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  1. Interesting point yourself! I once read an opinion somewhere that "no golf ball is ever completely at rest". Internal changes due to heating or cooling. The"odd" blade of grass under the ball. A bug sticking its head up to have a look around, or an earthworm tunneling through the soil underneath. Of course, most of these changes would be on a scale far too small for us to perceive directly. But once in a while, they might.
  2. Like others here, I say nothing unless asked, and then only if I feel that I've spotted something obvious and can actually help the person. And I only mention one thing. I don't want to load a person's head with too many new thoughts. To tell you the truth, I've seen some setups and swings that were outright bizarre! I was actually hoping that the person wouldn't ask for advice because I'd have no idea where to begin! But sometimes it does work out. Quite a few years ago I was grouped with a couple of black guys. One guy was your average chop, but his buddy had a very good swing and hit the ball a mile! He also had a weak grip and his shots tended to bleed right. I was playing very well at the time, and as we waited on the 10th tee for his buddy to come out of the shop, he asked me about it. I had him strengthen his left hand grip very slightly just to see what would happen. What happened was that he split every fairway and shot 2 over on the back! When we said goodbye he gave me a big old bro' hug!
  3. Same here! Went and played today in the insufferable heat and humidity! Sometime during the round I began to feel how the left hip should function in the swing. I suddenly began striping every drive down the the center, and 20-30 yards farther than normal! It's a very simple physical move, but it can make all the difference in the world! And, it's not a "big" move, it can be very subtle. For instance, as Peter_b referred to it, you don't want your head moving toward the target, just your hip. Getting the head sliding toward the target is pure death! The feeling I get is one of just "shoving" my left hip toward the target a little bit when I begin my downswing, After a particularly fine drive I like to joke with my buddies that the secret of the golf swing lives in the left ass cheek!
  4. Ehhhh, I don't know about that. I did notice that his practice putting strokes were quite close to the ball, but that is not what caused the ball to move. At least as far as the visible "evidence" is concerned. There was no issue when he made his practice putting strokes. It was only when he attempted to ground his putter head behind the ball, which NEVER happened BTW, that the issue arose, which DJ called to an official's attention. I also found it interesting in the post tournament interview with the "Stepford Rules Officials", a couple of dweebazoid robots who look like they've never smiled in their entire lives, that they kept referring to the "evidence" that DJ caused the ball to move. But, they never honed in on what that "evidence" actually was! This was one of the times that I wished that I was the interviewer. SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE! I'd have screwed them to the wall! And, listening to Dan Patrick this morning, his comment was, "How about we agree that the rule is just plain silly! What advantage was gained?"
  5. Exactly right! Anyone but me remember Ernie Els back in '94? He was given "line of sight" relief from a camera crane that turned out to be "movable". In that case the USGA rules official got in trouble for giving the wrong ruling, not Els! In this case the camera tower was an "immovable" obstruction that is not normally on the course. I figured this last huge flurry of posts was mainly about the possible penalty stroke. I noticed that the USGA guys kept insisting that they felt the ball moved because of DJ's "grounding" of the putterhead. But, they were very careful not to say where he grounded it! I can only guess that's because he never grounded his putter directly behind the ball, which is the direction the ball moved. As iacas said, the rule is much more fair now. Back in the day you could walk 5 feet behind your ball, and if it moved, you did it! Anyway, beside all that, it was a heck of a championship! And how about DJ's play of the 18th hole?! Bombs a drive, has to back off his approach because of a noise, then proceeds to stripe it in close and make the birdie putt to remove all doubt! Good for him! And God bless Paulina for wearing that dress!
  6. There are all kinds of ways to structure a session at the range. Dornenglanz makes some great suggestion. Also, it might depend on what part of your game is a problem at the time. There's no set formula for a practice session. I think variety is the spice of life there. Mix things up, keep it fresh, don't let it become drudgery!
  7. That's a mind easer. When I and my buddies would make our annual fishing pilgrimage to the Canadian bush, we slathered on enough Muskol 100% DEET to change our DNA! Or at least that's what we figured. But, it was the only way to keep the blackflies off you. Compared to them, mosquitoes are easy! We did discover one thing. Don't have DEET on your hands and grab the plastic paddle on the handle of your reel because it will melt! That's right, 100% DEET melts plastic!
  8. Exactly! They know what contracts they have. They could easily tell their contractual partners that during US Open week, The Open is priority one. Hey, they can't broadcast major championship golf "under the lights" like baseball now can they! I can't tell you how much that pissed me off! And for Aguirre, it's a little better this year, I think. But Joe Buck is still as clueless as ever!
  9. Here I was, ready to heap praise upon the Fox Network for their extensive coverage of the U.S. Open, when they cut away to broadcast the entirety of one of 4,860 regular season baseball games that will be played this year! The US Open is our national championship! Is a regular season baseball game between the Cubs and Pirates anywhere near as important? Could they not have joined the game in progress?
  10. So sorry, I got confused. Since cartierbresson had responded to my earlier post I took him as the OP. As I said earlier, I did not read through 46 pages of posts.
  11. Cool tip! Takes me back to the days when "The Friendly Trapper" was on the radio here. He was a pest control guy who advocated natural remedies. He claimed that lots of critters, especially insects, couldn't handle volatile compounds like vanilla, garlic, or mint! He suggested peppermint oil for a lot of problems. Kind of what I thought. How can you get one product to not degrade the performance of another.
  12. To the OP. I think you are confusing yourself with too many thoughts. As far as the vid you posted, the guy's first example was nothing more than the "Sam Snead squat", which happens to be very effective. It seems to me that you might be searching for perfection, and I will tell you right now that there is no such thing in golf! You need to find what works for you "most of the time". Believe me, that's what the pros at the U.S. Open this week are working with! How are the top three pros in the world doing so far? And what works for you most of the time can change over time! This is evolution! Survival of the fittest and all that!
  13. This is incorrect. I've had many occasions when the ball would "oscillate" toward my clubhead when I attempted to ground my clubhead behind the ball in heavy rough off the green. When I lifted my clubhead, the ball would return to its original position. This is because the ball is being supported by long, heavy grass which bends when you set your clubhead down into it, thus causing the ball to oscillate. As for taking a practice stroke "above" the ball, I don't know what that is supposed to accomplish. In a similar situation I see pros move well away from the ball and take practice swings through the rough in order to gauge it's thickness and resistance to the stroke! Anyway, I think the OP and his group is right, since he made no attempt to "fairly strike at and move the ball". At least that's the way the rules used to read. That also rules out penalty strokes for waggles and practice swings.
  14. Well, that just means that the tube will be tuned to Fox at 11AM, I'll go out and do a little yard work, take a break and watch golf, do more yard work, watch more golf, etc! I have a tee time Sunday morning, but we'll be done in plenty of time to watch the finish, and I want the yard work to be finished as well! Oh, I get Holly just fine! She's easy on the eyes and made more golf savvy comments today than Joe Buck did yesterday! Jeezaloo! That guy just does NOT know golf! However, I will give Fox credit for sticking with the telecast until 9PM tonight, when it was supposed to end at 8. We'll see what the weekend brings.
  15. Wow! That sounds like they have a screwed up transit system! Makes we wonder how many sites they have buses coming from. Hope you enjoy Saturday anyway.
  16. I've had it cut both ways, young guys who were more than happy to let me join them, or who seemed very glad to join our group, and old guys who looked at me like my face was covered with bleeding string warts! It wasn't, BTW. I will say that I've enjoyed the vast majority of times I've joined up with others or invited others to join me. The bad experiences have been very few. One time it turned into "old home week"! I was trying to get out for 9 at a very busy local course. It is 36 holes, owned by the local Metroparks district, and is a golf factory! Also, the starters there absolutely rule! The place was jammed and the starter suggested I try to join up with a threesome waiting to tee off on #10 of the North Course. I walked down there, and when I introduced myself to one member of the group I heard a guy say, "I know that voice!" I look up on the tee and it's, "Dave? Gary?" Turns out we knew each other in college! Even played a little golf back then. He married a local girl, but moved away and we lost touch. So, we got to go out again and bust balls just like back in the old days! Then we had a couple of beers after the round and caught up. You never know what might happen. It won't always be like this, but I think it will be an overall positive experience.
  17. I guess this is where this thread belongs. If not, maybe a mod could move it. The last time my buddy and I were out we went to play a course we don't get to very often. It's pretty far out in the boonies, and bordered by heavy woods and farmland. On quite a few holes we were set upon by clouds of black gnats that were pure misery! We also got pretty well baked by the sun. It seems to be setting up for a long, hot Summer here. I'll take it over last June, with its 25 days of rain out of 30 days in the month! I was going to stick a can of bug repellent and a bottle of sunscreen in my bag, then began to wonder if someone offers a good combination product that does both. I haven't seen one around. My thinking is why apply a sunscreen if it will be rendered ineffective by spraying bug repellent on top of it, or vice versa. Obviously the products needs to be non-greasy. Any suggestions out there? What do you use?
  18. Couldn't get the Metedeconk vid to play, but what I saw sure looked nice! Both places did. This did bring one question to mind. When you click on the icon to expand YouTube to full screen, why do they then insist on showing you a drop down box informing you that YouTube is now in full screen. I know that already! I had to click on something to make that happen! I know, off topic, and I do apologize. Just a mini rant!
  19. I can't tell you how much I agree with this sentiment! And not just for approach shots, but for shorter pitches and chips as well. I can't tell you the number of times I've been in a scramble or 2 man match play when my partner(s) tried to get too cute with a short sided pitch out of heavy rough, over a yawning bunker and wound up dumping it in the bunker, leaving it in the rough, or skulling it over the green into worse trouble. I'm generally not one to open my mouth and give advice on a golf course unless asked, but I began to realize that team competitions are a bit different. That's when I started to tell my partners to just get us on the green somewhere so that we can putt. Sometimes it's good to listen to your own advice!
  20. I initiate my hip slide by feeling my weight settle into my left heel. When that happens the left knee has no choice but to follow. Then the slide begins. You've slid too much if your left hip gets outside of your left foot. See the "doorjamb drill" above. Also, you may start losing your balance targetward. Your hip slide should be done, and your hip rotation well underway at impact, otherwise it's going to be tough to square the clubface. At the end of the swing I don't know that there's such a thing as too much hip rotation, but you can have too much of it during the downswing. Your body can get too far out in front, it can outrace your arms and hands through the ball. This reminds me of a time when a single caught up to us while we were playing behind a kind of slow foursome. We invited him to join up with us, and he did. He was a young kid, hadn't been playing golf that long, but hit the ball quite well despite a noticeable lack of lower body involvement in the swing. My buddy and I could play a little bit back then, and the kid asked us all kinds of questions. So, we described, and demonstrated, what the legs and hips should do in a golf swing. The kid was a natural athlete, because he started mimicking us and the next thing we know, he's out driving us! But, like many newbs, he started to overdo it and winding up in the woods. We told him he had to throttle it back a little, and got him fairly well straightened out by the end of the round. The thing is, it's fairly hard to tell you "how much" to do something in a golf swing when you're right there with the person, and darned near impossible to do in print. We can offer tips like the doorjamb drill, and other suggestions made above, but you have to go out and try them and see how well they work for you. You may have to discard some suggestions and keep others. There are 125 exempt players on the tour, and none of them swings exactly alike although there are similarities. You need to find what works for you.
  21. If I recall correctly, Nicklaus putted with a fairly open stance at various point in his career, especially the latter part. It wasn't quite 45 degrees, but it wasn't all that far away either.
  22. Sorry to hear that Aguirre, really had to suck. But you know why they wouldn't let you off the bus with lightning in the area, don't you? Because lawyers run the world. Well, at least this part of it. You should have a great day Saturday. The forecast calls for decent temps and dropping humidity which will help the course dry out a little. I was hoping for a good old Oakmont bloodbath, but that may not happen. One thing is for sure, they won't have to turn on a single sprinkler until after the championship. I had to laugh when Joe Buck remarked how nice the weather had become, and if they might have gotten the players back out to get a few more holes in. Yeah right, Joe! Send players out in the U.S. Open with bunkers that, at the time, were in worse shape than the rattiest muni! What a dumbass!
  23. I no longer remember exactly when it happened, it was far too long ago. But, it definitely did happen, and I think it had to happen twice. The first time, on the range when I could actually aim at a target and hit the ball there with decent flight. The second time, on the course when I could take those skills and use them to hit fairways and greens. BTW, not to pick a nit, but that's a goose in that avatar.
  24. Golf equipment is expensive no matter how you look at it. It can get really expensive when you buy clubs that don't work for you, and you have to buy another set. I do like the suggestion to maybe take some lessons first to work on fundamentals, and see how well you get your current set to work for you. If you still don't like them, definitely get a fitting before laying down the money for a new set. I once read an article in which the author wondered why more guys like us, average chops, don't take advantage of fitting, especially now, when it's easier than it ever has been. The tour pros and top amateurs get fit for clubs because they know how important it is for their clubs to fit them, even though they have the talent and the swing to make an "off the rack" set perform quite well. We're the people who need the most help!
  25. Amazing how golf works. I do exactly the opposite! On downhill chips I might use an 8 or even a 7 iron depending on the lie, and I try to get the ball on the green and rolling ASAP. For uphill chips I'll take a PW or 9 iron and try to fly it part of the way to the hole. Different strokes for different folks!
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