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  1. I think that's sound advice. No sense jumping in with 2 feet and spending a ton of money. I don't know anything about Slotline. Just looked at them on Ebay, and you can get complete sets of irons for about 80 bucks, with shipping included! Might not be a bad way to start. But, Callaway is a well established company with a solid reputation. I just bought an Epic Flash Driver off the "pre-owned" site and love it! Their stuff is first quality. However, if you're asking which will work better for you, we have no way of knowing. In many cases, you buy a set of clubs, and "learn" how to hit them! I had the same experience with my new Driver.
  2. Yep! This sounds like a PGA Tour player problem!
  3. Yes, they do. But in your previous post that I quoted, you seemed to imply that only riding cart revenue helped the course. All revenue helps the course. You said you didn't blame courses for banning pull or push carts. You did not specify if they were owned by the golfer or not. FWIW, if a course did that around here, and I owned my cart, I would no longer play there! So, how does my lack of revenue help that course?
  4. I've played Firestone Farms many times. Played it just last week, in fact. I always play to the elbow of the dogleg, which leaves you a short wedge to the green. Even if you can reach from the tee, that green runs away from you a bit. If you wind up in the swamp behind the green, you're done for. Here's my capsule description of Firestone Farms.The front nine is pretty much played through a housing development, with breaks here and there. The back nine is like playing through a nature preserve.
  5. I'd suggest getting to the course earlier and warming up properly!
  6. There's a local driving range that has been in existence for 3-4 years now. It's pretty much a self service operation. Of course, they have to cut grass and pick up balls. but to get you on the range is entirely automated. Stick a bucket under the spout on the machine and swipe a card of any type. It is preset to dispense only small buckets. If you want a large bucket, stick one of those under the spout and swipe twice! Easy
  7. Nope. That's not OT at all. In fact, it's right on topic! Reminded me that a local course who is on my e-mail list sent me an e-mail saying that they were reworking their tee sheet due to a limited number of carts. They have 70 which, according to their math, allowed them to put 140 golfers on the course at one time! Simple math will tell you that is not possible. But, one rider per cart does put limits on them! BTW, played another of my favorite courses in the area on Tuesday. They had the plexiglass dividers installed in the carts which, supposedly, makes it OK for 2 to ride together. I didn't have to since we were a threesome. However, that damned plexiglass panel flapping around in the breeze, and flexing this way and that on curves and turns, and repeatedly tattooing the hell out of my right elbow, did NOT add to my enjoyment of the round!
  8. There's a course in this area that will accept tee times a year in advance! It's one of our favorites, and has been in existence for 89 years, always owned by the same family. The community is fiercely loyal to it. People have retired from this area and moved away to Arizona, Florida, or the Carolinas, but they always come back every year to play there. Before they head back home they will make their tee times for next year. There have been some issues here, but not too many. So many are off work, with 600 bucks extra in federal unemployment coming in, so why not go play golf! The courses are packed! Even the ones sticking with standard spacing between groups. I don't understand the extended spacing either. If we pulled up behind a group that was next to tee off, I didn't walk up there and try to hang out with them!
  9. So, why not charge for the push carts? That is, unless you bring your own. The local metroparks courses invested a pile of money in a bunch of new Sun Mountain push carts, which have turned out to be very popular! There are more people walking the courses than I have ever seen before!
  10. Do you think it's time we start talking about 5 majors?
  11. Why not bombers? Because that's always been the case! Tight fairways and heavy rough have been a feature on Tour for a long time. And they are not leaving putting alone! Getting the greens to 13 or 14 on the Stimp by starving them of water when the Tour is in town is commonplace! They put the greens on life support!
  12. All of my damage came from other sports. Football and basketball basically.
  13. Consider how your HI is arrived at. From the courses you routinely play. And even though Peyton Manning is a member of Augusta National, I don't know how often he gets to play it. The thing about the handicap "index" is, I thought it could be adjusted upward or downward depending on the difficulty of the course you are playing that day. But I wonder. Like at the Pebble Beach pro-am they routinely announce some obscure entertainers handicap as " a 5.2 at his home course, Dead Mules CC in Loose Gravel, Iowa." Also, many years ago I read an article about the Medalist Golf Club in Hobe Sound, Fla. Before opening the course for play, Greg Norman invited a bunch of buds, including Jack Nicklaus, to play it and provide feedback. After the round, when asked about his assessment of the course, he said that the fairways were far too tight, the forced carries over water and swamp were far too long, and the rough way too penal for a resort course! And one thing Nicklaus said was so vivid that it kind of burned itself into my brain. He said that he was a highly skilled long iron player, but he still had problems getting a ball to hold on the hood of a car! Greg wound up with more work to do!
  14. Some courses around here are putting plexiglass dividers in the carts so two at a time can ride.
  15. I think that a lot of the bitching comes from people who have been brought up to believe that life should be fair!
  16. Or the US Invitational. Read an article in the paper yesterday about this. I never realized what a Herculean task qualifying was for the USGA to pull off! It is a huge job! It would have been impossible to pull off under the current situation. The Open itself seems small by comparison.
  17. Know more about what? Don't you get it man? All the courses in the old country are far superior to those here in the new world! Even though some of them were designed by men from the old country. It seems that once they set foot on our soil, they lost their touch and they became poor designers!
  18. This is why I have thought for years that the old "players blades" could teach you to be a better player! Yes, some of those blades were tiny! But, if you could get all that mass to the back of the ball....Oh! how it would fly! Exactly! The GI irons moved the weight of the clubhead all around the perimeter to eliminate twisting on off center strikes! But, if you hit it in the center, it won't go as far because there's not as much mass there. What can we do about this? We can crank down the lofts and lengthen the clubs! We have been sold such a bill of goods!
  19. 😁 This reminds me of shooting hoops with the daughter of the owners of the company in their driveway. I was in my early to mid-40's at the time, and the girl was about 10 I guess. I'd try to teach her about the game. I once over heard her her tell her Mom, "If Gary would practice, he could be really good!" I just had to chuckle. Back in the day, I could play me some Bball! I could dunk a volleyball at 5'9". I could run the length of a regulation college court in 3.4 seconds. This was verified by the YSU coach at the time, Dom Rosselli. Eventually, I explained to the young lady that I "used to be" good. At around 10 years old, she had no idea about "used to be"!
  20. I work every puzzle in the paper to try to keep this 67 year old brain semi-functional. What I've discovered is that, every so often, I can solve one of the bronze (easy) level sudokus! I try to be systematic, but it seem to come down to pure happenstance. No time to watch tonight, but I will watch this, as maybe it will clue me in to a flaw in my methodology. The one puzzle that I have really fallen in love with is the "Cryptoquip", which is a substitution cipher. Once I solved my first one I was hooked!
  21. When I was that age, I walked and carried all the time. Well, there was some wind and nobody murdered the course! I had heard that comment earlier in the week leading up to the event. If the wind didn't blow, someone could go out there and shoot 60! That's why I tuned in. I wanted to see Seminole. Looked pretty awesome to me. Also, it did remind me of Pinehurst #2 a little bit, after they restored it to its original condition. Well, other than the palm trees! And they still had trouble holding shots on the greens! I'm a Donald Ross fan. We have a handful of his courses in my area, and I've played most of them. If you learn about him, and keep an eye out, you can usually spot his design.
  22. That's the thing about TV views, you can't trust them! My buddy likes to do this when we're scrambling. He'll walk up on a green and announce "you're away". I'll walk behind the hole and look at the relative positions of the golf balls to the hole. When it suits my purpose, I'll tell him to come look at it from my perspective when he's wrong. Pisses him off to no end! Which is part of my design! He makes bad decisions when he's pissed off!
  23. Played in a league with a guy who could play pretty well. He went through clubs like I went through underwear! He always lamented selling off his Ping Eye 2's!
  24. Didn't see a reply here, so thought I'd chime in. It doesn't really matter that you are 6'7"! I can imagine you already think I'm crazy. What matters is your "wrist to floor" measurement. In other words, how long your arms are. If you have shorter than usual arms for a man your height, you may need longer clubs. But if not, you might need standard of even shorter than standard length clubs. Quite some time ago I read a book titles In Search of the Perfect Golf Club by Tom Wishon, who was a professional club designer and fitter. He designed the last new set of clubs for Payne Stewart. In the chapter on club length, he wrote about fitting up some NBA players. These guys were anywhere from 6'6" to 6"11", and for many of them he had to build shorter than standard clubs! When someone asked why, he said because their hands were hanging down around their knees! To get a wrist to floor measurement you stand erect on a flat surface, wearing shoes with about the same sole thickness as your golf shoes, and measure from the first big crease on the inner side of your wrist just below the thumb and heel pad, to the floor. This is the number you need.
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