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  1. They probably do it to gain some control over the club head. I've noticed this as well watching quite a bit of lpga golf this season. I'm considering trying it myself to see if there's some benefit, but unfortunately the Mercury is hovering around 112* for the past few weeks and it is downright painful to take a breathe in that much heat. Let alone the feeling of searing flesh when your skin is exposed to direct rays of the sun.
  2. No I like it, it's that sport I watch that a barely gets me through to opening day of baseball Obviously you're not a Mets fan. We reside between 2nd and 4th annually
  3. Football? Is that the game where every 40 seconds of clock time there's a 6 second play run? The sport with less regular season games on the schedule than a hockey preseason? Football? Is that the sport where there's no contact allowed between the sidelines, the sport that frowns upon celebration of a score. The sport with 32 franchises but only 17 professional QB' s on the continent?
  4. Yea, 105* is playable. Not many courses have shade here in phoenix though. But it is amazing how the shade from a little Palo Verde tree can lower the heat index. I grew up in Denver and when it was mid 90's there it seemed much hotter than when it's around 105 to 110 here in phoenix
  5. Unfortunately, I tend to remember the bad shots more than the good. I measure a good round by how I play off the tee. My short game and putting have gotten better so I'm scoring a little better. But if I hit a bad tee shot on the 1st hole, it tends to stick with me for a while. And if I don't feel comfortable with the group I'm playing in it can get embarrassing. I'm much better adapted to playing golf when my game goes away in the middle of the round rather than from thestart. I'm sorry, what was the question again?
  6. In another generation, the kids won't be able to decipher the hieroglyphics of cursive penmanship. So titleist stock will plummet & Top Flite will corner the market. The kids won't ever even realize that flight in flite is a slang spelling bra!
  7. Fellow Mets fan. Born in upstate N.Y. 1968. Grew up in Denver and been in Phoenix since 1999. Still die hard Mets fan. Only team I still follow from New York.
  8. For those of us who reside in the desert southwest, I don't think I'd get much opposition if I were to say pesonally anytime it's above 112*. Summer rates are here now in phoenix finally since the snowbirds have been slowly vacating. $85 -$100+ green fees will be close to or below $40 on many premier courses, but, 112* is definitely where I draw the line.
  9. I live in a retirement community, we have 7 golf courses, one of them is an 18 hole executive, the other six are full 72 par courses. I've played many rounds with seniors, most hit their balls straight down the fairway a good percentage of the time. They always keep pace, and a lot of them are the reason youngsters enjoy their freedoms. I would say tread lightly with seniors on the links. as for driving cars, well that's a different animal altogether
  10. Just an update on today's practice session. It started out pretty even flow for what has been happening since the iron switch, PW, 9i striking getting more fluent. As I progressed up to an 8i and into the 7i, I make eye contact with an older gentleman down the row who says " I see your trouble with the same issue I've had before". No kidding I reply, "which one"? I inform him briefly that I have just made an equipment change. he walks over to me and says "set up to your ball with your normal set up, do you see it"? I reply not yet exactly but feel free to enlighten me. He points out my leftarm angle in relation to the ball and explains that my hands are too far forward. Now had he not been there at that precise moment, I most likely would never have figured this out on my own. He moved my hands back ever so slightly and then all of a sudden I saw it plain as day, I was lining up with a closed club face at address. Now honestly, I could not see this from my perspective prior to this very moment. So then, I look down and I'm dumbfounded that I could not recognize something so elementary. I had myself convinced of things like the offset on the new clubs were why they looked like this to me at address, never ascertaining that it was a set up issue in the least. so then I start swinging the club and like a circumstance I couldn't describe in text, my fat shots disappeared, hallelujah I'm thinking, this is the dogs biscuit. So I'm hitting for a short while and realize, hell, now I'm not getting under the ball at all. It's like I'm hitting off a tile all of a sudden. Well he leaves and I say goodbye and a few minutes later I run outta balls, so I head back into the proshop and get another bucket and head back to my bay. at this time there's a new guy in the bay directly next to me to my right. He says - no joke " let's see what the young fella has in his game". Talking about me of course, and unbeknownst to him he has no idea about the conversation I had with the man prior. I'm swinging, he's swinging and every minute or so he walks around behind me and then addresse his ball hits, walks, hits, walks etc.... Then speaks. "Hey young man, take a practice and hold it". What the hell I think o.k. And I do it, he says now hit a ball o.k. I hit a ball. He says notice in your practice swing you come all the way through with a good finish and in your ball striking you cut it short. "Take a practice swing and fire through the ball like you are hitting a ball. O.k. I do it - now address the ball and hit it exactly like that last practice swing, duh I'm thinking, but he was right I wasn't finishing my swing at all. i managed to get lucky today and meet two guys who were nice enough to take 5 minutes out of their time at different times and critique me without me knowing it and give me some fundamental guidance that I had lost or didn't realize was happening in one range session. There's still some rust to wipe away, but now I have confidence in knowing that it isn't the clubs and that is worth it's weight in gold and blood pressure.
  11. I'm willing to lay a claim that if the grounds superintendent of this golf course ever figures out who is ripping up their turf to this degree, I'm gonna get banned from pulling into the parking lot
  12. Well, I hit my Cleveland's very crisp. Good contact, the occasional fat shot and a very rare thin shot. Mostly the issue I had with them was a push, usually about 5 yds right, unless of course I lined up left, then I would hit a straight shot or a a slight pull. It was common with these Irons that when I hit the green, they would release and roll too far. That is how I ended up buying the rocketbladez, I bought into the higher ball flight less roll sales pitch and the mostly positive reviews I was reading about them. While it's true, the ball flight is higher and a softer landing when hit on the sweet spot. So the issues I am having is toe hits galore, seems every shot is out on the toe. But the 5 &6 Irons I am hitting so fat and off the toe that a 6 goes the same distance as a 9 iron. I hit a couple of 6 Irons so fat that I really dug at least an inch and a half into the turf. On one of those really fat shots, I practically missed the ball all together barely clipping it with the toe and it landed two bays away from me about 7 feet in distance to the right
  13. I haven't ruled that out either at this point. If this were to be the issue, it would be the best case scenario
  14. I'm gonna be at the range in the morning, and give them another go. I will try choking up on the 5 & 6 irons mainly, that is where the length begins to pose a problem with 6 iron being as long as my old 5 iron and the TM 5 iron being as long as the Cleveland 4 iron. I never even carried the Cleveland 4 iron in my bag. After tomorrow's session, I will take them to the local Van's pro shop around the corner and see if I can hit off of their lie board. So, to see if I comprehend the situation, the length coupled with the difference in lie angle might suggest that I need to have them bent down "flatter" to be more reminiscent of the Cleveland's? Is that expensive? And is it necessary to adjust the whole set or just the longer irons?
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