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  1. 2016 Masters Toonamint Discussion Thread

    Jordan can take all the time he wants tomarrow. As long as playing partner doesn't care he's all good. Nobody behind him on Saturday.
  2. This Short Par 4 - Lay Up or Drive It?

    There is no lay up in my game unless there $ on the line or im in a tourney. Whip out the 3 or driver depending on the wind and go for it.
  3. 2016 Masters Toonamint Discussion Thread

    So was Adam Scott. Both won't be playing golf this weekend. Well at Augusta that is.
  4. 2016 Masters Toonamint Discussion Thread

    6 rounds in the red today.
  5. 2016 Masters Toonamint Discussion Thread

    i just don't see anyone in the top ten that could challenge him. Rory and Phil are 5 out. If he goes into Saturday with a 6 stroke lead. He can put it on cruise and just play to a 70 both days and it's over. His mastery of the greens is unmatched. He knows exactly where to put the ball on his approach, and very rarely leaves himself with one of those "Back to the hole putt".
  6. NCAA Basketball Fans

    There were some calls that left us scratching our head. The one that had me at wtf. Was when the nova guard ran into the back of a NC player and they called a foul on the NC player. Exactly what was he supposed to do ?? If they publicly repimanded the refs, this wouldn't be such an issue. Oh well one heck of a game thou.
  7. Honolulu. No rain since nov. drier then Death Valley. Just hit two 320+ drives. Ground is like cement.
  8. 2ndswing

    We have Aloha golf center. They deal in very hi end stuff. Miura, XXIO, Honma. Baliseius shafts. Etc etc. Your lucky to get a dog and beer at some of the courses here. Most cater to the Asian tourist. $10 sleeves of cheap balls $15 for a sleeve of pro V. Clothes and apparel mostly. I did get fit in SoCal two weeks on vacation. So I have my specs. I can get fined tuned at AGC. Few other shop but not going be any cheaper then buying online
  9. 2ndswing

    Depends on where you live. Here in Hawaii we have roger Dunn, sports authority and roots and relics. Not exactly good places for golf clubs.
  10. 2ndswing

    Yeah I'm in the market for new/used clubs. I agree they are sorta pricey on the used. New clubs are on par with everyone else. I do like how they will fit your clubs for ya. They do rip you off on used fitting. $1 per club for tape. Smh.
  11. Those are the clubs I hit the most. Forgot my 4h. It's anywhere between 100-200. My lowest iron is a 6 and I hit that Maybe 165. But with my current issue with shanks it's irrelevant, cause I haven't hit that since February. Been choking down on the 4h and hitting it instead of a 6
  12. Congrats to Lydia Ko - Major Win #2

    Congrats Lydia. Is it me or watching Michelle Wie putt, makes you want to look away. Nothing seems comfortable in that stance. Michelle Wie did this and set her back a few years.
  13. Driver 265 7 iron. 150 8 iron. 140 9 iron. 125ish PW 110 52 90ish 56. 70 60. 50