very wrong! And I think that painting them all as "spoiled brats" is painting with a very broad brush! As far as naivete and innocence, I'm wondering just when you lost yours. Was it before 10, like most of us? 7,8, or 9 years old when it happened? And think what you will about early success, it guarantees nothing. And you have no right to ascribe any thought process to anyone else! @iacas, I will apologize in advance here. But, when @Carl3 talks about the Olympic spirit, he reminds me of poor, old, brain addled Avery Brundage prattling on about the "purity" of Olympic competition. Meanwhile, under his nose, the skiers, skaters, track and field competitors, hockey players, etc. were making money hand over fist! All the IOC did after he retired was recognize reality! After they changed the rules, USA Basketball was going to do the same old thing. Cobble together a college all star team. When the IOC got wind of that, they went to USA BBall and said NNNNNNNO! The ticket buying public wants to see the best, and they want to see your NBA players! That became the "Dream Team", and it changed basketball world wide! And college football is "approaching" that? OMG! Where have you been?! For about at least a half century! And that goes for basketball as well. There are sugar daddies and hundred dollar handshakes all over the place!
  12. Doesn't surprise me, you're a 2.9! What HI is your buddy?
  13. Hey, if it works, and as long as it conforms, who cares?! There was a post on here years ago where a guy built himself a "punch out" club. He had an old 2 iron, and either just pulled it from the shaft or mounted it on the shaft of a 7 iron. That's what he used when he had to punch out of the woods and keep the ball low. As far as what the rest of his set looks like? I don't really think that I want to know!
  14. And then there's the other side of the coin. Roberto Devincenzo signed for an incorrect score, kept by a playing opponent, and lost the Masters because of it. He would have been in a playoff if that score had been accepted, or won the Masters outright if the score had been kept correctly. I think! It was a long time ago! And I don't know if this qualifies as cheating, but Nicklaus and Palmer were in a playoff for the 1962 US Open at Oakmont. In that day you had to come back on Monday and play 18 to decide things. I read an article that said, in the locker room before the match, Palmer asked Nicklaus if he wanted to "split it". Meaning split the pot. Apparently, this was a common occurrence back then and, who knows, maybe today. If I recall correctly, the purse was $10,000 to the winner, $5,000 for second place. So, they could go out, play a stress free round of golf, and both head home with $7,500 in their pocket! Big money in '62! Reportedly, Nicklaus thought about it for a few seconds and said, "No, I'd rather play it straight," , and Palmer replied, "That's what I thought you'd say".
  15. If I don't miss my guess, this place wouldn't be all that far from Erin Hills, where the US Open was held a few years ago. Looks great. Two Coore/Crenshaw courses, plus a Kidd course from the guy who designed Bandon Dunes? That's a lot of golf! The lodging prices seemed fairly reasonable. Seems to be pretty new, so I don't know if there are a lot of reviews out there yet. North central Wiscy seems to be becoming the hottest new destination in American golf.
  16. Oh! So that would get me under 10! Even better! Haven't been in single digits in quite a while!
  17. Here's a couple of examples. The first is Dustin Johnson's caddie, who just happens to be his Brother. I've heard on the golf telecasts that he has higher clubhead speed with the Driver than DJ! But, who knows where it goes? So DJ plays and his Bro caddies. The other example is me. A few years ago, we were playing a local upscale, daily fee course. The hole was a 399 yard par 4. We were still playing the white tees, even though I had lost a bit of speed. If I could pump a drive out there 230, I was good! My buddy was still fooling himself, thinking he was hitting it 260-270. He hit his usual drive, and somehow, I really blasted one! Before we left the tee I asked my buddy how long he thought he hit that drive. He said 250-260. We get to his ball and he has 179 in, meaning he hit that drive 220! This is verified by GPS btw. I pointed it out to him and he got pissed! Meanwhile I can see my ball much further down the fairway. When we drove up to it the GPS read 100 yards. Meaning I had hit that drive 299 yards, at 63 years of age! This is the greatest example of an "outlier" that I can imagine! Somehow, by accident, I had done everything perfectly and really launched one! Hadn't happened for years before that, and hasn't happened since! But it illustrates that it CAN happen.
  18. That makes sense for you guys. Me? I'm a 13.8. So, a 25% reduction is 3.45 strokes! I'd take that in a heartbeat.
  19. True. And seeing as how most pros get their balls for free (I guess), how did that odd ball wind up in his bag? I can appreciate Henley's confusion. Packaging error at Acushnet?
  20. This is easy, the second option. First of all I would not want to have to buy a second set of clubs just so I could play left handed. Plus, the first option would reduce my HI by nearly 3.5 strokes.
  21. Bastard! I've heard the forecast. Gonna be clear & cold tonight, cloud up tomorrow with a chance of flurries or snow showers. Most of it supposed to slide a little south of us. Still calling for 50 on Sunday. We will see.
  22. That's what I do! I carry a sweet & salty nut bar, and a package of peanut butter crackers plus a couple of bottles of water. Plenty to keep me going for the round. Also, I make sure I get some food in my belly before the round. We wait til after the round to eat so we can enjoy it without rushing. And it's usually not at the course. We find a restaurant nearby and chow down!
  23. I used to walk and carry. Then I walked and pulled a cart. Eventually, once my knees were shot, I succumbed to riding in a cart. I held out as long as I could. You make it sound like you have far too much info about the body! This indulges you to worry about absolutely everything! And I've never played a 6 hour round riding in a cart. But, I don't know where you are playing.
  24. We're planning 9 holes for this Sunday when it's supposed to be in the 50's. It's coming, slowly but surely! We were supposed to get a bunch of rain overnight, but it pretty much missed us, and we got a sprinkle. The forecast calls for dry weather from now til Sunday, so that's hopeful. But, it's the weather forecasters making that call, and who can tell what they know? Plus, an additional hazard in NE Ohio in the winter is that, after a prolonged spell of cold weather, a layer of ice will develop a few inches underground, and it will stay frozen long after the surface thaws. It simply will NOT let the water drain down through the soil! Plus, we have a lot of clay soils around here, and they do much the same!
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