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  1. Play with a standard SC grip that came with my putter, people who try it almost instantly throw the putter back and shake their heads. Its a very thin grip but to me it just works, I am not a Pelz man so guess that would explain something. Seems to me that wider grips are more popular for SBST putters, but I might be wrong. Most of the latest edition of putters are packing wider grips, i.e. from PING, Taylor made and other big names. It seems to be a trend today, just like white heads on drivers and putters. But like others have stated what makes you confident over a putt, stick to it.
  2. I think the S58s generally received nice reviews, as do the S56 series, heard mixed things about the S57. Yes strange that they go back on these numbers while going up with the i and G series. Never used a hybrid, but am looking into replacing the 2-iron with a i15 or 910H from Titleist. Looking forward to my birthday in June :)
  3. Playing without a driver in your bag is not the end of the world, it helped my swing a lot when I left my driver in the garage for a whole summer, mostly used my 4-iron of the tee. I was finding more fairways and also faults with my swing this way than with the driver. With the faults I could go and visit my pro. I think it was one of the reasons i went from 20 something to under 10 in 2 summers. To me it was a giant leap.
  4. It's nice marketing from TM, some of my buddies are thinking the exact same thing, they want a new white driver. My advice to them (and to you) is to google some more info about driver selection, I read e.g. a book by Tom Wishon on myths of the golf club. It's a short book but covers a lot of things about golf clubs and especially drivers. You get some insight into what market we are dealing with as golfers, how our options are limited, and what options you really should be looking at.
  5. Bought a set of s58's in 2008, have been using them since, very pleased, are somewhere in between blades and cavity backs, salesman called them half-blades. Not quite sure that sums up these clubs. For my handicap and game these are perfect at the moment, even the 4-iron is very playable and forgiving. Had Callaway X-14's before these, and I do not like 7-W cavity backs, the S58's are much more blade like and I get more feel both from full shots to chips around the the green. I also have a Ping HL (High launch) 2-iron, it is a great club for tricky tee shots, and of the fairway. A little bit tricky in the rough. Overall I am very pleased with the quality and options you get from PING, quality products.
  6. In a tournament last autumn, on the first hole a par 5, I was lying next to a rock after the tee-shot, decided to go for it anyway and got it like 10 yards forward into rough, from there my third shot landed middle of the fairway within 80 yards of the green. Partners I was playing with were lying next to green or in bunker in 2. I put every inch of feel into the fourth shot and got a low spinner with my 56 degree wedge that stopped 20 feet in front of the hole on an elevation got the spin on it to roll back into the slope and after rolling it stopped inches away.... for my easy par. Probably the best shot I have hit ever, my feeble description does not do it justice.
  7. Many interesting things in this book, technical aspects that affect your short game. I do on the other hand not like the dead-hands approach or his appeal to cram the bag with wedges. I bought a 60 degree Vokey after reading this book and was determined to go for this approach. After some time I realized that the hardpan of my course, and almost constant high wind contidtion (trees can't grow on my course) forced me to reconsider my use of the wedges, especially something with more than 56 degrees. Also shaping shots with wedges in these conditions with dead hands, is impossible. Did as some others here have posted, visited my pro, and through some practice have enough of shots in my bag to attack my course, with my std 48 degree wedge plus the 56 Vokey, high low left or right. For golfers who play in better conditions, this book has great value, for others, some parts of it are relevant, others can do more harm than good.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions, will look into the left knee. I had a drill for that one a few years back, will use that one and try to keep it more stable.
  9. This video is recorded at the driving range on my home club. It is a little bit crammed, split into booths. DTL view is rather dark because of the snowy conditions (its been like this for too long). I have been working on tempo and retaining lag in my swing + some minor grip changes, any critique highly appreciated.
  10. I'm mostly hitting my 7-iron now at the range, and at 0 degrees Celcius or below and almost frozen golfballs I'm averaging (8/10) on about 155 yards (carry) with my 7-iron.
  11. Excellent swing and a great informative thread, its exactly the reason why I keep coming back to this forum, to keep on learning. Maybe someday I will get my courage up to a level to post my own 20 year old swing here
  12. Good points WUTiger, unfortunately I didn't get the printouts both when I was measured for my iron set and again when I was measured for the driver shaft. Regarding the shaft, the guy who monitored my driver swing had quite a different take on things. His philosophy was that what influences a golf shot most is the clubhead, not the shaft, I was not buying it until after he had shown me with the different shafts that maybe he could have a point. I have contacted a fitter for the hybrid, I will have to schedule a fitting appointment, it is for a new 2-iron or a hybrid.
  13. Yes for the driver it was, just had to figure out the preferred head, and then the pro would fit different shafts to that head (actually he had 3 clubheads of the same kind). With irons I at least had to go through many different type of shafts, some on head models I didn't prefer before choosing.
  14. After having browsed the forum (not thoroughly) I have decided to put forward my 2 cents on fitting. There are different opinions on this and many would advocate that you should play clubs that are fitted to you and your swing. After having gone through 3 iron sets and various woods and wedges here is a summary of my experiences with fitting. My first "real" set of irons, Callaway x-14, was fitted for me, but the pro shop which handled the process somehow got them wrong, swing weight was off and the shaft flex was way too soft. Didn't realise it until too late but thats ok, they somehow served their purpose. And I didn't have any problems with them until my pro shop fitter got the fits when measuring them. My current set should have been fitted as regular, but being stubborn I got stiff. Loft lie is Ping green dot. I play a standard Callaway fusion, and a driver specifically fitted for my friend when I visit him to play golf. After having received pointers from my pro that my driver shaft might be too stiff I went to a pro fitter. With the monitor we could see that there was nothing wrong with the shaft with regards to my swing. He even fitted the same driver head with many different shafts of stiffness and manufacturer, from regular to x-stiff just to prove to me how little shaft stiffness actually played with regard to my preferred head lie/loft. His words not mine. The dispersion rate was extremely low and trajectory was relatively similar between shafts After having read reviews from Erik on the 904F, I picked up the 3 wood for rock bottom price last summer. Probably the best money I've ever spent on a golf club, standard loft/lie but my previous experiences made me go for a stiff shaft. Another nice thing happened to me as my pro wanted me to be more arched over the ball on address, therewith creating more space for my hands in the swing(some could call this a more 1-plane swing position). This has not posed any problem with my standard clubs, but I have started wondering if my fitted S58's are too upright? Jury is still out for this one. I do realize that stiffness of shafts is a factor in the swing with regards to clubhead position at impact. Also how this affects the feel of the player. But many shafts could be equal with regards to my experiences with my driver. I never thought I could e.g. swing a x-stiff shaft from any manufacturer let alone rip it as I did. I didn't like the contact it made but the results were all the same ok. Also loft, lie and shaft lengths to me have almost become non-issue. If I would get the opportunity of playing my friends Fusions against my s58's I would probably go with mine, but the difference here is minimal. The Fusions to me really rock! I wonder also how changes in stance and setup affect the right choice of clubs, loft and lie. Regarding plane, this has to be a factor. Changing this will therefore in the end change the way you would have to be fitted. Maybe someone with experience here could comment. These pointers may seem like badly managed scribble but are anyway my very limited experiences when it comes to fitting. I am not saying that fitting is basically a sales prep to get you to buy something that you do not need. Many players would benefit from getting more info through the fitting process. My bottomline though is that most players could just as well, knowing their basic parameters go for something of the rack. That said, a friend of mine has urged me to go get fitted for a hybrid I am planning to buy. Peer pressure will get the better of me, I tell you!
  15. I call it my lava iron, use one when I go into the lava rock at my course, bloody hate it when I have to pick that one up, never know if the head of the club is gonna go right off an fly farther than the ball. Hasn't happened though since late 2009 (poor old Nike 8-iron), still have a MaxFli 8-iron that is now serving as my lava iron.
  16. +1 on the full swing, got me to a single digit handicap from 20.
  17. I have had the 907D2 in my bag since 2009, really like this driver, feel really comfortable with it and haven't yet found any need to upgrade. A good review on both D1 and D2 is here: http://thesandtrap.com/b/clubs/titleist_907d1_and_907d2_driver_review
  18. I do Bodypump 2-3 times a week, focus on the core back and abs and leg muscles, has given me more balance throughout the swing and more consistency. A friend of mine went to one of those Titleist courses, did no favors to his golf though.
  19. Just read through this book, for me its really informative and a great read. I went through major changes in my swing 1 and a half year ago with the pro at my club. To him I was standing too erect and swinging the club too close to my body, I should bend more from the hips and create more space for my hands, little did I know that when I look in a mirror now from my backswing that I am close or on 1 plane, but was definitely a 2 planer before. After having picked up some advice from the book I hit it much more consistently, I still had some extra weight on my right foot from my 2 plane days and it was causing some sculls and fat shots, also looked at some grip changes. Next up is checking the balance of my feet in the backswing, think I am shifting on the right foot, want to eliminate that. Then go meet the pro :)
  20. 1. Putting, working on Utleys Art of putting techniques, after having tried SBST for some years without any success 2. Solid contact, only 7-iron on the range atm, 100 meters with half swing 145 meters with full swing. 7 out of 10 balls within acceptable destination (5 meter radius) 3. 3-wood, have only been able to half hit my 3-wood after last years changes, want to be able to fully swing that club 4. Find a replacement for my 2-iron
  21. 39, clickgear and a large cart bag. Used to carry a stand bag Ping hoofer, loved it but lower back problems got the better of me. Have a range bag from Titleist that I sneak out on the course with when the weather is behaving here, then just take half set of clubs.
  22. It must somewhat depend on putting style, if you go for Stan Utley's method then you're looking at 35-36" monsters, my SC is 35" suits me and my style just fine, have tried everything down to 32 and never liked anything better than 35.
  23. Got a Mizuno MP-001 driver like 7 years ago, looked great and I sooooo wanted that club but as time passed by it dawned on me that I didn't have the swing for it. Maybe it was because the sales man sold me a way to stiff shaft, to me hitting it was like getting my hands electrecuted bar one amazing shot while I was playing abroad, outdrove my friend who is a 1 handicap player 70 yards into the middle of the fairway. Other shots, well I was lucky to find the ball most times, mostly power slices or what you name them. It burned a hole in my pocket as I couldn't get rid of it but the only good thing to come from my adventure with that driver was my determination to to something radical about my swing, maybe some kind of an opportunity cost in the end that driver.
  24. On top of clubs, golfballs, gloves, tee's: 1. Umbrella (heavy rain can start 2 secs after you've put on your sunglasses here) 2. My rain trousers and wind top 3. Divot tool and ball marker in one 4. Pepsi Max (not a commercial, just drink it) 5. 2 Corny bars or something similar I have 2 bags after I was unable to carry a stand bag, one Ping Pioneer that can carry everything, and then the titleist carry bag that I mostly use on the driving range but often use when I believe the weather to be relatively safe and don't need all clubs. Would reccomend this combo to anyone who thinks that stand bags tend to be heavy, got the Pioneer for the same price as my old Callaway stand bag and the titleist at a sale.
  25. I usually play golf with my wife, when she was taking up golf we would take a round when there were few on the course and usually rounds on short courses. Today she's an accomplished golfer with a 20+ handicap and a hole in one on her card that I have yet to accomplish. We try to pair up with people we know but sometimes that isn't possible so then we try to avoid the ones we know of. Usually strangers at my club are really nice, when I am playing alone I play mostly with strangers and in 99% of the time it is just fine, you get to know new faces and different styles of play, stories they tell and so on. Most of the time I would ask people to join, but some times it isn't possible, either because of the people or my wife is playing poorly and doesn't like the company. Then we just let them pass.
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