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  1. The Jinx is in....15 degrees this morning, snowing now. Was 60 last weekend......Next birdie in a month or so I guess.
  2. Sound fun....I'm in
  3. its not going to be a quick flip, too much stuff.
  4. We roll them in the bunkers. Funny thing is, the guys who push hardest for this struggle to get out of a perfect bunker in the summer. As @iacas said, your not posting score anyway.
  5. I really want to see 1917, but will have to go alone. Took my wife to see pvt Ryan, she was upset for a month so no war movies for her.
  6. I don't suppose you played hockey 70-74? asking for a friend...
  7. I played with a wounded warrior who shot 114.
  8. Whitman here, another South Shore boy.....
  9. I was managing a Service Merchandise. I was working that day. The sporting goods manager called me over because he had sold out of this weird, oversized putter we had in stock. Could not figure out why.
  10. Yeah, I have an all wheel Subaru right now. The truck might be 4, or because I will be retired, i might just wait till the snow melts to back out....lol Where in the Boston Area are you? I'm in Buzzards Bay, lived in Somerville for a bit and on Beacon St.
  11. I guess they are basically the same, the reason why I was in between. Looked the Toyota and Nissan, they seemed to have a few more bells and whistles but at the expense of interior room. They felt cramped to me. I'll post what I buy in a couple months, thanks for your thoughts.
  12. I'm retiring in May, (Woo Hoo!!). I've never bought myself a new vehicle, always made sure my wife had dependable transportation. My reward for winning the rat race is a new truck. Narrowed it down to the Colorado or the Canyon. Anybody have experience with either, or have 'car guy' insights? Also going to get my handicap down from an 11 to a 7-8 this summer.....just hit more balls... right?
  13. When did they become such a 'thing'? I always thought the greens keepers hated them. I'm always picking up the busted tees on the par three's to use and I recently started seeing at least 1/2 were plastic. I'm sure a lot has to do with the colder weather, vs summer, snapping them but I had no idea so many were in use. Our course has no policy on them, I wonder if any do? I know my pro shop does not sell them but next time I hit the PGA Super store near me I'll have to look at the % of wood vs plastic at retail.
  14. I won the gross of my flight (60-65) this past year. We have net and gross winners, the payouts are a bit better for the gross winner. The club champion is the best gross score from all the flights.
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