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  1. Now we're even more depressed. Well, at least my buddy is! He's been on workman's comp with a shoulder issue, but was supposed to go back to work on the 27th. He went to the doctor on Wednesday for his final checkup, and we were supposed to go to Topgolf on Thursday. He called me Wednesday evening and told me the doctor couldn't authorize his return to work because he needs rotator cuff surgery! He said the doctor told him 6 to 8 months recovery time! So, it looks like no golf this Summer for my friend! He's going to tell me when they schedule the surgery so I can take him out for some beers and Tex-Mex.
  2. I heard more years ago than I care to recall that, "Good players hit their short irons low, and their long irons high!"
  3. I used to do this as well, especially on partial wedges. I lived in fear of the 20 to 60 yard pitch! Then one day my buddy said he could see what I was doing, but wouldn't tell me unless i wanted him to! Are you kidding? Tell me, please! He said I wasn't really making a swing on those shots. I would just flip the club behind me, and throw the clubhead at the ball way from inside out! Basically, just throwing the hosel at the ball. Also, I didn't get the lower body involved at all! I started working on this during the rest of the round, then took the lesson to the range. I rarely shank a partial chip now.
  4. I'd take the first option. I never seem to have luck when I'm striking the ball poorly. Besides, I've found that luck seems to walk hand-in-hand with good ball striking.
  5. I'm still not completely understanding your problem. The frame is too narrow when looking down? To me, this means you are looking too close through the edge of your lenses, which can cause distortion. Why not just go back to your local optometrist and get a pair of deeper frames with distance scrip lenses in them? Explain your problem to them and see what they can do. Heck, when I got my first pair of "progressive" lenses, I wanted to keep my old frames because I loved them. The optometrist told me that those frames weren't really deep enough to fit in the progressions I needed to handle all of my vision needs. And believe me, I understand edge distortion! Some years back I was shooting a round of 3D archery at a local sportsmen's club. I came to a target of a deer, broadside at about 30 yards. The X ring (highest scoring ring), was all shot out and nothing but a big, black hole! I stepped to the stake, drew the bow, and couldn't see the big, black hole! HUH?! I let down and looked at the target straight on, and there was the black hole. Drew the bow again and it disappeared again! So, I started experimenting. In my normal stance, I looked at the target with my right eye through the extreme inner edge of the lens. Experimenting caused me to realize that doing that made things look narrow and tall, and caused some details to completely disappear! I had to modify my stance, so I could look through the peep, at the target more through the center of the lens. My shooting and scores improved immensely once I was able to manage that.
  6. Al Czervik strikes again! But since when is "Nudie" spelled "Nuddie"?
  7. I'd like to know when headcovers were NOT included with the purchase of those items. Well, unless you bought the Hammer Driver or Warrior Hybrid off the TV!
  8. Yeah, my eyebrows went up on that one. But then the guy's a beginner! Any old port in a storm, right? And hey, I'll play found ball as long as they don't come out of the water. And there are plenty of inexpensive balls out there. I like the "Double Dozen" of Precept Laddies for 20 bucks at WalMart. Usually buy one every other Spring. I won't have to buy this Spring because I still have some left. Didn't lose that many balls last year!
  9. I'm the same. Haven't bought a tee in ages! If I see the head of a tee in the ground, I pull it up. If it's whole, I keep it! I am amazed at the number of golfers who stick a tee in the ground, hit one shot of it, and leave it there! Plus, the last couple of years I've played in a local tourney where we get to play a local country club on day 2. You know how country clubs take care of their members. On the first and tenth tees, there are boxes full of tees, ball markers, scorecards and pencils. I load up on the tees and ball markers. Some of these new plastic tees seem practically indestructible! I broke exactly one of them last season. Can't get that kind of endurance from wood! EDIT: And yes, on a par 3 tee, I will look for a tee fragment to use.
  10. After reading a little bit of that, it put me in mind of something I read about duck and goose calls years ago. In the hands of an amateur they become the two most effective migratory waterfowl conservation tools ever invented! Real golf instructors have nothing to fear from WikiHow!
  11. Beat me to it. I suspected that this might be the case. Mats don't necessarily cause swing issues, but they sure can reveal them! And for a guy only 2 months in? I didn't have clue number one at 2 months in!
  12. Reminds me of guys who go to play some "destination" course, and even if they're 24 handicappers they want to play from the tips because they want to "see the whole thing!" Such an absurd idea.
  13. No, he was President at the time. Cypress made up some excuse about a member guest tourney or something like that.
  14. Exactly! I've only played in a couple of local tourneys, but we are expected to keep the score of our "playing competitor" and that of ourselves. It is not that difficult!
  15. Yes, which happened after I began responding to your post suggesting that I don't know what I do know!
  16. Yes! We're so depressed that we're going to try the new Topgolf facility near Cleveland!
  17. Yes! Golf is as much a social activity as an athletic one! Glenliver is NOT Bourbon! Probably Elijah Craig or Maker's Mark! Yep! And we've been asked to team up with othera on public courses. One time my buddy and I were a twosome, and a couple of ladies were a twosome. The course was REALLY crowded, and the starter came to us kind of apologetic asking if we'd mind playing with a couple of women. I asked if he knew anything about them, could they play? He said they were out there all the time, and would usually play 18 in just over 4 hours. So we said OK! Someone mentioned "uninvited" advice, which I am loath to give! But, one of the ladies was having trouble off the tee with the Driver. After another poor effort, she slammed her club down and said, "What is the matter with me? What am I doing wrong?!" That's when I decided to pipe up. I told her that I could see what she was doing, but I wouldn't tell her unless she absolutely wanted me to. Well, of course she wanted to know. She was hanging onto the club like crazy, and not getting anywhere near squaring the clubface. I demonstrated to her what she was doing, and what she should be doing! She seemed to be a natural mimic, since it didn't take her long to start piping drives right down the middle for good distance!
  18. Sorry, but you're wrong. I know it is, because it actually happened to me! I love how some people like to tell me that what I know happened, didn't! I don't know where you play golf, but I've never seen a golf cart with "street" tires! I also think that stopping fast and spinning on start can have a lot to do with how the cart is set up. When the newest upscale, daily fee course opened in the area, we went out to play it. They had Formula 1 golf carts! fastest carts I ever saw, and these carts also seemed to have little in the way of brakes! This course features a lot of elevation changes, and is cut by several steep ravines. On one drive from green to tee, we found ourselves rocketing down a steep hill, toward a bridge crossing an absolute chasm of a ravine! I was standing on the brake pedal with both feet, and we weren't really slowing down that much! I had visions of injury and death dancing in my head! We managed to get through it, but I had a word with the manager after our round. The carts have been changed since, and are much more manageable.
  19. Of course they can swing that fast. And they probably have little idea of where the ball is going! Every year I see guys out there who can swat the dog snot out of the ball, and all it does it put them deeper in the woods!
  20. OK. Your headline is a bit different from the point of your OP! When I go to a range to hit a bucket, I do not expect them to have the bucket full of the balls of my preference! But then, you change the parameter to "chipping and putting". Of course, I will use my game balls when practicing this part of my game! Why would I not?
  21. The same is true for a motorized riding carts with 2 riders and bags! Ask me how I know! I had my foot run over by a cart, and it did not hurt at all. No pain whatsoever! Much less than if some guy had stepped on my foot!
  22. I suspected that it was the course. You have to be seriously connected to get to play there! Yes! Remember the shot of Clint Eastwood, and a bunch of others, hanging onto another actor's belt, I believe it's Orson Bean, to keep him from falling into the sea after hitting his shot? You may if you are as old as I am! And yes, Cypress Point is SERIOUSLY private! It's more private than Augusta National. I once read where they turned down a request by Barack Obama to play!
  23. No more than a 30 minute drive, in good weather and the usual traffic with no construction! This is unless we are going to someplace "special"! But then, someplace special is not a "normal" round!
  24. Oh, Jeez! The basement carpet, and his Mom's heirloom quilt! Nice going numbskull!
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