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  1. What is Your Punch-Out Club?

    I use a 5w as long as I'm not worried about distance, IE hitting too far. It seems to get a lot of topspin roll and stays mostly straight. If I'm just trying to lateral it out I hood my 9I over with my hands way in front. I feel like I have more control that way.
  2. Real rule or a local one?

    You didn't misunderstand. If you find your ball, 50/50 in this area, you either play or declare it unplayable as you see fit. Its a weird decision they came to for this hole. I think this is what provisionals are designed to help.
  3. Real rule or a local one?

    The situation is this. A straight par four with heavy grass and brush along the entire left side. I saw a yellow stake at the beginning of this condition but its all on a steep uphill slope so no water. A member said if you hit it in this area and find the ball, no issue, just play it. However if you don't find it, take a drop at point of entry, one shot, as if its a hazard. So they play it as a hazard if you lose your ball, but if you find it, none of the normal hazard rules apply. You can ground your club, move debris etc. It does help pace of play, but is it legit?
  4. When your son out drives you.

    As long as he's not 4 and out driving you your fine.
  5. How To Properly Repair Ball Marks

    You see players lift the ball mark above the surface of the green, then tamp it down all the time. They are not trying to fix the mark so that it heals, they are just trying to level the green. At least until that spot dies off. If they had just left it alone you would have only had a dime sized spot, by the time they are done mangling the green its a half dollar. Its one of my pet peeves, and the pros are part of the problem. They care more about the surface for the upcoming putt than what it looks like next week.
  6. Unwritten Rules of Golf

    Two of my rules. 1 That three foot putt you missed always goes in when you rake it back and try again. 2 The provisional is always better. Somebody in the group always says "same Guy", and I say yes, but with more practice.
  7. Handicap holes

    Ahh, so there is a number crunch involved for existing courses. I assume a new course would have them set by someone with experience, then adjusted when there is a reasonable sample size.
  8. Handicap holes

    Any idea why the odd are front and the even back? I'm a bit dense tonight, a bogy golfer is getting a stroke a hole vs scratch no matter the handicap rating of the hole. If it is a 17 vs scratch though, how did the decision come to be that the 17 is getting a shot on all except the 18th stroke hole.. What did the USGA 'measure' to decide that, for example, that hole 2, not 6 is more difficult? I have to assume its more than distance.
  9. Handicap holes

    Why are the odds on one 9 and the evens on the other? My course clearly has the 2 most difficult holes and the 2 easiest on the front. I always assumed it was for handicapping a 9 hole round, but am not sure of the reasoning. Thanks for any insights.
  10. full relief from any glowing green stuff
  11. Who is "That Guy" at your club?

    Most of our 'that guy' stuff involves carts. We have a couple who hover there foot over the gas trying to time stomping the pedal down with your ball impact. Drive around in the woods looking for their ball while your standing in the fairway trying to play yours. Or just drive up to theirs in the fairway, in front of you, and give a steely eyed stare down the fairway without ever looking behind them. And then move the cart two feet over when asked. Minor annoyances I know, not enough to ruin my round.
  12. 100 Holes in One Day

    I've never done it, but sure had rounds that felt it. Good on you for doing it and the course for supporting it.
  13. Hands through the ball

    I went out on the range, rare for me, and hit some balls. As you can imagine, when your trying to focus on one part of your swing you can some interesting results. But what I think was going on is decel at impact, hitting with dead hands. If they had said your trying to steer the ball it would have made more sense to me. Anyway, I got good results on the range so I'm sure they will transfer to the course.................right?
  14. Hands through the ball

    Been struggling off the tee past couple of rounds. Hitting shots high, short and right. It feels like the ball is just flicking off the club face, no compression at all. A couple guys said I was not getting my hands through the hitting area or through the ball. I'm not getting an image or feel for what they mean. When I try to move them faster I get a huge pull or hit 6" behind the ball. Its mostly with driver or 3 wood off the tee, a short iron or wedge to the green is high, straight and the distance I want. What are some drills or thoughts for correct hand speed, movement etc. through the hitting zone? Honestly, I don't think I ever thought about it before but the advice has put it in my head. Thanks
  15. Favorite golfer

    nobody jumps out at me right now all time is Couples