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  1. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Tiger Woods has been a clear outlier during his career thus far.... He burned bright and hot hot hot for many years... He had a violent swing that has certainly taken its toll on his body... He knows he can't sustain a swing with much violence at all, with two pretty serious back injuries for a PGA touring pro... He broke the glass ceiling about young players not being ready to win until they have had time to season and choke a few times before breaking through and winning.. And the guys who are at the top now grew up watching that....so they believe that confidence in the primary ingredient of success along with good hard disciplined work. If you remember for about 10 years he probably won every other tournament he played in. No one in golf ever has burned that hot in the modern era.... I don't ever expect him to win again on the regular tour but it wouldn't surprise me if he did.. I enjoyed seeing him play in Greensboro last year and while he at the top of the leaderboard for a couple of days, he did not have that supreme confidence that carried him for so many years.. But the one thing he did that week that he has been able to do through most of his career is putt putt putt and we all know that is what wins tournaments... I hope he can regain his health, balance his life, and give us some great golf... Even if he doesn't return with the fire we are so accustomed to, he gave us something for the first time since Jack and maybe more so for the years he gave it to us...... an absolute dominant Alpha golf pro that pretty knew he would win when he stepped up onto the first tee on Thursday.... and sealed it in the last 3 or 4 holes if it was close!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love watching the young guys on the tour now jockeying for the #1 spot.... I believe it will be traded around for the next few years at least...... being tough on someone who is that hard on himself will not bring good results.... I can tell you that self experience.....