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  1. I've accepted the discipline. A buddy called me the other day whose wife is a nurse at a local hospital. She said this stuff is freaky. Saw the chest x-rays of a patient who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, and been stricken with pneumonia. She said his lungs looked like they were filled with shards of broken glass! 

    The only place I've been in the last 3 days is to the corner gas station to buy a paper. I wash my hands before I go, and use hand sanitizer as soon as I get home. And since I like to sip a little bourbon of an evening, and alcohol kills viruses, I'm looking on it as a prophylactic measure.

  2. Last year we played a course in a small community that is "out there" a little ways. I was relaxing in the shade with a beer when a high school team showed up. I spotted the coach and asked him who was playing. It was two smaller schools that were also "out there" a little ways, and not exactly golf powerhouses. I hung around to watch some of them tee off, and man, I saw a whole lot of baseball swings that day! 

    My buddy played a ton of baseball back in the day. He was heck of a second baseman, and a heck of an all around athlete. He STILL has a baseball swing despite his best efforts to get rid of it! With the Driver he aims well right, brings the clubhead outside in, but manages to square the face to the path, and pulls the ball into the fairway. His entire Driver swing seems to be a series of compensations for an incorrect weight shift. But, he's grooved his faults, and hits it the same way most times. And he scores well. Breaks 80 all the time. 

    And who knows? Maybe if Drivers were as heavy and as stiff as baseball bats, maybe the home run swing would be the preferred way of swinging the club.

  3. Interesting. In Harvey Penick's "Little Red Book", there's a section about him teaching Betsy Rawls, who is in the LPGA Hall of Fame. At one lesson he was trying to teach her 2 or 3 things at once, and she balked. She told him to concentrate on one or two things at a time and save the third for later! 

    Betsy Rawls was a Phi Beta Kappa student in physics, which means she was a pretty smart cookie! Penick realized that if a person as smart as she was couldn't absorb everything he was trying to tell her, he should slow down!

  4. Also, a lot of caddies are very good players. They just aren't Tour level, but they know the game. So, they function as more than mere "sack draggers". 

    And consider what Tiger said when interviewed after the last round at the Genesis. He said, "Yeah, I'm tired!" The pros were up and on their feet a ton last week, and that takes a toll. Imagine if anyone was carrying their own bag! 

    Now comes the WGC in Mexico City at altitude, which will be another physical test. Heck, a couple years ago my buddy was on vacation so we golfed it up big time. We played 108 holes in 5 days, and I could barely get out of bed the day after! And we were riding in carts! 

  5. I will listen to, and maybe even try, anything. But if it ultimately makes no sense, then it makes no sense! I learned to golf through tips from my Uncle (who was a damn good golfer), and instructional articles in Golf Digest, back when that publication was worthy of being read. 

    Even though the articles in GD were supposedly penned by "pros" or "top instructors", if I tried them and they didn't work, I discarded them! But, even renowned scientists seem to have a problem with this.

    They seem reluctant to discard a paradigm that does not work unless there's another paradigm present to take it's place! Even when no paradigm would be preferable. 

  6. I've suffered mightily in the past and I am done with it! I detest playing from soaked, sloppy, muddy turf. I watched the AT&T Pebble Beach tourney today and saw some pros hit some juicy, chunky shots despite it being lift, clean and place. If they can't hit those shots, what chance do I have? I told my buddies at the end of the season last year, to not bother calling me to play until early or late May, depending on how the Spring goes. 

    Of course, last year was the second wettest year on record, so things were "semi-spongy" the entire Summer. Hoping for a hot, dry Summer this year.

  7. There was a local pro who was on his way to be someone big on the Tour when some form of arthritis got him. He beat Johnny Miller in a playoff at the Sun City Open in South Africa when it was the richest tournament in the world. This was back in the day.

    He came home and opened a driving range and instruction area. I was out there when he had a woman who looked to be in her 60's on the tee.

    I have to say that his "teeside manner" was a bit gruff. I could hear him telling the lady, "No, no, no! You're not doing what I told you to do!" But later, when I'd take a break between shots, I'd look a few tees over, and see this chubby old lady knocking 5 irons out there 150-160 yards!


  8. On 9/14/2017 at 9:27 PM, iacas said:

    Why? That's not the challenge. You get to leave it square at setup.

    This is a common thing I've found trying to tell guys how to hit bunker shots. They take their normal grip, and twist it open to open the clubface. I tell them NO! Open the face and THEN grip the club!

    I find this to be a very commonplace misunderstanding.

  9. I've known guys who putted with the right index finger down the shaft, but I was never tempted to do that. However, I was cognizant of having too much right hand "hit" in my putting stroke. I also realized this was because I wasn't taking the putter far enough back, and was attempting to compensate.

    After getting a newer Odyssey White Hot putter about a month ago, I re-read the "Do Not Accelerate" thread, and set about incorporating it into my game. I got the putter from my buddy, and he had one of those super thick, Super Stroker grips on it!

    My hands aren't all that big, and the grip had gotten a little slick, so I throttled back to a Lamkin oversize paddle grip. I like paddle type grips. My grip is hardly orthodox. Both hands are turned well under, with the left index finger riding between the middle and ring fingers of my right hand. But, this gets the hands out of the stroke!

    After working on it for a month, I am putting better than ever! The last time we played, my buddy was freaking out! I was sliding 30-40 footers just past the edge of the hole. And I didn't miss a single putt of 3-4 feet!

    I am putting with so much more confidence. "Do Not Accelerate"  might be the best Instructional Droplet ever!


  10. When my folks went to London for a visit they thought what a pleasure it would be to vacation in an English speaking country. They had previously visited Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Liechtenstein, Germany, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong/Macau!

    What they didn't realize was that the English speak English! Americans speak American! They could barely understand anything anyone said to them over there!

  11. On 7/20/2017 at 5:32 PM, JonMA1 said:


     @Gator Hazard - nipping this habit in the bud will go a long way towards solving a lot of other issues, IMO (obviously not saying that's the case with you, but I believe it is for me). After 3 years of working on this on my own, I've finally made a tiny bit of progress this year. But a lot of the time I still feel too much pressure on my trail foot through impact and follow-through. Much of my practice still goes towards getting my weight forward. It's super frustrating.

    I, and several of my buddies have dealt with this issue, Think of him what you will, but I watched a Hank Haney video lesson on this very issue! He said that if you were going to work on this to head to the range and concentrate only on getting your weight through the ball! Never mind where the ball goes!

    Mind you, this doesn't mean shoving your head toward the target at the start of the downswing! That's a killer too! 

  12. On 3/20/2017 at 9:21 AM, Marty2019 said:

    I've given up playing golf on weekends. 

    Someone needs to invent some method of timing people, without penalizing people who are being held up by other people. 

    Maybe some sort of GPS unit in each golf cart, with a transmitter and a receiver, and a central control station in the pro shop, so if a group falls far enough behind the group in front of them, they get an automatic credit card charge.   All you'd need is a central unit in the pro shop that automatically flags a group when it falls far enough behind the group in front of them, then flashes a warning in the golf cart, and if they don't catch up, an automatic assessment. 

    Well, it's just an idea.  Maybe some inventor will get to work on this.   I know the technology already exists.  If we can have driverless cars, certainly we can have golf carts that force you to keep up with the group in front, or assess a monetary penalty.   I know the technology exists for the head pro or whoever to have a map of the course that shows where each group is.  Then have a receiver on the golf carts, and send the warning.  "Catch up or you will have the choice of a $25 credit card charge, or a refund of all your fees if you leave the course immediately." 

    Marshals and course rangers don't like to confront people.  It's unpleasant.   Blame it on the computer.   "Hey, the computer says you're behind, it assesses you.  I can't do anything about it." 


    This technology already exists. And yes, we've pretty much given up on weekend golf as well. Even in our area, which is "overbuilt" for golf, the weekends, especially the mornings, can just get stupid!

    Back to the technology. There's a local course where the GPS system on the carts can track your every move! If you're out of position it will tell you. If it's cart path only that day and you stray off the path, it will tell you to get back on! The display shows you not only where your cart is on the hole, but where the the group in front of you is. It will remind you to order snacks ahead of time for when you make the turn. Menu available on the screen!

  13. On 5/1/2017 at 1:46 PM, bkuehn1952 said:

    A playing partner prepared to hit his tee shot on the narrow par 5 3rd hole at Travis Pointe Country Club.  He is a student of the game and is a pretty good player. He decided that the tight space between the two tree lines left & right necessitated his hitting a 3-iron for accuracy.  He proceeded to pull the 3-iron into the woods on the left,  Exasperated, he told me, "Darn it, it would have been so much more satisfying to hit driver into the woods." I guess he would agree with Arnie's thought, "when you miss a conservative shot, you’re in as much trouble as when you miss a bold one.”

    I would also echo some of the other's thoughts that when one voices the idea "I think I have finally figured this game out," terrible things usually follow.  Sadly, that knowledge doesn't seem to stop me from thinking the same thing now and again, much to my later regret.

    Don't you just love it when that happens? You decide to throttle back to go short but straight, and hit short and crooked! That's why I usually just bomb away unless it's a really unique circumstance. 

    Harvey Penick used to say, "The woods are full of long hitters." If he had our perspective he would have added, ",and short hitters too!"

    On 5/1/2017 at 4:20 PM, rehmwa said:

    The Secret to Golf is easy, but it's in 5 parts:

    1. It's ok to use a stock bloody mary mix
    2. Sriracha Sauce, NOT tobasco....trust me
    3. Use good vodka, don't skimp
    4. Seasoning is important, not just celery salt, also Lawry's
    5. No, it needs more snacks than that......no....even a couple more....cheese sticks are just as much your friend as a beef stick, or chicken wing, or mini-hamburger

    Hmmm. I wish I could still find Major Peter's Bloody Mary Mix around here. You didn't have to add anything to it, the stuff was awesome! Even had horseradish in it! I can't stand a bland Bloody Mary, so the idea of a little Sriracha is cool with me. Much more interesting flavor than Tabasco.

    Cheap vodka tastes like lighter fluid smells! Hideous!

    I'd rather a freshly cut stalk of fresh celery rather than the salt. Fresh celery oil adds a unique flavor element to nearly anything you put it in.

    And anything goes with snacks!

  14. My buddy is always jacked up to play a scramble. So much so that if we have a foursome he wants to make teams and play a 2 man scramble! I find myself praying for a threesome so we can play our own ball.

    And he wants to play in every scramble tournament around, and has the insane idea that we actually have a chance to win! We're both 64 and don't hit it nearly as far as we used to. And I've told him that low and scratch handicappers put together "super teams" to play in these events with the sole intent of making money!

    Case in point. The local paper hosts an annual event called "The Greatest Golfer in the Valley". Most of it is a stroke play tourney for various age and handicap brackets, but one part of it is an 18 hole 4 man scramble. The winning team last year posted a score of 21 under par! The newspaper article revealed that 2 of the guys were plus handicappers who were headed to Q School!

  15. The only problem I have with some instructors is their way is the only way! Sorry, but I have eyes, I watch golf on TV, and know that isn't so. These guys always seem to want to do a complete tear down and rebuild. I'm 64, and have been playing for 50 years, so I'm not going to be into that. Take what I have, work with it, and help me improve.

    I am also self taught for the most part, except for a few tips from an Uncle who was a country club pro before WWII. I got to be pretty good. This was longer ago than I care to remember, and I don't think I can approach that level again, but I think I can improve. I just want someone I can check in with from time to time to keep me on the straight and narrow.

    But then I'm reminded of the old joke about the sign outside the pro shop...

    "Series of 10 lessons - $500.00

     Single lesson - $1000.00

     If you want a miracle, you're going to have to pay for it!"

  16. To reiterate my earlier post, I played this past Thursday with my buddy and his Son. On one hole his Son lines up dead right, swings OTT, and hits it right with a slice, deep into the tall and uncut!

    Sometimes he will ask me to check his alignment, but he didn't this time so I kept my mouth shut. After the shot I told him he he started it right where he was aiming. He then told me that sometimes he likes to aim right so that he can "pull" the ball back into the fairway!


    I wanted to tell him that this was a horrible idea, but we were in the middle of a round, and it was no time to bring that up.

    I need to get this kid (40 years old) on the range with some alignment sticks. He thinks his problem is that he's not getting his hands "through" the ball. His problem is aiming right and coming OTT!

  17. Interesting. I saw an instructor on-line who held a golf school that attracted a dozen students. He remarked that they were "12 for 12". In other words, all 12 students aimed right!

    I don't know what causes this, but I know my buddy does this religiously. He'll aim his feet at a grove of trees 30 yards right of where he wants to hit it, throw the clubhead OTT, and somehow square the clubface and yank the shot into the fairway! And he usually hits it a decent distance! I can't watch him swing anymore.

  18. This reminds me of something I saw, and heard from a local pro. His name is John Hamarick, and was looking to be a big deal on the Tour before the arthritis got him. I believe he won the old Sun City tournament in South Africa, the richest tournament in the world at the time with 1 Million dollars to the winner.

    Anyway the arthritis came on, so he came home and opened a driving range and instruction center. I was there one day learning to hit the new "J" Driver copy he had built for me. He was giving a lesson to a rather elderly lady a few tees away. At one point she scraped another one along the ground, and john exclaimed, rather loudly I might add, "No, no, NO! You're not doing what I told you!" 

    That kind of raised my eyebrows. But by the end of the lesson he had her hitting 5 irons 150 yards, straight as a string, and high in air off the grass! I also noticed that she made another appointment before leaving.

    After she left, John walked up to me and asked if that was the Driver he built for me and how I liked it. Then he asked if he could see it. He teed up a ball, took one practice swing and then POW! He parked one in the trees beyond the range fence that was about 280. And it wasn't even close! He handed the club back and said, "Seems to work pretty well!"

  19. On 5/6/2016 at 1:56 PM, bkuehn1952 said:

    You are correct. Most courses seem to allow this. 

    We recently were playing after several days rain. The course said cart path only.  I asked about getting a handicap flag for one of our group who, when really motoring, will walk about 1 mph.  I told the course it was going to be a problem pace-wise to have him walking back & forth.  Sorry, they said, no exceptions.

    We decided to have him hit from the cart path side of the fairway (or rough) equidistant to where his ball actually lay.  One of us would trot over and get his ball from the other side. We managed to keep pace and the rest of us got a bit of extra exercise.

    That's a smart solution! The last time we played this course, it was "cart path only". It became a running joke whenever we'd hit a drive on the side of the hole away from the cart path! We knew we had a hike coming. And I don't know what course policy is toward handicapped golfers, but you could drive right up to the fringe of some of these greens, and still have one hell of a walk just to putt out!

    My buddies and I aren't in that bad a shape, but we are honestly tired when we finish a round here!

  20. Another instance that happened to us came to mind. We were playing at a relatively new course in our area. This is definitely "big boy golf"! 5 sets of tees, but if you're a mid handicapper you can play the ladies tees and there is nothing easy about this place. The greens, and green complexes are huge, and God help you if you end up above the hole!

    In front of us was a group that featured one old guy who it seemed could barely walk! Even if you're riding, which they and we were, you will do a fair amount of walking just around the greens. We felt sorry for the old guy despite the fact we were being held up, and wondered why he was there he was obviously laboring so badly.

    We cooked up the idea that one member of his foursome was treating him to a round at "the most challenging, upscale, public course in the area!" But who knows? It would be hard to imagine someone in that shape inviting such self abuse. This course beats us up enough, and we can still move pretty well.

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