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  1. Some people have an amazing knack for that. That does not describe my situation. I have a devil of a time putting through fringe. I'd rather fly the ball over it!
  2. Yep. But if you're a "crippled" golfer, maybe you need them? When I was learning to play golf, we played the game with irons, and woods, whose heads were absolutely tiny compared to today's equipment. Somehow, we learned to hit these clubs. Or, we didn't! Back then my eyesight, reflexes, and strength were far superior to what they are today. These days I need crutches!
  3. OK, it's Jason Kokrak. The last graphic I saw on the telecast last week had him at 30th. Of course that wasn't after the end of the tournament, so there must have been some late movement. I did hear on a local radio sports talk show today that he was 32nd going into Medinah. Just checked the PGA Tour website and, holy cow, JK is tied for 1st after the first round! He has also banked a smidge over $2.2 Mill in official money this season.
  4. Here's the thing. If, at my age which is 66, you can still hit the ball as far as you did in your 20's, play the blues! If you can only hit it as far as you did in your 40's, play the whites! If you hit the ball as far as most mid 60's players do who weren't former PGA pros, play the golds! It took me a couple of years to talk my buddy into playing them, because he was doing the typical male thing. Fooling himself. He thought he was still cranking Drivers out there 260-270, but it was more like 220-230! Long par 4's began to play like par 5's! Once we moved up a tee box, golf became much more fun, and much less a slug fest! The only complaint I might have is with some older courses which were designed with only blue, white, and red tees in mind. It's asking them to spend money to design specific tee boxes for Seniors, and many refuse to do so. At least around here. What they do is cram the Senior tees right in behind the lady's teed on their tee box! I don't like that! It doesn't give the women very much advantage. I don't hit the ball very long anymore, but I can still hit it a lot longer than a woman my age! I don't care if the course builds a special tee box for Seniors. Just find a place and mow it close. Put a couple of golf tee markers there. We'll play it.
  5. If memory serves, it was Robert Tyre Jones, otherwise known as Bobby! Not that bad a golfer. The thing about golf is mechanical stuff can get to be mental. Spieth seems like he's riding a roller coaster now. Up and down, up and down! He plays great one day, and like crap the next! The cause may be mechanical but the effect is mental. Look at how he berates himself after a poor shot. Considering how incandescent his career looked just a few years ago, it has to feel like Hell just scuttling along. I guess it can depend on your expectations for yourself. Once you're on top, you might feel like you should stay there. And when you don't, doubt creeps in. And then, there's this other guy. He's a Tour pro who graduated from a local high school, and who's career I follow. The closest he's come to winning is finishing tied for 3rd at the Valero this year. I've heard the TV commentators express surprise that he hasn't won yet, since they believe he has the talent to do so. He just goes along making cuts, and finishing on the second or third page on the leader board. 3 years ago he won about $1.6 Mill. Last year about $1.8 Mill. This year over $2 Mill so far! And he goes into Medinah ranked 30th in FedEx cup points! OK, I guess I just pinpointed him for you. I don't know if this guy honestly wants to be up there with the DJ's, and Rory's, or Jordan's or Justin's! He's making a nice life for himself and his wife, and stashing the bucks.
  6. I believe in tipping well when the service deserves it. If I get attitude, or poor service, I tip very little or nothing at all! A comment like that "pro's" might cause a confrontation!
  7. Shot an 82 at Mill Creek South today, which is a stroke and a half better than my HI, and came away from the round feeling like I played like crap! I threw away strokes like crazy. But the course condition didn't help. I played there to get ready for a tourney that I'm playing in this Friday and Saturday, and if I make the cut, Sunday. I don't think I've ever seen the course in worse condition, and I've played there for 40+ years! This is not the place for my rant. I'll do that on the "Courses and Architecture" page.
  8. Yes, I had an Acushnet Bullseye putter. Couldn't putt worth a damn with the thing! Too light, no heel/toe weighting, would twist like crazy on off center hits.
  9. Hey, I don't care if I'm playing for quarter skins, don't try to screw me! I've been trying to talk a buddy of mine into playing in a local tournament run by the newspaper. Only thing is he likes to "mug" the ball till he's happy. The rules of the tournament are defined by the conditions. If they are good, we play the ball down! He asked me why he couldn't improve his lie. After all, we're not playing on Tour with the kind of courses they play! I told him that even on Tour, unless the conditions are extreme, they can't mug the ball either. And, the whole field plays by those rules.
  10. I honestly have no idea. Probably 4-5 sets, or partial sets, of irons, 3-4 Drivers, 2-3 putters, 3 old bags, various fairway woods and hybrids. Makes me think I should organize it all and donate it to First Tee or a high school or something.
  11. I've tried that, but the whole idea of the hybrid design is to get the ball up in air. I have a hard time keeping my 2H low, I read a post here several years ago where a guy had room for one more club. He had an old 2 iron, cut it down to 6 or 7 iron length, and used that as his punch out club.
  12. I take it this was your first time playing this course? That can be a problem in and of itself. Plus, it's a ski resort, so I'm guessing a lot of uphill, downhill, and sidehill lies. Don't beat yourself up too bad, and see how your next round goes.
  13. I also think it's important to pick as definite a landing spot as you can. Then read the green like you were putting from that spot. As far as the style of shot, I prefer to get the ball on the green and rolling ASAP, especially when fairly close to the green. My buddy prefers to get the ball in the air and fly it closer to the hole. He's better at judging how far he will carry the ball and I'm better at judging how far I will roll it.
  14. I think that, if I was behind him, I would have hit into him! After all, he's giving me a flagstick to shoot at! Oh, we had a "pickle park" around here too! It was roadside restroom on SR 82 near Brookfield. The state closed it down and plowed it under!
  15. Indeed! In golf, you remain neutral to the results of your opponents shots. But, when a particularly fine strike is applied, it's appropriate to to applaud!
  16. You're right. Avalon Lakes was designed a while ago. The new owner called Pete Dye back in to create a great layout, and wow, did he succeed! Moved a lot of dirt to make it happen, There's a ton of water on the course, and if you play the tips it is seriously long! Old Avalon is also open under new management. I haven't been out there to play, but the course looks nice, and well kept. The new operator raised greens fees, but as you you said, cheap greens fees mean a cheap course. Management needs money to keep the course the way you'd like it to be. Good points by both. It took me quite a bit of time to convince my buddy that we should be teeing off from the senior tees! He would tell me he was hitting it 260-270 off the the tee and I knew that was lie! He was hitting it 220-230 at best! He was fooling himself.Once I convinced him to use the senior tees, golf became a whole lot of fun again, putting for birdies and eagles! If you are 60+ and think you can hit it as far you did when you were 20+ or 40+ you are fooling yourselves! Not unless you're a pro! Best to confront reality and deal with it!
  17. The exact opposite was a death move for me! I hung onto the club like grim death! I came in with the clubface open, and could hit the ball over 2 fairways to the right with a Driver! I always understood the "let the ball get in the way of the swing" idea was a suggestion to swing "through" the ball, not "at" the ball. One of the best swing thoughts I ever read, especially for when the ball is teed up and you are hitting Driver, is this. Imagine that the ball is a soap bubble. It is insubstantial. All you want to do is swing the club, and pop the soap bubble! This worked wonderfully for me for quite a while. However, don't equate this with "if I could only hit the ball with my practice swing" nonsense! In a practice swing, you don't need to square the clubface. You can just swing away, and it feels so free and easy, and it's all a bunch of hooey! Even introducing a soap bubble introduces an object to be swung though into the equation. The human psyche is an amazing thing!
  18. And the Academy Award goes to...Carl Spackler! I saw something similar, but it was not on a golf course. It was in Bologna, Italy. We were all standing outside our hotel, dressed to the nines, ready to go to some official dinner, when down the sidewalk walks this seemingly striking looking "woman". Upon closer inspection, and seeing the Aquiline nose and Adam's apple, I realize that "she" is a cross dresser at the very least. The hotel was fronted by very massive columns. I ducked behind one of them to laugh my butt off, while my compatriots chatted her up! This has happened to me. We were playing the 18th at Firestone Farms in Columbiana, Ohio. A really nice track kind of out in the country. There was a fire alarm in the village of Columbiana, off to our right, and fire engine sirens were going off. Shortly after, a pack of coyotes set up a yip fest in the woods at the top of the hill to our left. I tapped my buddy on the shoulder and asked if he heard them. Once I pointed it out to him, he did. We have coyotes all over the place! This also reminded me of a course where I played league years ago. If you hit to the left of the 14th green, you might see a red fox dash out of the woods, grab your ball, and disappear back into the woods! I don't know what it did the balls. I had to figure there a fox den with a bunch of golf balls in it, somewhere in that woods!
  19. You're exactly right, geo! Avalon Lakes was designed by Pete Dye, twice! And it is directly across the road from what is now called "Old Avalon". And it seem that Old Avalon is doing just fine! I went out to watch the final of the youth tournament at Avalon Lakes, and rented a cart so I could have a look at the whole course. With the shape my knees are in, there's no way I could hike the whole way around it! It is spectacular! Once I was done over there, I went across the street and had a look at "Old Avalon". It looked pretty good! It is widely said that Hogan was a big fan of the back nine! And the course is hardly a pushover! The front nine is relatively open, while the back nine is tree lined, and tighter. There was talk last year of the owner of Tam 'O Shanter GC near Hermitage, PA was looking to maybe take the course over and run it.
  20. Got out Friday with some friends for 18. On one hole my partner and I spotted a red tailed hawk, fully mature and a very impressively sized bird, that had a squirrel pinned to the ground with its talons! Even stranger was the other squirrel, possibly the victim's mate, that tried to harass the hawk into giving up the squirrel it had caught. Perhaps distracted by the commotion, my buddy fluffed his approach to within about 10' to 15' of the hawk! He then asked me if hawks would attack people. I told him usually not, but if it thought he was trying to steal it's food, who knows what might happen?! Well, he pussyfooted it up there, and the hawk flew away with the squirrel in its grip, and lit in a tree behind the green. Stranger still was the companion squirrel, running like mad after the hawk, and climbing the tree it lit in to keep up its effort to free the other squirrel! We could clearly hear the hawk screeching at the squirrel. I don't know how it all worked out, but I would guess that the hawk won!
  21. That's a classic mistake for old timey rock bands! Don't alienate your fan base! They want to hear the hits, so you better play them. I have a DVD of of the Eagle's second "farewell" tour performance in Melbourne, Australia. They said they have no problem playing the hits, since that what the fans want to hear. It also helped that their last album of new material was a real stinker! My Sis and BIL went to Yes concert a couple of years ago. Said it was a fantastic show even though the lead guitarist, Steve Howe, looked like the crypt keeper!
  22. I don't know if you are asking me that question, or the OP. I found the design to be classic Ross! No forced carries over bunkers to reach the green. The front of every green was open to a run up shot. But , get your tee shot or approach off line, and you could be in big trouble! Plus, there were quite a few blind shots, both drives and approaches, that one might expect on a Scottish links. In fact, the approach to the first green is totally blind. The green and flagstick are hidden behind a huge mound. The terrain is far hillier than I imagined down in there. The greens were pure lightning! I remember one hole in particular where I hit a fine drive, but had a blind approach to the green. I drove to the crest of the rise to have a look at it, and decided to hit one club more than I normally would. I put the ball 30 feet behind, and above, the hole. I putted that ball right off the front of the green! I simply wasn't used to the speed of those greens, even though I practiced on the putting green for a half hour! The practice green doesn't feature the slope some of the greens on the course display. And, as @golfer2b2000 said, #9 is very pretty, but daunting. You hit over a deep ravine with a lake at the bottom. If you hit it anywhere but dead at the green with the proper yardage, you are well and truly screwed!
  23. I thought I might be the only one who noticed these oddities. I play a local course that has a bunker located right in front of a lake! It makes no sense to me either. And from the Google Earth pic, the greenside bunkers seem to be in much worse shape than the bunker you are talking about. As expensive as bunkers are to build and maintain, shouldn't the effort go to those?
  24. Shot an 83 on a par 72 course on Friday, which is 2.5 strokes better than my HI, but I wasn't happy with the round. Well, let's say I wasn't happy with my score! From tee to green I was quite happy. I don't know where my approach game and wedge play came from that day, but it's the best it's been this season. I gave myself all kind of opportunities for birdie, but a gang of 3 jacks led to the 83! For whatever reason, I just could not putt that day. This is an older course built in the 60's, and the greens feature a lot of "tilt". Also, it's been hot and dry here lately, so the greens were pretty fiery. Even with an uphill, right to left breaker, a putt I normally love, I had no luck. I hit a lot of "shepherd's crook" putts uphill. They'd break across the face, or behind the hole, and start to come back to me! And woe be unto you if your approach left you above the hole!
  25. That's real nice, but how much money can he make playing amateur golf?! Yes, playing for the US AM or the MID AM is nice, but that costs money running around from place to place. Will this guy become the next Titanic Thompson? A super hustler?! Or will he become an investment banker and grow immensely rich?! Really? Think of Dustin J as an investment banker! Think about it, the dudes who are at the top of the list, and have been there for years, are water walkers! They have truly defied the odds! The golf rankings are full of guys who have floated up for a year or two, and then sunk back down again. It's the nature of the game. I have no problem with restoring amateur status. Pro status in golf is immensely difficult to maintain. Besides, once amateur status is restored, what's the man, or woman, to do? Get a job at a country club? So they can ride herd on a gang of disinterested youngsters and listen to complaints from members about bird crap on the ball washers? Oh, joy!
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