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  1. Parents are New Yorkers so I've been raised a Rangers fan living in Boston (Yankees, Giants, Knicks too); I can't stand the Bruins don't worry!
  2. Fired up like nobody else in America that hockey is back. Hopefully my Rangers can rebound from a bad 2015-2016 season. I like the direction that they're headed in, but there are a lot of concerns. I love Rick Nash and the Rangers need him to produce but I feel like with him on the third line his numbers are going to take a significant downfall. I'd switch him with Vesey frankly; he's been on lines with Stepan and Zucc in the past, and Vesey has some chemistry with Miller and is friends with Hayes; just makes more sense IMO. Need Kreider to have a good year and he looks poised for one (KZB line is gonna be deadly this year).
  3. A good point you bring up, and accurate. My only question with that info is that Beckham has been around for 2 years, not 3, so I'm not sure how much a year can factor into the equation. Being a Giants fan myself, I'm also a bit (ok, a lot...) biased. Both very good wideouts though. On a bit of a side note, the guy who I expect to really jump into the mix is Hopkins. As in, into the top 3-5 this season. My fantasy savior last year
  4. Been a bit of a hot topic between me and a few of my buddies as to who is the best WR in the NFL. I've heard Hopkins, Jones, Brown, etc. Personally, I think it's Beckham. Guy's just too explosive, and he can change a game very quickly with just one play. Who do you think is the best wideout in the NFL?
  5. Picks for the cup finals? I have Ducks over Penguins for the final. Wish my Rangers made it further than 5 games but that happens what you can't defend prime ice...
  6. As a Giants fan but also a fan of the game, I don't know why the Rams/Eagles would make these trades to take Goff or Wentz. Now I don't really watch either team in depth too much but I don't know why they would give up so much to get a QB that doesn't jump out to me as being elite. If I were either team, I would wait until a QB shows up in future drafts that people know is going to be good (Andrew Luck) and take him instead, but that's just me. As for my boys, I think they should take Treadwell. As we saw towards the end of last year when Jennings gets the majority of the carries, he produces, so we don't need a back like Elliot, as good as he is. While there are still some holes at linebacker, the defense improved over the offseason so while it is still a need, it is not a glaring need. Same with offensive line. D-line, I think they are fine. By taking Treadwell, that takes a ton of pressure off of force-feeding ODB every pass. Cruz is also a Giant (that's punny) question mark with his injury history, so you can't rely on him to be a #2. Those three together with Harris and Will Tye make up a very intimidating offense. Second round they should take Karl Joseph - he looked really good before he got hurt, and they clearly need a free safety to complement Collins.
  7. Got the Ducks for SCF. I'm a Ranger fan but they clearly forgot how to defend so I should call Lundqvist up, ask if he wants to play 9 or 18 this week
  8. Have no idea how the handicap system works...if I'm a bogey golfer should it be closer to 18? If that's the case I'm used to playing 9 all the time, pretty new to the game
  9. I haven't exactly started late as I am 15 currently but I'm trying to make the jump from bogey golf/a few shots worse to just a few strokes above par, if not under. My swing has been for the last two years incredibly inconsistent, putting, chipping, irons, driver, everything works some days and doesn't the others. It is incredibly frustrating, however I think the changes I've been implementing the last few months are really starting to pay off. Keep grinding for everyone out there including myself who are trying to beat bogey golf and becoming par players or better.
  10. Played 9 with my buddy at the Leo J in Weston MA yesterday, best round of my life. Shot a 38. Very happy with that, just hope I keep playing like that more often!
  11. I have two, to make my high school team and to consistently shoot 40 or under. I got one of 'em down, I made the team (barely tho, my tryout was awful...only got in because the other kids were worse). I've been going thru a lot of swing changes in the last few months, starting to work but just need some consistency with it. Shot a 38 the other day, so hopefully that trend keeps rolling for me. Mostly just getting consistent is my goal, consistently good, consistent scores, etc.
  12. Depends on the hole. Mostly, I will hit a 3/4 PW. However, if the pin is in the front or I am better off playing toward the front of the green, I'll go at it with a 54.
  13. First swing on a course and he rolls it in. I've always pictured that happening, but never have I seen/heard a real example of that happening. Must've been pretty cool/funny to witness that. And, yeah, go figure - that's golf in a nutshell; aim one way, goes the other, and it helps you out big time. Oh without a doubt there's a ton of luck. Land an inch away from the landing spot needed for a HIO, could hit a divot or something on the green and spin off in a completely different direction. 5 HIOs in 4 years is something to be proud of though, congratulations.
  14. I'll get some videos of that, probably sometime within the next few days or so
  15. There it is embedded; took me a while on figuring out how to do so