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  1. Dealing with slow play

    The last thing you want to do is stand over your shot for that long waiting to hit. Once you realize the situation, try and slow down a bit. Talk with your partners, admire the view, anything rather than steam over the pace of play.
  2. USGA/R&A release new distance report

    Are they cutting the fairways shorter? I think we blame the supers going forward!
  3. Caribbean Resort?

    Thanks for the ideas. Now Costa Rica has entered into the conversation. Looks like a beautiful country.
  4. Thinking of Driving My Own Cart

    Many courses wont let two players each have their own cart. If they are good friends, I see two options. 1, Deal with it. 2, Take up something else you two can do together that's not golf.....fishing?
  5. Guy Drains 120 Footer for $100k

    You can buy a lot of tee's with 25k......
  6. Dilemma with old wedge...keep for prctice or sell

    My pro takes old clubs, cuts them down, regrips them and gives them to kids. Figures he is growing the game. Often a dad will be at the range with his kid who just wants to swing a club and maybe hit a ball. The used clubs are available for them too.
  7. Caribbean Resort?

    My wife has one of those big birthdays coming up, you know, one that ends in zero. To ease the trauma I'm thinking of a nice vacation. We both enjoyed Bermuda but I would like to try someplace else. I want to golf, she wants to sit on the beach and wonder where the time went. We are both fine with this. So the upsides of Bermuda that I would like to find. Great beaches and golf. Small and safe. As for safe, how much of the advise you get to not leave the resort on some of the islands is just false info from the resort to keep you there? I know they would rather I spend $50 for breakfast there vs $10 at small local place, I would like to be able to get out and about. I heard positive things about Nevis and St Kitts. So if anyone has some personal experience they would share I would be grateful.
  8. Rules Situation: Ball Rests on Twig Over Hole

    As Iacas said, the rules are not designed to punish the golfer or push his score up., they try and get you the score you earned. I don't think you even have to mark the ball here. You remove the twig as allowed. That is not causing the ball to move, gravity is. you remove the twig, ball falls in, write down a 2. I hope its not a par three, the last thing you want is an * on your first ace.
  9. How to Play Through Another Group

    We had a relatively nice Sunday here, almost 50. 16 members showed up to play. 4 groups. Around the 4th hole a 2 some showed up in back of us. We were a bit quicker than the group in front of us so spent some time waiting. The 2 was pushing us, hitting before we were away from our 2nd shots and hitting while we were walking away from the green. I finally waited for them and explained there was no place for them to play through to, because of the three groups in front. One just looked at me and said "whatever, just keep your head up". The other guy in my cart stood up, all 6'2", and said excuse me? They never hit into us again.
  10. required relief

    A discussion came up the other day about taking relief from standing water on the green. I liked the uphill putt vs the sidehill I would have ended up with, so did not take relief. That led to the discussion about when are you required to take it. I came up with environmentally sensitive areas and ornamental plants, and I'm not sure about the second. My understanding is you can play off GUR, unless signed otherwise for seeding or safety. Any other common situations?
  11. Football category dumbfounds Jeopardy contestants

    I drew a total blank on the 'option play' question. Many times while watching I feel I know the answer, I just cant quite find it. That's what amazes me about some of the players, they pull the answer out so fast.
  12. I have no idea what that guy was playing. How you handle his rules violations, too many clubs, illegal drop, I guess depends on the type of round your playing. We had a nice day in New England today, almost 40. I went out with friends and one hit it OB, but we were all pretty sure on the T he was fine. So we treated the white stake as red for pace of play reasons. But we are not posting rounds yet and it was a friendly. Sometimes you just have to ignore what others are doing and just try and play your best.
  13. The Great Debate. Lob or Run?

    I tend to play in the air. I would pitch it if I have green to work with, lob it if I don't. No funny bounces a couple feet about the turf.
  14. NFL 2017-2018

    That finish in MN....speechless......so much fail for NO defense.

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