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  1. Mayor in town hit by tornado today said the shelter in place saved lives as a shopping center was hit. I guess there is good news there, in a convoluted sort of way....
  2. According to Bobby Jones.....
  3. When I was fitted for irons there was very little yardage difference between my 5 and 4. My 5 iron tops out about 175, my 5 wood at 200. The 7 wood fit in between there nicely. Picked up a Ping.
  4. My wife was into them. We went to the Boston Home Show last year where they had a few set up. I pointed out to her there were three places to sit, if you counted the toilet. That seemed to end that, now she wants a mobile home...sigh.
  5. Have researchers confirmed you get immunity after getting it? Last I heard it was still a question. Your body is not 100% effective at that.
  6. A lot of our summer residents here on Cape Cod are from NYC. They are coming here now. Year round locals making a lot of noise about it, but I doubt there is anything to be done w/o an interstate travel ban. Got to admit, I'm not too comfortable with some of my neighbors suggesting they stay in NYC and take their chances. Its safer here, by a degree or two I guess, but they are just trying to do what they think is best for their families.
  7. Mass courses are reopening Friday. Most of the same restrictions in place as have been posted already. The only thing my course is slightly different on are carts. They rent them, and have fewer this time of year. There are not enough for one per person so they will assign two per cart but they take turns walking/riding. Never two in a cart. People ignoring this will be told to leave, no refunds. I'm looking forward to getting back out there! Just a quick update, the state is allowing it, but local officials are not required to allow it. Each community, it seems, may decide.
  8. Confusion in Mass. The order allows fewer than 10 on an 'athletic field' but shut golf courses down. Mass Golf Asso. is looking to clarify it, hoping for an answer in 48 hours. Uncharted territory here for everybody so not getting worked up now. After I will want answers on we are so ill prepared for this. Thanks God this was not a manufactured bug from a gov't or foreign agency intending to do us harm.
  9. I guess I would give Van de Velde a slight pass because it was so unexpected that he would be in that position. Norman should never had let the moment get ahead of him at that point in his career. So he gets the nod from me.
  10. I guess people are realizing they might have put the money to better use than a years supply of TP.
  11. Yesterday on my course, it was 45, steady breeze, gusting to 30. 155 players. Normal for this time of year at that temp would be 50 -60.
  12. Raptor 3 fairway metal. Now its making my 10 year old Cobra 5 look bad.
  13. Your probably right, Just not the same watching on my iPad vs TV.
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