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  1. On 10/2/2019 at 10:33 PM, Piz said:

    It depends on the course I am playing and the playing conditions.  Today, four egg sample, I lost 4.  The course was baked to an extent I've never experienced.  A normal good shot might roll out forever.  I hit 4 approach shots that disappeared into the ether.

    Fall is coming.  When the course is covered in leaves we "lose" balls all the time: right down the middle...never see it again.  

    Normally I direct one, or two, injudiciously.  I'm okay with that.

    "Four egg sample"? I'm praying that's a joke, and knowing you, it is! 

    This year I played in my second consecutive "Greatest Golfer of the Year" tourney in my local area. Our second day, we seniors were able to play Avalon Lakes. A Pete Dye design, and the hardest golf course I have ever played. And I've played Spyglass Hill on the Monterey peninsula!

    After the round, I hit the bar and ordered a pint of an adult beverage. Going out on the patio I found a couple of guys I used to play with in a league many years ago. They invited me to sit, and we conversed. One guy asked me how many balls I lost out there! I could honestly tell him that I played the entire round with one ball! He had lost a couple to the water. Neither of us made the cut. 

    I usually lose about zero balls per round! 


  2. Many good points here. Some are gifted with natural grip strength, and others are not. My Uncle, who taught me most of my early learning about the game had "Popeye" forearms and big hands. I had the forearms, but not necessarily the hands. My palms are enormous, but my fingers are relatively short. Make of that what you may, but I was always able to grip the club firmly without introducing unnecessary tension into my wrists or elbows. We were changing the oil and filter on my buddy's wife's vehicle, and we could not get a wrench on the filter. I put my leather work gloves on and just grabbed the thing and twisted. I felt it give and twisted again. It moved more, and I eventually removed the filter from the block. 

    This was not an ability I developed, I've always had it. I once read a story where a sports writer was invited to interview Ben Hogan. He wrote that shaking hands with him was like sticking your hand in a vise! 

  3. Yep, HS state tourney going on at Ohio State's Scarlet Course and Grey Course this Friday and Saturday. Our area has a few teams and some individuals qualified for play. They were doing well after Friday's rounds. Saturday had rain during the night and into the morning, so I don't know how the second round went. I'll check the paper tomorrow to see what happened. 

  4. On 10/9/2019 at 5:10 PM, Double Mocha Man said:

    With a bad pin position on #3 on the Avalon South course (local course) a friend had an uphill 3 footer, but yanked it past the hole by a foot, but it wasn't done yet.  As we stared in disbelief the ball started rolling backwards and right into the cup!  (That's the answer to the trick question... how does a ball on the green roll 5 feet to make a 3 footer?) 

    That 40 yard pitch must have been at Pebble Beach on #14, before they worked on the green.  Years ago when you stood on the front of the green the back section was above your head... only 25 feet away!

    There's an Avalon South in the state of Washington? We have one here in NE Ohio too.

    This has happened occasionally on Tour as well. If I remember correctly, the tourney was at Riviera CC in Los Angeles. Payne Stewart had an uphill putt that rolled back to his feet, He was hot! As were a lot of other pros. The tournament committee and the green keeper got a good roasting by the players and the press for losing control of the greens. 

    And it wasn't that many years ago at the Masters when a player replaced his ball on the 15th green, and a gust of wind blew it off the green and into the lake! Yes, for the pros you want a real test, but it should be fair. I remember reading an article back when Augusta was really dancing on the line about just how fast they could get the greens. The article stated that the magic was disappearing from Sunday at the Masters. Everybody had to be so tentative on the greens, that the Sunday charges, along with the roars echoing through the pines, were being lost! 

    But this situation is more about where the cup is cut. I had a situation like this many years ago, playing a local course on a weekend morning. So, it's packed! The 10th hole was a 190 yard par 3. I pulled a 3 or 4 iron (yes, I could hit those that far back then) and hit it about 2' from the cup! Unfortunately, it was cut right at the brink of a false front, and my ball sucked back to the fringe about 20' away. I line it up and putt it to about 6" from the hole, and it rolls back to my feet! I putt it again and it does the same thing! 

    That's when the owner of the course, an insufferable a**hole if there ever was one, came roaring up in his cart, screaming at me about holding up play. I was in enough of a mood by then to brain the stupid bastard, but I just yelled back, "You sit right there! You just sit right there and watch this!" I putted the ball up the slope again, and it rolled back to my feet. I yelled at him again, "I'm not holding up play! You are, with your stupid, tricked up bullshit!" He just stomped the gas and roared off to find someone else to scream at. 

  5. 7 hours ago, David in FL said:

    The fairways of my club are lined with water.  We don’t have a local rule allowing a free drop when we hit the ball somewhere that we shouldn’t have.

    Don’t hit it in the trees...  ;-)


    On 10/12/2019 at 7:14 AM, Rkrider99 said:

    We have a local root rule at our course. Most of the fairways are lined with big oaks, and the roots are everywhere. The staff tries to paint them all white, as GUR, but when we're near these trees, you can bet most of us are hitting the ground around the ball to check for roots just under the ball or in the swing path. No reason to break a wrist. The rule has been discussed within the club, and if you're ball is against a tree trunk, that's not a root. If you're going to move the ball, you add a penalty, but if the ball is on a root, or a root is right behind or ahead of the ball, you can take relief with no penalty. This also doesn't include standing on roots, when the ball has no roots around it. Play it as it lies.

    My buddy and I used to play in league at a course like this. It's a nondescript 9 holer kind of out in the country, and most of the fairways are lined with gigantic, old oaks. The owner of the course, who also played in our league, told us that he didn't need anyone breaking a wrist, or a club, so we could move the ball away from roots as a local rule. Thing is, you didn't have to hit it in the trees to find roots. These oaks are so old and so big that you can find roots in the middle of some fairways! 

    Have any of you played baseball in colder weather and experienced the sensation of a "bat full of bees"? I hit a great drive on one of the par 5's, out there a mile so I'm going for it. I pulled my 2 or 3 hybrid. I hit the ball and, OMG! It felt like my hands, wrists, and forearms had been tazed!  Turns out there was a root just under the ball that wasn't visible. We started tapping around the ball everywhere on that course after that. 

  6. I've been away a couple of days, so it wasn't today, it was Thursday. The weather had been gorgeous and the yard work,  garden work, and housework was all done, and I was itching to get out. So, I called my buddy and left a voice mail. He called me back and said he was meeting his Son and BIL at a local course, tee time 1PM. Come on out. 

    I won't try to tell you that this is a hard course, but it has some challenging holes. What we like about it is its conditioning. It's about as close to a country club as we can find around here, and seniors can play for 15 bucks a round, w/cart on Mondays! When I got my first look at the course driving in I thought, "Ooh! The course looks really nice!" And it was. The fairways were tight and rolling, the rough was penal, and the greens were putting fast and true, with a lot of break.

    I shot 37-40=77, my second time breaking 80 this season. And I've been threatening 80 quite a few times. 


  7. I voted no, but that's not always true. I usually play the ball down, but it can depend on the situation. Last week I played, scrambling, against my buddy and his Son. I was stuck with his Bro and BIL, two shlubs! We allow ourselves a club length leeway, as per usual in scrambles, and everybody mugs the ball until they're happy. OK, it's not golf, it's a scramble. I played my brains out, and we only lost by 3 strokes. 

    Yesterday afternoon I was just itching to play some golf, and called my buddy. He said he was meeting his Son and BIL at a certain course today. My buddy wanted to scramble ( he seems stuck on that format, even though he can golf his own ball quite well ), but the rest of us insisted on playing our own ball. So, I played my own ball, ball down, and shot a 77! Best round in quite some time!

  8. 1 minute ago, Double Mocha Man said:

    But I'm a deer whisperer.  I whisper, "Please don't hurt me..."

    Haw! I go to a local place to hunt mushroom and ramps in the Spring. I've run into as many as 7 does at a time down in that creek bottom. It's close to town, and hiking trails and such, but I didn't know how comfortable these deer were with that. The first was about 30 foot away. The wind was with me, blowing from them to me, but she circled to get downwind. I figured that's when she'd spook, but nothing happened! I wanted to get rid of them so I could continue hunting without worry. 

    When she got downwind and didn't react, I figured I'd talk to her. I thought the sound of my voice would freak her out, and get her and her entourage to leave! No reaction at all. Eventually, they went their way and I went mine.But you never know what can happen out there.

  9. On 10/3/2019 at 8:32 AM, klineka said:

    This guy came right up to our cart in Myrtle Beach a couple years ago, gave him a couple nuts from my trail mix and he was happy.


    He was far nicer than the crows at Spyglass Hill! They had a phone at 9 tee, and a menu, you'd pick up your food at the turn and head to 10 tee. The crows have learned this! They are thieves, not beggars! 

    On 10/3/2019 at 8:34 AM, Vinsk said:

    And when those Sandhill Cranes fly and yell..tell me they’re not pterodactyls!

    My buddy was studying biology at Youngstown State Univ. They had an in with a local pay to fish lake for limnology studies and whatever. One day, he had a young female freshman out in the boat with him when a great blue heron flew by and croaked a couple of times. Apparently, the girl had never seen, or heard, a great blue heron before, and asked what it was. That's when my buddy decided to have some fun!

    He said, "Oh my God! you weren't supposed to see that! I can't say anything else!" The girl pressed him for an explanation, and he said, "They've discovered a remnant population of prehistoric pterodactyls in the headwaters of Evans Lake! They never used to come out this far, but now civilians are starting to see them. I think the population is growing, but I can't be sure. This is Federal stuff, and I'm not privy to the data! I could get in trouble for telling you this, so you can't tell anyone else about it!"

    He had that poor girl convinced that she had seen a living dinosaur! 

    3 hours ago, Double Mocha Man said:

    He probably wanted to bite your kneecap.  Wildlife, in my front yard, are my friends... I talk to rabbits and am working on petting a deer.  A doe, not a buck.

    Be careful, and don't rush it. Even a doe can swat you into the ground! 

  10. On 10/2/2019 at 10:05 AM, dennyjones said:

    Sounds like they have inflated egos.   If you want to get them to be realistic, make sure they give you the 13 strokes between yours and theirs.   I bet they balk at that idea.   

    I bet they say they drive the ball 300 yards on average too.

    Bingo! I wondered if their handicaps are official, and if they're reporting honest scores. Ego knows no bounds. Up until a couple of years ago when I convinced him otherwise, my buddy insisted he was driving the ball 260-270. On a 390 yard par 4 he said, "Nailed it!" after hitting his drive. On the cart ride out, I asked him what he thought he hit that one. He said, "Oh, about 260." 

    By this time he was equipped with a shiny, new Garmin GPS watch that told him he had 170 in. I said, "This hole is 390. If you hit your drive 260, you should have 130 in. You have 170 in. That means you hit your drive 220! No wonder playing from the whites has become such a slugfest for both of us. I think it's time we moved up." We did, and are much happier for it.

  11. This has happened to me before, as well! I went out to hit a small bucket and couldn't get a ball off the ground! It took me a while to diagnose the problem. I turned to get the Sun behind me and watched my shadow as I swung. I discovered that I was letting my head go toward the target on my downswing. I made some practice swing with the conscious thought of keeping my head back, and then hit a ball. It went up in the air! Trust your instructors. They'll figure it out. And don't get in a hurry. I was able to figure it out in one session, but I've been playing golf for 50+ years, and I've done a lot of self diagnosis over that time. 

  12. On 10/1/2019 at 3:01 AM, EarlBobby said:

    That is not the intention of this post.

    I am mainly talking about the low probability of this event.

    I am not good enough at Golf in order to make two aces by purpose on one and the same hole on two consecutive days.

    My main intention is to reflect about the supernatural aspects of the game and to get some feedback about that.

    First of all, NO ONE makes an ace "on purpose". Not even one of them. And your index is an 8, which tells me you are skilled enough to make good shots. I've played this goofy game for over 50 years, and used to be close to scratch, and have never had one. Been real close a bunch of times, but no cigar. Yet, I know a guy who's probably about a 24 handicapper who has one! On a 195-205 yard par 3 no less! 

    I don't know that there is anything supernatural going on here. You have enough skill to hit good golf shots, and maybe you got lucky two days in a row. 

    Do I think what some people might term the "supernatural" makes itself felt in golf. Yes, I do. But, I don't really know that it is supernatural. I think it is a product of our own bodies and minds and, thus, entirely natural. 

  13. 2 hours ago, pganapathy said:

    I used to be able to hit my 3 and 4 iron very well indeed.  However, as I have aged, and my swing speed has reduced thanks to weekly golf at best, I have replaced the two irons with a 4 hybrid.  Much easier for me to hit.  In fact, it has become my default club off the tee where the driver is too long or too risky.

    Hybrids are a brilliant club, the only issue being hitting a low, stinger type shot, is very difficult.  For that I am now forced to rely on my 5 iron, though I may well end up gaming the 3 or 4 iron specifically for that shot if the 5 doesn't work properly.

    At the end of the day, as I age, I will inevitably get more hybrids in the bag, provided vitamin M permits it.

    You got it right that hitting a hybrid low can be problematic, but it can be done. It usually requires more skill than I can muster, but I pull one off every now and then. If I really have to keep it low I'll usually just choke up on a Driver and hit it off the deck. But I can only bend that from left to right. I saw a post on here years ago from a guy who had an old 2 iron laying around. He cut it down to 6 or 7 iron length, re-gripped it, and used it as a punch out club. Sounds brilliant to me!

  14. It wasn't today, but the last time I played I shot yet another 40-42=82! I seem to be making a habit of this. Shooting 40 on the front and thinking I might have another chance to break 80, only to hose something up on the back. 

  15. On 9/28/2019 at 11:36 AM, nevets88 said:

    I'd definitely do soup in the fall/early winter.

    So, how about chili? And I mean the full tilt version, not the stuff you put on hot dogs! 

    On 9/29/2019 at 7:04 AM, boogielicious said:

    Ribeye cooks too fast. I’m thinking pulled pork on a smoker. That’s about a 12 hour cook or one round for BD. Of course BD would have the caddy tow the smoker around with him.


    No one calls me chicken! 😜

    A bone-in ribeye is one of the finest steaks going! If it cooks too fast for you, your grill is too hot! Or, you're too impatient!

  16. Does anyone besides me remember the old "Bob Hope Desert Classic", or the ""Bob Hope Chrysler Classic", which was held in Palm Desert, CA. at a bunch of resort courses for vacationing easterners? Yes, they'd push the tees all the way back, but the pros would get their blades out and just butcher those courses! You had to be close to 30 under at the end to be in contention. The most boring tournament to watch ever! I'm with Rory! 

  17. To me, 18 holes is a "round" of golf. If all I have time for is 9 holes then I guess that will do, but I'll rarely go play golf when I have that little time. What kills me is that on GolfNow, there are courses that will sell 18 hole rounds that tee off at 5 PM, when it gets dark before 7:30! You'd better be damned good and damned quick to make that schedule!

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