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  1. Its looking like you will not have a lifetime immunity, though more research needs to happen. But the there is a slow reduction in antibodies. Tom Hanks was interviewed and has been told both he and his wife have had a steady reduction in counts. This could be like the cold, where your body forgets it ever had the virus.
  2. I messed around with it on the range. Tried the head cover under the arm thing but that was no help. It feels like i'm going straight back and straight thru but the results said otherwise. I tried more shoulder turn and that did hit it straighter, but also longer so had to relearn distance a bit. I also think I was short arming the follow through so I let the club head go more down the target line. That may have been the biggest help. An aside. I'm on the range trying to pitch to the 50 yard marker. Six other guys out there hitting nothing but drivers, side glances at me like they were wondering why go to a range just to hit a wedge.....
  3. I have good distance controll with those low pitch shots, but left is a consistant miss for me. Any drills, tricks or magic to get me straight w/o posting a video? If I'm looking a couple feet right of the pin, I'm missing 5' left. I usually pick it clean with a decending strike. Thanks
  4. Nothing about the sound jumps out at me. I dont like the red bill board walls taking advantage of no spectators though. There is a par 3, not sure which, where it looks like they run down the whole right side and wrap around to the back of the green. I get it, your the sponsor, but like hearing the same ad over and over, the law of diminishing return set in.
  5. I put the ball down so I can read the name on both putts and Tee shots. Good reminder to keep my head down.
  6. I try and get a feel of vanilla, then add mods. Have 300+ on Skyrim.
  7. Never heard of this till you mentioned it. The bags under my eyes are your fault.
  8. This is my favorite too, we have an island green........
  9. If he takes the game up, start mentally preparing yourself for the first time he beats you.......
  10. I think my course accurately reflects the demographics of the area in its day to day play. The membership is skewed to older white guys though. They are trying to grow the womans league, it had 4 or 5 members last year. Around a dozen now.
  11. Went with a Colorado.
  12. You can be annoyed. But if he's a friend you value, I suggest you just move on. Maybe at the end of the day, you'll have 2 friends.
  13. 15 seconds standing over a putt after the practice strokes sounds very counter producive to me. Once i make a practice stroke that feels like what I want, I step forward the few inches and try and redo that stroke.
  14. I'm not getting this. Which existing policies are they trying to change that are not allowing them to be treated as equals?
  15. Papa Steve 55


    If you want to track improvment you need benchmarks. Count your strokes.
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