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  1. I have a red Taylor Made TMTK stand bag with black straps similar to those of a backpack. Anyone know where I can find info on the specs of the bag?
  2. Yeah, I'm taking lessons right now with a golf pro. The golf pro tends to emphasize iron play and the short game, since he says that those are the areas where people tend to neglect. (kinda true, considering that everyone I see at the driving range is swinging a Taylor Made or Nike driver). Even though I agree that the short game is important, I still want to hit decent drives.
  3. I'm still getting heat burns. The burns are mostly to my right middle finger (the entire finger is now bandaged). I also got a blister on my right thumb. Any ideas on how to reduce friction? @rjfan91 or anyone who knows: What kind of tape were you referring to?
  4. So, if price is the same for comparable brands of golf clubs, why would a player buy one brand of club over another? I am wondering if different brands have different technologies or benefits.
  5. How high should I tee the ball? I find that I tend to hit the tee when I tee it too high and hit the ball thin when I tee it too low.
  6. What are some things that make the golf clubs from one company different from another? Are certain companies' clubs known for distance, workability, forgiveness, etc? I'm mostly interested in how the clubs of the following companies are differentiated from one another: Callaway Taylor Made Ping Titleist Cleveland Nike
  7. I can hit most of my other clubs pretty well most of the time. However, I can barely get the ball off the tee with my driver. How do you usually hit your driver. By the way, I have a Taylor Made r5 driver, if that helps. Also, my handicap is not really 36. It's just that I'm a beginner and I have yet to play a single game of golf.
  8. Kind of a silly question, but... What's a Skycaddie, and what does it do?
  9. Thanks. The heat burns were on my left index finger and my right middle finger. I am seriously considering getting a glove, but I'm not sure if that will help.
  10. I heard that you don't need to keep your head perfectly still. Personally, I stare at the ball until after I have hit it. Then, my head turns along with my follow through, so that I can see where I've hit the ball.
  11. shermanM4A1

    heat burns

    I've been practicing at the driving range recently. After hitting a whole bucket of balls (around 70 balls), I got a heat burn on a couple of my fingers. Aside from the obvious (taking slower swings & holding the grip slightly less tightly), what are some ways to prevent heat burns? Will getting gloves help?
  12. You can also try going to your local golf club shop. Some golf shops sell individual "used" irons that are still in remarkably good condition.
  13. Thanks for your responses. I have tried limiting my lower body movement during the backswing and I've seen some dramatic improvement in my game. I don't get the fat shots as often anymore and I rarely whiff now. The limited lower body movement seems to give me more power and consistency. Now, if only I can fix my slices.
  14. Are there any ways to prevent rust?
  15. Sometimes, especially during the winter, I don't really feel like going to the driving range. However, I still want to practice. Is there any way to practice my golf swing and/or putting in my backyard at home, without purchasing fancy equipment? (By the way, I don't plan on actually hitting actual golf balls, as I don't want to risk hitting them into my neighbor's backyard.)
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