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  1. My home course started making some annoying changes a couple years ago, but there are a great group of people there that, for the most part, I enjoy playing with. So it kind of offsets for me. There is a tipping point, not sure exactly what it is though.
  2. He was already +5, nothing to lose. If he was a shot up or down from the lead, I wonder if he makes the same call. Of course to him I'm sure it looked wide open....these guys are good...….
  3. Lost ball or OB is loss of stroke and distance. You can avoid the disruption by playing a provisional if there is a chance the ball will be lost or is flirting with OB. Ninja'd…...
  4. May have been local conditions. Habitat for Humanity near me sometimes fills up and only accepts new items, other time they will take gently used.
  5. I gave my last two sets to the pro at my course, he got them into deserving hands.
  6. I'm going to buck the trend and say Matt. Personally I have no issue that he paid his employee the amount agreed upon before the event started. I just think for a lot of people its going to smack of a rich guy screwing a little guy. Sergio was just being himself and had no effect on anybody else.
  7. So is a golf swing, but they have swing coaches at the event. They will work with after the round, which is just a couple hours after the caddy said hey, your aiming a bit left. I think the operative word in your reply is "should". Its not required. You may only credit the player, but a round of golf for the pros has become a team event.
  8. I think 2 will have some changes. The weakness is starting to show up. McCarthy was given two shots on this rule, now it has been rescinded. His caddy did indeed stand behind him, but said nothing and walked away before the shot. The player even came out of his stance after the caddy walked away. Just standing behind the player should not be a violation. He should be able to look at his players alignment and tell him after the shot that he's lining up a bit left or right. Fowler called it the stupidest rule he's ever heard.
  9. His head seems to have him back more so than his game.
  10. Oh I know. But I bet you some golf talking head brings it up this year.
  11. So do we start putting an * next to new tournament records set with the pin in? How many shots are we talking about in a 72 hole event, and a years worth of events? Could it be a dozen? More? I think the reasoning that you leave it in is being confirmed even this early in the season. I've seen a bunch hit the stick and drop. I have yet to see one hit it and bounce away. Granted, these guys hit dead center most times.
  12. If you took a few 1 1/4 couplers and slipped them over the pipe at the end of handle they would act like rollers making pushing easier....maybe. As kids, we would raid the dumpster of a plumbing supply house for scrap to make hockey nets with.
  13. 135 to 170 yards in. I used to hit very hi, reasonably straight irons. Then I had a hip replaced. Now I hit low draws, sometimes. Very hard for me judge the distance the ball is going to travel. So now I usually under club in case I hit the hot draw.
  14. Know what your saying, but I think I would have said a kid shooting 79 and saying it was a 78 is the same, just a matter of degree. I really don't think cheating a little is a thing.
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