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  1. Wish you could have posted a link so I could have heard his comments. As far as criticizing instructors goes, just check out the "Playing from a position", a la Jim Venetos thread on this very page! The guy is full of crap, and should be called out!
  2. Anyway, I want to agree with David in FL. Quite a few years ago I won a contest at work to play a round of golf on the Monterey Peninsula during our annual trip to California for the Monterey Wine Festival. My boss thought he could call Pebble a month in advance and get a tee time! Once he was disabused of that notion, we wound up playing Spyglass Hill. The Monterey Wine Festival was held in February, so it had been a while since I'd swung a club. I shot a 92 and was overjoyed!
  3. I've accepted the discipline. A buddy called me the other day whose wife is a nurse at a local hospital. She said this stuff is freaky. Saw the chest x-rays of a patient who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, and been stricken with pneumonia. She said his lungs looked like they were filled with shards of broken glass! The only place I've been in the last 3 days is to the corner gas station to buy a paper. I wash my hands before I go, and use hand sanitizer as soon as I get home. And since I like to sip a little bourbon of an evening, and alcohol kills viruses, I'm looking on it as a prophylactic measure.
  4. I have to agree. I couldn't play there. I'm 67 with two bad knees. You can avoid getting out of shape, you can't avoid getting old!
  5. A dozen balls and a visor. For some reason visors seem to have become hard to find, so when I saw one I grabbed it.
  6. How DARE you post such a misleading picture?! Well, it does seem like the eagle on the left is beginning to show some white in its tail feathers. We have bald eagles coming back like crazy around here as well. I had no idea that the white feathers on the head filled in before those on the tail. And, as someone else mentioned, they are incredibly huge birds.Years ago, there was a road killed deer carcass laying in a cut over corn field across the road from my buddy's house. I was there while he was gone to do something, and stepped out on the front porch to pee. We enjoy peeing outside. While out there, I noticed a lot of crows carrying on across the road near a big oak tree near the corn field. I eased out there, and noticed this big, dark mass up in that oak. My buddy had told me about the eagle coming around, and to be careful. Because, if it saw you out moving around, even if you were 500 yards away, it was gone! So, I snuck back inside to grab his binoculars, and crept back outside to hide behind my vehicle to get a look at this bird in the tree, Turned out to be a fully mature bald eagle! It just sat there, stoic, while the crows carried on, just waiting for them to go away. Once they did, it soared on down to the deer carcass. I couldn't see the actual carcass, but I could see most of the eagle. It worked hard! Just hammering away at that deer.
  7. Yes, but for what reason? Because of failure! Because he came off looking like an idiot! I thought about Norman at the '96 Masters, but I read several articles afterward that had interviewed Norman. He said he felt his timing go on Saturday. He was able to keep it together enough to scrape it around in even par, but Faldo was coming on. Norman said that when he warmed up on Sunday, his timing was completely gone, and he had no idea where the ball was going! Really? Seriously? Was he trying to hit shots into the stands or into the burn? I watched the telecast and saw Van de Velde and his caddie arguing on the tee about pulling the Driver. His caddie should have punched him a couple of times in the head to bring him to his senses. Bad luck is one thing, but it's usually brought about by bad decision making!
  8. Sounds right. But I think it might depend on where the pin is cut. And the wind. If it's a sucker pin where a miss puts you in jail, I might play it safe. But then, second place money on Tour these days is pretty doggone good! This is just my way of saying I DON'T KNOW!! I've read more than one article about Mickelson at Winged Foot saying that when he pulled the Driver, Bones should have grabbed it off of him and snapped it over his knee! Dumbest damn decision Phil ever made!
  9. Got an e-mail from the course where my buddy and I are supposed to play in a league this year. They are open, and listed some of the precautions they are taking. They are spacing carts 6 feet apart, but said nothing about single riders. They are going to make sure keys, scorecards, and pencils will already be in them. Carts will be wiped down with sterile wipes after every use. Door handles and bathrooms will receive extra attention. Bunker rakes, ball washers, and flagsticks will not be put out. I think the flagsticks could be a problem, but to tell you the truth, at my age I'm just happy to be anywhere on the green in reg! I'm going to call them tomorrow to suggest the raised cup liner or pool noodle idea, so we could have flagsticks to look at.
  10. No they can't! Why? Because the course burns out! It gets HOT in mid-summer in Georgia. There's a reason they have closed it for that period of time, even before the Masters Championship was held! Now, they have to repair the damage done by all the patrons who attend the tourney. That is substantial. Also there's the damage done by severe weather! I remember reading an article in a magazine which featured a picture of the 12th green, which was gone due to flooding along Rae's Creek! It was totally gone! Augusta National rebuilt it to its original condition. Can any of you tell the difference?
  11. And just how many majors did Brandel win?
  12. How can he do that without falling on his ass? Not possible! All I'd tell the OP is to expect it to go left, and the shorter the club you're using, the more left it will go! Just physics folks!
  13. I think it might be "essential" from a mental health aspect. That's why Ohio's Governor has let parks continue to be open, just not playgrounds which tend to concentrate people. Also, boat ramps at fishing lakes. Get out of the house. Take a walk. Get some exercise. Why sit and stew and go stir crazy? Yes, I wondered why you'd hit a draw into a right to left sloping green. Your friend was right. And how lucky are you to have played there!
  14. Thank you for posting that. Very interesting! I remembered what I did from a magazine article I read many years ago. Who even knew that vid existed? And thank you very much for your snarky reply!
  15. OOOOOOH! Oh, come on man! I remember when the Fuente Fuente Opus X made its debut! Back then, that cigar was like TP is now! Couldn't find it anywhere. Then a buddy of mine went to a conference in Philadelphia, and asked the Concierge at the hotel which was the best tobacconist in town. The guy gave him a name and directions. My buddy went there, walked in the door, and they didn't even have a humidor! Why! Because the entire store WAS the humidor! He came home with a few precious sticks, and he presented me with one on a fishing trip to Canada. Best cigar I have ever enjoyed, and it lasted for hours!
  16. Why? Because she will! A lot of guys think that they picked the woman they married. Fools! The woman picked them! Besides, you're 16. Don't think that the girl you start dating at that age is the one you will marry! I'm not saying it never happens, but it's rare! Just be honest with her and with yourself. Never be phony. If the real you doesn't agree with her, move on! Plenty of fish in the sea. At 16 you're looking for a girlfriend, not necessarily a soulmate! Although you might find one.
  17. I've heard this "flattening the curve" nonsense, and think it's a load of propaganda. Consider the numbers they're comparing. Early March, when we were testing basically nobody, to now when we're doing thousands of tests a day! What would you expect to happen? If you go looking for something, you're apt to find it! People can be idiots. They succumb to panic, which DeWine seem to be doing a bit of. Either that, or there's something we're not being told!
  18. There are courses open here in NE Ohio, but it feels to me like they're pushing the envelope a bit. Probably because they took such a beating last year with all the wet weather. It's not even April yet! As far as the Golf Digest article goes, how do you stay 6' apart when riding in a golf cart?
  19. If you'e talking Chicopee, Mass. I think you have to be talking about Spalding! Callaway took some of it over for their golf ball plant. Who knows what happened to the rest of it?
  20. He's an asshole, and I hope he drowns in hand sanitizer!
  21. I like AFV! It's real life stupidity, and there's nothing funnier than people being stupid!
  22. Wow! Those are great, I never saw that Rolling Rock commercial and I only live 110-120 miles from Latrobe!
  23. Well, you won't be "going out" at all in the near future! Yeah, I guess a whole lot of people aren't allowed to earn a living anymore! DeWiner should be worried more about people in his own age group than those who regularly frequent bars and restaurants!
  24. You have a point. This brought to mind a vid I saw of Tiger with Butch Harmon when Harmon was his instructor. Tiger said, something like, "Butchie keeps telling me not to go across the line. Hey Butchie, show us your backswing," Harmon takes the club back and, of course, he goes across the line. Tiger then looks at the camera with a big smile and says, "See what I mean? Do as I say, not as I do!" Still, Chamblee seems to step "over the line" a bit too much and take extreme positions. The way I look at things, Johnny Miller could do that. Brandel Chamblee? NO!
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