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  1. That's my common miss. For me, its the right shoulder not turning enough or lagging back a bit. One thing that helps me is pretending I'm slamming a door closed. That motion really involves the whole right side. Best of luck.
  2. Slow players causing me to rush to try and get back into position.
  3. I don't think his finish mattered to him, just my thought. I would rather watch a 3 or 4 under win a major. Less talented players should not have a good chance to win, a chance yes, but as a long shot. I'm watching less and less as these guys go lower and lower. I cant relate to the TV product at all.
  4. Just to be clear, he never said it, and I never asked. He was only a couple feet away from the ball, that would mess me up. I look for a broken Tee in front of the box and tee it up behind that to get me to push the club head a bit further down the line. but its already there so I figure I'm good.
  5. Played a round this weekend with another member. He was talking about how he had been struggling with hitting all his shots to the right, no slice, just right off the club face. Said he fixed it though. What I noticed is that he parked his cart a couple feet above the ball, on the fairway obviously, aligned to the hole. He used the cart to force his swing down the path. I'm trying to decide if he's really cheating or really clever.
  6. I believe its the players responsibility to know the rules. So if an official makes a mistake and the player posts a wrong score because of it, I think the player will be assessed the penalty when the mistake is discovered. Nothing I can point to here, just my understanding of the situation.
  7. The Open replaced Daly with Streelman. Daly replaced the Open with Barbasol, where I assume he can ride and spiders are more benign.
  8. Had the same issue last Friday, lucky for me one in the group had a big slice so I spent a lot of time walking in the woods.
  9. Cheating is gaining an unfair advantage over an opponent. I think most players cheat themselves vs somebody else. The Hollywood handicaps catch up to you in those events where you have to hole out every shot. We play a lot of team events, two best ball etc, and have a lot of guys who will pick up at double if their score is irrelevant to the team score, or take the 2 foot gimmie for par if we have 2 pars in. I love playing them in individual events because now they have to make it. A lot of 12's can't break 90 if they have to hole everything.
  10. Read the title and thought, Is that what the call a foot wedge now?
  11. An unusual sound would bother me, but that's a sound of the game.
  12. Out of all the bodily fluids I've seen left on golf course, spit is pretty low on the list of my concerns. Except for the guys that spit sunflower seeds on the green, special place in hell for them.
  13. Lol, I even have fun on a bad round. Stressful job so I understand the difference between work stress and play stress. Golf is always relaxing for me, more so when I win!
  14. I golf for fun, this does not seem like fun.
  15. Up here in New England, the winter depression is lasting to mid May.....
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