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  1. Phil Mickelson -10 Nick Watney -9 Rory McElroy -8
  2. Thank you. I wonder what's up the irons I saw at Golfsmith.
  3. I finally got to see these at Golfsmith yesterday and was floored by the obnoxious bright-orange grips. They had two sets on display with the same orange grips. I have been looking to pick up a set and seen some pictures on ebay that don't have an orange grips. Is that an exclusive Golfsmith thing? Are there any x-22 owners here? If so, does your set have orange grips? I'm typically not the kind of person that cares about how things look. I prefer to focus on the function but I think these grips would actually distract me. Thoughts?
  4. If Tiger comes back from his knee injury and is as dominating as he was in the last few years I think he'll not only be the best golfer ever but possibly one of the world's greatest athletes.
  5. Olivas Links offers a great Game Improvement Membership. $39 for unlimited range balls, round discounts and free group lessons. http://www.olivaslinks.com/
  6. Sr. Project Manager for a legal software company.
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