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  1. Situational for me, if i have time to kill i'll relax at my car and fuss with my gear a bit. If i have to, i can be on the first tee a couple minuets after i pull in. I hate the later, so i'm usually early, getting my mind out of home mode and into golf mode.
  2. In this situation, if the players caddy sees it, does he say anything to his player? Not shifting blame or anything, just wondering.
  3. I took the putt. A few reasons, a one putt fixes a lot of earlier issues. I'm much more likely to accomplish that and lastly...at that point everybody is on the green and see's it go in. Very demoralizing for your opponents. They cant think you'll screw up the next shot 'cause its done.
  4. Its funny that if you think 'I putt so much better with a Pro V', that you'll actually putt better with a Pro V. Its almost like a golfing placebo affect.
  5. Its fall and there always seem to be questions about leaves that used to be on trees. My course is a parklands style course. Each hole with only a couple exceptions are tree lined. Most times we are talking a twenty foot wide swath of trees between each hole, 3 to 4 trees deep. We are at the point where the grounds crew are blowing leaves into these areas off the fairway. The ground is usually bare or moss covered, no brush to speak of. They will come back later, maybe spring, and pick all the leaves and pine needles up. I tend to give relief to anybody that hits into the middle of these piles. They can be 10 to 15 feet wide and a foot deep. I seems to remember Els hitting into the woods at the Masters and getting "stacked for removal" relief from something like this. is relief legit or am I playing fast and loose with the rules?
  6. RE Pats vs Cowboys. How does Garrett have a job? Special teams totally unprepared, Dak on the sidelines during the game trying to figure out which rain glove to wear, down 7 and kick a field goal from the Pats 11 late in the 4th. Pats offence struggling mightily and teams still insists on playing stupid against them & players whining about the officials. I don't usually care how we win, but watching other teams beat themselves is ridiculous. I know most are Pats haters, but when they are done no team is in position to step up and play elite football. Enjoy it while you can.
  7. I just finished it. Take your time, while i did enjoy it, i think the replay value might be a low.
  8. I was on a road trip a few years back. Had my clubs with me. I noticed a nice looking course nearby and wanted to practice putting a bit. After a few minuets somebody, i think the starter, came over and told me it was private and I would have to leave. He was polite, told me where a nice public course was and off I went. People there pay a lot of $$ to use the practice green, I have no entitlement to enjoy the privileges they have.
  9. LCB: Explaining to the 24 why I'd rather not play 'team skins'.
  10. I walked off 9/11, got some pushback from others in the 4some.
  11. Just released game. I play it on PC, a dozen hours in and no CTD's, quest breaking bugs or graphic anomalies so far. What magic is this? Oh, and it seems to have a pretty neat story so far. If you like RPG's, give it a shot.
  12. That's my common miss. For me, its the right shoulder not turning enough or lagging back a bit. One thing that helps me is pretending I'm slamming a door closed. That motion really involves the whole right side. Best of luck.
  13. Slow players causing me to rush to try and get back into position.
  14. I don't think his finish mattered to him, just my thought. I would rather watch a 3 or 4 under win a major. Less talented players should not have a good chance to win, a chance yes, but as a long shot. I'm watching less and less as these guys go lower and lower. I cant relate to the TV product at all.
  15. Just to be clear, he never said it, and I never asked. He was only a couple feet away from the ball, that would mess me up. I look for a broken Tee in front of the box and tee it up behind that to get me to push the club head a bit further down the line. but its already there so I figure I'm good.
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