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  1. NOOOOOHHHHHHHH! Then you get "skiddies" directly on your pants! Unacceptable!
  2. Welcome to golf! Perhaps the most frustrating, humbling, bitch fest inducing game the human mind has ever created! I have not seen your swing, so cannot comment on it. But, it sounds like you are completely self taught. I would suggest this. If the budget allows (and everybody has a budget), go to a local teaching pro just to learn the basics. By this I mean Grip, Stance, Alignment, and Ball Position. If you don't have the money for a whole series of lessons (like me), tell the instructor this. Also tell him that you are a beginner, and just need a proper foundation to work from. If that's not an option, there are resources here and other places on the internet where you can find these things, but it's nothing like having someone there who knows how to show you how. Remember; Grip, Stance, Alignment, Ball Position!
  3. Couldn't get it to play, don't know what format it's hosted on. The best one I ever saw was some unknown pro who missed a putt, grabbed the putter head in one hand and the bottom of the shaft in the other, and proceeded to repeatedly whack himself in the side of the head with the putter shaft bending it to nearly a 45 degree angle! Mind boggling! The guy had to be a cement head because I'm surprised he didn't draw blood!
  4. I have to agree. Anyone besides me notice the weight he's lost? Remember the set of jiggly man boobs he used to haul around? He looks as fit as when he came out of college. This is important since he's not a spring chicken anymore. And scheduling will be important so he can be at his best for any tournament he cares to enter. He should be a little picky. It's not like he's in danger of losing his tour card or needs the money! One thing that has bothered me since the conclusion of the Open is that some media commentators seem to want to dance on Phil's grave! They continually point out that Phil has finished second in majors 11 times, while conveniently ignoring the fact that Nicklaus finished second 19 times! It's called being in the hunt! Being in contention! Giving yourself the opportunity to win! Would they feel better if he finished tied for 15th?
  5. I was about to respond to an earlier comment by saying that if there is no one present to tell you that you are making a move correctly, how will you know? But, with the advent of digital, on line vids, there is no shortage of eyes. You just need to be sure the eyes know what they are looking at! Your last paragraph is what really got me thinking. About results developing the swing. That reminds me of something I read in Bagger Vance. Not to get too metaphysical about it, but the player is only concerned with results, while his teacher is concerned only with his swing! As Bagger says, "Stop rooting for your ball!" "Swing your swing!" And every player has their own swing. Just look at the pros if you need any proof. There are a lot of swings out there that wouldn't be taught by any reputable instructor!
  6. All I can say is, "What a final round of golf in a major championship!" Everything you could hope for! Nobody folded. Nobody yakked! Just two guys giving it all they had! Point, counterpoint! Punch, counterpunch! And kudos to NBC for basically ignoring everyone else in the field, other than giving them a nod on the final holes, and treating this as basically match play, which, for all intents and purposes, it was! The producer should get a raise also for putting both top on course commentators on the final group. I was pulling for Phil (I'm a Yank, after all), but Stenson's golf, besides the first hole, was otherwordly!
  7. That's kind of the thing, isn't it? If I sweat through it, that's one thing. If I fart through it, it's a whole different deal! I have some UA shirts and they are wonderful. They're like wearing air! Yet, when it comes to my "boys", I have a hard time pulling the trigger on such an expense. I suppose I should treat my boys better!
  8. What he said! It's not just faster ball speed, it's more backspin! The dimples of the golf ball "chopping" into the air to help keep the ball aloft. See kurisu's post for additional info. Most people have no idea how the aerodynamics of ball flight works. But this was figured out long ago with the "feathery" ball! This was the most responsive, roundest, smoothest ball that had yet been developed. It was revolutionary! Yet, over time, golfers discovered that the more scuffed the leather cover became, the better it would fly! Caddies figured this out as well, and began to sharpen one edge of their belt buckles so they could cut grooves into the surface of their client's golf balls to, hopefully, give their man a better game and maybe make more money. And I once read an article where a leading manufacturer made some state of the art golf balls with no dimples! Golf Digest asked Nicklaus to come out and hit a few of these. He'd smash a Driver, and the ball would fall out of the sky like a dead duck about 180-190 out! Dimples are our friends!
  9. This is a point! I had a buddy who would drop his head toward the ball in the backswing, and then "stand up" in the downswing. He felt that diving in toward the ball was "getting behind it". Maybe your instructor is doing something to counteract an up and down motion by introducing a back and forth motion. Then again, there are some golf instructors who like to present the proper golf swing as some sort of alchemy. Until you are initiated into the mysteries, can the "secret" be revealed to you! It may be time for a "heart to heart".
  10. Here's another take on "low budget" courses, although it focuses more on my budget than the course's! This morning I was sitting at the kitchen table, having a cup of coffee and waiting for my sinuses to begin draining. A daily ritual. My buddy calls with news of a super deal on GolfNow at a local, upscale daily fee course. He gets these e-mail blasts through his smart phone, but can't book through it for some odd reason. So, I jumped on my computer and booked the deal for three of us, me, him, and his Dad. We played one of the premier public courses in the area for the princely sum of $13/per! For 18 holes! With cart! Of course, we stuck around and spent a few Deniros in the restaurant enjoying some delicious food and adult libations! I'm sure that's part of the plan, but I still spent far less money than I would have otherwise. For those on a budget, if you're not checking out some of these services you're missing a good bet!
  11. WELL SAID, SIR!!! This has been a wild hair up my ass for quite a while now! I swear, when you look at the condition of some greens today, you'd swear that the game has been taken over by clueless morons! To me, leaving an unrepaired pitch mark is no different than throwing an empty beer can or water bottle out of your cart into the fairway! It seems I repair at least a half dozen marks on every green in the time I have to do so. I can't get to them all! And it doesn't seem to matter if I'm playing a goat ranch or a really nice course. There are slobs everywhere! When I was first learning to play this game, I never made a ball mark. It was only when I began to get better that they appeared. I was proud to have made that mark, and equally proud to repair it! I felt that marked me out as a "golfer". I think we need more "golfers", rather than people who simply "play golf".
  12. Appreciate the mention, iacas, and would love to do this since I've never been. But, I'm already signed up for a 4 man scramble that Saturday PM.
  13. As per iacas" post, I have read many tips from pros where they say that they feel their right arms "pushing" their hands outward at the beginning of the downswing. As for myself, I'd say if you want to develop "width", set yourself up with extended arms! I see far too many people setting up with "cramped" arms! Get them out there, so they can swing!
  14. Are you "stuck" with a fade? Nicklaus played a fade for most of his career, although he could produce the draw shape when he needed to. But he didn't like to do it! Hogan also played a fade. Found it more controllable than a draw or hook. Many pros played the fade as their predominant shot shape. If it you can hit it solidly, and move it a decent distance, there's no place on earth (except maybe Augusta), where you can't play a fade.
  15. Caught the "winkie". And don't we wish that were so! EDIT: And in the time It took for this response to post, I see an ad on TV about the PCA, the "Positive Coaching Alliance", addressing this exact type of behavior. Who knows what form it will take? I hope it's not the participation trophy style. But there doesn't seem to be a happy medium any more.
  16. Well there you are! With those two shot shapes off your Driver, in one instance you're closing your clubface to the path (pull hook), or leaving it open (banana slice). I'd still suggest getting that swing path on line, and continuing from there. And I tend to agree with you. When you "straighten out" a big, curving ball flight, it will end up farther out there than the big curve! And I did notice that UTA seemed to start down from the shoulders. My buddy had a boss who played collegiate golf for Ohio State. A hell of a golfer. This guy felt he started his down swing with his shoulders. "What you feel, vs what is real"? When I watched this guy swing, he started his downswing from the ground up like all better players.
  17. My Grandpa told me something when I was quite a young scamp. "Be careful around people who think that everyone is lieing to them. That just means they're liers themselves!" It was kind of a homespun way of describing the psychological concept of Projection.
  18. While I am not one for "participation" trophies, and "self esteem" for it's own sake, I would have felt it very hard not to brain that idiot! Both for his breach of etiquette and more for his treatment of his child! As I've gotten older, I've come to trust children's coaches less and less. A poster just before you mentioned people who have failed at their endeavors, and seek to live vicariously through others. There are literally TONS of people coaching youth sports who are like this! It's sad! Or, they desire power and authority over others, and use this avenue to find it. Where the players are smaller and unable to defend themselves against them. Ever notice that these kinds of people seem to get weeded out as the player's size gets closer to the coach's? These guys end up getting their lights punched out! And it doesn't just have to be sports. Is it any wonder there are so many maladjusted people running around in this world?
  19. Absolutely right, newto! Most Muslims are just people who subscribe to a certain religion, and have the same problems that everyone else has. How to pay the bills, how to raise the kids, how to landscape the house, etc. I thought I was careful enough to confine my comments to "radical Islam". The radical right "Christianistas", who are trying to bring about the rapture, are just as dangerous! It's like what Michael Caine, as Alfred the butler, said in one of the Batman movies. "Some men just want to watch the world burn!" As a sovereign nation, we have the right to safeguard ourselves from that!
  20. Yeah, I say that too! But only in my head! Some of these tennis matches sound like a scene in a really cheesy, XXX porn flick!
  21. No, you heard exactly right! There are just different rules for different people! If you or I had done this, we'd be in prison already!
  22. Bwaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, haaaaah, haaah, haah, hah,hah, hah, hah, hah, !!!!!!!!!! LOL over and over! Don't forget, this is what David Feherty called the "Gold Bond" season!
  23. You followed etiquette perfectly! Don't worry about it! The guy who was all "pissy" sounds like one of those people who can't be happy unless they have something to bitch about or somebody to bitch at! There's an old saying in golf. "There's nothing that will screw up an approach more than thinking you can reach a par 5 in two, and waiting for the green to clear!"
  24. The vid was a revelation. I don't think you've lost that much swing speed, but your path is way out of whack. It was easy to see a BIG "out to in" move, and that usually means you're also hitting down on the ball. This could increase your spin rate, but that 6100 RPM number is kind of astounding! You want about 2,000 RPM off your driver. You might expect 6100 from a long to mid iron struck perfectly off the turf. The vid was also a revelation because I thought you may have read a few things about the golf swing, and gotten stuck on trying to replicate static positions within the golf swing, thus throwing a little "steer job" swing on the ball. That proved not to be the case. I may get flamed for this, but here goes. I'd suggest working on squaring up your swing path to the target. That can get you sweeping the ball off the tee rather than chopping down on it. You look plenty young, and big, and strong enough to be smacking the ball out there a good way with the cut you take. One thing I'd like you to do is describe your shot shape. We can't see that on the vid.
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