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  1. The Acushnet Company in New Bedford MA is hiring 200 people to meet increased demand for golf products. They have Foot Joy, Titleist and several other brands under their umbrella.
  2. Papa Steve 55


    Never offered my opinion on what anybody else should do, just what I do.
  3. Papa Steve 55


    Even in a friendly I put mine in the hole unless I'm maxed out, which I usually don't get to. I mean, that is the point after all. I tell the guys I'm with do what you want.
  4. So he was using it to aleve back stiffness, which in turn helped his swing. But he also used it with his driver on par threes, where he was hitting a short iron. The rule seems to punitive. For us with this guy, if it came down to he can't play w/o doing this, we would rather have him play. Thanks for the replies.
  5. This weekend we had a very slow round. One of the guys in my group has back issues and was putting a swing donut on his driver to try and stay loose while waiting on the tee. Another in the group said it was a rules violation. I looked on my phone but the closest thing I found was he could not take a shot with any kind of training aid, but nothing mentioned using them during down time in a round. Did I miss something or was it ok?
  6. Broke two fingers teaching myself to juggle.......
  7. My best on my home course is a +3, i think a good day is +10.
  8. This is as good a place as any to post this. I was so proud of my group today. a guy took a practise swing on the first hole and the ball fell off the tee. nobody said "thats one".....first time ever i'm sure.
  9. I had my right done 8 years ago. I waited a year too long and lost a season walking with a cane. I don't really think about it anymore. I lost about one club, the hip move forward is not as fast but I'm also 8 years older so.... Do the PT. It sucks at first but you need to get the strength and flexibility back. I had it done in November, I was playing by April, and fully trusting it on a full swing by June. Did I say do the PT....
  10. For whats its worth, Suze Orman had it has one of her top 15 money mistakes. It's been a few years so I don't remember any details of why.
  11. I played hockey through high school and some of college till a really bad knee injury ended it. In high school I made an all New England team. Twenty pretty elite players. I thought I was hot stuff. We were going to Montreal to play in a tourney made up of us, a group from NY & NJ and some Canadian teams, all high school age. We had a couple practices and a scrimmage vs the NY group before things got started and I thought we were just great. Skating fast, crisp passing, wonderful ice. Then we played a Canadian team in the first round. That's when I discovered the difference between first lacing up skates at 12 vs lacing them up at 4. We were down 4-0 in the first 10 minutes. We were so far behind these guy skillswise I knew I could never get to that level. In my small world of New England we were great. Once we got exposed to the real world, not so much.
  12. Bryson seems to be breaking that mold. Something to do with firing up the muscles I believe he said.
  13. Picked up 2k21 for PC, some thoughts if anyone is looking at it. It does not have the three click swing, instead you pull the mouse back to start the swing, then forward to finish. The forward tempo is key, too fast and it draws/hooks, too slow and a fade/slice. You want to be straight also, which has lead to some consternation in MP. If you hold your cursor at the side of your monitor, it will always be perfectly straight. Putting takes some getting used to, I find a 30 footer easier than a 7.The Graphics are very good, courses look and play great. There are many way to adjust the degree of difficulty, I think its one of the best features. You have 6 levels that will change the sweet spot on your impact. I used the easiest to learn but after a couple 57's upped it to pro, then dropped down a level to pro am. Pro was tough to hit, there are 2 levels above that! After you set your swing difficulty if the rounds are not competitive, you can adjust the skill level of the pros up or down. At the bottom they might go 2 to 3 under par, at the top 14 to 15 under per round. So you can find a low stress swing setting for you, then match the pros to your level so things stay competitive. The only rule issues I've seen is no drop from a cart path and one instance where I bounced from the fairway into a water hazard. It had me drop on the other side of the lake. The ball reacts great to the surroundings other than the gallery, it ignores them . You will get a bad bounce now and then but for the most part it does what it looks like it should do. I killed the announcers after a 1/2 dozen rounds, too few lines so becomes repetitive fast. There are also replays of shots other players hit, I shut them off also. There are no AI controlled players to play against for match or skins games, only in MP and I mostly stay away from that so I can't comment, though the boards have a lot of complaints about slow play,(another degree of realism), and losing players abandoning the game. I think it a good move forward from EATW 09, I'd give it an 8 of 10.
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