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  1. Turkeys are weird. One time they are super shy, the next super aggressive. Of course, that's not even a full grown gobbler. That's a "jake" or immature male turkey, Usually 1 year old. Mature gobblers are 2 years old and older.
  2. That depends upon the grade and the dampness of the sand. How close you are to your target. Is it a greenside or a fairway bunker? Really, greenside bunker shots aren't all that hard. You just need to find a facility that has a sand bunker to practice from. I finally did, and learned how to do it. I was using a lesson from Paul Azinger in Golf Digest way back when. He said that the ball is NOT your target, the sand is. All you want to do is "splash" the sand, and let it carry the ball out of the bunker. But, you have to take this with a grain of salt. Pros play immaculately maintained courses. We, sometimes, do not! I remember a time when I, and a friend, were playing a couple of our buds in a 2 man scramble. On an approach shot my friend hit it a mile into the woods, and I hit it into a greenside bunker. My friend was in jail so we took my shot. I walked into the bunker with my SW, and the instant my feet hit the sand I could feel that it was close to as hard as concrete! It had rained much of the night before, and the bunker had not been raked. I thought, "Nope! Don't want this club!" I put the SW back in the bag and pulled a 9 iron. I nipped the ball off of the packed sand, and got it close enough for us to make the put and save par. Yes, there can be complexity. But, there's complexity in every golf shot.
  3. Don't you mean the Mayor of Indianapolis? I wasn't aware that counties had mayors. Around here, all city parks have been closed by order of the Mayor, county metroparks remain open. That's where I do my walking. Wow! You folks in Canada must play really fast! 2-3 holes in 20 minutes? That's getting it done! Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be able to play that fast! Hasn't happened in 40+ years since I was young, could play really well, and walked and carried. I could play 9 in an hour and 20 minutes if no one held me up!
  4. Exactly! I had no problem with the conversations. A dangling preposition? Oh no! Not from you! Maybe you are thinking of him 30 years ago when he really was young! Or at least younger! He's 60 years old now, so beginning to show his age considering how much traveling he's done. True! Was hardly a pro setup!
  5. Reminds me of the hand wringing NFL GM's griping about a "virtual" draft! "We can't be ready! It's going to hurt us! Wah, wah, wah!". Just be quiet and take care of your business. What gatherings are you talking about? I'm sure the networks are smart enough to figure out how to do this with a minimum of personnel. And their are such things as remote controlled cameras. The one hot spot, could be the production trailer. They would absolutely have to test everyone there daily. But that's what, 8 to 10 people? And why would the PGA Tour need a million tests? They're talking about doing this with no spectators on the grounds! It's like something I read, or heard, last week. 98% of sports fans never attend an event! They watch on TV. Yes, live attendees are a revenue stream, but the big money comes from TV! They are trying to produce live content that can be broadcast!
  6. Uh, sorry! But Pete Dye was from Ohio. Born in Urbana, OH. Won the Ohio HS boys golf championship while playing at Urbana HS, and I believe also won the Ohio amateur. I think a lot of the confusion comes from the fact that Urbana, OH, is located in Champaigne Co., which brings to mind "Shampoo-Banana" Indiana! Still, I'd heartily recommend playing some of his courses. You will find another level of course design. There's a course east of Cleveland call Fowler's Mill that we love and try to play at least a couple times a year! It's tough. Locally we have Avalon Lakes, which I got to play last year when entered in a local tournament. Hardest doggone golf course I have EVER played! I've seen pics of the French Lick course. It looked otherworldly!
  7. I had to go out and run some "essential" errands the other day, and I took a detour to have a look at something. Turns out that the local driving range closest to me seems to be open for business! The gates were open, and that's all you need to see. It's a "self-service"operation. Slide your card through the machine and get a small bucket of 45-50 balls. Not bad! Now all we need it to do is stop snowing around here! Ridiculous!
  8. Uh, you don't want a URL. URL is shorthand for Universal Resource Locator, and is what functions as .com addresses. What you want is to "post a file". I feel the same as you do. Some of this crap is ridiculous! I drove past my "nearest to me" driving range, and noticed that the gates were open for business. It's pretty much a "self serve" operation, and plenty of room to spread out. Was so glad to see that. At least I have some place to hit balls!
  9. Oh! Your buddy is good at the skull job! My buddy's favorite line when rooting against me is this. 'He hasn't missed a putt this short in years!" You S-O-B!
  10. That's exactly what I thought. We encounter this every year. The fairways are like gumbo, and you get negative roll out! But, I notice that the tee seems to be chopped up by a bunch of divots! Like people were teeing off with irons. The hole looks challenging, but seems to be about 350, not 430. Of course, pics can be deceiving.
  11. Beat me to it! 😉 Yep! Vacuum tubes are different, Kind of reminds me when CD's were introduced, and everybody went running to them, saying how superior they were. Then some people started poking their heads up saying "Wait a minute! These actually sound better!" Meaning LP's! Admittedly you might need some expensive components to get those LP's to sound as good as they can. I've heard some incredible stereo systems with components that I had never heard of. If you think Bang & Olufsen, Nakamichi, or Klipsch are ultra high end, you are mistaken! I'm not a death metal fan, but I do have a fondness for "live" albums, since you get a little of the distortion when they're cranking it through the amps. Also, why did Gibson, some years back, go back and offer guitars with their "old formula" finish that would crackle up? Because they were hearing from players of their instruments bitching about the new finish that didn't crackle up! Turns out long time afficionados had realized that the finish crackling improved the tone of the instrument!
  12. Exactly! Many years ago I played in the "Youngstown Sheet & Tube" league, even though I had never worked for the company! They needed some guys, and my buddy invited me to join up. There was an older member, WELL past retirement age, who could hit his Driver maybe 180-190! I played with him quite a few times, and he was never in trouble! Every shot was dead down the middle! Always in the short grass. And he scored quite well.
  13. Is your work table also in the garage? If it is, that could explain why the epoxy is still tacky. Why not bring the clubs inside and stand them in a corner?
  14. As for myself, I've walked thousands of round in my life. But at 67, with a pretty well shot right knee (ACL reconstruction), a twingy left knee, and a little bit of a creaky left hip, if a course is walking only I'm NOT playing there! I can't! I have noticed at the local metroparks course, a lot more people walking since they bought a slew of really nice Sun Mountain rental push carts to replace the old wrecks that they had!
  15. Had a situation like this locally. A nearby course was owned by the city of Warren, and run by a guy who paid them a percentage of the profits. Then they found out he'd been ripping them off for years. They fired the guy and I believe lawsuits were filed. They closed the course without maintenance, and the place turned into a hayfield!
  16. Absolutely! I'm on another webforum that also has a COVID-19 thread. One poster remarked that it has to kill some people that they can't work because theirs is considered a "non-essential" business, but can see people standing in line to buy lottery tickets!
  17. I really don't care when fees go up in Washington state! I'm not IN Washington state. I'm in NE Ohio. I only care about when they go up here, and this is way early! March, generally most of April, and the first half of May can be considered "mud ball" time! And the extra charge for a solo cart? Sorry! This strikes me as profiteering!
  18. OK I see another of my posts was removed by the "PC Police". I'm thinking I may have to go whole hog, just to keep them busy and on their toes.
  19. All that means is that you are like most people! Even golf pros. Rarely does anyone have it all going at any one time!
  20. I don't! You can lose a ball in the middle of a fairway at this time of year. Heck, it was March when they sent this e-mail! Most courses don't charge regular season rates until Memorial Day! I can't stand profiteers. Well, there you have some stupid politicians who have probably never run a business in their lives. Golf course employees are pretty "essential" to the golf course now aren't they? What are they supposed to do? Grow a hay field out there? Yeah, we've had that for 2 weeks. We can still go out for groceries or carry out food, etc. Also, some golf courses are open, with precautions.
  21. We still have some golf, including at the course where I'm supposed to play in league this year. I have no idea if that's going to happen. I'll tell you one course where it WON'T happen! Well, I honestly don't know if I should display their name. It's a local course that we really like, a Brian Huntley design. He's out of Canton, OH and has done a few courses in this area. The front nine is mostly like playing through a housing development, but there are a few holes where you can get away from that. The back nine is like playing through a nature preserve! It's gorgeous! And tough! They sent an e-mail saying they were open and outlining their COVID-19 precautions. First of all, they were charging "in season" rates in March, in NE Ohio, where it's mudball, plugball! Then to have a cart by yourself would only cost you 10 bucks more! Per nine! Are you serious?! We scratched that one off our list. We wont' go back until they come to their senses, which they may never do. The course is extremely popular, and put a locally owned course that was quite nice, out of business shortly after it opened. So, I figure that they rule the roost down there.
  22. We have some golf around here. Received a couple of confusing e-mails from a local course recently. They had announced opening, then a few days ago announced that they had been close by the country board of health. They said all 113 county board had voted to do this. Ohio has 88 counties. So I really don't know what they were referring to. Then today, I get another e-mail saying they are re-opening. They pled their case, outlining the steps they were taking to engage in contact free business, and the board said OK. Online booking and pay. Just show up, take the first cart in line and go. Go play, and when done unload your clubs and leave the cart at the wash station and walk away.
  23. Wow! Just realized how long it's been since I've visited. I completely disagree. Atheism is a belief, thus, it is a religion. While others believe in a "God, Creator, Prime Mover, Universal Intelligence, Great Spirit, or whatever, they have their belief. Atheists "believe" otherwise.
  24. bk, I like your ideas a whole lot more than snapfade's!
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