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  1. Spin numbers were fine according to the specalist doing the analysis. My swing speed was 99-104, the only thing that was iffy in this session was my driver head, which is 9,5 degrees and at times I would not get the desired angle. This was my first time with so much information on my swing, had a good day though made it even more rewarding. Will take a look at different setups, try maybe a different head with more launch.
  2. IceDave

    Driving Distance

    Think the general rule is that you do not delay play, normal laptop battery is around 2 hrs, so you probably would delay play on the second nine.
  3. Just go my Launch Monitor results after an hours session. Tried out with my current shaft, as well as some regulars and some stiffer shafts. Results were very similar and the decision was that I keep my current shaft. Guess the warmer weather we are having now enabled me to swing more freely and therefore getting the most out of the shaft. Got myself some nice statistics tough.
  4. IceDave

    Driving Distance

    Since I already posted my 7-iron distance, I can now post my Driver distance as I just got back from my launch monitor session. Average carry was 230 meters, or 250 yards, clubhead speed was 99-104.
  5. Yes ClickGear is that much better, would go for that before you go for GPS or Rangefinders.
  6. IceDave

    Driving Distance

    Is it just me or shouldn't this thread rather read "Whats your carry with a 7 iron?" since that is the club that most people use on the driving range (or should be using most of the time on the range). I confess that I do not know my carry with a driver. I know it is just further than my 3-wood which is just a little futher than my 2-iron. Knowing your exact distances for 5 iron and up sound to me like useful information when you go out to play a round. Whether your driver is 210 or 240 really doesn't matter that much for most farways. Anyway shouldn't your performance with the irons give some indication as to how good you are with the driver? My normal carry with a 7 iron is 145 meters (158 yards).
  7. I would try to go with the shaft that gives the best results for the least amount of cash, results being more important than cash though. If 200$ shaft would be the one, I would buy it, no questions.
  8. I think anyone who is really serious about putting should at least open this book one time or another. His methods sound like they are made for robots at times, but at times I would like to be a robot at the greens. I didn't have a book about putting until I got this one. His take on the grip and stance is as valid for pils stroke as other type of strokes, but if you do not like the straight back straight through then at least there is 80% of the book that deal with other interesting things about putting. I am (I think) using his stroke, and have been getting gradually better and have more "feel" for distance than ever. Maybe I'm turning into a robot
  9. Thanks guys, will take that Launch monitor appointment and try out some shafts. I am looking for more control with my driver like I get from my irons so I'll probably will try out a bunch. Will post results next week.
  10. Hi there, I took a lesson last Wednesday, and had my pro watch me hit some drives. They were straight at target with a little fade in the end. He put shafts on some driver heads and had me try out some other shafts. With one of those shafts my drives where all cannons and straight as a bullet. My current shaft is the Aldila Proto VS 65 stiff, but the shaft I "fell in love with" was Proforce 66g regular. My irons are stiff, and my 3 wood, no problems there. I have booked a time for a launch monitor session, I just wanted to ask if it is normal to have your driver shafted with a Reg shaft when everything else is stiff, and is it maybe more wise to just get a driver with the shaft you need instead of reshafting? Thanks in advance.
  11. Mostly the mirrors at my driving range for almost everything I've been working on, trying to get my brain to accept that what is happening in the mirror is what is REALLY what is going on not what I would like it to be.
  12. Gloves were on for those who asked questions, I got the feeling it was pre-arranged, a PR stunt. I think Tiger totally lost me there with the me-myself-and-I psychology and also if he was one some rehabilitation then why isn't his wife with him or he with his wife?
  13. Just got the book from Amazon and have been reading the first 6 chapters. I already have Hogans book, but like the way Dante approaches things, especially with regard to what to stay away from, the wrist break and its importance. Also how you start the swing with the lateral left movement of the hip, I instinctively did this and my pro was always telling me to stop, I guess I will pick up this "bad" habit again
  14. I began shanking when i started to laterally move my upper body forward in the second part of the swing. I didn't notice it until my instructor showed me on the video. After that fix I still had the shanks scare and occasional shanks had me move my stance further away from the ball. And bing, I had more shanks. I was so far away from the ball that when I had swung at the ball and through I was standing on my toes. I am working on my stance at the moment and finding some balance. Feels like now I have the ball between my feet when I tee it up :) But basically I was always moving away from the solution, that is moving farther away from the ball in the stance, hence creating more of a shanks-like motion with my swing.
  15. One thing I noticed on your lower video is that your upper body tends to move laterally forward in the second part of the swing, try to swing through without moving your upper body. Your hips can move laterally forward at this moment, fine, but not your upper body. Not saying it will solve it but it could be a part of the problem. I had to fix this out of my swing 2 years ago, tended to overdo it in chips too so my chips were all shanks.
  16. I think the length of the holes is a good point for beginners. I had to drag my wife to the golf course for the first 5-7 years. I am not kidding, she would always have some excuse not to go to the course. Playing in a bad weather, light rain or any other, was out of the question. A course we sometime played, had beginners tee's, she used to use those at times. Today she outdrives me easily for many holes at our club. I hit a 7 iron 165+ yards.
  17. Went to the range yesterday, and was swinging way to fast, tempo was off on the first 10-20 balls, after that and getting my tempo in check it was ok. Our course will not open until May so putting and chipping is a cloud at the moment, but the swing is getting there. Bought a new 3 wood and have got it grooved
  18. Open year long here in Iceland, don't go though if its too cold. We have an excellent indoor putting and chipping facility at my club too. So I should be ready for the summer :)
  19. I go to Body Pump classes, it is split up in squats, benchpress, back, arms, legs, shoulders and abdomen then some stretches. Been doing this for 2-3 years, incredible results body-wise, and added balance for the swing. The most important thing for me is that you do some sort of excercise off-season, almost anything helps. If you don't you will be really rusty at the start of the golf season.
  20. Thats awesome, my 10 year old twins are starting competition golf (stroke play tournaments) this summer, in May. Crossing fingers and hoping they will cope with it :)
  21. Depends on the group I'm playing with, and then its just of the first tee. It's not some kind of an insurance for a good start though. Played with a guy couple of years ago who duck hooked his hard hit drive so badly it flew straight into the roof of a house creating the loudest BLAM of that afternoon. Well "mulligan" someone muttered, and up stepped the guy again, slamming the mulligan in the exact same spot on the roof "BLAM!". Coffee must have been spilled in that house, as we were playing around four in the afternoon.
  22. Beautiful swing, wish my first swing of the season would have been that smooth. Temp here is around 0 Celcius, hoping to thaw off with increasing temperature. But again, sweet swing!
  23. I bought myself a used Titleist 904F this week to replace my eight old Cobra, mostly because the Cobra had too soft of a shaft. Of course I also looked at the new equipment, but there just didn't seem to be anything in there that matched what I found in the 904F. For me it was the right choice. I think it partly depends on the maturity (if that is the right word) of the buyer, how long he has played the game and so on. Ten years ago I probably would have (with stars in my eyes) bought the latest and greatest form any manufacturer and never bothered looking at used or old equipment.
  24. My only goal this season is this: Stop being lost Last season kept me in some balloon of lost-ness, i was constantly changing my setup looking for my lost balance, slowing my swing or speeding it up, relaxing and not relaxing, finding my groove just to loose it once more. I had my lowest round ever last summer and had some much wanted consistency, never shot over 87 which is a big leap but somehow I was lost. I would like that to stop this season, just keep my stance, play with a steady tempo, and give it a go. Hopefully I can reach this goal.
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