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  1. I'm a big fan of the one club game. A 35 degree 8 iron can get me around in 91, which is no worse than when I take 4 or 8 (my usual "full" set). Mostly I think it's down to hitting the same club over and over. I just groove it in, and the second nine is way better than the first. Completely opposite to when I'm playing with more clubs. bm
  2. True, but you appeared to be conflating tight with poorly designed. Massive, wide tracks with no significant rough, few plants bigger than a bush and billiard-table fairways may well be poorly designed. Fiddly little courses with huge trees and dog-leg fairways may not be. The real point is that you have to play – and club for – what you're presented with. And if you can't, the problem is yours not the course designer's. I'm sure people play for lots of reasons, but a challenge has to be quite high on the list. Whether it's the challenge of playing better than your mates, winning a hole, getting round in a couple of strokes less than last time or just walking the whole way without puffing. Oh and you should really try playing with just one club. It's liberating, and great for the soul bm
  3. Or a very challenging one. And isn't a challenge what we're all after? bm
  4. Completely agree with the assertion that learning to hit a driver is probably the best long-term tactic. But it's hard to ignore this kind of thing .... bm
  5. I can shoot my age (53) pretty reliably. On a 9-hole course. Alas. bm
  6. I scored a set of MacGregor IMG woods for nz$1 (50p uk, 70c US). Maybe not the most exotic clubs. In fact, they'd aspire to being ordinary. But I can't complain about the price :) bm
  7. Depends on the longest hole you'll be playing, but if it's anything less than 420 yds I'd go for a 20deg Hybrid, 7i and PW. You'll get to the longest hole in two, and be able to mash all the par 3s. bm
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