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  1. I'm moving backwards

    Welcome to the forum! The lesson part is silly. Most, if not all, tour players have a full time coach . It sounds like you a little swing flaw, and all that work has grooved it in. Have somebody else look at your swing, you can even post a video on here......and get 11 different versions of what your doing wrong. One might even be right. Kidding there, we have some smart golfers on here.
  2. With brand being so important you would think agents and the like would spend the time to make sure the announcers have a pronunciation guide. The NCAA should do the same, for many of these players this will be their only time in the lime light, at least get the names right.
  3. Athletes in Every Sport are Better

    All you can do in fairness is judge an athlete vs his contemporaries. In the 60's many pro athletes had to have off season jobs to get by. Richie Heber was a grave digger.... Today they all work on their craft year round. Though Bill Russell is still the NBA GOAT....
  4. Blown leaf alters putt, you can replay?

    So if the leaf hits the moving ball but causes no discernable affect, and all agree, play on?
  5. First time on the course

    A par 3 three course is great place to learn the game. Keep that score card!
  6. Short of the Green is Better?

    I don't think I like the swing thought that if I'm going to miss, miss short. Most bogey golfers are not going to get an up and down, that's why they are bogey golfers. From 130 and out, my swing thought is middle of the green. My home course is a big part of it, its a Cornish design and he seemed to favor false fronts. On many holes, if your short, you will be a lot shorter after the ball stops rolling back.
  7. Bunker Sand - Firm or Soft?

    Send me a dollar, I'll try it......a twenty might be better.
  8. Bunker Sand - Firm or Soft?

    I voted soft, because too often I bounce my wedge behind the ball with firm sand. I think its because of a shallow plane, but I am far from qualified to say. That's for a green side shot, in the fairway the firmer the better.
  9. Faster Greens = Slower Play

    I wonder where most players would fall if you asked if they liked fast or slow greens. I would lean toward fast. Not lighting fast, but I want the ball to get there. I'm pretty sure I spend more time over a 25' putt than a 150 yard shot, but I really don't think green speed is a reason. I wonder if there are more three putts on fast vs slow greens? On fast, that four foot comebacker can be pretty scary looking.
  10. If you could ONLY carry two wedges, which ones?

    PW & SW, High comfort level with both.
  11. Tipping Hotel Staff

    USA Today had a survey a couple years ago that said only 40% of travelers tip house keeping. I asked at the hotel I was in, a HIEX, the housekeeper with 10 years in said 90% do not tip. According to this thread, 100% of Sandtrap posters tip. Somebody's fibbing.
  12. Hitting off wrong tee

    I played in a HOT, (hockey over 30), league, they had rules. I played in a softball league, they had rules. I played in a golf tourney, they had rules. I played in a Texas Hold em tourney, they had rules. Its pretty much how sports and games are played.
  13. Does Sports (Golf) Teach Life Lessons?

    Sports are just one of the many tools available. The parent will choose the one they feel they can best wield. If they choose sports than you can say sports, guided by a parent, taught life lessons.
  14. Fall Time Change

    Everybody complains about the tilt of the earths axis, but nobody does anything about it.
  15. Winter Rules

    If your not posting scores its basically a practice round with friends. As long as you all agree before hand what does it matter? In New England we started winter rules 11/1 because 10/31 is the last round that can posted. The course has laid off most of the help so the bunkers get no maintenance so we clear stuff and move the ball as needed. There are two holes on the greens and the flag rotates between them. Sometimes we play that you can putt to whichever you like. Winter rules really has nothing to do with the weather, so call them off season rules if you want.

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