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  1. We had very wet greens this weekend. One of the guys in our foursome marked his ball with a plastic marker. He came over and chatted with me while a couple other guys chipped on. I knew I was away so walked away to try my putt. it missed but I tapped in. That's when this guy said he couldn't find his marker. As near as we can figure when he tapped it down it stuck to the bottom of his putter, and fell off somewhere around the green. We came to a mutual agreement where we thought he was and let him play out. Any issues with that?
  2. Harold Edgerton is famous for his high speed strobe photography. These two are from the 30's. That's Bobby Jones swinging. While I have no proof that the first photo is a genuine golf ball, there are thousands of photos on the internet showing much more distortion than that. I have no doubt its a real golf ball. Google a golf ball hitting a steel plate at 150 MPH, it looks like a pancake. I tried to post it but for some reason the image was tiny.
  3. Penobscot ME
  4. Not retired yet, few more years to go. But I started a few hobbies. I love photography, like golf it can be expensive to start, but its basically free once your happy with your equipment. Its also an outdoor activity so weather plays a part. For my "there's 3 feet of snow on the ground" days, I pick up old pallets and make bird houses from them. A neighbor has a table at a flea market and he takes a few to sell. Nothing fancy, I have a "made with recycled wood" sticker on them and the scrap burns well in my fire pit. Most of the cuts are made with a compound miter saw that was the most expensive tool, the wood is free.
  5. So there must be a web site, something like 'In the Gutter', you'll be haunting now? WTG on being a great dad!
  6. So I was given loaners for the damaged 7 and wedge. They are going to replace the set, and promise me they will put one of their best on it and double check it before it goes out. They do want the old ones back, but the pro shop will handle that end. Hopefully this will be the end of it.
  7. Thanks for the replies. They are M2's. The pro shop I got them at did the fitting, but TM did the assembly. I'm going to ask that they all be replaced. I would the think the pro shop would give me a loaner set till they come back.
  8. I bought a set of Taylor Made's after going through the fitting process. The first thing I noticed was a bit of vibration in my wedge. If you tapped the butt of the shaft on the ground while holding the head you could feel it. But it doesn't seem to impact the results. Then the head of my 7 iron flew off yesterday. No prior warning, it just flew 60 yards down the fairway on my follow through. Bringing them back this weekend. Do I ask just to replace those two? get a whole new set of TM's? Go in another direction altogether? This was a big investment for me, a bit disappointed with flaws on two of the 7 clubs.
  9. My course had events like that. As a 12 I would not participate/donate. A lot of others felt the same way and the field got smaller and smaller as the same few guys won year after year. What my pro did was make up three man teams, two ams with a pro and award team skins. Its a pretty full event now.
  10. I have to admit, I don't get it. We have had guys walk out on our weekend Proam's midround. They get suspended from competition for a month. Life is not always fun/fair. Learn to deal with it.
  11. You offered to let him play through, he declined, end of discussion on that point. Chances are you both paid the same amount to be there. He was at your level at some time also, he just forgot. You did right. Tips for pace of play though... As newtogolf said, Ready golf, no matter whos away, if your ready, hit. Get off the green. write your score, replace head covers, discuss why you missed that 2 footer on the way to the next tee. Also make sure somebody is holding the flag, ready to replace it. I always figure the first guy in the hole should grab it. And as was said, find out when the serious golfers are out and stay away. At my course peak member time is 7:30 to 9:00 AM. The course is sparse after 3 PM and also offers an all you can play discount.
  12. I'm in southern Mass. My course stays open as long as there is no snow. They use the regular greens. We get at least a dozen guys for a 9am start.
  13. My fault for not being clear. Should it be the new logo? I like the tribute, but lets wait a bit before making a permanent change.
  14. I like it, your thoughts?
  15. Stroke. I usually stay in play, so waiting for you guys to blow up on a couple holes is my game.