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  1. Just another comment on long pants vs shorts, if your in the north east Lyme disease is a very real threat on a course. Long pants are the best protection.
  2. Papa Steve 55

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $10M

    Do we know who is putting up the 10 mil?
  3. Papa Steve 55

    Drone as Course Ranger

    Sling shots are legal in most states.
  4. Papa Steve 55

    Phil Breaks the Rules Again

    Yeah, he called this one on himself.
  5. Papa Steve 55

    Pulled a Groin

    Did the same in my hockey playing days. You cannot rush the return. A slight tear has to 100% heal or you can go right back to square one. Suck it up and rest.
  6. Papa Steve 55

    Liar, cheater, advocate, different opinion?

    Cheating requires intent. both may 100% believe in what they think they saw. Its not cheating to defend your POV, even if your wrong.
  7. Papa Steve 55

    LPGA Player DQed for Playing Damaged Club

    Not really familiar with her, but love that fact that she did not add any drama to the situation. People taking personal responsibility in the 'its not my fault' era are to be respected.
  8. Papa Steve 55

    Worst golf tip you ever received

    Always remember, the same country that invented golf and called it a game, invented bag pipes and called it music.
  9. Papa Steve 55

    Worst golf tip you ever received

    Just goes to show you, Keeping my left arm straight is a fundamental part of my swing. My two swing thoughts are that, and low and slow on the take away. People try and get me to close my putting stance. Its is very open. I like it because it allows me to see the whole line of the putt with very little head movement. It works for me, along with hovering my club at address. I'm not stopping that either just because you don't like it.
  10. Papa Steve 55

    Losing a Golf Ball on the PGA Tour

    Its like losing a member of your family....
  11. This is the first week of May, fairways have not come in yet so don't judge on these photos. The beaver was there but did not cooperate for a photo. The fourth image is the approach to 17 from about 150 yards, President Taft took a 27 on the hole.
  12. Acadia is about my favorite spot in the world. Been going up there almost 40 years, hiked most of the trails in my younger days. Winters are tough and the economy in Maine is at least 20% below the rest of the country. Might look to a summer place when I retire though.
  13. I was there a couple weeks ago, I play Kebo Valley while I'm there so can only speak to it. Its the 8th oldest course in the US and runs beside Acadia so has some nice views. I don't think its overly demanding, I was a few over my handicap but it was the first week of May, a little early for down east Maine. Have you been to Acadia before?
  14. Papa Steve 55

    Not Needed for Jury Duty

    I was self employed. I live near Boston. I was working in Albany NY when I got called. We call the day before to find out if you need to report, I called and was told I did. I explained that I was 3 hours away but got the "sorry, see you tomorrow". So I gave up the days pay and drove home. Went the court house and was promptly told I was not needed. I told them how I lost a days pay for this, and was told as I am self employed I should "pay myself". I told her next time you need me, send the state police for me.
  15. Papa Steve 55

    Chicken Wings?

    My wife makes great wings....I think her secrete is you cant put too much brown sugar on them.....

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