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  1. I always tell my store managers, you don't have more rights than the part timer, you have less. I hold them to a higher standard, and they get paid for it.
  2. Anecdotal stories lose to a video.
  3. The handicap flag probably fell off the cart.....
  4. I don't want a rehash of last years Fox announcers discussion, but I really wish they would figure out how to use the leader board to share information. Still only showing 4 of the guys tied for the lead.
  5. Yeah, I think you hit the nail on the head. Its a delaying mechanism the golfer uses hoping the break will magically appear. That, along with tamping down the invisible spike marks that knocked the ball 12 inches off line.
  6. Why is it, whenever I ask a guy that plumbs his putts, what he is looking for, they can never explain it? You see them holding the putter like this / , what the heck is that telling them?
  7. I had my right replaced. I waited far too long to have the surgery. Now that seems silly. I had to take a year off of golf before the surgery, I was walking with a cane. I could not do stairs much less turn into a swing. I had it done in November, on Black Friday. I was home in three days. I spent 6 weeks healing and a couple months doing PT. I had golf balls in the air mid April with minimal pain. I was 50 yards shorter and my 10 handicap ballooned to an 18. A lot of it was the bad habits I had developed working around my balky hip. And its scary the first few times out. I think it took a year before I fully trusted it. By September I was back to a 12, still a club short though. I doubt my 8 will ever be my 150 again, but you adjust. So now three years later I'm 9.2, my 7 is my 150 and I never think about my hip. I don't know what you reason for putting the surgery off is, I hope its a good one. But for me it was life changing and if I had to do it again I would have had it three years sooner. Best of luck to you, feel free to ask any questions about it.
  8. I think a lot of golfers don't know them for a couple reasons. First there is usually someone in the group who does. But I think the biggest reason is that there are just not many times in a round where you need them. For me, I would guess one in three rounds has a question that comes up. This is assuming a basic knowledge of the game, so I would not count newbies. And a rules official would have a different definition of 'basic' vs a casual golfer.
  9. In todays round a guy in my groups drive came to rest against a pile of sand a few feet outside the bunker. It was pretty clear the sand was spilled as part of the maintenance this morning. We had some rain, my guess they were filling in where the runoff cut ruts on the edge of the bunker and somebody knocked over a bucket of sand. Anyway, his ball was in front of sand which was about 8 inch's high and about as round as the opening of a 5 galleon bucket. There was grass under the ball. There was no way for him to take any shot in the direction of the green. As it was a competition, we decided he had to play it as it lies. We discussed 'stacked for removal' as a possible way to get relief, but it seemed a stretch. I am happy to say not one of us had a cell phone to call the clubhouse. As the sand was outside the bunker, could he have just leveled it? Was there a way for him to get relief?
  10. Yeah, I had a hip replaced and was off in two weeks. But every surgery is different I guess.
  11. Yeah, but the guys an "expert".
  12. If the fitter did not give you an idea of what shaft you need, you did not get full service.
  13. I don't feel she have been allowed to do that. She picked the school knowing the rules. I assume she has no aspiration's for the LPGA, or plans on abandoning her beliefs.
  14. Assuming I'm in position on the course I usually just wait it out. When I do play ready, I make sure the guy who is away knows I'm hitting. I just cant help the feeling I'm either rushing the guy or will be a distraction, (or target) if I'm in front. So normally I don't even walk up to my ball till the other guy hits. Again assuming we are in the fairway, one just further out. I play with a lot of seniors getting over 20 strokes, if I played ready golf I would finish 3 holes ahead.
  15. So Verizon is dropping email service next month. My two options are to switch to AOL and keep my current address or change to another service and lose it. How much pain in changing? Honestly, I thought AOL was nothing more than a fond memory. I had used Outlook for years but MS stopped supporting it. Looking at Firefox but also looking for input from others. Its not a real huge part of my life, most of my emails are to my work account. Can you set up forwarding to a new address. Thanks for any thoughts.