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  1. I did too, but after a while you start learning things, picking up on other stuff, and modifying your opinions. About Santa Claus, I had a manager years ago who had two young Sons. The older Son was starting to figure it out, and was about to blow it for the younger one. So, my manager took his older Son out to breakfast on a Saturday morning, and explained things to him. He told him, when we get older we get to BE Santa Claus! The boy was all about that. And I'd still want to win a gold medal. Once in a lifetime deal!
  2. We were going to try to get out Sunday for nine. One friend is a FedEx driver and he called me today saying he didn't think he was going to go. In some places he delivers, he is forced to walk across a lawn. He said he was slipping, sliding, and sinking every time. It's early March, and usually conditions around here are still sloppy in mid-April. And I really hate not being able to find a drive that I hit in the fairway!
  3. Holy crap! I thought I was old! Yes, they "felt" different, but they really weren't. The IOC, along with Avery Brundage, were selling you a bill of goods! After Brundage retired, the office of IOC President went vacant for quite a few years before Lord Killanin took it over. He was a disaster and was replaced by Juan Antonio Samaranch. Samaranch was corrupt as hell, but he understood reality, and knew where the money was coming from! The US teams were amateurs as far as you know! I'm amazed at those who think that amateur athletics has always been as pure as the driven snow! True! In the 1972 games the refs, or the IOC, were bought off to hand the gold medal to the Soviets. It was an absolute travesty! In 1988 the Russkies had Arvidas Sabonis at his peak, and he was unstoppable! Yes, we had taught them well, and they were good students. Think about it, Sabonis came to the NBA long after his knees were shot, and he could still be a dominant player! Sabonis was damned good!
  4. Thanks for the replies, and I'll have to check it out. I have food simmering now, so I'll do that tomorrow.
  5. That depends on who's playing. Tiger brought a lot of new viewers to the tube. And still does. Now, the Tour is just waiting for the next Tiger!
  6. Why? There have been pros all over the Olympics for years. And from far before the Dream Team! I take your meaning! For me it's lady's figure skating! Doesn't matter. I'd be one and done! Go, thoroughly enjoy the experience, and have it in my memory bank! Why do you think the Dream Team guys went?
  7. OK, this is the first I've heard of this. What is this algorithm for? What is it supposed to do? From the title of it, it sounds like it would give us northerners some extra strokes when we're out mucking around in the slop in March and April!
  8. I think that any time you see words like "Tour model" on a club, you should take that like "chocolaty flavor" on a food product. What those words mean is that it's not REAL chocolate! It's some brown substance that has been flavored with chemicals that taste like chocolate!
  9. Probably at the same rate that the screw comes loosed on your adjustable Driver, and the head goes flying down the fairway. Probably never, at least if YOU are paying attention to what you are doing!
  10. I think he might have tried to change something, because he suddenly started missing to the right with the Driver. I'm reminded of an interview I read with Sam Snead quite a few years ago. This was shortly after Curtis Strange had won 2 US Opens in a row, and then decided that he needed to "fix" his swing! Sam allowed as how he wished he could have talked to him. According to Sam "he won 2 US Opens moving off the ball, and suddenly he thinks he needs to fix that! I wish I could have talked him out of it." Strange "fixed" himself right off the Tour!
  11. Question. Can I get NLU on my desktop computer? I don't own a handheld device, and some of these apps seem particularly designed for those. I like what I saw. Always love to hear insider info. Thanks for any replies.
  12. Well, business is all about the math, Or the money. Whichever way you want to look at it.
  13. No. if you don't get the delivery, then you don't get "dead pan" humor, because that is a dead pan delivery! Just because you don't get it, doesn't mean it can't be gotten. And since @leftybutnotPM pointed out that this desperate cry for attention from GN is actually real, I think the bit was brilliant. I'm with @bwdial . Absolute gold! If the "competition" is still open, I might enter. Back in college, a communications prof wanted me to enter the journalistic world. I can write pretty well when I put my mind to it. I'm sure that I could cobble together 7,500 words of intellectual flatulence that would stroke his ego enough to stand out from the dozen or so entries this is bound to attract! I think I stand a good chance. Wait a minute. What's the first prize again?
  14. I was going to say Carl Spackler, but I kind of like your idea, Could mean anything, including commentary on the quality of the shot.
  15. Exactly right. The Honda Classic is sandwiched between the WBC Mexico tourney, and the Bay Hill Invitational, Arnie's tournament which is a must do for a lot of pros. After that comes The Player's Championship. So, poor Honda winds up with a lesser field. Plus, PGA National is a tough course, and maybe some guys don't want to play there! It was mentioned on the telecast today that 10 of the last 13 champions finished in single digits under par. After today, it's now 11 of the last 14.
  16. First of all, shouldn't it be "shaftoids" and not "shaftiods"? And the guys comment about how he goes by feel more than numbers makes all kinds of sense to me. As has been pointed out before, there is no objective standard for shaft flex. Every manufacturer has their own standard.
  17. My original point. They do not play golf on any tour in order to make money, but they have figured out a way to make money from golf!
  18. Come on, man! He jiggles more than Tim Herron in a tutu!
  19. The Sam Snead Blue Ridge really took me back, as that was my very first actual set of clubs. You're right about the swingweight. I think mine were about a D 15! 😉 My Dad took up golf when I was about 10. My Uncles on my Mom's side got him into it. Eventually, old clubs start laying and balls started laying around, and I dug a hole in the back yard and started chipping to it. My Dad even had some old hickory shafted club with names like "Niblick" and "Mashie", I really wish I had saved those clubs!
  20. I can understand that. I once read a written critique of Firestone CC by some brain dead doofus, saying that it wasn't much of a course because the holes only "go back and forth"! Later, I read a more reasoned critique saying that if you teed off at the first into the wind, the course would play short. If you teed off with the wind, the course would play long! This was part of the consideration for the design. Not to mention the big ridge that bisects the course. I also remember an essay by David Feherty when he was an on course commentator with CBS. In it he griped about "having to hike up and down that God damned ridge between 17 and 18 a half dozen times for the playoff!" Bread and circuses, guy! The Roman Empire thought it more important to keep the games at the Colosseum going than feed the populace, the appetite for sport, particularly blood sport, was so high. Our stuff today is pretty tame in comparison. A long time ago I read an article that I believe was penned by a sociologist. In it he equated "play" with "intelligence". Humans, kittens, puppies and dogs, monkeys and apes, and dolphins all engage in play! Worms and slugs do not. Reptiles and Amphibians do not. Invertebrates do not. As a result of our being one of the most, if not the most, intelligent species on the planet, we have invented games that are VERY difficult to play! So much so, that people will actually pay money to come out and watch other people who can play those games very well! Pro sports did not appear from planning, it happened organically. It came about through fan interest!
  21. If all that stuff is true, I think it's Greg Norman that comes off as a dick. So, is it true or is it not? As self absorbed as some people are these days, it makes you wonder.
  22. Reminds me of a round way back in the day when everybody walked, and you were supposed to wave the following group up, and then putt out while they walked to the green. We marked our balls and did just that. The first couple of tee shots from the following group had some of us running for cover! I said maybe we should cluster around the flagstick, as that was probably the safest place. Turns out it was! Well, it's been in effect a long time, and worked so far.
  23. Here in NE Ohio there's a local PGA golf pro, who has, or had, a TV show. He's the pro at what was an upscale daily fee course until the membership grew to a number where it could go private. I don't know if it has done so yet. The show featured him going around the country, playing any number of famous gold courses, accompanied by a succession of young, attractive female golfers! I'm sure that added to the viewership! And this was not YouTube, this was cable! I'm sure he made a pretty penny off of it. He played the mini-tours back in his day, but decided it wasn't going to work for him, and took this job. In America, and in other places, there's a million ways to make a buck!
  24. No, that's not it! I'm as conservative as anybody around here, and have had my differences with @iacas in the past when I went beyond the pale. Your interpretation of the 1st Amendment is completely out of bounds. I have watched the LPGA for years. I started out as a fan of Carol Mann! Then there was Pat Bradley, Dottie Mochrie (now Pepper), Beth Daniels, Julie Inkster, Nancy Lopez, Annika, Carrie, Paula, Laurena, Michelle, and on and on. And I watched John Daly when he was in his prime, but no longer. Why do I want to watch him wiggling like a blob of Jello in his follow through?
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