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  1. Besides, with the new rules you are allowed to tamp down spike marks. I think the footprint issue can have more to do with the condition of the green rather than the golfers on it. Well, unless there's some slew-footed rhinoceros in front of you who can't pick up their feet and scuffs up the green! There's a course, I guess I'd call it local since it's in NE Ohio, but it's a pretty good drive to get there, that had greens that would just hold footprints! There were even comments about that on GolfAdvisor, and other golf course rating sites. We had noticed this ourselves. Then last year, when we went to play the course again, the greens no longer showed footprints! I noticed this on the second hole, and it continued that way throughout the round. I have to feel that course management changed some of their practices. I really can't imagine anything else that would cause that kind of change.
  2. I'm now 66 years old, and no don't carry an iron longer than a 6. Probably 20-25 years ago, I noticed I couldn't get my 2 iron up off the ground any more, so I bought my first hybrid, a Cleveland Hibore 2H, that is still in my bag! I love that club. As my age advanced, eventually more longer, and mid, iron performance started to suffer. My buddy had TM 3,4, and 5 Rescue hybrids that he couldn't hit. We went out to play, he brought those along and I stuck them in my bag for the round. What a revelation! I smoked those clubs! After the round I asked how much he wanted for them and he said 70 bucks. I said SOLD! Unlike many, I took to hybrids right away! I like the way they look behind the ball, they get the ball up off the ground for me, and allow me to hit the distances I'm used to.
  3. This can be a touchy subject. A couple years ago I got into the bad habit of shanking short chips and less than full pitch shots. My life long buddy said, "I see what you're doing wrong, but I'll only tell you if you want me to." I asked him to tell me. I was just flipping the club behind me and basically throwing the hosel at the ball. I wan't making any backswing or shoulder turn at all! I still have to remind myself of this, but I rarely shank one of those shots anymore. Another time we were paired up with a couple of ladies at a local, upscale daily fee course. That was fine. The ladies could play, and were not slow. One of them, however, was having an issue with her tee shots. She held on to the Driver like grim death, and at waist high in the through swing the clubface was looking at the sky! She was hitting weak little popups to the right. After yet another one of these, she walked off the tee saying, "What is wrong with me today?" I said to her that I could see what she was doing, and would she mind terribly if I gave her a tip? She welcomed the advice. I demonstrated what she was doing, and what she should be doing to straighten out her Driver. On the next tee, she asked me to come up and watch her practice swing! Her first still had a little to much "hold on" in it, and I told her to do more of what I showed her. Her next practice swing looked great, and I told her, "Yes! Do that! Put that swing on the ball." Crack! Right down the middle and for good distance. I don't think she missed a fairway the rest of the round. At the end of the round she came up to me, shook my hand, and thanked me for helping her! These are a couple of instances where things went well. In both cases the advice was not "unsolicited". Permission was asked for, and received. I am generally loathe to give advice on the course, my buddy not so much. But, he knew he could help me, and I knew I could help that lady. All we wanted to do was help another person play better.
  4. What I have noticed when I "accelerate" through my putts is that I pull them! And the reason that I accelerate is because I haven't taken a deep enough backstroke. Your body panics, since it instinctively "knows" what you didn't do and seeks to make up for it. I read this thread for the first time last year, and have been working on it ever since. I'm 66 and putt better now than I did in my 20's! I'm putting 30-40 footers within inches of the cup! This method is a Godsend. Study it, practice it, employ it! My golf buddy's are constantly commenting about how well I putt now.
  5. In a couple of words, not really! But, at 66 years old, I figure maintenance is the real target! I may see some improvement in certain aspects of my game now and then, for instance I'm putting like a wizard right now! But to strive for a significant, overall reduction in handicap seems like a fools errand!
  6. Once you have relocated to Cleveland, if you haven't already, when near a bookstore look for a book called the "Cleveland Golfer's Bible", by John H Tidyman. He has produced any number of editions of these books as the golfing landscape has changed. Whatever is going on, he will clue you in. A couple more ideas I came up with since my last post. Try playing Boulder Creek near Streetsboro, or The Quarry in East Canton. Neither are that far from Cleveland. For a place for kids near Cleveland there may be "Little Met", or another course owned by Cleveland Metroparks that I believe is called "Washington". Just check out Cleveland Metroparks Golf.
  7. In my opinion, there is no difference! If the dude coughing up all the advice isn't self aware enough to recognize what he's doing, he's an idiot! One time I had a horrible problem with less than full pitches. I would routinely shank them! After yet one more failed pitch, my buddy said, "I see what you're doing wrong, and if you want me to, I'll tell you." After a millisecond's consideration I said, "YES! Tell me what I'm doing wrong!" He explained it to me and I have almost never shanked a partial chip since. I appreciate the fact that he asked me if I wanted his advice, rather than just diving in and offering it. I've played this game a long time, and can recognize obvious swing faults with my bare eyes, but will NEVER offer unsolicited advice! As a local golf author wrote, "Unsolicited advice is a headache looking for a forehead to run into!"
  8. I live in NE Ohio, which is now "overbuilt" for golf! So, over time, quite a few golf courses have gone out of business. When a course gets in financial difficulty the first things to go are the bunkers! They are expensive to construct and maintain. Mill Creek GC (36 holes) just spent close to $400K over the past 2 years to refurbish all their bunkers! Good point! Last year we went out to play a course that for whatever reason had the nines reversed that day! So we head out to #10 tee and wait, and wait, and wait some more while two foursomes of absolute fossils teed off in front of us! I don't mean to be unkind, but these guys were seriously old. To the point where it could be questioned whether they should even be on a golf course! After the first foursome hit toward the green, the second foursome teed off, drove out to their balls, and dropped anchor! They might have hit their drives 125 and had 150 to the green, but they held their fire until the prior group cleared. And the prior group took their damn sweet time on the green! After 20+ minutes I was seriously pissed and told the group to follow me back to the starter. I told him that I was not about to take 6 or 7 hours to play a round of golf behind the tortoises we would be behind on the back nine! If we couldn't get out on the front, I was going to the desk for a rain check! He checked his sheet and, whattaya know, there was a gap before the outing, or whatever it was, was due to tee off. The starter said, "If you can get out there right now, you can go." I said, "We're outta here! Thank you!" And we actually caught up to the second group of tortoises on 17 and 18! They took 4+ hours to play nine holes!
  9. You're not alone. Sam Snead couldn't watch Ben Hogan swing either!
  10. Overthinking it much?! Heh, heh, heh! 😉 Glad to see you included the time parameter!
  11. My buddy picked up on a hole he was hacking the crap out of the other day. At the end of the hole I asked him what score he wanted to put down. He said he shot, "infinity"! So, I put down the little sideways 8 symbol for that. He wanted to quit, but I told him to hang in there. He settled down and shot a 44 on the back. At the conclusion of the round I told him that I had shot 83, and he shot an 86-infinity.
  12. Well, my "toughest" might be coming up in about a month. I'm entered in the "Greatest Golfer of the Valley" tourney again this year, and just got an e-mail that the Senior division is playing Avalon Lakes on the second day of the tournament! Wow! I've been wanting to play there for years! It's a Pete Dye design and re-design. He built the original course, but didn't really extend himself, probably due to budget. The city of Warren was building the place. Also a resort hotel, tennis center, the whole deal. When it got into financial trouble because the politicians didn't know how to run a business, a multi-billionaire stepped in and bought the whole kit and caboodle! The first thing he did was re-hire Dye to re-design the course, with no expense spared. The original course was as flat as a pancake because that's how the land was, and the budget was bargain basement! The re-design looks like Dye moved about a million yards of earth to create what he did, and the result is spectacular. The new owner wanted a track that could attract a PGA Tour event, and he got it. The last time I saw the place was quite a few years ago when the LPGA Tour played there. The ladies raved about the place! This Saturday the junior division of the Greatest Golfer tourney has their final round there. I plan to be on hand. Not just to watch the juniors, but to have a look at the course before I play it. i plan to take a notebook! I missed the cut for the final day last year because Youngstown Country Club, which I had never laid eyes on, just ate my lunch!
  13. Haw! That made a memory come up really strong! I was chipping around in the back yard when I wondered what would happen if I smacked one of those golf balls all out. I was hitting a mid-iron or mid mashie ( a 2 or 3 iron, that's all that was available to me ), and rifled a duck hook through Mr. Ross' garage window! Having been raised properly, I went an confessed my crime. Mr. Ross and my Dad huddled to determine how much work I had to do for him to pay for it. I overheard Mr. Ross say to my Dad, "It seems like the boy wants to play. Maybe we should take him out." So, I got to pull my Dad's cart and keep score. I made the classic mistake of informing my Dad that he was winning after the first 9, since his score was higher than Mr. Ross'! He told me that in golf, the lowest score wins! Where have I heard that before? Rather than deliver a lecture, my Dad just said "think about it". I did think about it, and soon realized he was right. That was the beginning of my life's odyssey in golf!
  14. Thank you. The same is true for a hard wind from the left or right. They will not only shove your ball in one direction or another, they will also scrub spin off of it and cause it to fall short as well.
  15. Wow, that's nice! Usually they just dump out of the machine into your bucket, and you get what you get! I remember reading an article many years ago where Nicklaus was presented with golf balls that had no dimples. They were made as smooth as ping pong balls. He would blast a Driver, and it would fall out of the air 175-180 yards from the tee. And God only knew where it was going! As far as "meteorologist" goes, I thank you for that. I've been watching the sky since I was a kid because my Dad did. He grew up when there was no weather forecast to tell you what was going to happen, you had to foresee the weather for yourself. He was also a stargazer, and taught me a lot about astronomy.
  16. Yup! Got to play it last year in the second round of the Greatest Golfer in the Valley tournament! The course ate me for lunch, but I still enjoyed myself. The greens were like putting on glass compared to what I usually play! First time I'd laid eyes on the place, and there are a few surprises out there. As an aside, I just got an e-mail about the course rota for this years Greatest tourney. We seniors get to play Avalon Lakes the second day! Hooo boy! I may need Preparation H after that round!
  17. There's a local upscale, daily fee course that is very nice, which also has a very nice practice range with grass tees. It opened, I think, 8-10 years ago. Unfortunately, the range balls are of the same vintage! Some of them come out of the bucket nearly as smooth as a ping pong ball! When you tee one of those up, you just know it's going to fly weird. And while a "downdraft" is doubtful as @mcanadiens problem, I will mention this anyway. I've seen guys hit shots with a following wind, wind blowing from them to the target, expecting to gain additional yardage only to wind up short. One of those things that makes you go hmmmm. If you are playing under a high pressure system it will exert a force on the atmosphere called "subsidence". The wind not only blows in a compass direction, it also blows "down". And the harder it blows in a direction, the harder it blows down. It can force balls down prematurely. Ever look at the trees when storms are moving in? You see the undersides of the leaves. That indicates that the air is lifting, which is one of the things that helps storms to form. That kind of wind from behind will help the ball go farther unless the atmosphere gets too heavy and thick to cancel that kind of effect. We kind of take the air for granted, but it's a complex thing. This isn't really worth a damn on the range, but it might be something to keep in mind when playing for a score.
  18. Good point. My legs never did sweat much. From the waist up was another story! In the 1980's?! In NE Ohio?! You have to be kidding! Besides, that doesn't address the old-timer's comment, "That sun will kill you, boy!"
  19. Understood. After re-reading my earlier comment I may have been a bit rash assuming blading or chunking. However, your reply leads me to believe that you are leaving the ball quite a distance from the hole. The question I would then ask is, how is your lag putting? 33 putts isn't terrible, it's less than regulation, but it's not great either. If that is a problem, I'd suggest going to the Instruction page and looking at the thread titled, "Do NOT accelerate when putting", or something to that effect. I started working on that last year and continued it this year. My lag putting has improved exponentially. Heck, my overall putting has improved. I'm 66 and putt better now than when I was 22! 30-40 footers don't really hold much fear for me now. Almost sank a couple of those my last round. It's so much easier to hit your line when you're not slugging at the ball! If that's not the problem then, yes, you just need to dial in those wedges. Even early this season, I was leaving less than full wedges well short of the green. Cost me a bunch of strokes! I finally learned to control distance by the amount of shoulder turn I was making. Which means I had to turn my shoulders. I sometimes get into a bad habit of just flapping my arms around! Especially on less than full wedges.
  20. Interesting. A couple years ago a buddy and I decided to go play Blackhawk GC near Beaver Falls. I hadn't played there in ages and had forgotten much of the course. When we went back out there, what I couldn't believe is that I used to walk the place! I had to be part mountain goat, the place is so hilly! You'd better be good at playing from uneven lies to play these courses well!
  21. Exactly! There are TONS of better courses to play in a short drive from Cleveland that won't cost you an arm and a leg. May I suggest,, Manakiki, Fowlers Mill, Little Mountain, Tanglewood National, Sleepy Hollow, Seneca, Hawthorne Valley, and many others mere minutes from you. As far as your original question, why aren't there more free golf courses, it's because they cost money to maintain! This is hardly a mystery. I live in Youngstown, OH and we have a muni, the Henry Stambaugh Golf Course, that is no pushover! It's a tough design! But, there's little money for maintenance. The bunkers are full of weeds, and the fairways are full of clover! You are liable to be putting on greens that were cut 3 days ago!
  22. My buddy's former boss played college golf for Ohio State, so he was no slouch. His "feel" was that he started his downswing with his left shoulder. Yet, those of us watching saw his swing unfold from the ground up like most good swings! Yet, his "feel" served him well. He has a powerful game.
  23. Played Oak Tree Country club last Friday. Shot an 83, which I am fairly happy with, although it didn't seem to me like I was playing all that well. When I sat down after the round with the scorecard and a cold beer to go back over the round, it hit me just how many strokes I'd left out there! I could have easily broken 80. As an aside, I discovered that Oak Tree was designed by Edward Ault who also designed Windmill Lakes, the last course I posted about. I really like both of these courses. If you don't mind my chiming in here, I don't think taking 33 putts has much to do with not hitting a lot of greens in regulation. If you're getting a bunch of NGIR's, then you probably have a wedge in your hands, which should be easier to get close to the hole than a 6 or 7 iron! As much as some folks like to de-emphasize the importance of the short game these days, it's still important. But, if you're blading pitches over the green, or chunking them short, or putting them on the green but a mile from the hole and you don't putt very well, that's a problem! I would look to your pitching, chipping, and putting as a quick aid to scoring better.
  24. I keep hearing this, yet I continue to see things that make me think the contrary. Playing today, I saw my buddy's right foot shoot out from under him two times! He wears Foot Joy shoes that don't even have soft spikes, just some stupid little nubs that don't look like they'd grip the ground all that well! Back in the day, I saw my Uncle, the country club pro, blow his right foot out from under him while wearing nails! Admittedly, he was standing on soggy wet leaves, but still! And just a couple of years ago I saw a Tour pro have his right foot blow out from under him to the point where he was injured, and limped all the way to he finish of the third round! Seems like some folks are still pushing off the right foot! There's NOT just one golf swing!
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