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  1. So I was having issues getting out of bunkers and my 'friends' advice of "don't hit it there" was not working as well as I would have liked. Anyway, I think I fixed it, was coming in too shallow and bouncing off the sand, resulting in thin or bladed hits. I watched the tour players during my difficulties trying to see what they did. Its tough to tell on TV, but it looked to me like they used more traditional wedges vs a sand wedge with a bounce. Anybody know what the common club is? What do you use? Thanks for looking.
  2. Papa Steve 55

    To concede or not to concede....

    I don't understand the significance of a "birdie putt" in match play. Your not playing against par, your playing against another player. You only have to make one less then they do. A 9 beats a 10. I concede more on the early holes than the later ones. Bit of gamesmanship I guess.
  3. Papa Steve 55

    Need Help Explaining - Different Tees

    This is the result of trying to make everybody happy.
  4. Papa Steve 55

    What tee to play from?

    I hooked up with a couple guys at Myrtle Nat'l on vacation a couple years ago. They wanted to play from the tips. I'm usually a white marker guy but agreed. The first guy topped his shot and the second pulled into the water left. The ranger pulled up and pointed the white markers, never said a word...lol.
  5. Papa Steve 55

    Man Arrested After Biting Off Finger Of Fellow Golfer

    I've played that course. Its a little par 3 track, couple of 4's, running through some cranberry bogs in Carver MA. They do have a bar, not I think alcohol played any role in this.
  6. Papa Steve 55

    How to become successful in golf at 17

    So go for it!, just have a plan B
  7. Papa Steve 55

    "Rules" other players have told you

    I pulled a drive heading OB, took a bounce into the trees, hit a tree past the stakes and bounced back out to the fairway. The 'rule' I was told about, but did not know, was that because the ball clearly hit the tree OB, the ball was OB. I got a very detailed explanation about the ball hitting branches that were in bounds or if there was any question about which tree it hit. I had to give the guy credit, he had all the nuance's of the rule down.
  8. Just another comment on long pants vs shorts, if your in the north east Lyme disease is a very real threat on a course. Long pants are the best protection.
  9. Papa Steve 55

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $9M

    Do we know who is putting up the 10 mil?
  10. Papa Steve 55

    Drone as Course Ranger

    Sling shots are legal in most states.
  11. Papa Steve 55

    Phil Breaks the Rules Again

    Yeah, he called this one on himself.
  12. Papa Steve 55

    Pulled a Groin

    Did the same in my hockey playing days. You cannot rush the return. A slight tear has to 100% heal or you can go right back to square one. Suck it up and rest.
  13. Papa Steve 55

    Liar, cheater, advocate, different opinion?

    Cheating requires intent. both may 100% believe in what they think they saw. Its not cheating to defend your POV, even if your wrong.
  14. Papa Steve 55

    LPGA Player DQed for Playing Damaged Club

    Not really familiar with her, but love that fact that she did not add any drama to the situation. People taking personal responsibility in the 'its not my fault' era are to be respected.
  15. Papa Steve 55

    Worst golf tip you ever received

    Always remember, the same country that invented golf and called it a game, invented bag pipes and called it music.

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