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  1. Exactly! When Warrior was first a company, my buddy called in and got 3 hybrid delivered to him, supposedly free! Then they went after him looking for money! He told them to get lost, and, eventually, the calls stopped. He let me hit the 3 hybrid several times. If you hit it perfectly. it worked great. What a surprise! If you were a little off, there was no forgiveness! Forget Warrior Golf!
  2. I can understand that, but what kind of greens were being played during the writing of that book? If the greens are as slick as glass, yeah, you don't want to miss them on the short side, but if they're slow? Why not take the chance? From your description you're facing extremely long putts on very slow greens. What's to lose?
  3. A) Is a dead pull hook. What many would call a "duck hook", a quacker off the planet left! B) Starts at target, hooks left. C) A slice that starts at the target and ends well right. D) Ah hah! This is the puzzler! Since the degrees of angle are exactly opposed, I think that many might suppose that the shot would be straight. But since the angles are 10 degrees opposite, I'm thinking this might might be a big, old pull slice! I'm sure you will let me know how I did on this exam, and I'm anxious to learn the results. I found it interesting, and quite tricky, that you put cl
  4. If you're going to keep golf out of the Olympics, how about kicking out basketball. Golf is, at least, as universal a game as that! I've been wondering for years why golf was being kept out! OK, maybe the current format doesn't work. It's their first shot at it in a while. In another thread I suggested several ways the IOC could work with golf's ruling bodies world wide, in order to make one more acceptable.
  5. You are exactly right. A press bet means that your opponents have conceded the prior part of the match, and want a chance to get even in the holes remaining. If you are up, you can't lose! You either win double, or you owe nothing. It's best to get this all ironed out beforehand, but that can get a little involved. In many places it is simply de rigeur that a 2 down press will be accepted, it's automatic! I've even heard of some instances where a player, or team, demanded "air presses". They can be 2 down, but want the right to see the opponent's tee ball in the air before they call for a
  6. I've replied previously in this thread, but decided to skip to the end, Unfortunately, the government is a business! It is about, or should be about, the people's business! Safeguarding the nation, building and maintaining infrastructure, and ensuring the opportunity to excel. Viewing your hidden content, governmental expansion, in both influence and numbers employed by it, renders your argument null and void! I do agree with your point that businesses do NOT exist to create jobs. That is one of the biggest economics myths that have ever been created. Businesses exist to make mo
  7. This is the most utter nonsense! And I am surprised, and chagrined, that others here didn't catch it! If the clubface is square to your swing path, then the ball will travel along your swing path! It can't do anything else! The only way the ball slices is if the clubface is open to your swing path! If you swing out to in with an open clubface, you will hit a pull fade or pull slice. Along the target line, straight fade or slice. In to out, push fade or slice. And whether it's a fade or slice depends on how open to the swing path the clubhead is. For the OP. Having not seen
  8. Despite some of the replies posted, I'm going to take you at your word, and believe that you are, indeed, hitting a shank! In other words the dreaded "lateral shot off the hosel"! You also mentioned that you have been hitting the gym to prepare yourself for firefighting duty. GOOD ON YOU!!! I know a couple of local firefighters, and they work their asses off to be prepared. I would ask you where you think the bulk of your added mass resides. Is it in your upper body? Arms, shoulders, neck and chest? Since muscle tissue is much denser and heavier than fatty tissue, this area could be
  9. If I had to think about all that, I'd end up in an asylum! I like the ball a bit forward, though not as far forward as my driver. Just a bit forward of center. If I make my read and line up, and don't like the look I get, I adjust. I just move around a bit until I like that look. Shot a 39 in league today, and putted quite well. Any problems I had weren't mis-strokes, they were mis-reads. Sign above a urinal at a golf course. "Attention golfers! This is the only place on Earth where no one will try to change your stance or adjust your grip!"
  10. You have delivered a great tip! From his descriptions of the ball flight, it's obvious the OP is coming down and across. For him, the idea would be to find a place to make practice swings where the ground slopes up in front of him. Like on the slope leading up to a raised tee box. Stand on the flat, and make practice swings as if your ball was on the upslope. This automatically flattens your swing and gets you swinging inside out, or at least inside, to square, to inside! This could help get him away from the chopping wood move! And don't feel all that bad about not being able to hit the
  11. That thought also occurred to me. Make some of that distance in the air. But that's another stroke to practice and try to master. Here's an idea that doesn't seem to have occurred to anyone else. How about improving your approach shots? If the greens are that slow, why aren't you firing at the flag? Why leave yourself 70-80 foot putts? Especially if the greens are that huge. Get out your clubs that comprise your usual approaches and head to the range!
  12. Like Ronald said, your wrist to floor measurement is the proper parameter to look at. If your measurement is accurate, you may need a shorter than off the shelf driver. But make sure that measurement is accurate! I stress this because it can be a little hard to do on your own, and make sure you're measuring to the proper place. Place your hand in front of your face looking at your palm. Flex your wrist just slightly towards you. The first, BIG crease in your wrist just below the heel of your hand is your measuring point. Stand erect with your shoulders square, and take the measurement. I
  13. We usually like to play for a "little" something. It could be quarter skins, or post round beers. I have run into strangers who have tried to goad me into taking larger bets than I'm comfortable with. Maybe they're hustlers. Maybe they just think they are. I ran into one of those. His grip was actually pretty good, but his swing was straight out of the bizarro world! I decided to take the bet and cleaned his clock! But, I wasn't an a**hole about it. I congratulated him on his too few good shots, and commiserated with him properly on his misses. What surprised me most was that he actually
  14. I read your OP, and in my opinion you didn't miss anything. You just had the misfortune to run into one of those self important people who aren't happy unless they have something to bitch about. A sourball on continuous lookout for the next rope he can piss up!
  15. Back in the day, the pros would just use a post hole digger, make a hole in the ground and put the mortar at the bottom of it. No problem! But, I don't think the golf course would take very kindly to this happening in their rough. So, the sand in the 5 gallon bucket sounds like a good idea. Maybe wet the sand down a little to make it heavier. Here's another thing to consider. When I go out to the rifle range to shoot my 30.06, a pre-'64, Winchester Featherweight btw (rifle afficionados will appreciate this), it packs a punch! But, no matter how much the muzzle, scope, or anything else mov
  16. A valid point. But, if this guy is spinning a tale, I really have no way of knowing that, just as I have no way of knowing if you are! Please don't take me the wrong way here. I am not making accusations, I'm just caught between differing opinions. Overall, I still favor Brexit. The issue must have have been serious enough for a national vote to take place! There must have been enough buttons pushed, enough punishments levied, enough fines, restrictions, regulations imposed to result in that. Enough impositions upon freedom to cause a revolt! In addition, although I did not quot
  17. Ah! It was so much simpler back in the old days! Want distance off the tee? Get yourself some Top Flites! Just don't expect to hold a green with them unless it's as soft as pudding. But, the same thinking applies today. Low spin balls are for distance, high spin balls are for control, shot shaping, and holding greens. Manufacturers today are trying to give us the best of both worlds, low spin off the driver but high spin on approach shots. But compromise only goes so far. My buddy was playing the Titleist Velocity and hitting the ball a mile! He gave me a sleeve to try and I lik
  18. i can appreciate your opinion. A few years ago, some outfit, I forget who it was, brought out a driver that sounded like an aluminum softball bat! Every time I'd hear one of those on a course it would grate on my nerves! I still hit a TM R9. It performs well for me, and I get a nice, satisfying "crack" when I hit the ball. It's as close to an old persimmon driver hitting a balata ball that a metal driver can get, IMO!
  19. It would be interesting to know what your actual clubhead speed is. You say it's not all that great, but it must be OK if you can hit a 9.5 degree driver any distance at all. Anyway, happy you found something you like. Maybe I should take a cruise through Dick's and see if they have anything left.
  20. This kind of explains things, along with some facts you gave in the OP. You're swinging two very different clubs! Why would you expect them to produce similar results? For me, every hybrid or "rescue club" I own is easier to hit than the equivalent iron. They get the ball up in the air, and I hit them farther! About the only problem I have with them is when I wind up in the trees and need to hit a low punch out of there. The hybrids get the ball in the air so easily that they are hard to keep low! I sometimes feel like pulling one club and putting an old 2 iron in the bag for that specifi
  21. Your friend sounds like me, dave s! Full shots I've never had a problem, nor with chips. But the 40-50 yard pitch fills me with terror! I haven't hit one in a while. Usually I end up pulling those shots now.
  22. And also after, notably Bobby Clampett, who does give kudos to Homer Kelley. When I was learning the game I was just told to "hit down" on the ball!
  23. Interesting thoughts! Pun intended! Although I don't know if Jordan Spieth is the best example to offer for "thoughtless" golf, not after some of the extensive discussions I've heard him and his caddie have planning a shot. There's no way I could stuff all that in my head and then try to hit the ball! I suppose hypnosis might be helpful in what might be called "target focus". What's the usual "skull job" a buddy will pull on the tee. "Look at all that water!" Or "all those bunkers", or "all those trees"! All comments designed to get you looking at the trouble instead of the target. I
  24. A poignant comment in it's own right. What the UK voted out of was the joy in bailing out Greece, Italy, and possibly Spain with their "endless vacation" ideas of how life should be! The PM of Greece is an absolute nutlog, BTW! And despite the fact that travel between EU countries was made easier due to not requiring passports, it also created a problem. The problem being that Turkey sits on your Southeastern border, and hundreds of thousands of "refugees" are flooding Europe from there! This mimics free travel between states here in the U.S. But, these are sovereign states, not sove
  25. Your post caused me to remember something. Years ago I read an article authored by a Tour pro who said, basically, to Hell with putting for a 3' circle on lag putts! Try to make everything! He felt that putting for the 3' circle allowed sloppiness into your technique. I also do archery, and this thinking also resonates there. In archery you are taught "aim small, miss small". And if you hunt with a bow, and are drawn down on a whitetail deer, you are not taught to "aim for the big middle", you are taught to "pick a hair" where you want that arrow to hit.
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