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  1. Can it become a reality for you? Absolutely! It will just take some time and research. First off, congrats on starting to lose the weight. That will take a lot of strain off your hips, knees and ankles, as well as your lower back if you have a big gut. As far as limited turn goes, way back in the day there was a PGA Tour pro named Doug Sanders. The running joke about him was that he could swing in a phone booth! I don't think he got his hands shoulder high in his backswing. I would look to work on making a solid strike on the ball. Many times a shorter swing will help accomplish this. You should be able to hit a driver farther than 200, but I wouldn't obsess about that. It's more important to keep it in the short grass. As far as different stances for different clubs, go ahead! Your swing is a work in progress, so whatever works for the particular club you're swinging. Maybe, as you progress on your own, you may come to a couple of points. The point where you might want some one on one instruction, and maybe get fitted for clubs. At 6'7" many would automatically assume you need longer than standard clubs. Ain't necessarily so! It all depends on your "wrist to floor" measurement. I read a book called "In Search of the Perfect Golf Club" by Tom Wishon, a professional club designer who designed and built the last set of clubs Payne Stewart played. He's also built clubs for George Gervin and other NBA stars. In spite of being 6'10", 6"11", some of those guys actually needed shorter than standard clubs! Their arms were so long that their hands were down around their knees! So just keep working at it. Don't get in a rush, just take one small step at a time. I wish you luck.
  2. It's all personal preference. I ground my driver while my best buddy and league partner hovers his. I ground because it feels like I can keep my wrists and forearms more relaxed. Ever notice Matt Kuchar on TV? He'll ground the club, then stand up just slightly enough to hover the club just before he begins his takeaway. All kinds of things you can try to see what works best for you.
  3. Well said! Some people don't seem to understand how invasive the EU was. For Americans on this forum, imagine how you would feel if some unelected body of bureaucrats seated in Edmonton, Alberta, or maybe Montreal, Quebec, Canada, sought to fine and punish small, local grocers for daring to sell sausage by the pound, because that is what their customers are used to, rather than by the kilogram! And they also told you how many immigrants you MUST admit to your country, and what wages you MUST pay people. The whole thing may have started out as a good idea, to create a trading bloc of such size that it was serious to deal with. But, as always, power corrupts. Yes, there are idiots everywhere! It seems the Scots voted convincingly to remain! Robert the Bruce must be spinning in his grave! As for those who wondered if the Scots would vote to leave the UK, they've already had that chance. And, again, they voted to remain a part of the UK rather than becoming independent. Makes one wonder if the Scots are as fond of freedom as we've been taught!
  4. Over the years I've discovered that going with my first impression is usually the right thing to do. I've had to learn to trust that. Those times I've spent trying to gather "extra" information usually result in me talking myself out of my original read, much to my detriment! Plus, I'm a guy who likes to play quickly. I've found that the more time I spend lollygagging over the reading of a shot, the more likely I am to hurry the stroke itself, which is never good!
  5. Oh, I've seen plenty of them! Some of these guys look like they should be in a hospital bed in traction! But, they're out on a golf course trying to play. God bless them, but I wish they didn't break down the rim of the hole! For instance, the owner of the course I where I play in a league, is a member in that league. He is a rather large, corpulent person, but rumored to have been a pretty good player in his day. He has a way of getting the ball out of the hole with his putter head that does not break down the rim! I wish he could teach that to everybody!
  6. I've had several disagreements and differences of opinion with iacas in my brief time on these boards. I try to keep the disagreements civil, I simply state my opinion and don't resort to name calling. I've never gotten so much as a warning! I did notice that some of puma's responses could be pretty snarky! Perhaps its a window into his personality that he chose the username pumaAttack!
  7. What they do for Open venues these days falls far short of what Oakmont did to "trick up" the course way back in the day. In the clubhouse are displayed 10 foot long rakes with 17 lb heads! The teeth are at least 4" long and probably 1 1/2" wide at the top. Oakmont would water down the sand in the bunkers and drag these rakes through them perpendicular to the line of play! There was no way you could advance the ball toward the green, you had to come out sideways! And they would also "spot water" the greens. True, but I have seen exactly that at Oakmont. I've been there twice in person, '73 when Johnny Miller won, and '94 when Ernie Els won. Talk about contrasts! '73 was the year it rained nearly all night every night of the Open. The course got soft and that, along with Miller's considerable skills, allowed him to shoot 63 in his final round to win. '94 was entirely different. That was the year of baking heat, unrelenting sunshine, and temps 95 degrees and higher every day. During the Wednesday practice round I got in the grandstand at the 18th green to watch some groups finish. There was grounds crewman standing by with a hose. After every couple of groups, he would venture out and hose down the green just to keep it playable! Yes, the members like to brag! But even back in the day when Henry Fownes was still alive, he would go to certain greens, drop a ball at the top from shoulder height, and if it didn't roll off the front the green keeper was in for a tongue lashing! As far as the tree removal program, that was just to restore Oakmont to something like it's original condition. The place was built on a big cow pasture! There were a few groves of trees here and there to give the cows a shady place to lay down and chew cud, but most of the place was grass. BTW, speaking of the '94 Open, Oakmont really let the rough grow that year! The top margin of every bunker had 3 foot tall fescue growing on it! I got a good look at the 18th from the tee box, and it is the single scariest golf hole I have ever seen in my life!
  8. Oh, I fully understand it now. Since I almost never play in "strict" competitions, and haven't for years, my grasp of the rules has gotten fuzzy. There is one issue that still bothers me. The fact that a supposedly qualified RO can give a ruling on site, but the USGA reserves the right to change it's mind about it later. All because they can look at replays on TV. What do they do when one of their championships is not televised? Reminds me of the "last 2 minutes" nonsense the NBA engaged in during the playoffs. What was the purpose of that? The NBA told us it was "transparency", but it looked more like trying to embarrass the refs by showing us how bad they were. We heard that this should have been called a foul and that should not have! But what good did it really do?
  9. I'm hoping you do vote "out", despite the hand wringing of the more PC of your brethren. Anyone besides me remember Vaclav Havel of the Czech Republic saying they didn't know whether or not they wanted to join the EU concerning their trade policies? Don't remember whether they eventually did or not, but there are valid issues there to be considered. When you get right down to it, this cuts very close to some of the issues that cause the Civil War here in America. The northern states were much greater in population than the southern, so, those states had more sway in our form of government. Laws were passed that required southern growers shipping their cotton to northern textile mills to use American shipping only, who proceeded to gouge the southerners when French and British shipping was available at much less cost. I imagine the EU's trade constraints upon Great Britain are much greater, and more complex, than that. I once heard a great man say, "When in doubt, vote for FREEDOM!" Let's not have Wat Tyler forgotten!
  10. It all comes down to money! How much money the course owner has to maintain the place. I play in a league at a little nine holer that's kind of out in the boonies. This place has been around forever. My buddy called me a little over a month ago saying he was out there, and was I interested in coming out and playing? So, I went out and met him. I hadn't played this course in a coon's age. My Dad brought me out here 50 years ago, I'm 63, when I was just starting to play! I had long since dismissed it as being too short, which it's not. The greens were too flat and slow, they are definitely anything but. And every hole is bordered by gigantic oak or pine trees that make driving a challenge. A new owner has infused some new life into the place. Play is increasing. It's not the cheapest place around to play, but it is far from the most expensive. And with the turfgrass improvements on the tees, fairways, and greens, as well as one the nicest practice ranges in the area, it's a bargain. These little nine hole jewels are some of the undiscovered wonders in golf!
  11. True dat! I remember reading an article where the author interviewed Ben Hogan, which didn't happen very often. He said when he shook Hogan's hand, he felt like he'd stuck his right hand in a vise! My Uncle was a country club pro before WWII, and was much the same way. About as big as me, 5'9" and about 165, but he had huge hands and these big, "Popeye", forearms. When he grabbed you, you knew you'd been grabbed! But, that never influenced the fluidity of his swings. When I was in my late teens, early 20's, he would have been in his late 40's, early 50's. I could hit the ball pretty good, but his drives would just crap all over mine! As far as the OP's problem, I don't really know what to make of it. Is it his grip problem, swing problem, or equipment problem? I've swung older used clubs that had grips so slick they were nearly impossible to hang onto! I'd suggest that he have one of these clubs re-gripped, and see if he continues to have the same problem with it. If not, then he knows what he needs to do!
  12. I believe it was none other than Jack Nicklaus who said that if have just one swing thought in your mind when you head out on the course, that's one too many!
  13. Yup, that's it! You were in a match and had no other choice. I've been in that situation many times. A few times I've seen guys stop, pick up my ball, look at it, stick it in their pocket and drive on! They don't even bother to look around to see if anyone is playing the adjacent hole! One time I had to chase a guy down and ask him if he found a Titleist whatever with 2 black dots on either side of the number in the tree line. He gave it up, but was muttering and giving me looks like I was a mugger! We went and dropped as close to where we could figure the ball had ended up. This was a casual round.
  14. Ahh! I was quoting posts from an earlier page. And I am hoping that guys understand that a lot of these rules are written specifically for tournament play when a lot of "stuff" shows up on the course that we would never encounter.
  15. I think you guys are confusing line of play (if there is such a thing) with "line of sight"! If a TIO interferes with a player seeing his target, he is entitled to relief. How his ball travels after that depends on his stroke. We have no way of knowing, but DJ just might have been using the rule to get a better lie. The rule says he is "entitled" to a drop, but that doesn't mean he has to take one. As I said before, that drop might have put him in 2 foot tall fescue. In that case I'm sure he would not take the drop and choose to play the ball as it lay. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. As has been said before, the rules can hurt you or help you. It's up to you to know how. And, if it's within the rules it is proper sportsmanship. Nothing in the rules of golf say you have to make it harder on yourself than everyone else.
  16. Yep, that's when I do it too! And I'm 63 and can still bend and pick a ball out of the bottom of the cup, but I don't have back problems, knock on wood! They used to have those "suction cup" things that would attach to the end of your putter grip to enable you to get your ball out of the hole. Problem is, they won't fit on the new fangled "fat" grips!
  17. Wow! I'm so glad that stuff missed us. It went by to our southwest. We got a few small thunderstorms and rather gentle rain. The AJGA was in town at Mill Creek, and they had to finish in a gentle, intermittent sprinkle this morning. A little off topic but, man, can some of those kids play golf!
  18. OH! I get a bad feeling about this. I have to admit that with all the replays, and coaches challenges, and rules "experts" standing by to explain the rules to us (which should be in plain enough language that these experts aren't needed), that pro football has become less and less interesting to me the past few years. I don't want that to happen to golf! Anymore, watching an NFL game has become more like watching a legal proceeding than a game! Well said! There is a rules official with each group. Whatever decision they make should be it! If it's the wrong one, that's on the official. And you're right, I thought a player had to ground their club behind the ball in order to be deemed responsible for a ball moving. And your last sentence really tells the tale. Instead of the nearly otherwordly golf played by Dustin Johnson on a wickedly difficult course being the story, it was all about this particular rule and the USGA's method and process of determining it's enforcement. And Lastpick, I'm figuring you must be from Texas. I never heard the phrase "eat up with the dumb ass" until my brother, who was in the Army, came home from a stint at Fort Hood!
  19. Oh, they've allowed "professionals" into the Olympics for quite some time, it was just better covered up. How do you think Jean Claude Killy made his living? Selling insurance on the side? It was only after the public started seeing through poor, old, addled Avery Brundage's inane prattling about the "purity" of Olympic competition that they decided to retire him and open things up. They wanted the best athletes, and if that meant pro so be it. If anything, it made the whole deal more honest if you ask me. The LPGA needs as much help as it can get despite the fact that many of the ladies are playing some wonderful golf! You may be onto something. Perhaps the IOC could partner up with the USGA, R&A, and other governing bodies to help assemble fields and structure the competition. I was also hoping for more team competitions. Someone earlier mentioned an idea I really like, 2 person man/woman teams in a foursomes competition. Hopefully, some solution can be found because I believe that golf belongs in the Olympics. It is a world wide game!
  20. That sounds like me. When I was younger, stronger, and more "tightly sprung", I really needed a good warmup session. Nowadays I do a little chipping and putting. I can take my first practice swing right back to parallel, I just need to remember to do that when I'm actually playing a stroke!
  21. How do you know this? How do you know that he "chose" to make his drop on the exact spot that would kick the ball toward the hole? He went to the nearest "line of sight" relief spot, measured out two club lengths no nearer the hole, marked it with tees, and took his drops which bounced closer to the hole. Then, the USGA Official on hand pointed out the spot where he could place his ball. Johnson didn't get to pick his own spot! It could just as easily have happened in 2 foot tall fescue! That's just the "rub of the green"! As iacas said, sometimes the rules work against you, sometimes for you.
  22. No doubt, given the IOC's recent penchant to stage the Olympic Games in third world hellholes! After his experience at Sochi, Bob Costas is liable to perform his host duties in a hazmat suit!
  23. Hmmm, not quite as expensive as I first thought, but maybe not that far off either, since I have no current Idea of the conversion rate from Pounds to Dollars. My buddy was thinking about getting one. I told him they might be the better part of a thousand buck per! That idea went out the window real fast!
  24. I know that feeling. Hey, it's golf, it happens. You can have a good nine bad nine, or good hole bad hole. But here's another way you can think about it. As a current 15, you could choose to be overjoyed at the 37 on the front. Disappointed with the back, sure, but don't get down on yourself. You ARE starting to turn a corner, the front nine proves it! You just haven't turned it completely. Weird crap can sneak into a swing at any time. Think how Jordan Spieth felt at the Master's!
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