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  1. To me, 18 holes is a "round" of golf. If all I have time for is 9 holes then I guess that will do, but I'll rarely go play golf when I have that little time. What kills me is that on GolfNow, there are courses that will sell 18 hole rounds that tee off at 5 PM, when it gets dark before 7:30! You'd better be damned good and damned quick to make that schedule!
  2. I hear you! My buddy gas given orders to his entire family that all birthday and Christmas gifts must be golf related! He usually has enough golf gift cards to buy another new Driver every year!
  3. I honestly don't know. Aren't there instructions included with the cleaner or the original garment? Other than that, I don't know what to tell you other than wash in cold water and baking soda!
  4. I can understand what Lihu is saying but yes, this is a long term solution. So true! Some years ago I booked a round through GolfNow at an upscale daily fee course near me, When I went in to get my ticket the counter guy told me that a couple of other guys had booked the same time, so I should look to join up with them. I was practice putting when I see a couple of guys pull up to the first tee, the time was right, so I drove down there and introduced myself. One guy was about my size, the other guy was enormous! He was about 6'2, and I'm guessing in the high 3 hundies. He looked like the Michelin Man! I was expecting the worst, but holy cow, could he hit a golf ball! On the first, a slight dogleg right around a lake, he skied and sliced his drive into it. His buddy tossed him another ball, apparently they gave each other Mulligans on opening drives, and said, "Go ahead. Hit another one. The way you know how!" He proceeded to blast a drive that, had it been a little more straight, would have driven the green on a 394 yard par 4! On level ground. At about 900 feet above sea level. I cite those numbers because this was no fluke. The big, fat dude could really hit a golf ball!
  5. I don't about humble. At one Masters tournament he said of another golfer (might have been Arnie), "How the Hell did that guy ever get invited to the Masters?!" It might have been at that same Masters, or maybe at the 1960 US Open at Cherry Hills, he was paired with Jack Nicklaus the first two rounds. After the second round he was talking to the press and said, "I played two rounds with some fat kid who, if he understood anything at all about the game, would have made this place look silly!"
  6. Interesting. Sometimes at the range I'll play a "simulated" round. I pick a local course I know well and imagine I'm there. First hole, 399yd par 4, hit Driver from the tee. I pick a particular target that represents the fairway. How far I hit it determines the club I pull for my approach, and I pick a different target to aim at so I'm not hitting on the same line every shot. And so on. On the green do some specific drills, like Michelson's circle drill. Also, use a couple of tees to make yourself a "gate" that is about an inch wider than your putter. Put a ball between the tees and stroke some putts. This will train you to strike the ball in the center of the putter face. Heel and toe strikes will mess with you. In addition to sharpening your short game, if lag putting is a problem then yes, you'll have to work on it. There's a thread on the "Swing Thoughts" page, I believe, titled "Do NOT accelerate when putting", or something to that effect. I've worked on this since I read it and it has improved my putting, especially my lag putting, a lot! Sometimes, just work on putts from 3' to 5'. If you make a bad lag, and you will, we all do, those are the ones you have to make to avoid 3 putting. And, if you stick your approach close, those are the ones you want to 1 putt. I've heard more than one pro say that it's important to see the ball go in the hole! Over and over again. Practice success!
  7. True that! There was a time when I played a lot of tennis. I, and a friend, would play almost every day after work, and we got pretty good. He was 6'3", I'm 5'9", and he liked to take me deep and charge the net, Once I figured how to hit a deep topspin lob, he stopped doing that!
  8. I really lucked out in the hybrid derby. My first was a Cleveland Hibore 2H to replace my 2 iron that I couldn't get up in the air anymore. As I got older the same thing started happening with my 3 & 4 irons. A buddy of mine had bought the TM Burner Rescue hybrids in 3,4 & 5 and couldn't hit them to save his life! He offered to sell them to me. We were set to play a really nice course (former private club) in a couple of days, so I asked him to bring them along so I could play them. Loved them right off the bat! After the round I asked him to let me hold onto them. I wanted to take them for a range session, and play one more time with them. We played again a week later and I almost got a hole in one with one of them! After the round I asked how much he wanted for them and he said how about 70 bucks? I said SOLD! and reached for my wallet before he could change his mind!
  9. There's quite a bit of this in Tom Wishon's book In Search of the Perfect Golf Club. In one chapter he writes about fitting some NBA players for clubs. You might intuitively think that because they are so tall they would automatically need longer clubs. Not so! It's all about arm length. Wishon uses the "wrist to floor" measurement to determine club length, not the "fingertip to floor" method. He feels that large hands with long fingers would skew the measurement. This could surely be the case with guys who can palm a basketball like it's a volleyball. He wrote about one particular player who was 6'10", but had a wingspan of 7'4". His hand were hanging down by his knees! He needed shorter than normal clubs.
  10. The way I heard it explained was this. Women's soccer will, by necessity, generate a smaller amount of money than men's since the pool of countries who play, and invest in, women's soccer is much smaller than the men's. Let's remember, there are countries in the world where women are not ALLOWED to participate in sports of any kind! so there just isn't as much money to be spread around. And the WNBA only exists because the NBA wants it to! It doesn't really make any money, and has to be propped up by the NBA. Cleveland had a team for a little while, and absolutely nobody showed up! Women's tennis does a little better because there are some genuine stars and there's more money.
  11. In my last post I did mention that when I first took up the game, I "held onto" the club like grim death! There was nothing "natural" about the release for me, it was something I had to learn to do, something I had to try to do. It finally started to happen when golf really grabbed me hard, and I found myself in a situation where I could practice nearly every day. I was also reading instructional articles in Golf Digest back when it was actually a worthwhile read! This would be late 60's early 70's. It happened when I became able to hit a ball with a right to left curve. I'm right handed. At first, I'd occasionally let it go too early and hit a quacker off the planet! But eventually, I was able to dial it back and wound up with a nice baby draw ball flight. I think many confuse a "flip" with a release. A flip is a disaster. A proper release is a thing of joy! It's something that I'm actually re-learning this year.HI is down to 13.1 from 14.4 and I'm hitting the ball farther than I have in a while.
  12. Played yesterday with a buddy at a course I haven't played in a while. It's under new management and the conditions have improved somewhat, although I could hardly imagine them getting any worse. The last outfit was an absolute disaster! Anyway, I shot 40-42=82 for the round and left the course kind of disappointed. After the 40 on the front, the way I started the back made me hopeful that I could shoot in the 30's and break 80 for the second time this season. That hasn't happened in a while! That was until I totally butchered the par 5, 17th. Hit a not so good drive in the left rough, but not far enough to reach the lake that runs down most of the left side and wraps around behind the green. Instead of taking my medicine I tried a hero shot and dunked it in the drink! I dropped and then took my medicine. This still left me only a partial wedge to the green, I had the pitch going dead at the flag, but hit it a little too hard and it went over. I was lucky it stopped about a foot from the water or it could have been much worse. I chip on and 2 putt for an 8! So I'm kicking myself pretty good after the round. This morning, sitting at the kitchen table with my coffee and sports talk on the radio, I started thinking about the round again. And I came to a different conclusion. After that yack job on 17 it would have been easy to give up. But I went to 18 tee and hit one of the better drives I've hit it in a while. According to the GPS it was 257 yards. May not sound like much to some, but I'm 67 now and have been working hard to regain some of my lost distance. I was tired of a "good drive" being 220! 93 yards to the flag and I stick a wedge 10 feet away hole high, graze the left edge of the cup with the birdie putt leaving myself a 6" tap in for par. I was able to put my blow up hole in the rear view mirror and play the next hole the way I wanted to. That's not always easy to do. My buddy's Son lets a bad hole, or even a bad shot get to him. His attitude and game go right in the crapper! Golf gives you a chance to do better 18 times a round! Not many games like that. I can't wait to get out again!
  13. What that says to me is, if you're wearing a 50 buck uncollared shirt from their pro shop, you are good to go!
  14. Good for you! It seems too many people forget to make golf fun for kids! Fun is what they're all about!
  15. That's my story. I used to gouge a hole in that little pocket between the knuckles of my index and middle finger of my left hand. I started with the interlock because that's what Nicklaus did, and if Nicklaus did it that must be the way to do it! Eventually I switched to the overlap or "Vardon" grip and have played it ever since. As an experiment, earlier this year I tried changing back to the interlock. I couldn't hit the ball worth a damn! Admittedly, I didn't spend a lot of time on that experiment. I'm 67 now, and not looking to make any huge changes in my game, and to my mind a change in your grip, other than just strengthening or weakening it a bit, is a huge change!
  16. Do they offer a payment plan? Heck! You can get a payment plant for lawnmower these days, why not golf clubs! Considering what some sets cost, it kind of makes sense.
  17. That explains it! The word you are searching for is patience, not patients! They are two different things! And your auto correct just might be!
  18. There is another thread on this forum called "Stop conning yourself!" This might be applicable here. If you can hit a half PW 105, that suggests that you can hit a full PW about 2 hundy, or at least the high hundies! Sorry, I can't buy that. Tour pros can't do that, although some of them are getting scary close! And this is not to beat you up, we all kind of do it. My buddy did it for years after I had come to the realization that, in my 60's, I didn't hit the ball nearly as far as I used to! My buddy was conning himself, thinking he was still pumping drives out there 260-270! It was more like 220-230.
  19. HUH? I've been playing this frigging game for 50+ years! Don't even try to tell me that I don't know what "feel ain't real" means! Back in the day I shot par and sub par golf, so I know what "feels" are! And I understand the "concept" of keep your trail arm straight. I tried that for a while, and it did not work for me! I understand that it tries to increase the radius of my swing, But I made inconsistent contact with the ball, and really had no idea where it was going. I grew up, and was instructed, in the "keep your right elbow close to your side", "tuck a knotted towel under your right armpit, and don't let it fall out in your backswing" era! That is how I learned to play golf. The second to last time we played, I tried a practice swing on the tee like that, and it felt pretty good! I striped my drive right down the middle. The last time we played, I employed the same swing, and shot a 78! The first time I've broken 80 in a while! My swing felt so much more "connected" and together, I started hitting the ball dead in the center of the clubface, right on line, and for good distance. I guess what I'm saying here is that old dogs find it hard to learn new tricks!
  20. My questions to you would be how old are you and what is your clubhead speed with that particular club? I was a really good golfer in my late teens and early twenties. Then life intervened, and eventually I couldn't get my 2 iron up off the ground anymore! I bought a Cleveland hybrid 2 and loved it right off. Nowadays, I don't carry an iron longer than a 6! You kind of sound like me. Irons 6 and under I'm fine with. 5 and up, I need a hybrid! Clubhead speed doesn't just mean additional distance, it means additional height, which is part of what gives the shot additional distance!
  21. I bought my first hybrid quite a few years ago, when I could no longer get my 2 iron higher in the air than the gutters on a ranch house! I loved it right from the get go! It was a Cleveland HiBore 2 hybrid that is still in my bag! I don't carry an iron longer than a 6, my 3,4, and 5 irons being covered by TM Rescue hybrids that I bought from a buddy. He couldn't hit them, I could! They are just halfway between irons and fairway woods, with more mass farther behind the ball. This allows the club to get the ball up in the air more easily. If you can hit a 5 or 7 wood, you can hit a hybrid!
  22. Good points, but don't discount lie angle too much! As I understand it , the dot color on Ping irons is all about the lie angle. I once read a story where John Daly was being fitted for a new set of clubs at the club company's headquarters. He had worked his way down to the short irons (8,9,PW, GW), and after hitting some balls with them asked the fitter to have them bent 1/2 degree flat! Daly sat back to enjoy a diet Coke and a heater and when the fitter came back, he hit more balls. He was smiling big because the irons were perfect. He said to a reporter, "Most amateurs don't realize how much a little change in lie angle can help their game!" And isn't "direction" kind of what golf is all about?
  23. I do now! And a sunflower seed hull has to do with dress code in that slobs are slobs! And that's exactly what it is, attitude! This is why people show up at funerals in cargo shorts, wife beaters, and sandals! How about a little respect? I may not go the whole suit and tie route, like I did when we buried my Mother, but if I'm going to attend, I will wear clean, pressed dress slacks and shirt. And dress shoes.
  24. Well, this past Thursday I broke 80! Been flirting with 80 for a little while recently, and it finally happened. Been a few years since I've done that. I went back to an old "swing thought" from when I first learned the game, and suddenly found myself hitting the ball on the button! Best ball striking round I've enjoyed this year!
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