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  1. Think the M2's would be good for a returning player? 30 cap...
  2. Agree on lessons 100%! I would rather learn using clubs I will be playing with for years. wouldn't want to risk the possibility of hindering myself with something used that I will replace in the future. Went the used route before and not doing it again, horrible experience. Never know what hidden damage they have!
  3. Well, I voted Hillary to get Bill back and I'm independent. Donald Trumps business talent would go a long way but I just don't trust a man with gold plated rooms in his house. Reminds me of dictators. Just get the feeling he wants in office to find ways to pad his wallet after years of spending money for lobbying. Cruz is just to conservative and dismissive to anyone that doesn't agree with him. He is a real spook. Sanders is just not intimidating enough for foreign policy. That leaves Hillary. I swear, if it weren't for her husband I would skip this years voting process. Before anyone smokes me for saying Bill, remember he was way better than any president elected after him and I bet Monica was a republican lol. I respect everyone's right to vote and everyone's opinion. This is only mine :)
  4. Need advice; I am coming back to the game of golf after a back injury and am finally ready to purchase a new set. All this new technology is confusing and I have roughly a $2000 budget to cover bag, balls, driver, irons etc. My handicap I'm unsure of but a few years ago I was hitting in high 90s. Was using Callaway's 'til I gave them away. Thought I'd never play again! I am looking at Ping G, Taylor Made M2, Callaway xr I think, and a bunch of others. They all say their the best, but what I am after is nice ball height, good feel, and forgiveness ( I tend to slice ). If you had @ 2 grand what would you buy and why?
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