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  1. I Know for a fact the doesnt have it on their hard card. They mark the course and if needed add it in the local rules.
  2. I am only participating in this forum cuz I really believe the R&A and USGA want to simplify the rules of golf. The ideas I will give in the next few days are pretty basic stuff that happen on a frequent basis and dont affect the integrity of the game. Looking forward to discuss this stuff in the near future. Goodnight.
  3. If the idea is to reduce the rules and simplify, wouldnt taking this rule out make golf easier to understand. Also, I will go opposite your question. If one can leave the pin in, Wouldnt the advantage be equal for everyone? Finally, lets say the pin is tucked left side back and I hit right side short and so does my playing partner. It would save time and energy rather than walking to the pin to get it out and walking back to make my stroke. From what I understand, the R&A and USGA want to simplify the rules of golf. Rumors I hear is that maybe they want to have a max of 20 rules. Golf is on a downward spiral and making the rules easier to understand is part of the objective of trying to get back the growth of the game. But you just never know with the R&A and USGA. People are afraid of change. Who cares if the pin is left in or pulled out. On any shot outside the green the player has the option, but on the sacred green, he cannot.
  4. I realize the putt Day had to close out McIlroy was a downhill bender but he took nearly 2-3 minutes on that one. Sorry Fellows, no excuse. In 2, I can play 18 holes in 3 hours both shooting in mid 80's. These guys play 4:10 shooting 72's. YAWN!
  5. Another one I would like to see go away is the Loose Impediments in a Bunker: The other day I tried to go through a tree over a bunker. My ball clipped the branch and came down in the bunker. My ball came to rest beside the pine cone that fell at the same time. The difficulty of a bunker is THE BUNKER, not the banana or leaf or branch that fell in it. ( I do realize its considered a hazard, but lets change the wording on this )
  6. Ill start with a simple one and let you ladies discuss. Rule 17: The Flagstick: I would like to see this rule changed. If I want to leave it in while making a stroke on the putting green and I hit it, so be it.