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  1. Yep! I keep a pair of Foot Joy rain gloves in my bag just in case. The wetter they get, the better they grip! They are actually quite amazing. No slip!
  2. I don't know when this became a "thing", but I've noticed it more and more the past few years! I had a birdie putt cruising toward the hole on a perfect line when it suddenly hopped about 3"-4" in the air and died short! I walked the line and found a sunflower seed hull! Nowadays I walk my line beforehand to check for things like that. People who spit anything on the green should be tied to a whipping post!
  3. There hasn't been a post here in a month and a half, but I feel like I'm pretty close to the same. My handicap index ballooned to a 14,4 late last year into early this year. A very wet early year that gave no roll.It's now 13.4, so I guess I've improved by one stroke!
  4. Shot a 78 at Pine Lakes GC in Hubbard, OH on Thursday. Best round I've had in about 2 years! So, I'm claiming the 'Broke 80" badge.
  5. The same seems to be true of collegiate golf. This past Labor Day and the day after, I went out to watch the YSU (Youngstown, State University) Ladies Golf Invitational at Mill Creek North. I watched some of these young women play some marvelous golf! Shooting under, or near, par from the men's white tees. I also saw some ladies who couldn't really give me a game! It takes all kinds to make a world, and I'm appreciative of anyone who wants to compete.
  6. Well, it wasn't today, but yesterday, that I shot 78 at Pine Lakes GC in Hubbard, OH! I've been flirting with breaking 80 recently and it finally happened! I enjoyed the best ball striking round I've had in a while. Oddly enough, it wasn't because of anything new, but because of something old. But that's a subject for a different page. And yes, I will be applying for a "Broke 80" prize!
  7. So, please describe to us just how many "honest and respectful" slobs you know! Slobs are usually slobs because they don't even respect themselves!
  8. Anyone ever use nicotine patches to try to stop smoking? Man! You will have some weird dreams wearing those! One weird dream I recall (not on the patch) is more recent. For some reason I was in Florida (I live in Ohio, and have been to Florida 2 or 3 times) and ran into Ty Burrell, the actor who plays the character Phil Dunphy on Modern Family. He was in Florida to do some kind of live, outdoor performance and was accompanied by some shady sidekick who stole some parts off my vehicle! I needed to get home and complained to Burrell who got his sidekick to return my parts. But, he wouldn't re-install them, and I couldn't find the tools to do it myself! I knew that he had to have the tools in order to remove the parts so I would look for them. Once I found them my parts went missing again! Another intercession by Burrell got my parts back, but the tools were gone! This would go back and forth until I would bolt awake in bed. I don't remember what was frustrating me in real life at the time, but the dream was an exercise in total frustration!
  9. I'm not big on confrontation either, but I don't know that I could put up with that! I have a long fuse, but I think that it would have burned to nothing in that circumstance!
  10. Understood! My partner and I both noticed it, and we saw you asking about how it was working out for him during the round. His compensation seemed to work quite well. The larger point could be that there is no one perfect way to hit a golf ball. Well, maybe there might be, but I don't know that humans are capable of achieving it. The minor point is, you can find a way to overcome difficulties. Vishal had a pretty nice game, and hit some impressive shots!
  11. Do you "hover" the club or do you ground it? My buddy tees the ball very high, but he hovers the club. I tee the ball just a bit lower, and ground the club.
  12. As to your first quote, this is a common problem. I do it, my buddies do it, I see a lot of people do it! We call it by any number of names. "Not finishing my swing", "Quitting on my swing", "Not finishing at the target", "Not letting my hands go" etc. These are all "feels". And for your second quote, if your path is too inside to out, that's also a problem. Your instructor has video of it, so it's not just opinion or conjecture. You remind me of so many amateurs who have become comfortable in their swings, no matter how bad they are. I don't doubt that you are struggling with the new feel, because any change in the golf swing is very hard! Tiger Woods took a year and a half to two years to hone a new swing enough to take it out on the Tour! My opinion is, your teacher has you diagnosed pretty well. Do what he tells you to do! No matter how painful or how slow the progress. You will wind up a better golfer for it!
  13. This does not surprise me. I've had guys walk over my feet like they weren't there and claim that they didn't feel them! I swear they must have grown up as barefoot hillbillies and still have the callouses! My feet have always been very sensitive. I can feel a small pebble under my foot with a shoe on! So, I've used my feet to feel the slope for quite a few years. I'd set up to a putt, and just feel the weight rock into my heels or the balls of my feet. Sometimes that would confirm what my eyes told me, other times it would be the opposite, which would cause me to take another look. I find this particularly useful when I look at a putt and really have no idea what its going to do! Let your feet do the walking.
  14. Exactly my thinking! I'm retired so I only have so much money coming in per month. So I am always searching for bargains, including clothing, greens fees, food, and everything else! Heck, I'd go play the local muni if it was in better shape! A pretty tough 9 hole track that I played a lot in my high school days. Decent track, but the conditioning is absolutely abysmal!
  15. You should realize that the closer you get to a zero handicap, the harder the advancement is! When you are trying to advance from, let's say, low 90's to the mid 80's, and from there to the low 80's to mid 70's, can happen in "chunks". From the mid 70's on down toward par and below is much more difficult and slower. It becomes incremental, stroke by stroke. It can take years or it can never happen! Or, it can happen for a while, and then float away never to be seen again. The golfer can still play quite well, just not at the level they might like.
  16. Well, I don't know who was hitting these "Caesar" dimpleless balls, but I'd be willing to bet he fell a bit short of Nicklaus in his prime. Everybody who hits a golf ball somewhat competently makes the ball spin! Come to think of it, even incompetently. That's where slicers and duck hookers come in. I'm reminded of a story told about Tommy Armour. Seems someone was asking him how he generated backspin on his shots. The questioner thought that pros had some magic method to get shots to hold greens. Armour grew tired of the interrogation and asked the guy if he was usually short of, right on, or past the hole on his approach. The guy said he was usually short of the hole. Reportedly, Armour said, "Then what in the hell do you need with backspin?!" The ball spins when you hit it! Get used to it.
  17. Back when I could play this game, after the round I would grab a drink and sit in a shady spot with my scorecard and go over the round in my mind. Shots I was happy with, shots I could do better, pitches, chips putts. These impressions would go into the memory bank to form an overall picture of my game. What I was good at, and what I was not good at. If those impressions persisted, I would know what I needed to work on. Of course, this was close to 50 years ago, so the detailed stats available to golfer nowadays were unheard of then! If I were 18 or 19 I'd sign on, but in 9 days I'm going to be 67, so I'm not going to bother.
  18. Good for you! We don't make our livings by playing golf! It's supposed to be recreation. Heck, I hae to pay to play! A thought just occurred to me. It's really the only physical recreation left to me. I used to play every game (sport) under the sun. At least those I was exposed to. Golf is the only one left.
  19. Yep! 3 or 4 years ago I finally discovered moisture wicking clothing. I started picking up pieces on sale at places like Kohl's, TJ Maxx, Marshall's etc. A couple years ago I was in a WalMart and noticed clothing under the "Ben Hogan" label. All moisture wicking, well made, good looking stuff at 16 bucks and change! I picked up some stuff on closeout for as little as $9! This stuff is more comfortable than denim and cotton, and better looking to boot. I won't wear anything else in the warm weather no matter where I'm playing.
  20. Interesting! I remember playing in a TST outing at Eagle Creek in Norwalk, OH a few years back, and there was a guy in the other team we were playing with, who closed the face of his clubs substantially at address! He hit the ball quite nicely, and scored pretty well. In addition, I sometimes think quite a few guys can't really recognize a "square" clubface. I've seen plenty of guys who set up with an open clubface.
  21. We've had kind of the opposite experience here in NE Ohio. We were very "overbuilt" for golf, and we've been losing population for a while. With too many courses for too few golfers, they really couldn't afford to raise prices. They'd lose play to the courses that didn't, and some courses even dropped prices! We've had a market correction in that area too, as several courses in this area eventually bit the dust. Plus, the economy had improved around here. It seems like every place is hiring. Things are a bit more in balance, so I've noticed that prices have begun to sneak upward a little bit. Of course there are still courses that I consider overpriced and other that I consider bargains. And there are some courses that I like so much I'll pay the going rate and am happy.
  22. There is nothing "automatic" about the release! I can very well remember my early days in the game when I used to "hang onto it" like crazy, and slice it across 2 fairways! There seems to be a "fear" in letting the clubhead go. Like you might go left or something. Is our fear of the left that much more than the right?
  23. Everybody has their Achilles heel! Rory's used to be that and his putting. He has seemed to get his putting straightened out. What happens if he does the same with his short game?
  24. What are they practicing? Just whacking balls around? I feel that a practice round, in serious competition, should be played about as seriously as the real thing. Yes, you can drop balls, and hit additional shots. but this is done in the service of learning. It's not just whapping things about willy nilly!
  25. Dude! I played that course when it was in it's ascendancy! It was spectacular! I took some buddies there after it went into insolvency and the bank took it over. It was sad! My buddies said they could appreciate how the course might have been when it was prime, but it was no longer. Bunkers full of weeds, life and drop out of them. Greens about half dead. It was sad! Yes, 130 times might be an overstatement, but I can't impress upon you enough just how much water was on this course! It was everywhere! The property started it's life as a fish hatchery. I'd heard about it, including a tale from a league buddy. They went up there to play and he just got skull jacked! On their way out, there were ponds on either side of the entrance/exit road. He told the driver, "Stop the car!" He rolled his window down and tossed a ball into the roadside pond, "Here's my last Titleist! You can have it!" When I began running a sales route in that area, I vowed to find the place. When I did, there were very few vehicles in the lot, but there were work carts running all over the place! I walked to the clubhouse to see what was what. It turned out that a new ownership group had taken over the place, and had sunk over $3 Mill into renovations!" The pro walked me out to 1st hole white tees and asked me how far it would be to clear the pond. I guessed 225. He said, "Good eye! It's 219 from here." My buddy who said "Stop the car" earlier, had complained about all the "hidden" ponds. You could hit a drive that would split the fairway and wind up in a pond, because there was one in the middle of it! The pro I was with explained that the first thing they did was drain and fill all the "stupid" ponds! That made the course immensely more playable. I'll have to look up the stats, but I believe the slope for the course was about 156! I wish it could have survived as a golf course, but it's probably a housing development by now.
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