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  1. I can remember that view from many "Crosby Clambakes" in years past before Cypress Point removed itself from the rota. A spectacular hole, and a nicely done painting! Thank you.
  2. I dress for the weather and where I'm playing. Last week my buddy's Son was on vacation, and we had bought some "golf cards" that allowed us to play a local high rent country club at a significant discount. I dressed to the nines for that round. All performance fabrics of course, as hot and sticky as it's been around here. But, I looked good! Yesterday I played league at a little, busted ass 9 holer nearby. I wore some old workout shorts and an Under Armour tee shirt that I've had for probably 15 years! But nobody, including the owner of the course who is in the league, cares all that much. People show up to play this course in all manner of dress. It's decidedly casual. So, I was dressed good enough for who it's for! BTW, I'm playing the TST NE Ohio outing near Norwalk this weekend. It looks like a really nice place, so I'll be dressed to the nines for that round as well.
  3. I think it's a contributing factor, but by no means the sole reason. And, at times, there are very good reasons to fear nature. Old Ma Nature is an unforgiving bitch who will kill you if you confront her while being ignorant or unprepared! As someone who has fished and hunted for half a century, I can attest. But, I think the overarching reasons are simply the cost and time involved. We're a "microwave" society, and we don't like to wait. How long did TST take to load on your computer? If it took longer than 10 seconds you'd be screaming!
  4. Thanks Hardspoon. Yeah, same here for the last two days. Guess how much rain we got? Nada! It's so widely scattered, it's really hit or miss. I'll bring my magic umbrella. Anytime I bring it on the course, it never rains! Well, except for that one time. But I figure an umbrella is allowed at least one mistake. It poured at the course, but basically nowhere else. We sat tight, rode it out, and finished the round. It will be interesting to see him swing the sticks. Maybe you can talk him into giving a clinic. I also think, since he's a + HI, you should multiply by 1.25.
  5. This is a good point! I read, many years ago, an article where the author criticized course design for contributing to slow play, much as you have described. A particular local course comes to mind. Unfortunately it no longer exists. It fell to the auctioneers hammer a few years ago, and is now a cattle ranch! They started you out with a kind of leggy par 5, not really reachable by most, and you could easily get three foursomes on it. This was followed up by a bitching hard par 3, and that's where everything would stack up! The back nine was no better, which started you out with an incredibly hard par 4, that played like a 5, followed by an even longer par 3 than the front nine! Don't get me wrong. I loved this course! But, for a public track, it was a bad design!
  6. There's a local radio screamer who talks a lot of sports, but also everything else. His favorite sports are pro baseball, pro football, and pro basketball. He's now much for college sports. But, he does allow that the best, pure athletes on the planet are gymnasts! As he puts it, "They do things you can't believe!" I guess that's why we hear "USA! USA! USA!", or "BRASIL!, BRASIL!, BRASIL!" Despite the "one-worlders" protests, the Olympic Games remain one of the best representations of nationalism left on the planet!
  7. I'll tell you how. I used to be able to buy it "a la carte" for so much per month on Dish Network. Then, they changed their ways and demanded that I buy their top of the line "package" in order to get it. I told them to f**k off! There's no way I'm going to knuckle under to that kind of crap!
  8. Kyle, congrats for fighting through and posting a good score. The only experience I have to compare is playing in a "shamble" outing at a local country club last year. This is the hardest golf course I have ever played in my life! The greens drove everyone in my foursome crazy! It was like nothing I'd ever experienced before, and I've played some nice courses! Just reinforced the idea that to play golf at that level may be the hardest sporting endeavor of all!
  9. OK, I forget how I did this the last time, and am having trouble getting this done, so I'll just throw myself on the mercy of the court! Checked w/the league secretary today and my official HI is 12.5. So, could someone more computer savvy than me please add that to the list? Told you it would be pretty close to my profile! And, YES! Let's fill those final two slots! We want a full field. This is like the Masters! Can you imagine anyone turning down an invite to Augusta? Come on, Cinderella Boys! Hell! I'm driving out early from Youngstown! Figure it should take me a shade over two hours! That's OK! Willing to do it. BTW, what time is breakfast? I know I'll need a good breakfast in me before hitting the course.
  10. I do the same, and also on tee shots. I don't want to see anything but white! I also don't wear a glove, although I keep a pair of rain gloves in the bag just in case. But usually, if it's raining that hard, we'll just quit! Like BamaWade, I will not use a tee I've found on that tee. I figure there's a reason it was left there. Bad Juju! When I'm ready to begin play, in my left pocket I have my ball, which must be white, no optic yellow or orange, or weird "shimmery" balls that Volvik makes. Along with the ball will be 3 full length tees, which must be white or natural wood in color. No red, green, blue, pink or other colored tees allowed in my pocket or my bag. Also will be one "shorty" tee for the par 3's. Also white or natural wood. If I find tees along the way, they also go into the left front pocket no matter how many tees end up being there. If I don't find any I will wait till I run out completely before replenishing my supply to its original strength. I haven't bought tees in at least 20 years! In my right pocket goes my ball mark repair tool. A "PitchFix" that works like a switchblade, which is cool since it's not always stabbing me in the thigh! My money clip and car keys MUST go into the pocket of my bag that the PitchFix came out of! And that's about it for me. Oh. And I NEVER take my cell phone on the course with me.
  11. Think about this. Furyk is +1 going into the final day. Out of contention. Probably just barely made the cut. Goes out and shoots 12 under to finish at -11 and T4! He made himself a whole bunch of money today, and probably had a ball doing it! I spent most of the day doing yard work, but took a break and clicked on the TV. Low and behold, even with the Olympics there is still a golf tournament to watch. I only caught about the last 45 minutes, but did see the news about Furyk's round. I texted my buddy about it. His return text kind of sets it all into perspective. "Jesus Christ! We can't do that in a 4 man scramble!" 'Nuff said!
  12. Understood. I'll see my league guy Tuesday PM and get the official from him. I'm guessing you want the full HI and go 80% off of that. That's how my league works for scoring purposes. I suspect it will be very close to my profile number. Looking forward to it.
  13. It would make me wonder about how golf equipment is being assembled these days, and what it is being assembled from! I've been golfing for 50 years, and have never had a shaft break while swinging a club!
  14. Okay! Why are all these people just quoting the same page? Also, why is my handicap listed as x.x? Do I need a slip from my league secretary? I have one more chance to get at him this Tuesday, if he's there!
  15. I agree about affordability, but there are things one can do to help that along. I went to the local Kohl's store today, because they are having clearances, and it was "sales tax free" weekend here in Ohio. I bought three incredibly stylish, moisture wicking, performance fabric shirts for about 10 dollars a piece! I have to tell you that I don't know if could have survived this Summer wearing cotton! Yup! Our local muni is no pushover! The only thing it lacks is upkeep, but that is the lot of munis! As far as putting Nike clubs in the hands of teenagers, you have to be kidding! High profile players and affordable equipment don't walk hand in hand! The "membership" idea is probably spot on, but I have played one of the top ranked public courses in the area for 10 freaking dollars through Golfnow,com! And more than once! Sorry, but for many people out here $3K or $1.2K will be classed as "expensive"! And it depends on what that money buys you. Does it buy you complete access to all the amenities, or simply allow you the privilege of booking rounds of golf at an upscale course at premium rates? And does it tie you into a monthly minimum at the club bar/restaurant?
  16. What I don't like about the "veggies" and the "vegans" is their holier than thou attitude! Eat whatever you want, just leave me alone!
  17. I heard about it on a radio business report today. Between you and me, and the guy behind the tree, I have heard, and read, several times, that Nike golf sticks weren't all they were cracked up to be. Maybe Tiger could make them work, but Rory seems to be another story. Well, if you start checking quickly, you should be able to find a screaming deal right now! I understand that basically all equipment and apparel companies work the same business model. Pay a star to hawk your product, and pay them megabucks! That works fine as long as multi-megabucks are realized through sales. For some reason, that way of doing business seemed to be more transparent in Nike's model than anyone else. Could be because of Michael Jordan. And the fact that Nike took it to the Nth degree. Tiger hasn't played in a year, yet he's made 50 million dollars!
  18. Yeah! I'm 5'9" and about 180, and 6,600 yards is a slugfest for me! I'll generally choose to play a shorter set of tees.
  19. I think that some of the final round being sort of "meh" for some watchers, was the fact that the commentators reported on how soft the course was, and how players would be firing right at the flag. Someone back in the pack could really go low, and mount a challenge. Yet, no one did! If anything, Walker seemed to play away from the flag.No one took advantage of this "soft, defenseless" course. Maybe that means Baltusrol is really tougher than some think!
  20. There's your answer right there! I've seen fivesomes play quite quickly, and it wasn't because they were all low handicappers. They found their ball, set up, and played their next shot! Ready golf! Other times, I've watched carts race back and forth across the fairway until it looked like the old demolition derby from Islip, NY! Nobody watches anybody else's ball, so nobody knows where they really came to rest. It's just a joke!
  21. OK. I'll have to go out, take some pics and try that. I have my camera set to VGA just for that reason, to keep the file size small enough that I can just post a pic without resizing. Works like a charm on other sites I'm on. Oh, but it does! Hot, dry weather like we've been having favors weeds over grasses. Grasses like cooler, wetter weather and don't like to have "hot feet". At least grasses that usually grow well here, like fescues and bent grass. Also blue grass. My back yard is a fine example of this. The grass has hardly grown at all in a month and a half, but I have a bumper crop of Queen Anne's Lace coming on! I'm just letting it go. Nobody can see it, so I'm not going out there, sweating my brains out and killing myself for some weeds!
  22. Well said as far as pin placements goes. I went out to play a local Metroparks course some time ago in the middle of the week. I noticed how challenging the pin placements were, towards the edge of the green, and such. I also knew the greenkeeper, ran into him after my round, and remarked about the pin placements. He replied that they normally did this during the week to preserve the middle of the green for weekend play, when they get bombed! They were preserving the easy pin positions for the weekends so as to speed up play.
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