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  1. Putting...

    I made my high school team for the second straight year in a row, and am enjoying the opportunity to play every day. My game is decent overall, on a good day I can shoot a 39 but I also have a tendency to blow up. Those blow ups are becoming more and more so due to my putting. Any tips on green reading/judging speed? People say my stroke is fine, but for some reason I just struggle big time with it.
  2. What are your 2017 Golf Goals?

    1. Stop casting the club on my downswing; compact everything into one piece. 2. Make my high school team again and actually contribute 3. Become more consistent on the greens
  3. NHL 2016-17

    Fired up like nobody else in America that hockey is back. Hopefully my Rangers can rebound from a bad 2015-2016 season. I like the direction that they're headed in, but there are a lot of concerns. I love Rick Nash and the Rangers need him to produce but I feel like with him on the third line his numbers are going to take a significant downfall. I'd switch him with Vesey frankly; he's been on lines with Stepan and Zucc in the past, and Vesey has some chemistry with Miller and is friends with Hayes; just makes more sense IMO. Need Kreider to have a good year and he looks poised for one (KZB line is gonna be deadly this year).
  4. Best WR in the NFL?

    A good point you bring up, and accurate. My only question with that info is that Beckham has been around for 2 years, not 3, so I'm not sure how much a year can factor into the equation. Being a Giants fan myself, I'm also a bit (ok, a lot...) biased. Both very good wideouts though. On a bit of a side note, the guy who I expect to really jump into the mix is Hopkins. As in, into the top 3-5 this season. My fantasy savior last year
  5. Best WR in the NFL?

    Been a bit of a hot topic between me and a few of my buddies as to who is the best WR in the NFL. I've heard Hopkins, Jones, Brown, etc. Personally, I think it's Beckham. Guy's just too explosive, and he can change a game very quickly with just one play. Who do you think is the best wideout in the NFL?
  6. NHL 2015-16 Season

    Picks for the cup finals? I have Ducks over Penguins for the final. Wish my Rangers made it further than 5 games but that happens what you can't defend prime ice...
  7. 2016 NFL Draft

    As a Giants fan but also a fan of the game, I don't know why the Rams/Eagles would make these trades to take Goff or Wentz. Now I don't really watch either team in depth too much but I don't know why they would give up so much to get a QB that doesn't jump out to me as being elite. If I were either team, I would wait until a QB shows up in future drafts that people know is going to be good (Andrew Luck) and take him instead, but that's just me. As for my boys, I think they should take Treadwell. As we saw towards the end of last year when Jennings gets the majority of the carries, he produces, so we don't need a back like Elliot, as good as he is. While there are still some holes at linebacker, the defense improved over the offseason so while it is still a need, it is not a glaring need. Same with offensive line. D-line, I think they are fine. By taking Treadwell, that takes a ton of pressure off of force-feeding ODB every pass. Cruz is also a Giant (that's punny) question mark with his injury history, so you can't rely on him to be a #2. Those three together with Harris and Will Tye make up a very intimidating offense. Second round they should take Karl Joseph - he looked really good before he got hurt, and they clearly need a free safety to complement Collins.
  8. NHL 2015-16 Season

    Got the Ducks for SCF. I'm a Ranger fan but they clearly forgot how to defend so I should call Lundqvist up, ask if he wants to play 9 or 18 this week