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  1. Dude! I played that course when it was in it's ascendancy! It was spectacular! I took some buddies there after it went into insolvency and the bank took it over. It was sad! My buddies said they could appreciate how the course might have been when it was prime, but it was no longer. Bunkers full of weeds, life and drop out of them. Greens about half dead. It was sad! Yes, 130 times might be an overstatement, but I can't impress upon you enough just how much water was on this course! It was everywhere! The property started it's life as a fish hatchery. I'd heard about it, including a tale from a league buddy. They went up there to play and he just got skull jacked! On their way out, there were ponds on either side of the entrance/exit road. He told the driver, "Stop the car!" He rolled his window down and tossed a ball into the roadside pond, "Here's my last Titleist! You can have it!" When I began running a sales route in that area, I vowed to find the place. When I did, there were very few vehicles in the lot, but there were work carts running all over the place! I walked to the clubhouse to see what was what. It turned out that a new ownership group had taken over the place, and had sunk over $3 Mill into renovations!" The pro walked me out to 1st hole white tees and asked me how far it would be to clear the pond. I guessed 225. He said, "Good eye! It's 219 from here." My buddy who said "Stop the car" earlier, had complained about all the "hidden" ponds. You could hit a drive that would split the fairway and wind up in a pond, because there was one in the middle of it! The pro I was with explained that the first thing they did was drain and fill all the "stupid" ponds! That made the course immensely more playable. I'll have to look up the stats, but I believe the slope for the course was about 156! I wish it could have survived as a golf course, but it's probably a housing development by now.
  2. Overall, sounds like a very healthy mental state to me. I figure the only folks who could make a valid opposing argument are those who are trying to make a living by playing the game. And I suspect that they might be better served with more equanimity of mood. Sam Snead had a name for it. "Cool mad" he called it. You might be disappointed in the result of a shot, but don't allow that to take you out of your game. My buddy and his Son have similar temperaments, very competitive and fiery. My buddy will yell at himself for a poor result, but he let's it go pretty quickly. His Son is another story. Someone else posted that when their timing is on they play well, and when it's not they play poorly. That this kids story. Of course, the kid is 42 or 43, works a lot of hours, never practices and doesn't get to play very often. Yet, he expects to play well. When he doesn't he gets sullen, and sits in the cart and fiddles with his iPhone. One time he was playing particularly badly and was blowing up left and right! He wasn't much fun to be around. He came to us and apologized for his behavior. He's had a few concussions in his life, and claimed that they can cause him to lose his cool once in a while. I don't know if that's just an excuse, but considering the bizarre behavior of some former NFL players, I'm in no position to argue otherwise. Still, he seems to be rather hard on himself! At my age (66 soon to be 67), I've learned to accept certain limitations. I used to be one of the fastest guys in school, but I can't run fast anymore. Hell! I can't RUN anymore! But I can still walk. So I can still hunt pheasant and grouse and deer and mushrooms. I can't hit the ball as far as I used to, but I can still hit the ball. And there are tees on the course that will accommodate my game, so I can still play golf. I can't play baseball, football or basketball anymore. None of us are pros, yet they seem to have a steadier keel than some amateurs I've seen.
  3. It can depend on where you are, even in a relatively small metropolitan area. If you're in a wealthier suburb where kids have the benefits of a country club membership and instruction, the golf is liable to be very good. If you're out away from the urban centers, it's liable to be another story. Last year we played at a local course in the village of Cortland, OH. This is in NE Ohio. Quite a nice course that's been around a while and not all that easy. I was nursing a beer in the shade when boys all dressed in like colors started showing up, and I realized a high school golf match was going to be played there. So, I got another beer and sat back to watch them tee off. The schools represented were definitely in the "exurbs/country part of the county, and there were a whole lot of "baseball swings" on display that day! The kids just go out there and do the best they can. I read the high school golf scores in the paper. In the richer communities you will see scores, for a 5 person team, in the low 200's, with the lead dog typically shooting in the 30's. For the farther out teams, you will typically see scores in the mid to upper 200's, with the top dog typically shooting in the high 40's to low 50's. I've seen scores in the 70's for 9 holes!
  4. If that was an option you contemplated, you should have included it as an option in the poll. And the correct verbiage is "neither" of the above, since there were only two other options. Neener, neener! Why? I'm actually a Spieth fan, but I recognize reality. Spieth just looks lost to me! He plays good one day, bad the next. And he's lost one of the hallmarks of his game when he was on top, his putting. Remember how phenomenal he was on long putts? He made bombs! Now it seems he doesn't do that anymore, and he also now misses the 4-5-6 footers, on which most of the top pros are nails!
  5. As to point #4. I remember reading, quite some time ago, some comments from one of the old time crooners, it might have been Tony Bennett, about "butterflies" before a performance. He said that if he didn't feel the butterflies, he knew it would be a lousy show! Butterflies meant that he was "up" for the performance. I also remember reading an article back when the "beta blocker" scandal was hitting the PGA Tour. Some people claimed it was a performance enhancer. A pro interviewed for the article claimed it was anything but! He had a valid medical reason for taking them, and it led to one of his worst years on tour. When he managed to play himself into the running, the drug didn't allow him to get "up" for the round. It smoothed him out to the point where he became too mellow.
  6. Switching balls is routine in scrambles, and it's not always about distance. I just played in a scramble this past Saturday at a course where I used to be in a league. It's kind of a nondescript course out in the country, but the greens! Oh my! They are devilish. We all know of courses who say they have "the best greens in the county". In this case they might have a claim! The greens are a true challenge to putt. When I was in the league, there was a particular guy who was a big hitter. In league, he played it straight, used one ball through the round. In a scramble it was different. He used a distance ball off the tee, and a "spinny" ball for approach shots since the greens were notoriously hard to hold. I once heard another league golfer complain to him after a round that they couldn't stay on the green with their approach shots. He asked them what ball they played, and the reply was Top Flite. His reply was, "You can't use rocks on rocks!"
  7. Heck, I think there might be that many golf holes just here in the U.S. I'll guess 2,423,118!
  8. The $15 Mill is great, but he's not exactly hurting for money. I'd say he'd rather win a Masters.
  9. The more loft on the club, the less curve left or right it will display. That is, unless you can manipulate it like Bubba Watson! Or any other Tour pro you can name. And some of them can't even do it! When I played at my best, my longer clubs displayed a mild, baby draw. My short irons went string straight. I could manipulate the longer clubs somewhat to get them to do what I wanted to, but the shorter clubs resisted my efforts.
  10. Why do you overswing? Because it's a longer hole? Remember, you have an additional stroke available to you to get on the green. Could you be overreaching? Or just putting pressure on yourself? If you can score what you say you do on par 3's and 4's, there's no reason you should average double bogey on par 5's! It just doesn't make sense. I generally relax on par 5's. Absolute nonsense! Check your scorecards. Par 5's are usually rated among the easiest holes for most courses. Unless the course has a gang of gargantuan, 600+ yard 5 pars on your course.
  11. Much the same around here. Trumbull Country Club is now inside the city of Warren, but it was out in the country when it was formed. Of course, that's when people traveled by horse and buggy. Youngstown CC is much the same.
  12. That would be a hard choice for him. Do you want to listen to another voice, or the voice that got you there in the first place. Of course, the coach could be just as lost as player is.
  13. Yes, they could have, but they didn't! However, I will not try to argue a position that they should not have been afforded that possibility. Cinderella stories are attractive. This year's may be Jason Kokrak. Has made a nice living on the Tour, but hasn't really come close to winning anything. He just makes cuts, and finishes in the upper half of the weekend players, making a nice check and a nice living! I'm interested to see what he does this week.
  14. Thank you. I once ran into another phrase used by a woman from Australia who said their furnace "spit the dummy" a few days ago. I didn't know what that phrase meant either. She explained it to me.
  15. Wow! Some of the posts here make me think that some of you must have been big fans of the "Bob Hope Desert Classic" back in the day. You know, the tourney where everybody went low, and you had to shoot like -32 to win! Golf is supposed to be hard! No matter who plays it. And Vinsk, there were many players on Tour in the old days who weren't considered "long hitters" despite having access to the same equipment that the long hitters did! It's all about the swing and the talent to perform it. And Nicklaus, Palmer, and all the other old timers tried to place their tee shots on one side of the fairway or the other to give themselves the best approach shot to the green. And they tried to place their approach in a particular place on the green. That part of the game hasn't changed. What has change is that approach shots can now be made with 2-3 clubs less in length, thus making the game easier.
  16. Local rules can be weird. I like billchao's response. They don't want their flowerbeds or landscaped areas torn up by golfers. The course can provide penalty free drops, with local rules, anywhere they wish to. Doesn't mean the local golfers pay that much attention to them. I've seen guys gouging shots out of mulch beds and plantings when local rules gave relief.
  17. This thread confuses me a bit. This is supposedly a "cheap" cast club, yet the face is milled! What do milling machines cost, and how many putters have to be run through them to make them "cheap"? Keep in mind, they need an operator and new bits from time to time. But, as several have replied, if it works for you, use it. If it doesn't, put it in the closet!
  18. I agree with you. I think what we saw in April was a doggone miracle! An incredible effort by Tiger with the motivation that this was the first major he won, and his Dad was there to see it! I also think that we will probably never see it again. His performance at the BMW was desultory, at best. But think about it. With his back, just being able to walk 72 holes of golf over 4 days, and play semi-competitively, is an accomplishment in itself! The folks who think Tiger will come back to dominate the Tour like he did 19-20 years ago remind me of the old timers in the valley (I live in Youngstown, Ohio), who still think that the steel mills will come back! Take a reality check, people! It's not going to happen!
  19. It acts like a lightning rod. All the negative feelings generated by the bad drive are sent into the ground, thus ensuring an equanimity of mood for the next shot! Well, at least until the player sees where they wound up.
  20. Absolutely. What does a full spectrum GM dealer really want to sell? The high priced models because there is more profit in them. So, they want to sell the Caddies and the GMC Yukons. A guy I know bought a GMC Denali p/up that set him back $70K! I once worked with a guy who wondered why GM would price Cadillacs at a level where he couldn't afford one! His ill logic was absolutely stunning! He felt that Caddies should be priced where everybody could afford one! I told him that GM didn't care whether or not he could afford one, since there were plenty of people who could, and they make bigger money selling higher priced vehicles. He persisted, saying that if GM sold more Caddies at a cheaper price they would make more money! Exasperated, I told him that he sounded like the butcher who lost a Nickel on every pound of meat he sold, but could make it up by doing more volume!
  21. Never heard the term "bell-end" before. What does it mean?
  22. If he was aiming for that tree, he is awesomely accurate! I don't know if that was on a course, but if I find a lost ball, like a Top-Flite x-out, and there's woods nearby, you know what I'm doing.
  23. But haven't we all heard that "feel ain't real"? On a local course, playing the gold tees, there's a par 5 where they shove you right up against the woods on the right side of the hole! It feels crowded. So. what you want to do is start left, and play a fade back into the fairway. That's the "shot thought" that I have. I may make a few adjustments. Put my left thumb right on top of the grip, weaken the left hand, take a more open stance, but that all seems secondary to the result that I am looking for. It somehow seems natural. Maybe I've been playing this game too long!
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