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  1. Up here in New England, the winter depression is lasting to mid May.....
  2. A few years ago a buddy called and asked if I could be an emergency fill in for his team in an outing that was going out in a 1/2 hour. I made it. got an ace on the 17th. 135 guys and I did not know one of them. I passed.
  3. Them and the ones that spit sunflower seeds on the greens.....they should be forced to watch 12 hours straight of an amateur long drive competition.
  4. That is certainly the majority opinion, not a universal one. Golf Digest just ran a article from a 'qualified to talk about it' author advocating taking it out or tending it. He has numbers also.
  5. Its not an advantage to me. I used to leave it in on the practice green and when practicing on the course. I found I subconsciously tried to sneak the ball in the side of the hole, to avoid hitting the stick. For me, it makes the hole smaller.
  6. The group I play with seems to have settled on the guys who want it in putt first, regardless of whos away. Most will either finish or mark. Guys like me who almost always want it out then putt. I'll finish and if any of the inners want it back for the finish they can. So the flag is in, out, in. Pretty much as it was before.
  7. So is an invitation different from an exemption? What I'm wondering is, is he taking the place of a pro or just a crowd pleasing add on?
  8. Im not clear of your point, sorry might be me. But the NCAA allows a mercy rule in certain circumstances. This from a handbook in 2018. Currently, the NCAA’s mercy rule is dictated by conference and usually only applies to the final day of a series or conference tournaments
  9. Little League baseball, at least around here, has had a 'slaughter rule' in place for years. Edit, I guess its called a mercy rule now, beat their butt, just don't hurt their feelings.
  10. I can't believe people know this.....
  11. Before I joined my course I would try a lot of courses. What I would do though, is call and say I'm a single, do you have spot for me Saturday morning. Then I could decide if the open spot fit my needs. Many times the person on the phone would ask my skill level or if I minded joining a husband/wife twosome.
  12. My home course started making some annoying changes a couple years ago, but there are a great group of people there that, for the most part, I enjoy playing with. So it kind of offsets for me. There is a tipping point, not sure exactly what it is though.
  13. He was already +5, nothing to lose. If he was a shot up or down from the lead, I wonder if he makes the same call. Of course to him I'm sure it looked wide open....these guys are good...….
  14. Lost ball or OB is loss of stroke and distance. You can avoid the disruption by playing a provisional if there is a chance the ball will be lost or is flirting with OB. Ninja'd…...
  15. May have been local conditions. Habitat for Humanity near me sometimes fills up and only accepts new items, other time they will take gently used.
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