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  1. That's why I wish the OP had offered a more detailed account of the ball flight. Does his driver start right of the target and draw back to it, or start at the target and draw left of it, or start left of it and draw farther left? Even a good quality vid will not show that.
  2. Every instructor I've heard or read says the same thing. If you have a consistent slicer, the only way to fix that is to teach them to hook the ball. Don't care if they hook it off the planet! You can straighten out a hook into a draw. What is confusing is that if the OP is hitting dead pulls with his irons, how is he managing to hit a draw with his driver? You're right, dead pulls come from an out to in swingpath, with the clubface square to the swingpath. If he did the same thing with his driver, he should hit dead pulls with it as well. Unless he's making a completely different swing with his driver, from his irons. And hooking or slicing short irons depends on how you tilt the axis of spin through manipulation of the swingpath and clubface. Witness Bubba's sweeping hook of a wedge in the Masters playoff a few years back. Such shots are generally beyond the capability of us mere mortals!
  3. Oh, we have coyotes here as well, you just never see them. But you will hear them when they get a yip fest going! It occurred to me that only a couple of guys mentioned insects. My buddy and I played yesterday, and these little black gnats were pure misery! Of course neither of us had any bud dope in our bags, and they didn't sell any at the course. The lady did give us a couple of dryer sheets, but they didn't help much. One time I walked into the rough to look for my friend's ball, only to realize that there were all these White Faced Hornets flying around! Believe me, I got a close enough look for a positive ID. I backed out of there as calmly as I could, and told my buddy his ball was lost and he should just take a drop. He said, "No! It went in right here", and started walking in. I yelled at him to look at what else was in there. When he saw those hornets he beat feet. He plumps up like a Ball Park frank if he gets bitten or stung by anything. God knows what a White Faced Hornet would have done to him!
  4. Yes, but have we not heard for years and years how soccer is "taking off" in the U.S.? Why, it had become "popular"! We have 300 million people here! If we were truly soccer enthusiasts, Costa Rica wouldn't stand a chance! And why is it that the American women have such a better record than the men in international, and World Cup, play!
  5. Or, maybe you could take the clubhead and shaft into a golf shop, and they could rebuild it to original specs. You're in SE PA, so not that far from Philly. Gotta believe there are some folks in that area who could do that for you.
  6. I have had, and still do have, that problem on occasion but I'm trying to conquer it. You really need to decide on just how much of a stroke you need beforehand. Your body knows if you haven't made a long enough backstroke, then your right hand (for a right handed golfer) jumps in to help out, and crushes the putt well past the hole. I know that feeling only too well! Those putts that take off going "fffffffffftt", ffffffffftt" ffffffffftt" from all the backspin instead of just rolling! That's my feeling as well. I have a 20 foot uphill putt? Well then, that's what I have! My buddy and I played a course today that is the hilliest I have ever played. I've generally had some problems with reading severely contoured greens cut into hillsides, but I did a pretty decent job today. My only complaint was that I read the line perfectly, but the ball would die 18" to 24" short of the hole. The old "if you hit it, you had it" deal! Still, that was better than blowing it 4-5' past, and facing a slick, bendy downhiller for a two putt. My buddy had that on one green, and had to play about 2' of break on a 5' putt! So, I guess it depends how short of the hole you're leaving it on uphill putts. If it gives you an easy two putt, what's the problem? Amazing how one's mind set can change when you think about things a bit.
  7. Whew! Up here our normal wildlife obstacles are deer and wild turkeys. Maybe the occasional groundhog or skunk. Today, we were confronted with seemingly suicidal chipmunks who would dart into the cart path and sit there! As if waiting to be crushed under the tires of our onrushing cart!
  8. Yes! Have a good round! The thing that concerns me about walking the place is how hilly it might be. I really don't know. Of course, I can suck it up for the round of a lifetime! I just don't want to suck at it! And looking at the website, it seems that there are only two sets of tees at the Black? Really hard and really harder?! It's still on the bucket list, but damn the USGA! I would have never known about this place if they hadn't hosted an Open there! And I've been on Lawn Guyland before to attend a 3 day wine education course/seminar at the Villa Banfi estate in Farmingdale, which is quite close to Bethpage. People around here complain about traffic. I tell them they have no idea what traffic really is!
  9. Sometimes the rules are there to help you, not just penalize you.
  10. I, too, feel it's kind of bad form to hit your tee shot and just walk on ahead. However, you can have your bag on your shoulder and be off the instant after the last man to tee off has struck his ball. As far as double bagged caddies walking ahead, they have a job to do and are not a FC. I also like the idea that the riders shouldn't make you feel like you're in a race. I ride most of the time nowadays. I'm 63, and my knees are fairly shot. But I heard a great suggestion from Gary Player. He recommended that, even if you're riding, get out of the cart and walk a hole here and there. Let your buddy drive the cart. To do so with a walker is a nice sign of consideration. I also liked bkuehn's comment that riders who can play are going to be fast. My buddy and I played 27 today in 5 hours, with stops between nines for a dog and beer for the ride.
  11. Well, you could always give up golf and take up fly fishing! Seriously, it's nice when you can try before you buy, like with your teacher. I'd look for demo days at courses and stores in your area as well. I've managed to cobble together a set that works for me, but I have enough "other" clubs laying around that I could open a second hand golf store! One thing that golfers and fishermen have in common is that we're always looking for the latest and greatest. I'm kind of looking around for a new driver right now because my friend has started outdriving me, and I don't like it! He has a newer Ping G3, and I have an older Taylor Made R9. Hmmmm. But, I've swung his Ping and I don't like the way it feels. My advice to you would be to go slow and do lots of research. That way, when you do decide to spend money it will be money well spent! I see far too many guys trying to "buy" a good golf game. Equipment can help, but the swing's the thing!
  12. Hey, small world! Don't get me wrong, I really like Firestone Farms and we play it quite a few times every year. You're absolutely right, it's an incredible deal for the money! However, they have flip flopped the nines since their opening. So I played what is now the back nine, the one through all the open farmland, with the par 3 across Beaver Lake. With all the natural areas and wetlands that they preserved, it's understandable that the holes are kind of spread out. The architect had plenty of land to work with. BTW, the architect is Brian Huntley, who seems to do most of his work right here in Ohio. If you're ever back in this area, he designed another course call Kennsington, which is a must play. A little more expensive than Firestone Farms, but still a bargain. Some really spectacular holes, and the greens are incredible! Not far from there is a course that could be a twin of your 36 hole example. Oddly enough, it was also designed by Donal Ross back in the late 1920's. It is Mill Creek Park Golf Courses. Two 18's, North and South courses, and it is wonderful to walk! Traditional design with relatively short walks from green to tee, but the design is so brilliant that even the worst slices or hooks rarely impinge on another hole! I've played more golf there than any other course around. Again, if you're ever back in this area, try any of these courses. I know you'll love them.
  13. Wow, it's a small world! I played Oakmont East quite a few times as a kid. Almost all of my Mom's side of the family lived in the area. During Summer vacation I'd spend a week or two at my relatives. One of my golf crazy Uncles would drop me and my cousins off with enough money for golf and lunch, and another Uncle would pick us up on his way home! I can remember looking down the hill, catching glimpses of a few of the many bunkers, and just dreaming!
  14. That's a great point. I know a guy who loved 4WD and off-roading and decided to open a shop. He realized, to his chagrin, that he had taken his hobby and turned it into work! He stuck with it, and built a very successful business which he sold for a tidy profit the first chance he could! Now off-roading is fun again.
  15. Yeah. Like the guy who cuts loose with a blood curdling scream right when I'm at the top of my backswing because he made, or just missed, a birdie putt!
  16. I smoke cigarettes, and when I want a puff, I find a place apart from people and light up. When I'm "in" the gallery, I do not smoke. Never had a problem. Also, I put out the cig, make sure the butt is cold, and dispose of it properly. I'm not flicking butts all over the course.
  17. Thanks for the replies. I remember an episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" where Ray and his Brother wait in their car to play the Black. According to the program there was a food truck that showed up offering hot sausage sandwiches, but I don't know if that really happens. There are what, 5 courses at Bethpage?
  18. Ever had someone stand where their shadow falls across the line of your putt? Or on your ball when you're driving? If someone is standing directly on the back line of my shot, I can pick them up in my peripheral vision. A few feet to one side or the other, that goes away. There's another thread on the forum that asks "Is Etiquette Finished?". It is more about taking care of the course, and consideration of the golfer's following you. This is about the treatment of your FC's and how they treat you. I'm decidedly old school. Hell, I'm 63 and couldn't really be anything else! I was taught from the get go not to stand directly behind a player when they made a shot, and no matter where you were standing, don't move at all and make no sound. And on the green do not step on the "through line" of another player when retrieving your own ball from the hole. I was taught to be solicitous of other players' welfare on the course. On occasion we've all been part of a fun group. Just some guys who get together to whack the ball around and enjoy each others company. The golf is just an excuse for us all to get together. Someone may even produce some stunt flatulence during another guy's takeaway! At those times it's perfectly fine to be loosey goosey. At all other times, I play it straight.
  19. I see. I'm guessing Phillies fans and Browns fans have much in common. The main things being disappointment and frustration.
  20. I would hope so. What's the population of Costa Rica vs the United States?
  21. Well, I think this is a point. I read an article by Lee Trevino in which he related his advice to some country clubbers who wanted to sponsor a kid to Q school, and his start on tour, until he got on his feet. Of course, the kid shot lights out at his home course. Trevino's advice was to take the kid to 10 courses he had never seen and watch him play. More to the point, watch him putt! How quickly could he adapt to the speed and breaks on the new greens? I may have played a thousand rounds at Mill Creek. I can hit an approach shot on the green, and I can tell what direction the putt will break from back in the fairway! How much and what speed are details to be worked out, but I know if it's going right or left. There another course farther afield that we don't get to play much. Many of the holes are built into a hillside. Those greens will mess with my mind. You think you're putting uphill and it's downhill. You think it will break right and it breaks left. It's almost like you have to do George Costanza putting! Whatever you think, do the opposite!
  22. My take on it is this. If the young man is to be a successful businessman, he really needs to learn something about business. The person serving food at a golf tourney, "moving the capitalist ball forward" and all that, wouldn't have anyone to serve food to if Tiger and his brethren weren't getting people to purchase tickets to come out and watch them play! I think it's important to understand cause and effect!
  23. That's one of the things about the "firm and fast" course setup. You love the roll out when it stays in the fairway. But if you're just a little too far to one side or the other, you can carry in the short grass but end up in the rough, where you could be well and truly screwed! The fast track giveth, and the fast track taketh away!
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