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  1. So the younger guy on the original is a science teacher in nearby, (for me), Middleborough MA. I think it was high school.
  2. Say "Ever since you put that little hitch in your top swing your really killing the ball."
  3. The only difference is the caddy is giving real time advise. For some players I'm sure he just carries the bag, for others he plays an integral part of the players success. The team sport coaches do get a team medal. I assume the player is paying travel etc expenses to have their caddy on the bag. If you were there and won, what would you do?
  4. So the players get a medal. What do the caddies get? I bet cash would be a bit of a let down in this case. Hopefully the players will have a jeweler put something together for them.
  5. Do golf superintendents have a web site? Someone there may recognize the logo.
  6. A lot of guys I see blow up because they try and take it out on the ball on the next shot, over swing and compound the bad hole. OB is tough, loss of stroke and distance. In other situations though don't try and hit a shot you just don't have the ability to hit. Just because you can imagine a low 5 wood 220 yard cut shot around the tree to the fairway does not mean you can execute it. When your in trouble, first rule, get out of trouble. Don't try and make up two bad shots with one great one, and good or bad, leave your last shot behind and focus on the next one.
  7. Like I said, I always mark unless I'm going to finish. But its really for me more than my playing partners. It gives me a chance to transition from my approach shot to putting. I get mud etc off the ball, watch others putt for line/speed info and generally try and figure out what I need to do to put the ball in the hole. Marking the ball starts that process. Typing it out makes me sound a bit nuts, even to me. trust me I'm not, mostly. My preshot routine just starts with marking the ball.
  8. A Cuisinart Keurig coffee maker two years ago. 5 or 6 cups a day, each the same as the last! Once you figure out the flavor you like, the size and the temp your good to go.
  9. I'm one of those guys that hates to see another ball anywhere near my line or past the hole when I'm putting. I would ask you to mark or finish. For me, marking and cleaning the ball is like resetting. I do it every time outside two feet.
  10. There's no magic here, you need to find a pro and have them take a live look at your swing. Hitting more and more balls will just help you groove in the flaw. Best of luck.
  11. 25 under win this? Course looks defenseless in the early going.
  12. I think to call it the greatest round ever is a stretch. Absolutely the lowest ever and a great accomplishment, but it has to be judged in the context it happened in. Duval's final round 59 was to win, Stenson's best ever 63 in the final of a major, IMHO, both surpass a 58 to tie for 5th. Not trying to demean the accomplishment, Just my take on where it ranks.
  13. It would be interesting to look at gas prices vs park attendance. Could be other economic factors also, if we were doing really well maybe the trip Disney or Europe looked better than a run to Yellow Stone.
  14. The first point, Nat'l Park attendance is in decline, is just wrong. They have set attendance records in each of the last two years. Simple Google search. The same internet explains why kids are indoors.
  15. If a groups not out of position, what's the point?